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Monthly Observations

for July 2024

Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “July 2024”.  They profile this month spiritually, energetically and numerologically to help you make sense of what unfolds.  Implicit in this is intuition.  What we sense and witness always tries to inform us.  In the thick of things, self can forget this.  Life is constantly pointing to ways through and up.

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Recapping last month

How was your last month?  “June 2024” seemed to deliver some well-deserved shifts.  Busyness still hovered – in some moments, mayhem.  Folk seemed less bombarded however; better able to step with awareness.  This played through as more grounded and confident “I” to a louder (if still wobbly) degree.  Adjustments like these often birth out of chaos.  Did you feel more aligned by “June 30”?  

These last few weeks kept flagging position and placement; where self belongs and what requires commitment.  Success is like that – it needs constant feeding especially in a spiritual zone.  Focus, also, seemed higher on the list of to do’s.  Three “3”s, four “4”s, three “5”s and three “7”s teamed up to encourage such things.  If you’re feeling more resolved and ready to get on, you’re doing well.  Being unclear re the future ain’t the issue.  It’s nice when it’s there but self’s sense that all is on track matters more. 

“3” is “realise” and “learn about life as a receiving, giving, taking in and out stream”.  “4” boosts awareness and prompts people to quality check things.  “5” brings challenge, dare, adventure to nudge self further up.  “7” can find self fixed or fluid, depending on where it’s placing its attention.  These vibes made for a month that helped folk get clearer and paths more stable.

This month should continue mentoring well.  “6”s tend to see life becoming a more supportive space.  Lastly re “June 2024” though…  it brought more “1”s than “2”s which hasn’t happened for a while.  It’s worth noting because this pattern can feel more inclusive and respectful.  Self can start to feel valued again, after being overlooked/ignored.  This “July” could, therefore, continue reinforcing and inspiring you.  Fewer “0”s and firm “3” and “4” counts should boost this.  “Four” is the base; the firmness (or not) of what we know, have, breed.  Peace and healing are hinted at in the chart.  They always birth from within. 

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Each month delivers its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Checking out the numbers in this respect can help explain what’s going on.  Profiles like this can boost resilience, stamina, confidence, trust in life.  Outlined below are this “July”s key numbers followed by some Observations.

Oh and ps….  It might be worth reading my Observations about This New Year before you continue.  They will reinforce what’s discussed below and, hopefully, add value.  Click here to read them and here if you’d prefer a recording.

This Month’s Chart


each year
in 2023

Birth Number – what we’re here to learn, become & exemplify (again)


M.O. – the rhythms/lessons that will steer us to the birth numb


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things


This “July”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle helps us understand what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad”.  Life often delivers a mix of those wavelengths.  What we can find initially jarring comes to guide us to better end states if we let it.

The tally for this month is:


When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) tend to increase.  Bear in mind that I haven’t included your personal chart here.  The numbers in that will reinforce the tally above.  Get in contact if you’d like me to explore this with you.  Whilst numerology is only one frame, it can help us make sense of dynamics as they play through. 

Let’s look at how this month could present in your world…..

“July”s birth numbers are “7” and “2031/6”

pausing can help self get ahead

“Seven” is a zone for learning and digesting; making sense of life in ways we’ve not done before.  It often finds logic clicking in on certain points, in really useful, day-to-day ways.  All numbers point to practical being, rather than “spiritual” life as a state removed.  “7” helps us “get”, from start through to finish, whatever Source/life wants us to now.  In that sense, it’s an “Aha!” moment; a zone destined to guide self out of struggle.  This often sees perceptual shifts.  “7” denotes mind, models, knowing.  They all have value but, over-adhered to, can leave self stuck.

“Seven” is the time for sensing big picture to the next degree.  Awareness blooms like an eternal rose.  Layer upon layer, how we interact is largely shaped by what we think, believe and feel.  Those dynamics are affirmations, especially the sub-/un-conscious ones.  “7”, being “mind” in all of its aspects, often amplifies a person’s inner narratives.  Through this, it helps self see mind’s place in creation – as a very useful tool but not, as a given, the part that should drive.  “7” can help self learn how to truly relax, let go, create space to observe things.  It also speaks of “teaching” and wisdom being passed on by person, universe, earth, creatures….  In a way that ensures big picture fulfilment.  We exemplify and learn every second. 

So…  Where might this month show and shape you?  The joy in the above is that “6”s also present this month.  That vibe denotes feeling, being, caring; “7” is more about wising up.  Don’t be surprised if this month seems gentler.  Life, in “six” phases, can seem kinder / more considerate of self – its needs, ambitions, perspectives.  In this sense, “6” can flag and trigger healing.  As a phase, it often unfolds in ways that address harshness of earlier times.  We’ve just had a few months of higher “5” energies.  “6” tends to signal a break from boot camp.

“2031” is potent because it contains “0”, “1”, “2” and “3”.  It hints at a time when people will get more in touch with what they truly now need.  This line-up of numbers can also feel more affirming and embracing of “I”.  You might experience this in any sphere.  This month’s “6”s could amplify your sense that life has got “your” back.  “Five” – which has prevailed in these last months – can seem stripped and raw.  Its concern is change, not so much comfort.  Do the hard yards to later rest on your laurels. 

Through testing times, life helps people step up and break through in ways they rejoice in /marvel at later.  “6” is the pause – a tea break so to speak – and can feel very well-earned.  Life’s about to help people know themselves, others and landscape all over again, in some new way.  This “July”s “6”s should soften such moments; help selves absorb what life’s wanting them to “see”.  “Six” can also flag the need to balance out more – as a committed routine.  This year has done well in squashing such habits.  You might make (and get!) more space to let go and breathe.  Through this, we help all of life reboot in all the ways that wants to occur.  Silence flags that self has completely cleared on mind, body and energetic levels. 

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This month’s M.O.s are “14/5″ and “117/9”

same as last month which can make life seem more stable

When numbers carry into a new month, we tend to witness a continuation of the dynamics they represent.  The M.O. denotes how people will be helped to embrace the birth number states.  Authentic spiritual connection is characterised the sense of “nothing”.  This manifests as felt peace and balance; no more tension, pushing, pulling, negatives.  “7”, as mind, could help you discover how to connect more completely now.  This year’s been busy.  With that, comes less space to reconnect with guidance and healing vibes. 

Such moments teach self the value of such things; help it (re-)commit to wholistically healthy routines.  Change this “July”, as “5”, continues to call folk through this.  “Five” leads people to new perspectives that value-add.  The “0”s in this month’s birth numbers suggest a louder call to honour spirituality.  That always helps if it fits.  What sits well with “you”, may not help “me” much.   How can you promote best practice in your own way?  Be self; know self; breathe to help flow peak.  We manifest best when we first let everything go in mind’s eye. 

Closure’s still a theme in “July”.  This year wants people jettisoning what’s no longer useful/good.  We’re doing that as crowds and nations, as well as individuals.  Spring cleaning is a “9” aspect.  Life delivers best when space is clear for receiving.  Releasing what we’ve been linking to (in mind’s eye) can trigger real-world shifts.  “117” signals a chapter that will help selves do this by revealing more about self-ness, good and/or bad, and helping them choose what they’re next going to channel.  Conscious being influences big time.  We manifest best when we’re awake.  It sounds as if this “July” will shake people all up as minds, havers, thinkers and creators.   

So…  The next few weeks could see you adjusting.  “Seven” can leave people more objective as witnesses, affirmers and responders.  High “5” counts in recent months laid the groundwork for this.  It’s only child-ish self that’s hyper- or hypo-.  Life helps humans understand this at core.  “Five” can be a wound-up or busy phase.  This year, as an “8”, has done this as well.  Imbalance comes to helpself become a chooser and shaper, not a victim any more. 

You know, life guides us often without us understanding why, how or where we’ll end up.  “Five”, here, is Source pulling self out of old, stuck, stale routines.  It often presents as a curveball; a force that pushes or pulls into new.  We rarely understand why this happens as it plays out but usually delight once the stretching finishes.  So?  Embrace your spiritual practice this “July”.  Put your focus there, especially if this year’s been tough.  We help life morph best by choosing to release everything – what we love and what we don’t – just for a moment.  That needs self returning totally to zero.   Here, there is no sense of things, issues, vibes; self’s completely linked to divine intelligence.   To check and receive how life wants to be next, release everything especially that which exists outside.

In conclusion, then, we can use breath to focus.  From one angle, “2024” is all about this.  Through such manoeuvres, we help space open in a way that enables us to fully “see”.  Breath helps futures unfold in ways that feel, seem, play out “right”.  This “July” looks sure to help people “get” what they need on this aspect.  The mental numbers – “3”, “4” and “7” – all feature thrice in the chart.  That hints, by month’s end, at clarity, focus and resolve.  “2024/8” is honing people’s visions and their understanding of what their attainment takes.  It’s a boot camp, for sure – the type we will love when we’ve reached the potential we have been affirming. 

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“July” delivers reality numbers “21/3” and “2148/6”

self gets to nirvana by listening to its sixth sense  

The reality number signals the end states self will promote by being and doing whatever it does.  All digits flag a specific range of spiritual and egoic outcomes.  All is choice.  Knowing this can help self deliver to its long-term goals.  Egoic self, on the other hand, tends to get stuck on past and immediate needs, issues, moments.  Spiritual self, it could be argued, births best out of the feeling sense.  “Three”, in this sense, denotes expression to self, others, world, life.  It also denotes intuition.  How are you interacting with (honouring) yours? 

“21/3” repeats on this month’s specific birth number, “2031”, suggesting a heightening of rhythms outlined above.  You could sense the chance to really voice yourself, in ways you’ve never done before.  What we pump into public domains stems from what we hold inside.  Healing requires energetic expression; a willingness to let everything move.  Peace only comes, truly, really, when we let what is not so nice move as well.  We can often hold back on sharing what’s not pleasant with the universe for fear of doing the wrong thing.  That can occur for a few reasons – it’s often the model that causes strife.  This “July”s chart hints at release work that really frees self up from stuff.  Dare to share what you sense with the Divine.  Just doing this can leave you in a lighter place.  

Numbers not only flag what self’s about to become; they also hint at how “I” might help and shape the world.  As communal beings, we are constantly impacting others.  “21/3”, as this month’s end state, could find you mentoring.  We step best having discovered how to best gesture, share, vocalise.  Don’t be surprised if this “July” helps you offer what’s best as a vision, act, statement, more.  Success tends to flow as self comes to know what that entails and requires. 

On that last point, for some people at least, tangible success only flows once vibes are true.  Spiritual life can ask folk to first lose their facades, models, costumes.  “2148/6” sorta hints at such rhythms – the need to get real, solid, now.  “4”, as the base, highlights the fact that outputs are created from where self starts.  So?  Inner dialogues, limits, trauma are dynamics that can complicate success (“8”).  Life, as a plane, seeks a clear landing.  None of these words mean disconnecting from what is day-to-day.  “4” means “Inspect, check, audit”.  It helps self review to ensure a perfect take-off. 

The above commentary hints that this month’s about to help folk get houses in order.  Lastly? Both “3” and “6” are feeling numbers.  With this can come more empathy.  “Six” can boost such dynamics yet care shouldn’t mean carrying other paths.  We’re each here to take responsibility for ourselves.  “6”, in this sense, is genuine being; “I” carry mine and “you” carry yours.  Only here is balance attained; respect and integrity need consideration.  We’re all here to support in some manner but that shouldn’t breed subordination.  Be your best you but letting go of all other.  Only then do we live, be, mindfully.  You might need to process needy dynamics this month.  Only egoic self grips, fears, tenses.  Knowing this helps self live and let life well and truly.

What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – living as and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this. 

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