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Past Life Work

Past life readings can be sought for curiosity’s sake but unfold best when they look at current life, too.  They tend to involve healing and explanations about “real world” issues.  They can take the form of a meditation or a reading.  No two sessions are ever the same.  What unfolds depends upon your circumstance.

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Fran can work with you face-to-face or via phone, video or email.  All formats are just as effective.  Guidance comes through no matter where you live.

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Here are examples of Fran’s past life work:

Past Life Readings

Visit the Readings page for more info.

Past Life Regression

Through guided visualisation, you can connect with past lives.  As a general inquiry or to address a specific issue, these sessions can be very effective.

Past Life Healing

Past life healings help clients go back to the time a specific pattern or conclusion formed.  It’s possible to relive the experience and shed light on its spiritual role.  As this occurs, clients release what’s been in their way.  Past life healings resolve dynamics that can’t be explained by events this lifetime.

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