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This page aims to help you explore spiritual and/or intuitive development.  It doesn’t represent everything that’s out there.

None of the organisations or individuals listed below have paid to appear on this page. 

The list is alphabetically organised, and doesn’t reflect preference or value.

Finding cost-effective intuitive help

We can’t always afford one-on-one mentoring.  The Spiritualist network can be a good alternative.  It’s not a uniform group so you’ll need to explore options in your area.  Below are some sites that list Spiritualist centres and groups in Australia and overseas:

Kabbalah & metaphysics

One can study Kabbalah in one of three ways – (1) in non-Jewish groups, (2) in Jewish lay-groups or (3) in rabbinically-led forums.  All can offer value but I’ve found Jewish programs are more spiritually inclined.  

  1. non-Jewish groups – e.g. the Theosophical Society, the Rosicrucian Order, Gnostic societies, Spiritualist centres (see above).  These groups can offer interesting perspectives.
  2. lay forums in the Jewish system.  Bnei Baruch offers classes and videos. 
  3. rabbinically-led classes discuss Kabbalah more subtly.  This, in Fran’s opinion, is where the fun is!  Classes can run in or outside synagogues.

On the web, check out:’s Kabbalah classes –’s Tanya or Zohar classes –

Gal Einei –

Tanya classes –

Spirituality as taught by Jewish systems

There are many ways to study spirituality.  Psychic & Energy Work leans towards rabbinically-led forums.  They often contain a subtle energetic bent and offer a few pathways based on gender and spiritual leaning.

For non-Jews who are monotheistic (i.e. believe in one G-d), Noahidism might appeal.  A few websites help non-Jews become “righteous gentiles” – i.e. live as non-Jews who follow the laws of the Torah (Old Testament).  They include,,

Rabbi Eli Cohen in Sydney ( helps non-Jews in their spiritual development and presents to non-Jewish groups on request. 

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver is a great contact in the USA (

Some Jewish forums also welcome non-Jews.  Some are synagogue-based; others, not.  There may be limits to what you can attend but help is usually offered in some way.

Understanding the background to you and your day

Sometimes, it helps to read – on top of any mentoring.  They don’t always offer all one seeks but astrology and numerology can add a whole lot of meaning.

Great astrology websites:,,,

Chinese/Eastern astrology provides yet another edge.  Theodora Lau is worth referring to –

Fran often uses numerology but hasn’t researched what’s out there online.  Notable authors include Juno Jordan and Faith Javane.  Get in contact to request a chart or a reading.

Have you tried to focus?

“Focusing” helps people process things on energetic, emotional, mental, physical, intuitive and spiritual levels.  It was developed by Dr Eugene T Gendlin and outlined in his book, Focusing (Bantam Books, 1981).  There are a few versions available, as well as learning programs.  Visit to learn more. 

A last word…

Wherever you are in your spiritual search and for whatever system you follow, remember to use your out-breath when you’re processing life or seeking divine guidance.  Dare to release all mind and egoic self – yours and others’ – using out-breath (through mouth).  It’s amazing what shifts and evolves when we release all that we hold.

All the very best.

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