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Psychic & Energy Work’s audio files let you hear Fran’s thoughts about this year and/or month.  You can, of course, read the Observations but listening to them can assist more.  

Either once or each month, depending on your order, you receive the link to an .mp4 file which you can listen to on its own or whilst reading Fran’s ObservationsThe contents are pretty consistent with what’s written on Psychic & Energy Work’s Home Page and Observations about This Year or Month.  From time to time, however, a few extra snippets are thrown in.  These audio files help you stay mobile whilst also hearing and observing “things”. 

Having placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email.  We will also be notified and, after this, will email the link(s) to your file(s).  You click on them to play each recording and/or save it to your hard drive.  Ongoing subscriptions receive Fran’s Observations for the Year free of charge. 

By listening to how Fran reads her profiles, it’s possible to distil more.  See a few more details about the ordering process below.

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Things to Consider when Ordering your Audio Files…

Having received PayPal’s advice about your payment, we will email you the link to your audio file.  Having received it, click on the link to hear, download and/or save it. 

Fran doesn’t log in to emails on the weekend and she’s not always online during the week.  As a norm, the link to your audio file will be issued on a Monday to Friday morning, Sydney time.  Please factor this in if you order your files between Friday and Sunday (Sydney time). 

All payments are made using PayPal.  Please familiarise yourself with their privacy policy and terms and conditions (here).

Given the nature of the online environment, refunds are not possible once you have been sent the link to a file.  Please make sure that you’re comfortable with this before finalising your purchase.


Your purchase of Psychic & Energy Work’s audio files is bound by our privacy policy and terms and conditions.  Your acceptance of and agreement to these parameters is inferred when you submit your order  Please acquaint yourself with them before you buy by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. 


You can cancel your monthly subscription to The Monthly Observations at any time by accessing your PayPal account or clicking on the button below.  This will cancel all future payments without any refund being made. 




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