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Student Feedback

Below are some reviews about Psychic & Energy Work’s courses.  Obviously, what’s posted here reads well!  Use your intuition when assessing it.  Psychic & Energy Work’s courses consistently rate well in terms of content, guidance offered, learner support; and the venue.  At all times, the focus is upon providing safe and practically empowering programs. 

Fran hopes the following reviews help you.  She has heaps of experience in meeting learners needs in a genuine way.

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I rate the course as excellent.  Learning intuitive development with you, Fran, was very empowering.  I will recommend you without hesitation.  The space always felt full of light, even with my eyes closed.  I was safe and very touched by your constant support.  The learning was intense and very quick.  The understanding you have and your knowledge is mind-blowing.  You inspire trust and confidence.  Everything in the 10 weeks helped me to clear and shift lots, and still does.

I completed the Beginners’ and Intermediate Intuitive Development courses with Fran.  Her knowledge and expertise ensure a supportive learning environment.  What could have been overwhelming was instead very nurturing, collaborative and respectful.

Fran has an amazing capacity to read her students needs and, as a result, classes are run with a high level of insight and integrity that’s guiding and helpful.  Fran’s teaching methods are enabling and empowering, and I recommend her for all your spiritual needs.  She is an amazing asset to this modality and a mentor who I deeply respect.  I feel very grateful and privileged to have been on this journey.

Fran – thank you so much for all your patience and support.  You were very encouraging and created a very safe and comfortable learning environment.  You’ve been a great teacher for a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. you are very patient, encouraging and down to earth (in the past, I’ve encountered teachers who are very dogmatic and/or arrogant, and try to impose their opinions onto others or profess to know everything).  You have always emphasised that I need to find my own truths and can’t simply believe what I’m told (which I really appreciate).
  2. you’re always willing to answer questions and do so honestly and without being patronising or judgmental.  I’ve always felt able to ask you any questions (however random or stupid!) and that’s helped to create an open and supportive learning environment.
  3. you injected a lot of humour into our sessions, which made it easier to learn and made me feel more able to open up.  It also made our sessions fun.
  4. you involved me in the learning process, asking me what I wanted to do next, etc, which I appreciated.
  5. you’re very genuine and caring.
  6. you were very efficient, professional and flexible

I really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to learning more in future.

I think it is great that you can be flexible and offer your courses via phone all the way to WA!  I think you offer a great service – always available via email or phone to discuss queries and offer great feedback for learning and more.

I love the way you work and interact with me – always giving me time when needed as well as stretching me to see what I am capable of.  You have a beautiful, caring nature and nurtured my learning more than “teaching” me.

Thank you so much Fran.  You helped me realise that my gift is actually a lot “bigger’ than I thought!

Fran, what you taught us over the past 10 weeks has been incredible.  I feel so much more confident in my ability to trust and express what I experience intuitive, whether in a reading, healing or clearing session.  This has powerful implications for my work with clients but, more importantly, for trusting my own felt experiences.

Your ability to deliver information so objectively yet empathetically is amazing and rare.  And it is through this that you made learning so much easier for me.  Thank you.

The course was excellent – a really good mix of theory and practical experience.  The setting made me feel comfortable form the beginning.

The class size of two worked really well for us.  We had the time to share personal experiences and clarify content adequately where needed.  This also gave us the opportunity for ample practical experiences and debriefing.

Fran, you were always informative and constructive with feedback, clear in your guidance, supportive and professional.  You were able to demystify the world of energy for me in such a practical and concise manner.

There were so many learning’s and opening up’s.  Thank you for all the effort and consideration you put into teaching us.  Your patience and humility is something I am learning from.  I’m looking forward to learning and exploring more.

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