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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for “2024” as a spiritual and energetic phase.  It explores the key dynamics for this year’s numerologically and connects to the Monthly Observations (so is worth reading with them).  These Observations can offer different perspectives each time you read or listen to them. 

Please bear in mind that what follows relates to this year’s collective chart – i.e. the dynamics we are all likely to sense and be asked to work with.  Thoughts and feelings travel once they’ve happened; they don’t stay still; they need to move.  A dialogue like this can be handy even though it doesn’t look at your personal year.

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This is the eighth year in our current “1” to “9” cycle.  That began in “2017”.  We’ve, therefore, entered the second-to-last stage, “8”, which can mean emphasis on closure and clarity.  Last year brought a birth number of “7”.  That always seeks spiritual views.  It’s the number of wisdom; big picture as awareness that’s practically used.  We access this best when we let go of all egoic, mental, physical “I”.  Those planes aren’t bad but they can mislead.  This year, the focus moves to our vision for ourselves, others and wider reality (“8”). 

“Eight” zones get self crystal clear so that it completes its current cycle strongly.  Before discussing this year in detail, let’s look at its three main numbers.  A numerological chart highlights the themes we’re likely to witness, learn about and co-create at egoic and spiritual levels.  Examining such things can prepare self for its next stage.  Numbers help explain what’s unfolding, especially through invisible, intuitive, spiritual lenses.  Implicit in this is personal growth.  From here, we begin attracting and repelling. 

The following numbers hint at what this year might seek for and from “us”, “me” and “you”.  “2024” delivers a:

Birth Number – what we’ll learn to be, step into and exemplify (again)


M.O. – how we’re likely to do that


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things


Scroll down to the end to see the tallies for each number, “0” to “9”, month by month.  Such counts can help us make sense of what unfolds each month, especially if we’re dealing with a few unknowns.  Those types of rhythms have been louder for a few years.  It might pay to revisit this page every so often between now and “December”.

This year seeks more “2024/8”

positioning and platforms affect self’s vision

The birth number flags what we’re due to learn and channel more of, ideally, in spiritual ways.  It flags what the year will help us discover, manifest, offer, affirm.  All is choice.  We don’t have to do that.  Some days, we need to sit in what’s not right.  This year is an “8”.  That’s an active number so big shifts are possible.  “7”, “2023”, was passive.  It came to corner people to be more still and reflect.  That can frustrate because we know that life can be more “out there”.  Yet passive vibes help us review and discover in ways we use in active zones.  They’re invaluable, then, in keeping life on track.  “2024” could see you getting on more and implementing what “2023” taught you.

“202”, as a pattern and guide, emerged in “2020”.  It’s been here for a while but that don’t mean it won’t reveal more.  It’s early days if you consider that this pattern will hover until “2030”.  We’re only half-way down its learning curve.  “2” denotes stances and relationships; how, why and where self can best stand.  Everything, in one sense, is relative.  How we position makes a difference, especially in mind.  Perceptions, assumptions, influence what manifests in doing, being, physical realms.  We’ve all been learning how to relate and share better again.  This will only continue this year.  “2024” could guide you to even more inclusive states again. 

Inherent in this is more balanced caring about what’s and who’s around us.  We’re in the process of releasing models that birthed too much self-ness.  They began in earnest in the year, “1000”.  “0”, in a number, always points to spiritual currents over and above “usual”.  “Zero” is Source making Itself known in ways that are undeniable.  It often sees life calling people to their spirituality more.  Intuitive and invisible rhythms can feature louder than they were.  This, of course, has been happening since “2000”.  That year propelled us into a new zone where unity, fairness, cohesion matter.  Those states bloom best when self links firmly into divine intelligence. 

There’s no doubt this year will keep pulling us all to best practice.  That usually means increasing solidity around what we’ve all always sensed is possible.  “4” is the new number.  As a growth curve, it targets platforms, methods, frameworks and triggers chances to review.  In this sense, it’s all about strategic health.  “Four” wants self launching right in next moments so comes to ensure all cores are sound.  As a consciousness breeding moment, it checks plans and patterns.  “4”, here, is the builder checking, repairing, confirming self’s base is great.  You’ll sense, here, how it breeds quality and good grounding, especially when we embrace it.

“Four” also marks the birth of awareness.  This ties in with “8” well.  That number targets self’s vision; dreams, goals, ambitions.  As understanding births, we get clearer about what we’re here for.  Everyone is born with a sense of their potential.  This is that which drives us to do (and not do!) that.  That part of “I” ain’t a delusion.  It’s guidance declaring, “You can live, have, be, do this!”  This year’s “4”s could see you clarifying – without a doubt – your purpose, potential and how you can make that real(-er). 

“2024”, then, speaks of solid progress for folk who embrace their spiritual side.  It’s our ability to stay connected to universal wisdom that ensures great guidance.  “Eight” is that sense of “I can see, feel and smell it” and, with that, conviction.  It helps people discover what “success” means for them – or not – specifically.  We tend to hit on that chapter-by-chapter.  Life’s always showing self more again.  We can know our intentions yet overlook the details – i.e. what it takes to actually get “there”. 

We all want peace on all levels.  What does that take exactly as a real-world vibe?  “2024” could leave you wiser and clearer about what works for you; the things and vibes you need (and don’t); and what it will take to achieve goals.  It could find you shelving or modifying plans; expanding, contracting given now.  All in all, then, we’re entering a helpful year.  “8”, from these angles, represents a cooking lesson.  I’ve observed this before: “eight” is the phase you set yourself free.  Everyone else might cook with basil.  That needn’t mean you have to.  “8” phases help connect self with what it’s here to do as a truly unique and separate being.

This year’s “4”s will reinforce the above given their role as quality checks.  We are each here unique.  You know this already.  Where might this year ask (and help!) you to live and share that?  The thought of this can create tension – trusting intuition could lead to dodgy outcomes!  That only happens when we tune into vibes that are egoic (less than the highest and pure).  This flags the importance of our frame of reference.  We each have a choice in what guides us.  Intuitive doesn’t automatically mean spiritual.  Our beliefs and decisions impact what intuitively comes.  Always aim for the CEO of creation to access the widest, most wholistic view.  Other levels can help but don’t limit yourself to them.  Allow Source to determine how your help comes. 

How we receive can vary by moment.  Anchor into the highest level there is, no matter what you call it.  Doing this feeds self mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically.  We access big picture wisdom by first releasing all we’re caught up in.  Letting go shouldn’t mean rejecting or devaluing.  All of life flows to inform.  Freeing up all atoms helps self confirm, heal, rebalance.  Our sense of what is and isn’t can expand as we choose, just for a moment, to let all go.  “2024”s birth number reminds that life is flow.  Nothing is solid.  Every-one and -thing is in constant movement.  Some moments, self really enjoys this; at other times, it tenses and frets. 

Living with/in flow needn’t mean flimsy.  It just signals the need to be, breathe, embrace.  The better we position to observe and take in, the more we tend to sense.  This year seems sure to guide us to better positions with ourselves, our paths, each other, planet(s), life.  Now’s a great time to pause and sense what, for you, growth might entail.  Individual “I”, as an attainment, often emerges by doing such things.  This year could find you releasing from stuckness, stepping forward, achieving.  Get stuck into your spiritual practice especially if that’s waned.  “2023” was a doozie.  Exercise and balance were hard to maintain.  “Seven” can do this – pull self into head vibes that make it sit too still and confine.  “2024”, as an active chapter, is due to nudge folk to clear from this.  Don’t be surprised if energy levels reboot.  “Eight” can be busy; at times, whirly.  This gets self clearer on what fits best.  If you don’t like pepper, stop using it! 

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We’ll become and channel more “2024” via an M.O. of “103/4”

know self to break free of model and genuinely express

When “0” appears in a number, more invisible stuff is due to emerge – intuitive or energetic moments; a call to find greater meaning in life.  “Zero” also flags loss and lack – material, certainty…  things that makes self feel secure.  The universe sometimes pulls rugs from under confident feet.  This can surprise and leave us in question – what am “I” doing wrong; why did that occur?  That’s normal and healthy.  When things which matter shift, we’re going to respond.  Yet, “0” is life reconnecting self with Source at its next conscious level, tangibly. 

The universe always has your back.  We forget that when life gets wobbly.  You are valuable and valued.  If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.  We can forget this when unexpected change comes calling.  “0” is the moment self’s caught up in movement and focusing too much on what had seemed sure.  Out of this can ooze the thought that we’ve lost permanently.  Yet life is flow.  Change is constant.  Nothing is forever cemented in.  Things come and go.  We all know this on certain levels.  “Zero” comes to expand our understanding of this. 

It’s easy to write but… lack and loss are just shifts that enable the birth of our next great.  “0” also points to guidance blooming for the time it’s in a chart.  We’ve been living with this for a few years now (as observed above).  This year, your intuitive experience/side could kick in to next degree.  “Zero”, merged with the rest of the chart, hints at more invisible stuff.  “3” is “express” – to you, Source, other.  Guidance is also communication. 

Hence, the “0” and “3” in this year’s M.O. could find you downloading in ways you’ve never seen.  “Three” can be read as “realising”, too; a time when light bulbs flash on.  You might receive all sorts of insights.  Like “0”, “3” reveals how folk can live better in flow.  Life is a staircase; a path that’s ever up, on and forward.  This can play out louder for who’ve decided to live more spiritually.  It’s as if Source hears their intentions and decides, “Game on!”.  The joy in this is guidance, growth, awareness which we can tire of when life gets full.  Nurturing you is important, too. 

“Three” also flags “create” and “creating”.  How are you contributing, putting up with, holding back?  “3” and “4”, combined, can trigger awareness.  “2024” could reveal how you feed into the good, the bad, the neutral.  “Three”, here, asks folk to check what they entertain.  Is it fruitful as a long-term “good” grower?  Thoughts, feelings, perceptions play a key role.  Our silent narratives impact everything we do and be.  Within this lie patterns self’s aware of and not.  Unconscious themes also shape proceedings.  We’re all a mix of these currents.  The physical births out of what’s thought and felt.  From this angle, “3” is “emit” and, therefore, whatever we tune into. 

“103/4”s spotlight on growth and co-creating looks sure to nudge old patterns out.  The M.O., remember, states how we are going to grow and the reasons why growth will spurt.  It’s not so much what we do – that matters, yes, but not as much as how.  “103” asks self to take time out to connect with what’s universal.  Through this, we give ourselves and each other the chance to be wise verbally, behaviourally and in self-talk.  Where might you harness these dynamics?  Mindsets could really open this year.  Don’t be surprised if you are guided to states which consider the whole of life more.  Spiritual guidance never leaves self in lack.  Like a good mentor, it leads people through losses and gaps.  Egoic “I” is tunnel-visioned.  It gets caught up in moments to the point it cannot “see”.  Defensiveness, resistance, anger, intolerance birth from overly “I”, “my”, mind, “me”. 

In conclusion then…  Mind-full self can’t see round corners but always declares as if it does.  It’s only through consciously choosing to let go that we clear from all of this and come back to what’s possible.  Use this year, especially the start, to clarify goals and strategies.  Listen to your gut as you map things out.  Let yourself hear what your intuition wants to reveal.  The feeling realm guides the truest.  If your body resonates with “Yes, that can happen”, trust it.  Allow soul to share what it really wants and seeks as a physical attainment.  The sense of “I can do it!” isn’t illusion.  Source doesn’t practically joke with paths.  If you feel that “it” can happen, it can.  This year could guide you into your path deeper, realer, truer again. 

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This year’s reality number is “2127/3”

another “3” together with more wisdom, self-knowledge, relative calm

The reality number points to the end states that the birth number and M.O. want to lead us to.  We all have choice, conscious and unconscious.  We can, at times, resist this.  Here, numerology flags the dynamics we’ll embrace and channel egoically and spiritually.  “3”, as a phase, can highlight stuff about our role as co-manifesters.  This is how it denotes expression as a state and learning curve.  Our decision to share what we feel and need – or not – impacts everything.  “Three” can, thus, nudge folk to examine what they contribute verbally, behaviourally or in silent ways.  Are you speaking up enough, doing and responding in ways that grow real, long-term and long-lasting “goodness”?

“3” mentors self about flow.  How are you interfacing with life?  We can focus a lot on manifesting and, through this, overlook how achievement is already lined up.  That doesn’t mean “feet up and do nothing”.  It does flag self’s role as an attracter.  Some models encourage folk to nag and project, yet Source has and is already invested in you.  It’s always known why you’re here.  It’s self (as in, humans!) who can lack clarity.  Life is a river that’s full in flow – yep, even for you.  It constantly wants to ever provide.  Some days, it withholds to guide self to another way.  That’s not the same as “Life is not helping”.  It’s just that human beings can expect in other ways. 

The trick is to get out of life’s river; stop playing goalie, controller, block.  In mind’s eye, stand on the banks to sense first all of life’s scope.  Be it information or tangible outputs, self can believe it needs to drive things.  Of course, we need to shape in a physical sense but everything starts invisibly, perceptually.  So….  “Three” asks folk to know Source is real AND allow It to do Its job.  You’re here, as a receiver, for a great reason.  Life ain’t intending to let you down.  Only egoic self and other do that.  Our models encourage over-thinking.  Out of this, fear, doubt, negativity blossom.  Over-mindful “I” is a state of limit.  There’s more than enough but we need to let life in as the wide river it is.  By standing on the banks and watching flow more, we help ourselves witness, observe, glean. 

To know what to do next, it pays to intuit guidance that only wants what’s “right”.  That’s not about morals; it is about feeling.  If something’s meant to be or possible, it always gut felt.  Egoic self always makes itself the centre.  Through this, it loses a lot of the view.  This year looks sure to help people into greater consciousness/awareness on such things.  Through lightbulb moments, self becomes knowingly, tangibly, real-world equipped.  Use “2024”s rhythms to hear (and acknowledge!) what you really need to be/do.  Let your body speak; your feelings also. 

What’s out of balance comes to guide us to potential.  Easy to claim yet it’s true.  Give yourself the space to hear what you need, feel, fear.  None of that needs to include other people.  We need to, first, make sense of things ourselves.  Brainstorm, map out, create the space to sense what you really need/want as a next step.  Focus on both short term and long term.  Include what you want to live in as an end state.  This is often how manifesting theories mislead.  Don’t focus alone upon physicality.    

The universe already knows what you’re here to receive, achieve, etc.  Dial in to the moods, atmospheres and treatments you want to channel and be amongst.  Clarifying this can help reduce the amount of “what’s nots” we bump into.  This year’s reality number, “2127”, also hints at learning curves like this.  “7”, remember, wants us connecting to the right wisdoms and energies.  This year will continue teaching, revealing, how to strengthen as a path and being.  

Hence, focus upon being a receiver.  You don’t need to nag the universe.  Choose what you want to guide and protect you.  Let all your cells agree on that.  Source hears and sees before you’ve even got “there”.  Let It use Its insights to help you travel well.  Get out of Its way.  It doesn’t need instructions.  It’s egoic self that needs surety 100%.  Know you can have “that”.  Affirmations, vision boards, help us envisage and accept what life can bring.  Source isn’t deaf or unaware of any detail, including you.  Open up to receive Its wisdom.  “7” seeks the release of all egoic mind.  Let the universe already know what you need.  Just doing this can trigger shifts big time.

“3” is also allow.  Let life inform you.  Travel as a tourist, not a settler.  We get used to day in, day out.  Through this, we can start closing newness out.  Breath, release work, exercise, time out help self reconnect as receiver.  Why accept half by remaining in what’s happening too firmly or deeply?  Flow, as life, constantly advises.  Eyes, ears, goals, minds can block info out.  If you’re seeking fresh, forward movement this year, test these words to see if they can open things up. 

“I know” is a “7” dynamic.  Over-knowing self blocks wisdom from being shared.  Use this year’s currents to step beyond limit.  “7” marks the call to spiritual self-ness.  This year’s “4”s and “8”s seek that also.  We tend to journey best when tuned into big picture.  Looking after your connection is a part of this drill.  Ambitions and schedules can close down on such things yet we only truly know, without doubt, after/as we connect.  If you’re sensing gaps in how you have been feeding yourself, now is the time to address that. 

A final thought…  We’re all here as unique paths and beings.  Use gut feel to explore what that means for you.  Do what feels right even if you’re the only one doing it.  The joy of spiritual guidance is the accompaniment which results.  We’re never alone.  Only excess mind thinks that.  Connect into and be refuelled by Source.  Like running a car – fill up with good petrol in order to then venture out.  Being true to self initially requires us to embrace and respect our intuition and energy levels.  The world outside is what you bump into second.  Choose to connect to the highest first. 

So?  You might be sensing the power in this year’s chart; its desire to strengthen what is great.  We each have a physical role in that.  It pays to start acting/inputting only once we’re in balance and universal awareness.  “Success” always births from vision and insight.  Get that right first then get out and go.  It’s amazing what can happen when we look after our connection with life as an informing guide.  Through this, we help minds, eyes, scopes to fully open in ways we get to live, be, share.  Know this year has your back fully.  Use silence to reboot in that completely.  The more a human knows, without a doubt and no need to push, the more stuff tends to start flooding in.

“2024/8” from the top line?

Below are a couple of tallies – that for the year as a whole then as a phase by month and number.  Examining a chart from this angle helps us understand what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad”.  What we can find jarring always comes to promote better states and outcomes. 


If we then combine this year’s profile with that of each month, the following count results.  Every month will see the dance of life shifting.  The tally below highlights where that might occur.  On top of this lies your personal chart which will add to or soften the dynamics.   Now’s a great time to get across your profile, too.    Get in Contact.

Use the grey scroll bar below the table to see the tally for later months.


Looking above, the numbers of interest are “0”, “1”, “2”, “3” and “4”.  “3” and “4” are the vibes to notice this year; at times, too, “5”, “7”, “8”.   “Zero”, “one” and “two” have featured more in recent few years so we’re sorta used to them.  This doesn’t render them irrelevant but, one could argue we’ve been acclimatising to them.  They’re now more “normal” as day-to-day rhythms.  That doesn’t mean they can’t nudge or stun.  Repeated experiences over time can breed anaesthesia.  Be aware of this.   Always use breath to process and clear well.  Self’s decision to nurture its connection with Source, universe, always adds value.  I will observe more about the year’s chart month by month.  For now?  Know you’re in a really constructive, supportive, guiding, spiritual chapter.

And you personally?

I’ve outlined some of this year’s rhythms but I’ve not looked at your profile yet.  We each have a chart that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening and what liess ahead.  To explore this or to develop intuitively, get in touch get in touch.  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads.  Readings often offer different layers over time!

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