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Monthly Observations

for May 2022

Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this “May”.  The narrative below profiles this month through spiritual, energetic and numerological prisms.  It can be useful reading it together with this year’s forecast.  It aims to help you learn about and work with dynamics true to self.  Implicit in this is intuition; how you’re processing invisible stuff.  Insights about the collective chart can really help us make sense of things.  No matter our personal year or placement, what happens outside affects self too.

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Recapping last month

How was your “April 2022”?  For some, it seemed a perspective-shifting time.  Four “4”s came to boost awareness; encourage people to review where they’re at.  Clarity around path and purpose presented louder as theme.  It’s funny how we can respond when future flow looks unclear.  Yet, through this, life leads us into guidance; enquiries re self; doors opening up.  Last month’s chart signalled healing, realising and stronger connection with flow in life.  All the while, war raged unfairly.  Does self, as a dynamic, ever evolve?  As a play-through-everyone wavelength, probably not.  Individually, however, it is mentor-able.  The dare is to constantly channel self as a practically spiritual adult.

“April”s master numbers – three in all – triggered more doo doo doo doo vibes.  “29/2” wanted issues dealt with; positions checked for the sake of the future.  “33/6” flagged how we shape flow as makers, do’ers, observers.  What self entertains and whether that’s healthy can grow as themes in such moments.  “3” also highlights manifesting as an outcome, process, learning curve.  Through this, self comes to sense/understand how it contributes, plays a part.  “2026/10/1” boosted focus upon rules, models, social wavelengths.  “1” leads us back to self and how to hold to that in spiritual ways.  Integrity, health, self-knowledge, balance certainly grew as themes some days.  If last month helped you adjust/prepare for next, you were in sync.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are “May”s key numbers followed by my Observations.

This Month’s Chart


each year
in 2022

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)


M.O. – how we’re likely to do that


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things


“May 2022”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle helps us understand what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life often delivers a mix).  What we find initially jarring comes to promote better states of being.  A count like this can help us make sense of what we need to.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.

The tally for this month is:


Let’s look at what this might mean for your world…..

“May”s birth numbers are “5” and “2027/2”

newness, adventure, self knowing it can

This month’s birth numbers speak of innovation and a more active time.  This augers well for those who are tired of sitting or watching.  Earlier months, this year, have offered more passive charts.  Don’t be surprised if life for you shifts a gear.  “5” reminds us that we CAN do it, especially if others are/have.  No matter the vision, as a chapter, it helps us sense and tap into more of our potential.  “It is possible” is an invite to fullness when it visits.  That said, this number can surprise in how it helps lives, people and perspectives stretch.

We can, at first, baulk at “5” as birth number.  It’s a highly active vibe which can feel harsh.  Yet, through the zone of “chin up and do it”, we often end up expanding scope.  “5”, after all, signals new doorways; all that self is ready for next.  Here, it positions us as pioneers.  For all you’ve come to, this month could bring new adventure(s).  That might mean “just” another step into what you’re already doing.  It could flag entirely new pathways.  “5” pumps fresh air into life.

This “May”s specific birth number, “2027”, passes through “11” on its way to “2”.  Social dynamics – the need to mix, shift or leave – are due to play out as themes all year.  Through and with others we attain and shapeshift.  “2” also reveals stuff about positions.  Do you really fit in current frameworks?  Stand too close or too far away?  Where are you under- or over-merging?  None of this should breed exclusive stances.  “2” wants self placed in peaceful, truthful ways.  Here, it can flag where we need to keep moving.  The feeling of “home” is an intuitive message and state. 

If something don’t feel right – no matter the reason – you’re being guided to better still.  Honour what comes on the feeling level.  Gut feel never ever “lies”.  Address gaps and emptiness.  We find best fit when we keep trying; honouring the sense there’s more ahead.  We all belong somewhere – usually in a few places.  Journeys sometimes need us to leave the base we started out with. 

Feelings guide self on its spiritual journey.  Why are we conditioned to hold them down?  “7” appears in “May”s specific birth number.  Three surface in this month’s profile, hinting that wisdom is about to birth; insights about how life flows around, with and through individual self.  “7” nudges folk out of automaton; naively following models and rules.  With that, it highlights more about life works for “me”.  We often sense more about our specific place and purpose at such times.  Practical wisdom is a part of “7”s vision; the clearing up of issues and mysteries. 

The flipside to all this is knowing, thinking, angsting too much.  You, me and/or others – we all do it from (at least!) time to time.  “7” is mind and, therefore, the need to clear it often to foster flow.  Mind is a bowl, collecting and absorbing, which every so often can get blurry.  Loud or subtle, that doesn’t matter.  We learn, glean and grow through what breeds via mind.  Repeated “7” helps us discover the importance of regularly “washing it out”.  This needn’t devalue knowledge; it simply ensures what we run with is good.  End results stem from current vision.  Mind, running unchecked, can limit all sorts of things. 

Time out and meditation are so important as future facilitators.  It pays to make room to zero out at least once a week.  We don’t need to drown or hold gaps in place but can do this often, especially if collective is down.  Energy travels; with that, thoughts and feelings.  Taking time out clears airwaves.  As channels, we’re here to nurture self as channel of knowledge, energy, output.  Don’t be surprised if “May” reveals more about how you can do this. 

“2027” through “11” also flags the need to back one’s horse.  Self-knowledge matters in fulfilling individual needs, journey, goals.  “1” seeks inclusive independence.  What does that mean personally?  With this, can birth lessons in self-ness as it manifests in you, others, them, me.  Self is a spectrum – egoic through to divine; exclusive- v inclusive-ness.  Every second is as brand new moment to choose where, how, why and for what we stand.  Life is constantly seeking balance in, through, around all things.  The pendulum of focus, thought and reaction swings from soul to ego constantly. 

So?  This month’s birth numbers speak of change, adjustment, pioneering, trying again, adventure, feeling strong and stretching to next level of whatever you sense you’re here for.  They also seek truth as a “me” that is constant; the type that leads, inspires, influences well.  It looks to be a positive chapter; a time for affirming progress and action. 

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This month delivers M.O.s of “12/3” and “104/5”

awareness and growth will bloom anew

You could say such things are happening all the time.  Yep but they’re more obvious in some phases than others.  “12/3” can inspire because it denotes self, other and creating.  These three dynamics form the core of human existence.  Presenting together, they can trigger rhythms that really empower.  “12/3” often helps people engage better.  “3” flags “exchange” – trading, sharing – and communication.  What we put out is what we tend to attract.  This month could nudge you to tighten how you go about things. 

None of the above needs to point to bad days.  “3” can boost flow that’s more complete.  Gesturing, verbal and non-verbal outputs are not just responses; they inform and teach.  Heightening as themes, this “May” could show us how to interface better somehow.  “12” hints at people engaging truer to form.  As flow, “3” triggers learning and movement.  More active numbers, this month, could help you kick goals.  “May” might end up feeling better in personal or collective terms.  Having said that, “3” helps us realise/sense more; intuitive downloads feature in this.  So does our connection to higher self and Source.  The Divine is a real, communicative “being”.   

Implicit in “3” is the dare to see life as a landscape that practically wants to inform.  Everything communicates if we let it.  Observing, witnessing, are potent stances.  They help self remain grounded, objective, whilst active in the mix.  “104/5” could boost such wavelengths given “4”s role as awareness-booster.  Sorta master number, how we embrace change could become loaded as theme.  “0” flags space as a breeding ground for insights.  Healthy time out creates room to check perspectives.  “104” and “12” could boost desire for genuineness and health as constant flow.  Being true(-r) to self, value and target echoes through these words. 

Where could the above dynamics birth more in your life?  Internal peace influences flow out.  Don’t dismiss the power of this.  The birth number marks how we are due to stretch, fulfil, become, grow.  “May” wants selves channelling more “5” and “2027/2” via “12/3” and “104/5”.  Newness, refreshment, adjustment (“5”); creating and exchanging well (“3”); awareness, growth, greater understanding (“4”); self respecting self as a true constant (“1”)….  dynamics like these could see this “May” unfold in refreshing and productive ways.  Dare to lighten/lift view and goalpost.  Go with the flow if life picks up a pace. 

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“May”s reality numbers are “17/8” and “2131/7”

success – what is it?  Learning adding spiritual wisdom

The reality number flags what we’re going to create and experience by end of phase.  Some say it denotes where we’ll come to in retirement or end of days.  Yes, that’s true yet every second offers a chance to park one’s car.  It also presents self with new choice: where, how, when, why shall we journey on?  The reality number, through this prism, highlights what we come to in any moment.  “May 2022” offers “8” and “7” – lessons re success; clarity to the next level.  Mentioned above, “7” teaches people; it’s time to grasp a thing or two.  Passive numbers can find Source slowing flow down.  This helps self to dive deep(-er) to reveal what’s frustrating life.  “7” aims for big(-ger) picture perspectives.  The type that help us get “there” soundly in the end. 

Wising up is, as such, a factor in this month’s numerology.  Mentioned before: “8” shows us more about what “success” means.  This is, of course, a personal mind map and can be defined in different ways.  “8”, as phase, links us to gut feel; what does or doesn’t feel so great?  Unfolding like this, it helps self get clearer about its specific life recipes.  What’s right or not?  What can we now do about it?  Here, “8” is a cooking demonstration.  What bits and pieces belong in your life?  We all have choice.  Life wants all souls choosing wisely in every second for long-term health.  “8” restates that all goals are valid; everyone can win if we share.  Every venture can flow uniquely until one decides to challenge this.  What future calls, fits, repels you?  How will you choose to step forth with life?  “7” and “8”, this month, could deliver a few “aha!” insights.

“1”, “2”, “3” manifest as a combo in “2131/7”.  Here is interesting reinforcement on what’s been written earlier.  A different pattern but it suggests a build-up in cohesion as lesson.  To create, offer, exchange well long-term (“3”), it pays to channel integrity (“1”).  Morés, customs, ethics, standpoints drive us all in interesting ways.  Australia’s upcoming federal election could amplify this ‘til 21 May.  Remember: “7” flags mind, balanced or subjective.  Stuff could emerge that nudges soul to fore again.  We gotta go through “7” – wising up in practice – to cater to all aspirations. 

“7” and “8”, this “May”, could end up highlighting the benefits of going “this” way, not “that”.  No number hints only at how the individual will grow.  They all flag collective and outer dynamics.  This month’s reality numbers, therefore, might see you promoting soulfulness in others.  That doesn’t always manifest directly.  Evolution comes in many ways.  You could end up teaching, guiding others about specifics more actively.  “7” has a practical focus; it wants us understanding which “that”s go with “this”.  In this sense, it is a culling dynamic that helps folk divest of clutter, excess, bad.  “8” does this, too, suggesting at times how we need less of “f”; more of “a”. 

Through these things, we come to perfection in method, toolkit, output, goal.  “1 June” might find you feeling tighter, brighter, more sorted somehow.  “8” precedes “9” – the last stop in the cycle.  It’s all about closing current chapter well.  This “May” could find you sorting, working things out in ways that pay forward amazingly.  Numbers can “simply” prepare for the future; they don’t always see us reaching end point.  Sometimes, they come to merely reveal – e.g. “8” can tighten vision and lead to “success” later.  Either way, energies visit to guide us; reduce clutter along the way.  This, potentially, is a potent month.  Do what you can to harness these vibrations. 

Through “8”, we start hitting our bullseyes more consciously (not so much fluke).  Life wants selves (more) aware of how, what, why we contribute.  The more this unfolds, the better the future.  Consciousness breeds value-adding “me”.  All in all, then, this month could help you sense what is now possible responsibly.  It seems to want to inform people; get the right stuff going more.  Everything’s choice.  We can avoid truth.  This only slows progress yet helps self evolve. 

So?  Seek perfection as guided by gut feel.  Don’t let fear rule you – yours or others’.  The more you let Source be an active giver, the more It tends to get stuck in.  We’re never alone unless we think that.  Don’t allow eyes to conclude nothing’s there.  The moment self remembers Source is always present, stuff starts to shift; solutions appear.  Test these statements.  Don’t believe blindly.  Life’s not a sphere that wants to hurt or harm.  Humans do that – no debating this – when they’re too focused.  For all mortals do, the universe steers, heals, informs.  Everything seeks balance.  It’s just that time can be needed for that to fully play out. 

Hence, release all grip on outcome and mindset, just for a moment, to see what slips.  Nothing ever moves that’s meant to stay with you.  Only egoic self forgets this.  Know you are guided.  Focus upon goodness as a guiding, protective vibe.  The world’s a mixed bag.  We help it function by choosing what we do want and looking past the rest.  Energy always grabs for attention.  Choose what you want as a state of life.  Make sure it’s the highest whatever you call that.  Give all space back to the Divine.  Creation isn’t yours.  We’re only renters.  Energy work like this helps to equalise all sorts of dynamics.

What about your chart?

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