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Whether you’re studying metaphysics or just curious, feel free to read the articles about psychic & energy work below.  Many were written before the internet took off – since then, Fran posts regularly on social media.  Connect with her on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google

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Articles about Psychic & Energy Work

A Gentile Experience of Judaism

Published in:, 2009

Describes how Jewish spirituality helped one energetically-sensitive person develop intuitively in a grounded and objective fashion.  Explains how Jewish spirituality and learning forums can help non-Jews to develop intuitively.


A brief commentary about the importance of your out-breath as a connecting and healing instrument, and as a mechanism for removing blockages, reducing self-focus and co-creating the life you’re here for.  A good awareness-builder for everyday health and balance.

Egoic or Connected Self – Which One is Really Driving

Examines how excessive mind and egoic energies can throw life out of balance energetically and see us disconnected from intuitive calm.  Explores why this happens and how mind and ego can stop the essential self from emerging.  Exercises are included to help you rebalance, release lower-level vibrations and start honouring the soul level more.  A powerful dialogue that helps people to ground and reconnect spiritually.

Give It Up and Give It Over

Published in:  New Age Guardian, 2001

Looks at how destructive limited thinking can be and discusses the structure of the world of guidance.  It also suggests ways to process and let go of fear, worry and other blockages.  Has some good ideas for letting go of real-world or invisible stressors.

Life in a World of Atoms

Published in:  WellBeing Magazine, No. 77, October 1999; New Age Guardian, Jan – Dec 2000

A discussion about different types of energy (universal, spirit, mind, telepathy) and how to tell which is which, in practical terms.  Helps energetically-sensitive people get smart about invisible dynamics (how to live with, process, harness and learn from them).

Neediness and Its Impact on Your Daily Life

Published in: Psychic & Energy Work, June 2010

Neediness, as an energetic phenomenon, can surface in any relationship and tends to prevail when we honour the egoic self over essential energies.  This paper examines neediness as an energetic construct; how it manifests and affects people. It also provides exercises to help you identify and release such vibes from your reality.  Has some good insights on how to clear and heal from egoic and astral phenomena.

Relax, Let Go and Let G-d

Published in: New Age Guardian, 2001

Discusses simple ways to get back to your spiritual connection, essential self, clarity of thought and a sense of balance.  Acknowledges the Divine as a real, helping energy and is worth reading at any time.

Self Healing in Sport or Play

Published in: Golden Age Magazine, Feb/Mar 2000; Elohim Magazine June/July 2001

Examines why injuries and blockages occur in the body, from a healing and spiritual perspective, and outlines how to move through them.  Good for people who have physical ailments or feel out of alignment physically or intuitively.

So You See / Hear Things?

Published in: Golden Age Magazine, Feb/Mar 2000; Elohim Magazine June/July 2001

Discusses the fact that some people hear, see and sense “things” that lie beyond the physical realm.  Explains why this occurs and describes how we can identify, process and clear astral energies.  Its exercises can help energetically-sensitive people clear lower-level vibrations and channel more appropriate energies.  A good article for anyone who experiences invisible phenomena.

Being True to Yourself

Published in: Southern Crossings Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000; Insight Magazine, June 2001

Discusses what “being true to yourself” means in physical reality (i.e. a world of expectations and models); how to connect with your real life path; and how easily we can come off-centre (especially when we’re developing intuitively).  Provides exercises to help people stay well-focused energetically and clear of lower-level influence.  A good reminder from time to time.

Staying Sane and Keeping Clear

Published in: Insight Magazine, June 2001

Outlines how energetically-sensitive people can come off-centre; suggests ways to stay energetically focused and clear; and explains why such things can happen.   Worth reading if you feel out of balance.

Implications of Energetic Sensitivity in Relationships

Published in: Psychic & Energy Work, August 2010

Examines what energetically-sensitive people can experience when they relate/mingle with other people.   Looks at why this occurs and the lessons it tends to promote.  Good reading for people who experience mystery/oddness in their relationships.

Meaning of Astro Signs

Very much a summary of the characteristics inherent in the four elements in Western astrology – Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  Taken from Liz Greene’s Astrology for Lovers (1989, Thorsons, London), this summary can serve as a useful guide about how astrology can influence thoughts and behaviour.  Nothing like the book though – order it here.

True Giving – Focusing on Self Before Others

Published in: Elohim Journal, Dec 06/Feb07; Living Now Magazine, Dec 06/Feb 07; Conscious Living website –

Examines what true giving is and how self-focus/-concern can energetically affect anyone involved in an exchange.  Provides exercises that help to release egoic frequencies (in you or other people) and enhance life’s flow.  A good reminder from time to time.

Have You Cleaned Your Aura?

Published in: Psychic & Energy Work, September 2012

Examines the aura’s role as a communication and exchange mechanism; how it can attract the “right things”; and affect people.  The aura is a two-way communication mechanism, which makes regular cleaning regimes important (especially for energetically-sensitive people).  Exercises included.  Worthwhile reading for energetic and interpersonal health.

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