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Common Questions

Below are some common questions about energy work; psychic services; intuitive development; and energetic dynamics.  We can often wonder about such things.  You’ll find more about Psychic and Energy Work on the Services and About pages. 

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Questions about energy work:

How are readings done?

Fran tunes in vertically to receive the highest level of guidance.  She doesn’t use tarot cards but finds birth dates and photos useful.  For more about this, see the next question or visit the About and Services pages.

“Opening up” to channel is a static process in itself.  What happens in session can vary though, depending on the client and subject(s).  There’s no one way to intuit.  Clients aren’t put through processes for process’ sake.  Whatever’s done occurs because Fran’s guided having obtained the client’s consent.  Questions are welcome.  Many things can be explained,

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How can Psychic & Energy Work happen if I’m not there?

How a session is conducted varies between practitioners.  Two key factors are the direction and nature of we refer to when we intuit.  One can reference skywards or towards the client to obtain information.  Both methods can be effective.  Each can affect the guidance that’s passed on.

Fran references vertically to get beyond mental and egoic realms.  Doing this helps bypass lower-level dynamics.  An analogy is logging in to the cloud to download information.  Source is continually there as a mentor.  You can be on the other side of the planet and accurate help can still come through.

Fran aims to access the highest level of guidance and help she can.  What comes through can vary between client, subject and day.  She doesn’t seek guidance from guides or spirit because that can reduce the view.

Like many others, Fran positions herself as a channel of divine will.  Her job is not to interpret or control.  The quality checks occur before she begins.  This helps Fran deliver what is received without alteration.  Clients often only need one session.

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How much information do I need to provide?

You don’t need to provide anything before your session.  Fran will ask for your aims as it starts.  Clients don’t need to provide much info although an initial outline helps everyone aim the same way.  What you share is up to you.  Use your gut feel to work out what you need to do. 

Questions are best asked at the start of a session.  Fran will check for more as she reads.  When a person holds info or questions back, guidance can do that too.  This, in itself, prompts spiritual healing and development.  Clients are advised to share what they need to.  This helps release tension and gives Source the space to do all It can.  

As Fran tunes in, she releases all opinion – the client’s and her own.  Questions are addressed in the order guidance needs, often from spiritually practical angles. 

How can I tell if a reading/session is accurate?

The short answer is: You’ll just “know”.  Your body (gut feel) will say, “that’s it!”   Clients will often also sense something shifting.  The other way, of course, is as things unfold!  We always help things shift well using breath, exercise and healthy time out.

Never blindly believe what a reader tells you, especially if it subordinates hunches.  A reader might be accurate in what s/he’s imparted but that doesn’t always cover every angle.  Messages are not always literal.  They can be symbolic or analogies.  Question and verify things as you need to especially if you feel there’s more to the story. 

How accurate are the timings given in readings?

Some timings are exact; others can move about.  That’s partly because readings are determined by the client’s stances during and after the session.  Guidance addresses essential self, not necessarily egoic “I”.  A client can receive accurate guidance then entertain vibes that counter what’s been said. 

It’s also worth noting that Source, life, doesn’t always hold to “real-world” deadlines.  Timings can denote spiritual milestones that need to be achieved before things evolve  They often require clients to tap into and address issues.  Hence, they can shift relative to days and dates whilst holding to this.  In one sense, it pays to forget timings without dismissing them.  This helps outcomes unfold as channelled because we give them the room to.  

The above noted, Fran’s timings are usually reliable.  If there’s a slippage, you’re encouraged to make contact.  It’s great when timings pay-off to the second.  Manifesting well is an outcome best birthed with grace. 

What level of detail is provided in spirit work?

Fran’s skills here aren’t as developed as other practitioners.  She can certainly obtain accurate messages; describe who she’s dealing with; address issues and dynamics; and help clients converse with them.  In all of her work, Fran focuses on the spiritual message rather than details like names and dates.  If you’re looking for such information, try the Spiritualist network or the Useful Links page.

What’s involved in intuitive development & mentoring?

Psychic & Energy Work runs intuitive development courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  They help you explore your skillset uniquely and answer questions about energy work.  Fran also teaches numerology.  Understanding numbers can enhance our responses to life.  Her courses are relaxed, detailed, grounded , safe and friendly, and offer lots of practice.

Fran also mentors one-on-one.  This is a great way to build energetic and intuitive self.  Together, you determine the frequency of sessions and can always book in more if you need them. 

Psychic & Energy Work mentors people face-to-face; over the phone; or video.  The first two are preferred but all are effective.  Video formats can run interference.  You’ll learn a lot no matter what format you choose.  Read more on the intuitive development pages

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Can anyone develop intuitively/psychically/spiritually?

Yes.  It’s just a matter of whether s/he wants to.  Like filling a glass, most of us can do it.  All people receive guidance visually, audibly or as feelings.  Some also taste and/or smell.  Intuition comes in many forms.  

Intention plays a role in spiritual and intuitive growth.  When a person decides to develop, Source hears that.  Life often helps us learn directly which doesn’t mean things will unfold overnight. 

If you’d like to develop intuitively and don’t know where to start, visit different sites or visit the Services or Useful Links pages.

Contact Fran if you have questions.

Questions about energetic phenomena:

How can I tell if what I’m experiencing is real?

Fran works with energetically-sensitive people.  Born one herself, she understands energy well.  The world of energy is very real – not to everyone but to a lot.  As a first step, read “Life in a World of Atoms” on the Articles page.  It looks at invisible phenomena. 

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What does death/dying mean in dreams, meditation or intuitive messages?

Unsolicited messages about death and dying can be alarming.  What do they mean?  A few things.  Messages about physical death help self remain grounded as events unfold.  They can often symbolise the end of a behavioural pattern or thought.  It’s best to treat such downloads as the latter initially.  Even if physical death is involved, there’s a good reason for the warning.  Messages like this don’t come to burden. 

Call, email or sms for help with such things.

Questions about healing:

Things to consider when you decide to heal and release

Energy work isn’t always enjoyable; some days, it can be challenging.  It’s important to consider your support needs.  Counselling, psychotherapy etc can help us process, grow, stretch and heal.  Release work and spiritual/personal development is often enhanced when it’s backed up by these sorts of experts.  Energy work affects life including thought and feeling levels. 

Whenever you do energy work, set some space and time aside to process things if you need to.  Some dynamics can take a while to release.  Factor this in when you book a session.  How are you feeling?  Is “it” a doozie?  What amount of room might you need?  It’s hard to stop release work halfway.  Once a wave starts, it likes to roll completely.  Sudden exposure to others, noise or busyness after a session can overwhelm.  

Watch a short video about healings.
What does the term “expression” mean in Psychic & Energy Work?

“Expression” on this site doesn’t mean, “say whatever you like”.  It denotes the need to  let all atoms and issues shift as they need to.  It’s about allowing freedom of movement – flow in all areas of life.  When we do this in release work, we tend to help things heal faster.

Our first responses in spiritual healing don’t always reflect the issue we’re really dealing with.  They can be more egoic as stances and can need healthy mentoring.  “Expression” (as it’s used on this page) flags the need to stay grounded.  It pays to stay in our adult boots as we process.  That helps self constructively channel its responses.  Could feedback or mentoring help you clear responsibly? 

In Psychic & Energy Work, “expression” involves:

  • letting all ‘atoms’ shift, 360 degrees;
  • letting thoughts and feelings reveal themselves before you act;
  • sensing whether your expression, to self or others, needs the support of a qualified other; then
  • saying what you need to others.

By approaching release work in this manner, what you need to say and how you say “it” is often spiritually enhanced.

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