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About Psychic & Energy Work

This website aims to help people learn about psychic & energy work.  This can include subjects like intuitive and spiritual development, energetic sensitivity and invisible phenomena.  Launched in 1997, the term “Psychic & Energy Work” was unheard of.  Nowadays, terms like “energy worker” are used reasonably widely.  Yet not everyone can sense and explain energetic dynamics (and address their spiritual reason for being).  Fran is proud of her leadership in this regard.

For over thirty years, Fran has helped people develop intuitively and spiritually in Australia and abroad.  She is continually innovating and providing insights to ensure this site remains practically helpful.

Psychic & Energy Work supports people by providing:

  • readings, healings and clearings for people who need assistance;
  • guidance and mentoring for those who see, hear, feel, smell, taste or just know “things”;
  • forums for clients to develop their intuitive or numerology skills;
  • Monthly Observations that explain what’s going on collectively;
  • audio and meditation files for people to learn and heal on the go;
  • articles about psychic & energy work; and
  • definitions for commonly-used terms.

Psychic & Energy Work seeks to empower people through their energetic and intuitive experience.  It’s a help desk for invisible stuff, aiming to add value over time.  Road maps are rarely provided for our spiritual journey.  Good guidance matters.  Fran explains and confirms what’s occurring, and practically guides you to live/work with it.  Clients’ issues are often addressed in one session.

This website is regularly updated in the following places:

The menu at the top of the page helps you explore Psychic & Energy Work.  Please get in contact if you have questions.
Fran Davidson

About Fran Davidson

Fran has been doing psychic and energy work since 1992.  Always sensitive to her surroundings, in the early 90’s she began consciously developing her skills.  Over time, she has studied mentoring, numerology, Judaism, Christianity, metaphysics, psychic and energetic phenomena.  She holds qualifications in teaching adults, vocational education and working with children.

In all sorts of ways, Fran uses her skills to tune into the invisible world and make sense of what’s presenting.  She is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient – i.e. hears, sees, feels and “just knows” things.  There is no limit to the world of energy.  All dynamics can be balanced out.  What we know and believe that determines how we process life and the guidance we pick up.  Fran’s approach is open and practical.  Sessions are two-way.  Questions are encouraged.

For more information on how Fran can help you, visit the Services page.

About Psychic & Energy Work as a Process

Once you’ve determined the help you’d like, connect with Fran to confirm how she can help. 

Sessions can be face-to-face or via email, video or phone.  All formats are as effective. Your physical location makes no difference.  Fran works remotely with clients across the globe.

Face-to-face sessions are paid for at the time of the session.  Distance work is paid for ahead of the session via funds transfer, Square or PayPal.  The latter two options incur a surcharge.  Your booking is confirmed once the funds come through.  

All sessions are recorded and emailed as links on the next business day.  A lot tends to come through in a session.  Clients don’t always remember everything that’s said.  Recordings help clients access different layers of meaning over time. 

Gift vouchers are available and valid for 3 years.

About Energetic Sensitivity

What is energetic sensitivity?  It’s the ability to see, hear and/or sense energetic phenomena.   Some people pick up such things quite loudly without necessarily wanting to.  Fran helps energetically-sensitive people process their experiences with invisible things.  When spiritual development begins in this way, two tenets tend to trip us up.  First is the assumption that there are only a few ways to develop; the second stems from the models we embrace.  Whilst providing structure, often it’s the model (not the person) that’s the problem. 

Go through to Fran’s page on energetic sensitivity to learn more.

About Substances and Energy

Technological vibes and anything addictive can affect the way lives play out. A key challenge for energetically-sensitive people is protecting themselves and maintaining balance.  How we position ourselves as channels affects what unfolds next.  Overdoing things in any way throws self off-centre because soul isn’t being nurtured.  Drugs, alcohol, technology, addictive foods weaken our energetic field.  This acts as an open door to lower level vibes which impact life subtly or extremely.  Fran can help you process, clear and learn about these dynamics. 

Continue reading about substances and energy.

Some Parameters about Psychic & Energy Work

Regarding religion…

Psychic & Energy Work is non-religious.  Beliefs are respected at all times.  Sessions don’t involve discussions about such matters.  If you’re seeking such dialogues. please find another forum.

Regarding mental health…

The mental health profession plays an invaluable role in helping people process life well.  If everyone received regular counselling, the world would be a better place.  Yet one’s experience of invisible phenomena don’t necessarily signal illness.  These are separate states which can come together but not always.  Energetically-sensitive people need to receive the right support.  If you’d like to learn more about Psychic & Energy Work in this sense – as a client or practitioner – please get in contact.

Regarding minors…

Psychic & Energy Work caters to adult clients.  People under 16 are welcome but must have consent from their parent or legal guardian.

If you have questions about Psychic & Energy Work, contact Fran.
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