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Space Clearings

Spiritual clearings realign spaces we live and work in.  Energy gathers in any site – within four walls or outside them.  People can sense this as spirit visiting; spaces feeling stuck; or the presence of “extra” vibes. 

There are a few ways to clear a space.  It’s best to do it spiritually.  Ghost busting can help but doesn’t always explain the spiritual reason for what’s happening.  Energies build in a venue because the people in it have something to learn.  Fran tunes into what’s presenting to explain what and why it’s going on. 

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Fran can work with you face-to-face or via phone, video or email.  All formats are just as effective.  Guidance comes through no matter where you live.

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Psychic & Energy Work offers the following types of clearings….

Houses & Work Spaces

Energetic webs or clouds can form in and around the places we frequent.  They can affect how a space feels or what we experience.  House work space clearings help to shift what’s old, imbalanced, spirit, stuck.  They always tie in to real world issues and help clients make the most of life.


Any building can become stuffy – offices, garages, shopping centres….  There’s always a link between what’s happening and what the universe is calling you to learn. 

Furniture / Possessions

Second-hand and inherited items carry their former owners’ energy.  This can influence how a place or person feels.  If things have been odd since acquiring such items, a clearing might assist.

Gardens & Spaces

Gardens and open spaces can need clearing.  The Earth is full of ley lines, like meridians.  Fran can work with you to read, heal and clear outside spaces – garden, pathway, space, roadway, park, plant.


Some people feel, hear or see ‘things’; some pick up vibes.  Invisible “stuff” needn’t be frightening.  You can find out what it is and why it’s in your life.

Earth Healing, Energies & Meridians

Some people sense Earth’s vibrations, noticing energy flows on this level.  Fran can show you how to work with imbalance and help the planet and universe heal.

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