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Fran can read on all sorts of subjects – physical or invisible; past, present or future; general or specific questions.  Having heard your questions, Fran tunes in to receive intuitive downloads.  Sessions can include spiritual healing, intuitive development tips, exercises and meditations.  When asking about others, photos and dates of birth can be useful. 

There’s no set format or list of things to ask.  All readings are recorded and emailed as links on the next business day.  This is useful because a lot can come through in a session.  Clients don’t always remember everything that’s said.  Recordings help some people access different layers of meaning over time. 

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Fran can work with you face-to-face or via phone, video or email.  All formats are just as effective.  Guidance comes through no matter where you live.

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Here are the types of reading Fran offers:

Psychic / Spiritual

IN all of Fran’s readings, divine guidance is channelled for general interest or to address specific questions.  Past, present or future.  Intuitive, energetic, spiritual or everyday life.

Plants & Flowers

Pick a piece of plant that draws your attention – e.g. a flower, leaf, branch, piece of bark.  It will mirror your energetic state and provide a trigger for spiritual guidance.


Physical objects can help a reader – e.g. photos, jewellery.  Electro-magnetic devices (e.g. watches), heirlooms and second-hand items are best avoided.  Previously-owned objects often carry messages from or about their earlier owners.

Vocation / Career

For guidance about past or current work issues; your future career path; why, when and how it might move; and how you can help this.

Relationships / Romance

Ask about current, future or past relationships – professional, familial, intimate, social.  Make sense of your dealings with others; where things are headed; and how you might influence them.

Wealth & Earnings

Worried about finances?  Considering a new income stream?  Uncertain about your goals?  Get guidance on your earning potential.  Clear unnecessary obstacles.

Spirits, Things & Aliens

Sometimes we sense ‘things’ – subtle or obvious; pleasant or not.  Understand what’s happening and why; gain confidence about your sensitivity as a skill.

Soul Purpose

Why are you here?  When/how will it happen?  How might you help path unfold?  Soul-purpose readings clarify purpose; explain why things are happening (or not); what’s coming; how to enhance flow.

Guides / Guidance

Want to connect with your guides/guidance?  Do you have any?  Who?   How many?  Check and connect with good intuitive help.  Learn how to receive spiritual, not just intutive, downloads.

Past Lives

Past life readings can be done for general interest or because of a current life issue.  Get the info yourself or have Fran channel it.  Sessions can focus upon one or more lives, as they arise or as you wish.

Past Events

Sometimes, people want to know what happened – e.g. deaths, break-ups.  Discover more about what went on and why. 

Animal Readings

Animals are energetically sensitive.  They can wait for ages for carers to “get” the message.  Sessions can help you bond with your pet.  Spirit and past life work can also feature here.

Numerology readings

Birth dates and names explain a lot about our journey – past, present and future.  They can also clarify relationship dynamics.  Fran’s numerological readings are always infused with intuitive guidance.

Numerological Charts

Organise a numerological chart for you, someone else, an animal, a relationship or business.  Looking at things from this angle can shed a lot of light.

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