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Spirit / Energy Work

All of us experience ‘things’…  ghosts; deceased loved ones; the thoughts or feelings of others.  Sometimes, clients want to talk with those who have passed over.  These sessions can involve human or other beings, or other dynamics.  The list is endless but it’s likely that Fran can help you understand what’s going on; what’s yours or not; and how to balance out such things.

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Fran can work with you face-to-face or via phone, video or email.  All formats are just as effective.  Guidance comes through no matter where you live.

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Below are some options for spirit work with Fran.

Dealing with Ghosts

Ghosts and other beings can surprise, delight, inform or scare.  Spirit calls for a reason – to give and/or get help.  Any session can include spirit work.  Fran helps you confirm what is happening and why.

Communicating with the Deceased

We can communicate with loved ones – just to say hi or resolve issues.  Fran works with the deceased in ways that help clients learn and heal. 

Dealing with the Dying

Some people are drawn into others’ passing.  This can be distressing until we learn why it happens.  Fran can provide guidance about this and what it means as a skillset. 

Spirit clearing

Energies can visit without invitation.  Spirit clearings help release them.  They can involve guiding spirit to white light, at a distance or on site.

Helping Spirit Move On

Not all souls find their way home.  They can visit energetically sensitive people to get help.  Whilst intrusive, this often helps resolve issues in the “real-world”.


It’s possible to attract “negative” energies when we overdo things.  Entrapments can present as ever-changing opinions, hearing voices or not feeling “the same”.  Fran works with you to rebalance and clear.

Other Energies

The world of energy contains all sorts of entities – star shapes, cartoon characters, animals, aliens, more.  Clients can want to verify and understand what’s going on.

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