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There are a few ways to learn with and about Psychic & Energy Work.  Scroll down below to discover your options.  In many cases, you can develop with others or on your own.  You set the pace in all of your learning.  Fran shapes her programs to meet your needs.  Some are more set; others are fluid.  Please get in touch to explore intuitive, energetic, spiritual or numerological mentoring.

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Intuitive Development

We are all intuitive.  You can develop your clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (feeling), clairgustant (tasting) and/or clairalient (smelling) abilities in a grounded and practical way.  Visit the intuitive development page for more info.

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Energetic Mentoring

Some people need to focus upon what’s happening for them specifically.  Fran can help you explore what is presenting; make sense of it; and learn intuitively.  Explore energetic mentoring.

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Professional Development

Psychic & Energy Work supports people who want to develop intuitively for work.  All job descriptions and environments carry an energetic load.  Continue reading about developing professionally.

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Numbers, dates and names flag the dynamics that life is asking a person to work through.  Reading them through spiritual and intuitive lenses helps us understand all sorts of things.  Fran teaches wholistic numerology, integrating numbers with guidance to address practical needs.  Explore Psychic & Energy Work’s numerology courses here.

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Watch Fran’s videos about psychic and energy work.  They aim to shed light about all sorts of things. 

To organise a reading, healing, clearing or mentoring, call, sms or email Fran.
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