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Professional Development

Psychic & Energy Work also helps professionals deepen their intuitive practice.  All job descriptions and environments carry an energetic load.  Learn how sense, interpret and rebalance what you need to.  A student could be an energy worker; someone wanting to do this; or work in another field.  It always pays to listen to gut feel. 

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These sessions tend to have the following structure but are always tailored to your needs.


2-2½ hour classes, run as determined with the student(s)

Dates & Times:

determined as the need arises

Size & Cost:

1+ people 
$150 plus gst per session if at least 6 sessions are booked,  payable in advance.  If paid by the session, Fran’s standard fee applies.

Learning Outcomes:

Professional intuitive mentoring sessions are shaped by the student’s objectives.  Historically, they have focused upon:

  • expanding your intuitive skills and your use of them
  • stretching and strengthening your connection to divine guidance
  • enhancing your awareness of (and ability to work with) the world of energy
  • processing energetic and astral dynamics to stay in balance
  • exploring what’s involved in spiritual vocational life
  • helping you maintain energetic health and balance

Course Description:  

Professional mentoring sessions deal with whatever students need to focus upon.  This can be determined at the start of the program or each session.  Having debriefed, Fran guides students to explore and learn from what’s presenting.  This can involve meditation, energy work, processing, breathwork and/or discussion.

These sessions inform as well as address energetic health.  Clarity, focus, breath and connection are key focus areas.  Lessons are shaped by immediate needs so as to clear astral energies.  Engaging at this level helps students learn personally and professionally.  Anyone who seeks to work on a spiritual level can benefit from this program. 

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