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Spiritual / Energetic Healing

Spiritual healing uses universal energies to clear and realign the client as a being.  The term ‘spiritual healing’ denotes the energy channelled (not religion).  It’s akin to reiki and other modalities, yet different.  Clients tend to leave a healing session feeling lighter and more balanced.

Spiritual healing can be given at hands-on (touching the body), hands-off or distant level.  It can come through as a meditation where the client receives from Source directly.  Fran often works at meditative and auric levels. 

Clients stay clothed in healing sessions and usually sit upright.  Healings can involve the aura, chakras and other systems, and address issues in real life.  

Here’s a short video about healings.

Fran can work with you face-to-face or via phone, video or email.  All formats are just as effective.  Guidance comes through no matter where you live.

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Here are the types of healings Psychic & Energy Work offers:


Universal energies are channelled to relax and heal.  This can be done silently or with instructions.  Healings promote a greater sense of connection, spiritual insights and clarity.


Healing can given without touching the client.  Sessions often include a mix of hands-on and hands-off.  Fran steps back to work with divine energies.  This is a great option for energetically-sensitive people.


Blockages and illness birth in the aura.  Everything starts energetically.  These healings help shift energies and discomfort in a more wholistic sense.


Meditation helps us heal with awareness.  Guided visualisation helps clients heal directly with Source.  These sessions are great for clients who want to learn how to self-heal.


Breath is key in breaking through boundaries, limit and pessimism.  Disconnect from what is “known” to get a wider view of life.  Moving through emotion, using breath, promotes knowledge.

Absent/Distant Healing

Healings can be delivered at a distance for anybody, anywhere.  This is useful for those needing support at a particular time.

Chakra Balancing

There are 12 major chakras on the human body, each with a front, a back and two sides.  There are also at least 21 minor ones.  Realign them all.  Learn what’s been affecting them.

Skeletal System

Human bones are more than coat-hangers; they are energetic pipes.  Stuff can collect in any part of the body.  Work your bones with other systems or focus upon them.

Meridians & Trigger Points

12 major meridians link the organs, each containing energetic points.  They impact mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.  Working them intuitively can restore balance.

Kundalini Work

There are two forms of kundalini energy – one fuels the physical body (red); the other divinely guides it (gold).  Learn to connect to kundalini energies to enhance your links to self, Source and path.

Soul-level Dialogues

Affirm love and loyalty; clarify stances; resolve conflict.  Talking to someone on the soul level can promote breakthroughs.  These sessions can address all sorts of things.

Expressing the Real Words

Hurt and fear are conclusions that hang around the body until they are expressed.  Negative thoughts promote tension and illness.  These sessions help you release stuckness, wounds, patterns, situations.

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