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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people make sense of and process energetic “stuff”.  By releasing what’s “not”, we help to optimise what unfolds.  Life, after all, is a zone for practically inclusive, spiritual development.

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past lives, numerology, intuitive courses and mentoring.  It is all-culture and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left or below (depending upon your device).  You can read reviews on Google (here) or get in contact via phone, sms, email, WhatsApp or Skype.  Oh and feel free to look through my Shop as well!


Recapping last month…

“January 2020” seemed split in three sections psychically and spiritually.  Australia experienced all sorts of patterns in weather, awareness, gaining, losing.  There are no words that remove the suffering of families, wildlife, bystanders, earth.  Yet, out of disaster, new growth happens especially when it’s well-supported.  Thank you all.  Events have spurred healthy questions, amazing heroics, stances anew.  There’s more to address but it’s great to hear some of the initiatives. 

“About time!” in some respects – last month was energetically full.  The first two weeks were heavy then came some rain and the pressure eased.  Back tension came yet the heavens often open as we release old narratives.  That, of course, doesn’t explain any lack of rain completely.  Yet, healing and feeling link to water; one spurs the other in all sorts of ways.  The drought isn’t over; more rain is needed; balance can always expand.  Fires still burn; there’s more to get on with – “2020” wants to improve the way we do things.  “2” can denote diplomacy; giving a dam; addressing universal needs. 

“0” is space and the art of connecting to what guides self in spite of its mantras.  Observed or not, as a spiritual growth curve, zero can prompt reviews on how we use (and fill) time.  It highlights how “I” stand in creation; what “I” affirm; do “I” let flow in?  Are you caring about such layers?  How do you approach and maintain them?  So influential, self’s silent mantras inform Source as to whether s/he’s receiving-ready.  This needn’t point to physical amassing; it equally applies to intuitive guidance.  Focus matters as an inconstant rhythm; what are you entertaining (giving space to)?  “January”s first three weeks delivered lessons in presence, processing and letting life (Source) in.  Whose space is Creation in truth?  Yours/Mine most of all or a realm we must share?  Are we incorporating all skills and wisdoms or only listening to favourites?  Should we project, will, etc or focus more upon sharing all things?  The need to process energies and mindsets helped a few people last month. 

“4” is awareness as a felt moment; the birth of constructs which goes on to help us greatly.  “2020” wants to be productive as egoic “I” moves out of the way.  Partnering skills often bloom from challenge (often, not until “I” surrenders).  Leaders aren’t meant to skew debates; they are supposed to weigh and represent all perspectives.  Non-voters’ needs are also valid; good elders deliver objectively.  We’re all leaders – yes? – so where could you hear, influence, include again?  Appreciating others matters, really.  Trauma and disaster restate such isms.  This year’s “4” wants all selves to learn and facilitate this to the next degree.    

“4” also flags building and re-building – all that these things can involve.  Teams, ingredients, methods and mindsets affect any kind of result.  It’s no longer sound to focus on “I”, “me”, “my” – was it ever?  Look at where we’re at.  We’ve seen amazing advances in many fields but existence beyond self (and humankind’s needs) matters.  Everything’s linked – especially energetically:  creatures, galaxies, plants, air.  None of this reduces the size of recent traumas or the need to do our bit.  You can review my Observations about January in The Archives here or my 2020 forecast here.



My Clearing Cards® are here to assist you!

… they help self return to its spiritual core.  We always work best when we choose to connect, one more time, to universal guidance.  There are 80 Clearing Cards® in every box, each one carrying two levels of message.  Either or both can help you clear, develop and shift spiritually and energetically.  Feedback has been really positive – it’s amazing what morphs when we breathe well!  If you’d like a set or want to learn more, click here to go through to my Shop.


“February ‘20” could offer more wonderful chances to stretch and sense anew.  Three subtle master numbers visit on top of those in this year’s profile.  “2”s are high – higher than last month; “January”s themes are likely to continue.  Six “4”s hover so frameworks and methods could also become noticeable issues.  “4” zeroes in on assumptions, boosting awareness as a need or attainment.  Master numbers can also do this (they like selves to launch from the right place).  Quality, thus, is a key “4” rhythm; we tend to reap best when we’re true/genuine.  This month’s two “6”s should reinforce this given their rebalancing role.  All in all, it should be a good month despite any calls to tidy up.  The sense of being “just” one part of the landscape could grow in ways that value-add.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu. 


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