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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people make sense of and process energetic “stuff”.  By releasing what’s “not”, we help to optimise what unfolds.  Life, after all, is a zone for practically inclusive, spiritual development. 

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past lives, numerology, intuitive courses and mentoring.  It is all-culture and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left or below (depending upon your device).  You can read reviews on Google (here) or get in contact via phone, sms, email, WhatsApp or Skype.  Oh and feel free to look through my Shop as well!


Psychic & Energy Work is only offering phone, email and video sessions at this time given social distancing requirements.  Working at a distance is just as effective as face-to-face work, perhaps more.  To make a booking, the best way is via phone or sms (I only log on to emails Monday to Friday mornings).  I will re-introduce face-to-face sessions as soon as things ease.  Thanks for your support.  Stay healthy and safe. 


Videos are go!

Call me quick!  In response to the newness COVID-19 is bringing our way, I’m experimenting with video.  I’ve just loaded my initial attempts which aim to discuss what’s happening out there via 2020’s numerology.  You can view them by clicking here or on Videos in the Page menu to the left.  I hope this new service helps you make sense of things.  


Recapping last month…

Last month was supposed to be gentler.  Do you remember me saying that?  In one sense it was – the realm of social distancing created lots of space to process, rework things, innovate, clear “stuff” out.  Mother nature also benefitted with lower pollution readings in some countries.  This has given people more room to breathe; life is helping all of us consider the way we do things.  Breaks in momentum are providing chances to also review how we live and work.  None of this dismisses the size of what’s occurring but it is providing room to sharpen up.  “Getting the base right” – how we live, breathe, think and work – is a key part of “2020”s chart. 

Last month delivered sizeable lessons in hearing what you need to and releasing tension.  This is important for the energetically sensitive – fear and pessimism can be contagious, too.  “2020” says “busy then quiet”; “people then space”; “human then Source”.  There are easier ways to foster this as a development curve.  Yet master number periods are often stretching; I hope you are managing as best you can.  Make sure you use time and space to clear out what seems “bad”.  Doing so will help you meet “2020”s brief in this respect.

You know, “0” is a phase that can force introspection, often in ways we’d not foreseen.  Now is very much a zone where concerns about futures and cash flow is breeding.  Nothing is nothing but it’s also a space where choice comes again in the form of new doorways.  E.g.?  A person’s decision to remain optimistic; process all tension; and nurture his/her spiritual base.  Easy to say when things are locked down yet the dare persists.  When we release all mental and bodily tension, we can sometimes help flu-like conditions to shift.  This is not a cure-all statement nor a suggestion to ignore health warnings.  Yet there can be a lot of value in remembering to process blockage, imbalance, even aching.  Breath out, through mouth, and the active decision to release all dis-ease, in and around, can grow balance.  This can play out on the energetic and/or more psychical/bodily levels.  This is not an ad for the author but the technique called focusing can be useful.  Physical realities lose and shift through stuff when we help them.  Now might be a good time to suss out Eugene T Gendlin’s book, Focusing.  Interested?  Visit www.focusing.org

This year’s M.O., “79/7”, is here to boost then clear head stuff.  There’s nothing like continual announcements about illness and shut downs to promote mental imbalance.  That is not a criticism but the dare is to know what you want (and grow that).  Last month’s “10/1”, “7”s and “9”s also sought to end ill-fit.  It’s important to keep the faith – doing so helps self (and life!) still receive.  We can never be sure – ahead of time – of what a master number zone wants us growing through and achieving.  Rest assured, plusses are always flowing (manifesting) especially when we help them.  You can review my Observations about March in The Archives here or my 2020 forecast here.


Heard about my Clearing Cards®?

… they help self come back to its spiritual base.  We always work best when we choose to connect, one more time, to universal will and guidance.  There are 80 Clearing Cards® in every box, each one carrying two levels of message.  Either or both can help you clear, develop and shift spiritually and energetically.  Feedback has been really positive – it’s amazing what morphs when we breathe well!  If you’d like a set or want to learn more, click here to go through to my Shop.


What about this month?

“March” ushered in an equinox and, with that, a shift in gear.  It also saw other big planetary shifts with more (continually!) on the way.  We’re being challenged to sense and use the plusses that present day-to-day.  In itself, presence is key in releasing and receiving all that’s possible.  “2020” is nudging selves towards “better again” through uncertainty.  That was always on the cards given all the powerful numbers in its profile.  Master numbers can boost what’s invisible, previously unknown or mysterious.  In presenting like this, they highlight how little control over life self really has.  This can really get us wobbling but, through this, master numbers help us plan and build better.  Such dynamics are part of “2020” which adds down to “4”.  This is a constructive rhythm which often ploughs through platforms to rebirth them.  Master numbers feature again this month and, with this, perhaps the sense of less control again.  Through this, self is helped into better stances for receiving, giving and being now.  We’re so secure wherever there is network – people, yes; digital, too.  Many still work; we’re all still consuming; cash flow IS present – don’t affirm negative!  Think of other parts of the planet who are far less set up, backed-up, etc.  Constraint can be hard but don’t let it become a perceptual blockage or negative affirmation.  Self can help what’s pleasant to manifest sooner and stronger when it chooses to process and release its fearful mantras.  

FYI too…..  This is the last month (for a moment) where “2” appears ten or more times.  We’ll see this again in “July” but, from “May 1”, social/people stuff should abate.  “0”s are also high and, with this, certainty and constancy may seem weaker.  That’s a no brainer given the pandemic.  Do what you can to ground and de-stress.  The “1” count will grow next month as well, which should see more rays of sunshine floating through things.  These next four weeks could be testing – not only given COVID-19 issues.  Keep your focus long term and “up” so as to grow what’s really good.  The more we leave space for the Divine to heal and correct things, the more doorways open and life pleasantly shifts.

Master number phases are often interesting; they often bring the sense one is dealing with veils.  Self can need to deal with illusory forces – i.e. things that will shift as soon as s/he discovers “the key”.  Such times increase the need to do what we can; to be human whilst not limiting scopes.  Karmic vibes always come with more than what is known, physical or constant.  In this, they tend to open new doorways and the chance of amazing shifts.  They ask people to focus upon good as a vibe, guide and healing mechanism.  They often force selves to process big time; nurture their connection to what is soul.  Current levels of distancing and isolation are helping these dynamics to grow.  By challenging habits like places and “hangouts”, we’re all being given space to clear.  This year has been an absolute doozie but don’t be so sure that “2020” is all bad.  It might seem so now but we’re not at the end point and the rule is to avoid affirming end points when self’s in a trough.  The most constructive shifts often grow out of challenge.  Do what you can to stay in the moment.  Let go of past and pessimism – not because you deny, trash or avoid it.  Don’t let your mind get stuck in its replays of any sense of “bad” that has been, could be or is.  Use time and quiet to your advantage without denying the need to stay “real”.  Test what you sense  – especially challenge – by releasing it all.  Visualisation is a powerful forum which can grow more balance, especially with breath.  Go gently and well; do what you need to; but don’t allow hype to drown out health as a state.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu. 


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