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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people make sense of invisible dynamics as they arise.  By releasing what’s “not” energetically, we help flow to optimise.  Life’s, after all, layer on layer and the dare is to get the balance right.

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past life session, numerological profiles and intuitive mentoring.  It is all-culture, -ability and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left or below (depending upon the device you’re using). 

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 Recapping last month…

“October” triggered more potent learning; daring selves to realign.  People seemed called to deal with big(-ger?) subjects and egoic “I”.  The astral level uses volume to get attention, sometimes rather subtly.  Energetically, it can lob at full force, impelling self to catch and own “it”.  In response, we can keep holding rather than letting flow back in.  This then triggers mind-stuff in excess: over-thinking, -knowing, -affirming.  Last month used “other” dynamics to highlight where selves could anchor more in trust.  That’s not a place where hands stay off the wheel forever.  It is key, however, in remaining grounded.  Only via release and surrender to universal will do we consistently add value.  Sudden twists, shocks, crises can help us forget what is required to live spiritually.  That needn’t mean new age endeavours; it’s about being true to gut.  Last month may have sent you some shockers.  Rest assured, you’re not the only one. 

We’re in the final moments of a “5” year.  They always want perspectives honed.  One reason for last month’s fullness?  Three master numbers were in its chart.  “11” nudged people further into adult, elder, mentor, integrity.  “33/6” sought healing and that often tackles behaviour, thoughts, feelings.  “3” flags expression – what we emit as intuitive, social, psychic beings.  How we behave is included in this.  Did you witness some interesting things?  Sydney-siders and Melbournites did as they emerged out of lock-down.  We’re not picture perfect, none of us.  Life, in a “5” year, asks every mindset and stance to stretch.  If you sensed the call to do this – for you and/or others – you were in step.

“33” marks spiritual guidance; a time for receiving more of this.  “10” is a cousin of “11”; they seek authenticity.  Acting from core (values and centre); standing strong in truth, rather than agenda…. Dynamics like this help life unfold in ways we all label positively.  “October” shook frames up to encourage the next layer of conscious “I”.  We’re only one part of a far bigger picture.  Last month sought to help selves live in that truth ready for more.  Go through to The Archives to review my Observations about Last Month.  Read about this year by clicking here



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…. About past life work; imagination vs intuition; and intuitive vs spiritual guidance.  Watch them on my YouTube channel by clicking on *the image to the right or going through to my Videos page.  Like earlier posts, they provide snippets about psychic and energy work, and aim to help you access greater guidance.


What about this month?

This month could bring more flux and adjustments, and the need to focus well.  Three master numbers will again stir and influence outcomes.  “11” will keep asking for soul “me”; staying strong; respecting gut feel.  “40/4” could guide everybody to get more of the basics right.  Implicit in this are assumptions, projections, frameworks, approaches to anything.  “0” can trigger the need for time out, space and fresh air.  It also denotes a time to witness and sense more about what to do next.  Quietening mind and standing as observer helps us connect to universal landscape.  “16/7” verifies patterns; it’s cycle completing, no more excess.  This month should promote healthy insights.  I hope you are ready for that.

Life is continually shifting to help us open to future as it can play out.  However that’s shaped, master numbers help us (re-)connect better than we were – to each other, nature, guidance, soul self, creatures…  Creation’s whole deal.  They’re all about spiritual linkage to universe, self and outer reality.  When we reference to goodness as guidance, all of this happens at once.  This is why things like exercise and meditation provide such wonderful shifts and time-out.  Balance, truth, rebirthing, rebooting are likely dynamics, again, this “November”.  That’s nothing new but don’t be surprised if you hit upon lighter, fresher frameworks.  This month’s chart also seeks wisdom; practical nous re what now needs.  “7”s visit to guide everybody spiritually forward, practically.  All in all, this “November” looks to be a shaping, clearing, constructive time.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu.  For my Observations about “2021”, click on this link.




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On Thursday, 4 November, I recorded a snippet instead of joining Michael Hunter on this month’s Metaphysical Show on Adelaide’s Three D Radio.  Join us next month (2 Dec) at threedradio.com, 9pm South Australia time, as we go live-to-air.  We talk about things energetic; look at numerology; and offer free mini-readings.  If you’d like one, email your first name, date of birth and question to metaphysicalshow@gmail.com before or during the program. 

Some background…  The Metaphysical Show is one of Australia’s longest-running, spiritually-focused radio programs.  Over the last 3 decades, Michael has connected listeners with “new age” thoughts, practitioners and music.  I am fortunate to accompany him regularly and, once on air, the Show just kicks in.  To listen to my snippet re this November and the end of this year…  click here.



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