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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site that focuses upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people make sense of invisible dynamics as they arise in the “real” world.  By releasing what’s “not” on the energetic level, we help to optimise life.  That is, after all, layer upon layer and the dare is to get the balance right.

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past life sessions, numerology, courses and intuitive mentoring.  It is all-culture, -ability and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left or below (depending upon the device you’re using). 

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Face-to-face sessions are available and adhere to social distancing requirements.  That said, working at a distance is just as effective if you’d prefer that.  We can work this out when you get in contact (which is best done via phone or sms) – click here.



Recapping last month…

Did you get the chance to sense more, in August, about your role in manifesting?  Life seemed to offer a few more insights about how thoughts and feelings (and pasts!) can get in people’s way.  These vibes affect the spaces we live in – yours, mine, everyone’s.  Mind can be a busy forum which operates best when it’s cleared and mentored.  Last month’s dynamics triggered such lessons – how to receive in a new light.  The mental realm helps life greatly but can also frustrate pathways. 

It pays to leave room for divine guidance, will and energies.  Life is a being, not just a forum, which unfolds best when we respect this ism.  It’s not self’s servant or a vacuum which only receives a one-way download.  From time to time, we can all be reminded that humans are not really Source.  At time, such awakenings occur in sync with our agendas; at others, in ways which helps us get smarter about self-ness, focus, mind and the like.  We certainly play a part in creating but can complicate outcomes when we over-focus.  Memories, models, opinions and visions are here to guide but not over-lead.  Last month’s “7”s and “9”s delivered such lessons potently. 

You can review my Observations about August in The Archives and/or my 2020 forecast here.



Watched my videos yet?

They provide snippets about readings, clearings and other forms of energy work.  They’re available on Psychic & Energy Work’s YouTube channel – click on the image to the right or view them on my new Videos page. 



What about this month?

“September 2020” is due to usher in more excuses to close things off.  This month brings seven “4”s and seven “9”s, and that’s a lot!  “4” flags awareness; “9”, an ending to themes and cycles which are ready to release.  Both of these vibes are passive which suggests a slow-down energetically.  They help selves realign; clear fogs and airwaves; spring-clean viewpoints; and create new receiving ground.  With this, can come the sense life’s re-booting – “4” marks a widening of perspective somehow.  “9” can encourage the release of what’s “old”; both rhythms enhance how self seeks to do.  Can you sense how last month’s dynamics could have proactively helped you? 

So, this month, the “1” count remains low so over-self-ish stances could remain sidelined.  “2”s will continue guiding us to share and be (more) well.  They will help us position more essentially wherever we’re ready to do just that.  This can involve obvious adjustments or how we (re-)act on subtle levels.  “5”s and “7”s take a break this month so life could seem less stretching.  All up, “September” looks helpful especially given balance presents in its reality number.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu. 



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I didn’t join Michael Hunter on the Metaphysical Show this month.  As a substitute, I recorded some snippets about “2020”s numerology.  It’s worth looking at the yearly chart right now because of the loudness of head stuff and stuckness.  Please click here to listen to what I’ve said.  I hope it helps you.

On Thursday, 1 October, I am due to join Michael for next month’s Metaphysical Show.  Join us at https://www.threedradio.com, 9pm South Australia time, as we go live-to-air.  We talk about things energetic, numerology, spirituality and offer free mini-readings.  If you’d like one, email your first name(s), date(s) of birth and question to metaphysicalshow@gmail.com before or during the program. 

Some background…?  The Metaphysical Show is one of Australia’s longest-running and spiritually-focused radio programs.  Over the last 3 decades, Michael has helped listeners to connect with “new age” music, topics and practitioners.  I am fortunate to accompany him reasonably regularly.  If you can’t make next month’s Show, you can visit this page to listen to it the Monday after the Show is streamed (Oct 5th).



Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, via phone, video, email, Skype or WhatsApp.  To develop intuitively, organise mentoring or book a session, click here.



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