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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people make sense of invisible dynamics as they arise.  By releasing what’s “not” energetically, we help flow to optimise.  Life’s, after all, layer on layer and the dare is to get the balance right.

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past life session, numerological profiles and intuitive mentoring.  It is all-culture, -ability and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left or below (depending upon the device you’re using). 

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Recapping last month…

Last month’s chart delivered three master numbers.  We’ve seen that before; it can pack a punch.  If you sensed currents pushing, morphing, pulling…. you weren’t alone.  Five “5”s dared selves to welcome newness in.  That often involves perceptions and what we think.  Here, life seeks the surrender of old or unhealthy vibes.  The second-to-last month of “2021” called for growth along these lines.  “5” inflates “I can’t” to the point where we see how we’re creating stuckness.  It often presents as a wave that feels sure to generate loss or discomfort.  It’s a period, however, that helps us sense potential at new levels.  “5” shifts myopia and doubt via an initial heightening of them. 

Last month’s master numbers sought truer, more present versions of self.  A part of this stance requires our embrace of reality as it is now.  “106/7” rebalanced, finished certain cycles; “40” boosted awareness; “11/2” sought truth as a deeper appreciation of landscape.  All of these vibes help us place things, in- and out-wardly.  They trigger review, a taking stock of position and better orientation where that’s needed. 

Last month’s nine “1”s and seven “2”s delivered and boosted themes around relating well.  This may have seen you needing to stick up for you or others less or more.  Numbers flag a mix of both dynamics; through flow and stuckness, we evolve.  “1” also flags where we’re too exclusive; me vs you, jab / no-jab.  We’re all discovering more about this at the moment.  Yet “1” – as end point – is the embrace of difference, fearless self, equal rights.  Whenever we overly-channel polar views, we also create chances to merge again with wholeness.  Life’s not a constant or uniform platform; great outcomes prevail in spite of chaos/difference.  It’s only when we overly link into model – our own or other beings’ – that things fall out of sync.  Go through to The Archives to review my Observations about Last Month.  Read about this year by clicking here



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 What about this month?

“December ‘21” should be quieter given its lower master number count.  Phew!  This month could play out calmer, kinder.  Five “3”s will trigger more insights; chances to manifest well.  Three “6”s denote balance as a theme.  All numbers want all worlds in sync: mine/yours; theirs/ours; egoic and more soul-full “me”.  Life reflects our level of self-ness – the “me” being channelled in any moment.  This month’s “3”s could highlight focus: how we grow what we affirm most.  It’s the number of flow, expression, creating and shows folk how to be practical.  Five “5”s also feature this month – year-end could seek flexibility.  This digit can also flag new roads, change, adventure, inspiration, time to reboot.  All in all then, at a time of year that can be tense, life might help you stretch in ways that feel enlightening.  

Peace, love and healing are other “6” hallmarks.  Are you ready for a break?  This month seems due to help people start “2022” ready for what’s next.  Its chart suggests selves will get clearer re plans, methods, future, goals.  What better time than end-of-year for this?!  “5” shines the light under new doorways.  It invites us to embrace potential to the next, conscious degree.  This month’s specific M.O., “132/6”, wants everyone included in this.  Balance and peace – inner and outer; clarity around where, how, who, what now; shifts that connect selves to what they’ve sensed is possible…..  At the end of a year that’s been full-on, this month could help you prep and realign.  I’ll post more about next year on “Jan 1” in my “Observations about 2022”.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu.  For my Observations about “2021”, click on this link.



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On Thursday, 2 December, I joined Michael Hunter on this month’s Metaphysical Show on Adelaide’s Three D Radio.  Amongst other things, we discussed how periods of hardship always move when they’re meant to.  We also did some mini-readings.  You can listen to all we covered by clicking here Join us at threedradio.com, 9pm South Australia time, next month – January 6 – as we go live-to-air.  We talk about things energetic; look at numerology; and offer free mini-readings.  If you’d like one, email your first name, date of birth and question to metaphysicalshow@gmail.com before or during the program. 

Some background…  The Metaphysical Show is one of Australia’s longest-running, spiritually-focused radio programs.  Over the last 3 decades, Michael has connected listeners with “new age” thoughts, practitioners and music.  Hoping you can join us on Jan 6.



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