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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon personal growth.  The menu to the left (and/or below!) links you to information about being, energy work and my services and courses.

“May 2019” was busy – did you find that energetically?  “3”s, “4”s and “7”s brought more focus on this year’s same aspects.  All of these numbers target awareness, insights, gleaning, intelligence, fact.  If your “May” brought things to process, there’s no surprise. 

This year wants people learning and, with that, a little release.  Last month’s profile contained two “6”s (which trigger themes around balance and alignment).  Australia’s federal election tested perceptions before and after voting.  The universe seems determined to reveal more about self-ness’ role in shaping outcomes.  Life is encouraging people to remember that power can’t be lost (unless egoic self affirms that).  The chance to change and influence outcomes is a constant dynamic.  Step by step, waking and stretching are playing out loudly as themes.  Such dynamics help us prepare for the time when we’ll apply that more essentially.

Psychic & Energy Work helps people work through “things” and develop intuitively.  By releasing what’s “not”, we tend to (more) consciously optimize outcomes.  Services include readings, healings, numerology, space clearings and intuitive development courses.  They’re all-culture and -gender friendly.  Scroll through the Pages menu or get in contact.

“June” repeats last month’s tallies of the numbers “0” to “4”.  Working through stuff is due, as a topic, to help people breed more soul.  “3” likes clarity; “4” tests models,  foundations, assumptions, plans.  It quality-checks the health of our platforms at the moment and over time.  These phases can unfold enjoyably or call for conscious adjustments.  It pays to emit what we yearn for as an energetic state.  Through this prism, preparatory phases (like this month) can make more sense.  The key aspect is “June”s stress upon “5” and “9” (the latter, especially). 

“9” is “the end” – physical, mental, feeling, occasion; closure with a capital “c”.  It likes people drawing conclusions about mind, doing, being.   It fosters space to examine, clear and resolve issues.  As this occurs, we often start making a little more room for life anew.  We can fill life with action and self-talk, then wonder why certain goals aren’t fulfilled.  Compassion is another “9” dimension: being, giving, growing with it.  Such states need to care for all self if they’re to really flourish.  The last few months have sought confirmation that selves are honouring what matters most.  Fresh air, clean water, justice, equal rights all require care if they’re to last. 

“June” marks the end of certain chapters – funding, schooling, the equinox.  We could witness and/or experience more healing and release work.  Use this month’s dynamics to finish, work through, purge, lighten up!  Know that each step is an investment with this month seeking more of the spiritual kind.  “2019” targets launch pads – self’s, others’, the collective’s.  Do what you can to lay the best groundwork so as to get more of life “right”.  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu.  You can also read my Observations about 2019 by clicking here.

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On Thursday, 6 June, I’ll join Michael Hunter on Three D Radio’s Metaphysical Show.  Join us, live-to-air at 9pm South Australia time, at https://www.threedradio.comWe talk about things energetic and offer free mini-readings.  If you’d like one, email your first name(s), date(s) of birth and question to metaphysicalshow@hotmail.com before or as we go to air.  If you can’t make the Show or want to review it, feel free to click here from Monday, June 10. 
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