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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site focused upon spiritual growth.  It aims to help people learn, make sense of and work through energetic “stuff”.  By releasing what’s “not”, we tend to optimise what unfolds.  Life, after all, is a zone for practically, spiritual, physical growth. 

Psychic & Energy Work offers readings, healings, spirit work, space clearings, past lives, numerology, intuitive courses, professional mentoring.  It is all-culture and -gender friendly.  To learn more, scroll through the Pages menu to the left (or below depending upon your device).  Feel free to also get in contact via phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype or sms.


I have a shop!

You’ll notice a Shop menu at the top of this page as well as in the Pages menu (on the left).  “October 2019” sees another milestone reached with my online shop and two new products launched.  Use either menu to read and purchase my Clearing Cards™, gift vouchers, audio files and pre-recorded or customised meditations.  There’s a little more about my Clearing Cards below.


Recapping last month…

How was last month across your vistas?  Loaded with shifts, did you find life more considerate somehow?  One could argue that if we focus upon world news yet, if you did, you were in sync with its chart.  These last few months have brought “3”s and “4”s and, with that, stretches in awareness.  This year seems determined to open minds and enhance manifesting.  Last month’s lower “1” count reduced the pressure on self, perceived or “real”.  Having said this, we could all probably list events and calls to enhance routines.  Inter-personal and -national issues continue inviting upward movement.  Now’s a good time to note that this year, “2019”, is the last of the “201” set. 

As a result of “2020” looming, the spotlight on self is preparing to evolve.  This can help to explain some rhythms; life’s nudging people to the ten-year “202” zone.  If you’ve felt pulled to explore further – break free from old limits – you are on track.  This month could see more calls for people to rebalance where they can.  We’ve seen this big time in the US lately as well in the UK.  No doubt, you can point to similar rhythms closer to home.  What occurs outside – in the world around “me” – tends to reflect inner health.  You can review last month’s chart in my Observations about September in The Archives (here).


Learn, shift and clear with Clearing Cards™!

It’s with great delight that Psychic & Energy Work launches its Clearing Cards™.  For over twenty years, Fran has been channelling insights about the world of energy.  For clearing, healing and intuitive and spiritual development, these snippets help people in all sorts of ways.  Psychic & Energy Work’s Clearing Cards™ present some of these isms to help you (re-)connect spiritually. 

My Clearing Cards™ are 100% Australian-designed and -made, with 80 cards in a box which can be adapted for ease of use and display.  Each card contains two levels of message which can work together or on their own.  Having allowed space for universal guidance, you shuffle the cards and select one.  From here, you breathe and sit with the message to help it reveal and realign things.  Psychic & Energy Work’s Clearing Cards™ can be used at any time.  To learn more and/or purchase your set, click here.



What about “October”?

Last month delivered seven “4”s and four “3”s; “October” brings four and five respectively.  Where “September” targeted foundations and game plans, this phase could inflame intuitive experiences.  Realising is a “3” wavelength which often prompts people to sharpen views up.  “October” also brings the start of the Jewish new year and, with that, beginnings and shifts can be sensed.  You may have sensed such rhythms – closure is often not a surprise.  This new phase of growth and development also re-presents a higher “1” count. 

With the above, can come more focus on what self has been doing, affirming, etc.  Three “9”s and “7”s will help us learn, notice and become practically wiser.  These vibes can boost spiritual usefulness and endings to what is now “not kosher”.  So?  If you’ve been feeling as if you’ve been learning – more than usual – you are on path.  Use this month to balance and clear more; perhaps take a moment to refresh your sights.  These sorts of vibes are also in the chart and what better time than a new year to do that?!  To read Psychic & Energy Work’s full forecast for this month, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu.  You can also read my Observations about 2019 by clicking here.


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On Thursday, 3 October, I’ll join Michael Hunter on Three D Radio’s Metaphysical Show.  Join us, live-to-air at https://www.threedradio.com at 9pm South Australia time.  We talk about things energetic and offer free mini-readings.  If you’d like one, email your first name(s), date(s) of birth and question to metaphysicalshow@hotmail.com before or during the program.  If you can’t make the Show or want to review it, click here to listen to it from Monday 7th.


Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, via phone, email, Skype or WhatsApp.  To develop intuitively or book a session, click here.



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