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Intuitive Development

Psychic & Energy Work’s intuitive development programs are safe, structured and grounded.  Practice and theory teach you about the world of energy and how it functions.  Contrary to some beliefs, the invisible realms operate quite logically.  These courses help anyone seeking to grow for personal or vocational reasons. 

Classes are available on weekdays and weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). They are usually held face-to-face in Haberfield, Sydney.  Online and phone learning are possible. Courses begin as people express interest. 

Get in touch to discuss your objectives.

Psychic & Energy Work currently offers the following programs:

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Fran also offers energetic mentoring and professional development programs.

Like a sneak preview?

In 2015, Psychic & Energy Work featured in SBS2’s The Feed’s documentary, Psychic School.  Fran and three beginner-level students shared their perspectives about intuitive development.

Link to Video from SBS TheFeed, Psychic School

Thank you to the students, documentary-maker Jennifer Wells & the SBS2 team.

Watch the Psychic School video.

Classes for Two!

Not everyone wants to learn one-on-one or in a group.  Psychic & Energy Work mentors pairs as well.  You can do this with friends, colleagues or partners. 

Enquire about paired learning.

Intuitive Development for Beginners

This course teaches absolute beginners how to see, hear and sense intuitively; receive good guidance; heal themselves and others; work with spirit and past lives; and energetically clear. 


10 x 1½-2 hours weekly.  Session length can vary.

Dates & Times:

please enquire

Size & Cost:

per person
$2,250 inc gst, payable before classes start

Learning Outcomes:

An awareness of:

  • the ways intuition can present
  • the various levels of energy, their characteristics and role in intuitive development
  • the direction, role and feel of your spiritual connection vs lower-level energies

Understanding and experience in:

  • using breath to facilitate intuitive and energy work
  • receiving divine guidance and energy: opening up, clearing, channelling, protecting self, closing down
  • using clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience to read, heal, clear and more
  • working with spirit and other energies
  • reading, healing and clearing spaces, people and objects
  • past life readings & healings
  • identifying and responding effectively to various forms of energies
  • safety and ethics in energy work

Course Description:

Psychic & Energy Work’s Intuitive Development Course for Beginners is for people with no or little intuitive training.  It teaches the basics of energy work – how and where to reference and channel; differentiate between the various levels of energy; and more.  It is highly structured with set objectives for every lesson whilst also addressing learning needs.

This is the first course in a series that mentors you from basic through to advanced energy work.  Learners who can work at higher levels with a vertical focus don’t need to undertake this program.  If you’ve studied previously, contact Fran to determine what course suits you.

Enquire about or register your interest in Psychic & Energy Work’s Beginners’ course.

Intuitive Development – Intermediate Level

This program helps people with beginner-level training expand their ability to see, hear, sense, process and channel intuitively.


A series of 1½-2 hour classes, every 1 to 3 weeks.  Number depends upon the student.

Dates & Times:

please enquire

Size & Cost:

per person
$225 inc gst per session, payable before classes start

Learning Outcomes:

This course builds upon the skills gained at Beginner level.  It continues to stretch your abilities.  The focus falls less upon theory and more upon developing practical skills.  The outcomes are similar to the Beginners’ course:

A deeper awareness of:

  • the ways intuition can present
  • the levels of energy, their characteristics & role in spiritual development
  • how energetic phenomena can present irrespective of practitioner objectives
  • the direction, role & feeling of your spiritual connection when working intuitively

Understanding and experience in:

  • assessing and working with energetic phenomena as they present
  • energetic inquiry to heal self, other people, creatures and spaces
  • body shifting and focusing
  • past life readings & healings
  • detecting & clearing lower-level frequencies – e.g. psychic connections, false guides, entities
  • distinguishing between energies to optimise what you channel
  • facilitating spiritual healing (auric and hands-off)
  • space clearings
  • audience/demonstration work
  • safety and ethical implications in energy work

Course Description:

Psychic & Energy Work’s Intermediate Course is a deeper exploration of how and where to reference, channel and distinguish between different types of energy.  It expands upon the Beginners’ program in a way that promotes independence.

This course is less-structured than the Beginners’ program given its focus upon practical skills.  Objectives are set and also adapted to address what presents on the day.

This is Psychic & Energy Work’s second stage in mentoring people from basic through to advanced energy work.  Students who can work at a higher level satisfactorily won’t be asked to do this course.

Apply for or enquire about Psychic & Energy Work’s Intermediate course.

Open Development Group

This forum is for people with solid experience in energy work OR whose needs are best met in a customised program.


1½-2 hour classes, running 4 to 10 weekly (as agreed)

Dates & Times:

please enquire

Size & Cost:

1 person
$225 inc gst per session, payable before classes start

Learning Outcomes:

In the Open Group, there’s no set plan or limit.  We work with what presents on the day.  Sessions start with warm-up exercises then focus in on a particular subject.  As with all of Fran’s courses, students have input into what they study.  This forum aims to build students’ intuitive confidence, awareness and accuracy. 

Course Description:

In Psychic & Energy Work’s Open Development Group, anything goes.  It’s designed for people who are solid intuits but want to build depth and fluency.  It focuses upon sensing and responding in the moment.  Through this, trust in self and Source increases, and students strengthen as spiritual channels.

At this level, more focus is given to processing and clearing egoic vibes.  Connecting, clearing and self-healing techniques help students learn how to work objectively.  The spiritual reasons for what manifests are explored in depth in this program.  Through this, students often stretch on personal and professional levels.

Enrol in or ask about Psychic & Energy Work’s Open Development Group.

Fran also offers customised energetic mentoring and professional development programs. 

Tutorials, demonstrations, weekend packages and conference presentations are also available.  Please enquire.

Recreational Substances and Learning with Psychic & Energy Work

Successful completion of a Psychic & Energy Work course requires a consistent commitment to the right sort of vibes.  What we entertain affects what presents.  Visit the Substances & Energy and Energetic Sensitivity pages to discover how energetic health can be impacted by certain past times.  Students are asked to curtail alcohol and drug use whilst learning with Psychic & Energy Work.

Undertaking a few courses at once can also complicate intuitive development.  Students are asked to avoid other courses whilst learning with Fran. 

Please defer your application if you can’t honour the above requirements.  Students will be asked to withdraw from a course without a refund if they can’t respect these guidelines.

Please get in contact if you have questions.
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