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Substances & Energy

Technological vibes and anything addictive can affect people and the way lives play out.  One of the biggest challenges for energetically-sensitive people is finding and maintaining balance.  How  we position ourselves as channels and observers affects our responses.  “Just” waking up; entertaining too much; studying, working or socialising can throw self off-centre.  Not everyone notices such things but it can be loud for some.  This highlights how frame of reference plays a pivotal role.

The above represents a major discourse on how invisible phenomena impact a person’s experience.  Other websites explore such subjects.  Feel free to visit them.  What’s written below seeks to explain how substances and energy impact self and points to the need to do “it” with awareness. Energy is real and ramifications flow out of every choice.

The energetic realm is full of layers

Many have explored the world of energy; psychic phenomena; emotional and thought waves.  The invisible realm includes egoic and divine energies.  Higher-level (i.e. divine) wavelengths heal, clear and spiritually guide.  The world is full of layers and every row of atoms has a different feel or sensation.  The higher one goes, the more balanced and peaceful the “vibes” become.  Humans exist in amongst the lower levels whilst remaining connected to divine guidance. This can explain why people sense a range of different energies.  What we encounter is shaped by lifestyle, issues, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The lower levels are also known as the astral or egoic realm.  This part of energetic life includes electromagnetic, digital, mental and emotional rhythms.  It’s where ghosts and lost souls tend to hang out and why human beings bump into them.  Universal energies also exist in these layers.  The astral level is flavoured with a greater degree of self-focus.  Lower-level vibes can interfere with self’s awareness of soul and divine accompaniment. Astral and egoic states promote exclusion, limitation, pessimism.  Knowing that we can reference higher is key to intuiting well.  The conscious choice to release egoic vibes can trigger shifts in self and life.

Technology and recreational substances resonate closely with mental and astral realms.  They tend to stimulate which is why they can feel more hyper or full.  When we forget to rebalance, we can start feeling overloaded.  The egoic levels always use volume.  Self can feel this as a state of disconnection whenever it gets get too caught up in things.  This is why quality time out, breath, quietness and exercise matter.  Through such things, we help ourselves experience life in good balance. 

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The lower levels are where ‘negative’ influence exist

There are all sorts of things in the world of energy.  Some good; some bad; some in between.  The lower levels tend to feel heavier as frequencies.  This is because egoic dynamics have yet to connect with fully Source. They’re still harbouring thoughts or feelings that hold them in lower level dialogues.  Stuckness and weight come out of opinion, fear, states of the mind.  Egoic self can’t see around corners but that doesn’t stop it thinking it knows more. Energy can present as unpleasant but only because there are issues to heal.  Everything is linked to and guided by the soul level.  Some beings have yet to discover this.

Just as there are angels so, too, there are “demons” – “naughty” energies that create problems.  They only do this because of their views and the fact they’re spiritually stuck.  They don’t trust that Source is there to help them resolve, heal, learn, release.  The Divine is real, kind and potent especially when we know this.  “Naughty” vibes often know how to reference and connect with Source but they prefer not to. This stems from lack of faith and awareness and sees them hanging about amongst humans.  They can affect spaces and lives, especially when a person entertains overly egoic or addictive dynamics.

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The lower levels are promote lack of faith, pessimism, over-mindful states and tension

“Negative influence” tends to present when self gets too caught up with astral vibes.  We can all do this. Indeed, through this we learn and fulfil life.  It’s easy to become distracted or myopic; away from spiritual focus again.  Mind is a bowl, a receiving vessel, but self doesn’t always remember that.  Over-using technology, medication, alcohol, processed foods and/or drugs can pull us into thought and feeling realms too much. Such dynamics often grow out of routines that don’t have enough time out.  The mental realm offers great value but only when it’s in balance.  Natural settings, fresh air, exercise and meditation are key.  The challenge is to centre and ground in what gives life, not what depletes or skews focus.  It is easy to become blocked or down from time to time.  Such dynamics grow if left to run.

Through the above, as experiences, we come to respect all that life is.  Overly-mindful states – our own or others – act as magnets to lower-level frequencies.  This is simply a part of life.  There’s no way around it other than choice.  Constancy isn’t realistic.  Flow is always up then down.  Wiring creation in this manner, Source guarantees growth, adventure, resolution.  Life requires balance, exercise and breath if it is to flow optimally.  The joy of such things is that, coming to know them, we can shape outcomes and how we live life.  Any sense of tension, negative, limit, etc, is a sign that self has room to focus higher, wider, truer elsewhere.

Like attracts like in the world of energy

What self experiences or attracts tends to result from what it focuses upon.  In the world of energy, like attracts like – we end up in states we entertain. It’s how the universe magnifies issues for resolution.  Becoming more aware of and responsible for our choices plays a key role in spiritual development.

The person who “over-does” alcohol or drugs is often more egoically than spiritually bound.  S/he may believe in ultimate goodness but has yet to really live that stance.  Addiction is rarely conscious or easy.  We’re all addicted to something or someone.  Substance abuse links users more deeply into lower-level vibes.  Left uncleared, such dynamics tend to grow and magnify issues.  Through this, ultimately – this life or a next one – self learns to connect higher and truer.

Places where people over-use technology and/or substances tend to feel heavy or stuck.  They tend to be full of lower-level vibes, partly because they’re not energetically cleared.  This can create a magnetic effect where more astral energies start hanging out.  Entities like socialising, not only with those using substances.

Astral level rhythms don’t only target the user.  They gravitate to anyone who can sense (and help) them.  Have you noticed how some people, near a substance, change the moment it is mentioned?  Well-entrenched addicts noticeably shift because their attachments are looking for a feed. Such dynamics can overwhelm people who are energetically-sensitive.  The egoic levels need attention which is why addictive states tend to be myopic or loud.

The lower levels are the loudest

The astral levels can feel unpleasant.  They always use loudness in some way. Some entities feed quietly yet energetically-sensitive people can sense them.  This is how oversubscription to drugs, alcohol and/or technology can impact self even if s/he isn’t the consumer.

Heavy egoic, mental or technological energies can travel with a person for a while.  Egoic vibes can be silently felt, seen, smelt, tasted or heard. They always come with a level of noise, chatter and/or dissonance.  The loud ones can be really distressing, needy, abusive, even schizoid.  Energetically-sensitive people can react to such dynamics as if they had an allergy.  Loud astral states can be sensed before an intuit physically meets up with them.  Yet self only attracts whatever s/he is already, somehow, entertaining.

Do it with awareness

This page doesn’t aim to moralise. It simply outlines how egoic rhythms can present.  It’s not so much a case of “don’t do it ever” but “do it with awareness”. People who feel, see or hear “things” tend to have the biggest challenge.  Especially sentients because it can take time to learn how to spiritually process things.

Whenever egoic energies get loud, check of what you’ve been entertaining. Review your current approaches to life – e.g. relating, work, enjoyment, harmony, balance.  “Turn the other cheek” and “be forgiving” can also be energetic traps.  Fair and healthy boundaries matter. Everyone’s soul needs can be mutually respected.  Test these opinions whenever you feel a little “odd” after some of “that”.  It could be you, them, the place, the food, the substances; or because you haven’t had a decent break.  Addressing such things is a step-by-step process of trial, error, discovery.

How much is too much?

There’s no one answer to this question.  Some would say, “Any at all”.  The consumption or allowance of addictive stances seems to hit children, indigenous people, older people, those on medication and females the hardest. Indigenous people can be hit hard by substances which seems to stem from their connections to Earth.  More spiritually aware of and bound to nature, they can be more affected by energies at that level.  This does not mean that indigenous peoples practise a lower level of spirituality.

In young adults (i.e. moderate users), drug and alcohol use doesn’t always play out severely.  This doesn’t mean they don’t manifest.  It’s just that young people tend to bounce better.  This depends upon the substance – e.g. beer’s softer than spirit; ice worse than dope.  With age, however, most bodies find it harder to process it all.  The human body is a sponge in which energies build over time. With, a person can need less before lower-level dynamics begin manifesting.

Prescribed medication can also impact energetic health.  This is widely known albeit not labelled as such.  Too many drugs can weaken the aura, leaving self susceptible to astral attack. This can see some people becoming drunk/bent faster and channelling vibes that are more extreme.

Gender also matters.  The female absorbs (receives and carries life).  Combined with age, exercise levels and technology use, substances can hit females hard. Men and young people can also get hit hard.  Energetic sensitivity can manifests in any gender or age.  The point here being: back off whenever imbalance presents as a feeling.

What if I’m energetically sensitive and don’t partake at all?

Intuitive, spiritual or energetic awareness doesn’t shield self from lower-level influence.  Lower-level vibes are all around us.  We can bump into such things anywhere.  Every being and situation, every day, is unique.  There is no one answer or way things manifest.  Lower-level vibes get help by attracting the attention of people who can sense them.  

The realm of lost souls was once described as a room without light.  Spirit hangs about because it’s in the dark – i.e. has yet to find/use the “exit door”.  It’s usually pleased when the light turns on and gravitates toward it.  The “light bulb” is often a child, addicted and/or energetically-sensitive person.  Welcome or not, lost souls approach so as to resolve spiritual issues.  That’s not always sensed which is why some entities end up spooking people.  As soon as entities share why they’re hovering, they tend to stop hanging about as they were.  Naughty, negative, pleasant, child-like… the lower-levels clear as soon as their real issues are heard.  

The interpersonal reality of substances and energy

When one person uses and another doesn’t, a good meeting point can be hard to find.  Substances are often used to quieten issues but don’t actually stop vibes from flowing out. This can be sensed by sensitive people and be hard to believe.  No matter how well the sentient explains it, the non-intuitive can think they’re imagining.  That’s simply because they do not experience the world of energy.

The above doesn’t justify the egoic rejection of others because of choice but, if respect isn’t two-way, life’s flagging a different route.  Everyone matters all of the time. We all need to think about the shoe on the other foot.  No one is supposed to carry others’ loads as an ongoing, destructive routine.  Everyone has to process his/her stuff.  This can be a lesson for energetically-sensitive people.  Like attracts like – if you make like a porter, life can start reflecting that.  Don’t believe blindly.  Test these perspectives and remember to do everything with awareness.

The lower realms ultimately encourage balance

Energetic sensitivity tends to promote fair, decent, honest life.  With or without substances, lower-level vibes put balance back into life’s spotlight.  There’s always a positive spiritual reason for any challenge life throws self’s way.  It’s through astral and egoic experiences that we come to choose integrity, soul, again.  We may not always like whatever presents.  We’re each asked to process whatever comes.  Astral phenomena are a part of being human.  The dare is to focus spiritually well.

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