Monthly Observations

The Monthly Observations

for November 2017

Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “November 2017”.  The dialogue below profiles some of this month’s energetic and spiritual themes.  It also connects into this year’s forecast which is listed in the Page menu to the left (or two lines down).

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with those of the year.  Outlined below are the Observations about “November” given its numerology.
This November’s Profile
  each year in 2017  
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again) 11/2 2028/3  
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 40/4 130/4  
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 51/6         2158/7  
“November 2017”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month delivers the following tally. Looking at a chart from this angle can help to explain what is happening.  This, in itself, doesn’t speak of “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  What we can find initially uncomfortable often ends up being a blessing.  This said, a tally like this can help us make sense of life when it is odd.  Wherever a number manifests three times or more, we tend to notice its lessons.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


6 9 6 2 3 2 1 3 2


With nine “1”s this month, life could be interesting because “1” denotes self in all of its forms.  Nearing year end, it could bring some moments that flag what it means to really be an adult.  “1” can mark a time that’s laden egoically with too much selfness presenting somehow.  It can also highlight amazing examples of (spiritual) elder.  “1” often urges people to become truer to self – via direct experience or observation.  More leadership – what is it? are we there yet? – can be called for formally or casually.  We’re all capable of citing instances where nine “1”s might play out this month.  If you find yourself being stretched or invited to demonstrate what you can do, don’t be surprised.  Accompanying our nine “1”s are six “0”s, six “2”s, three “4”s and three “7”s.  The lesser amount of “2” vibrations could bring fewer themes around relating (and relativity).  “4” and “7” can trigger more intelligence, learning, awareness, things like this.  All up, therefore, you may sense how this month could help selves distil things and step up again.  No number does this only on theoretical levels – whatever insights emerge, rest assured, we’ll act upon them.  As the second-to-last month of the year, “November”s profile seems constructive.

Having observed the above, let’s discuss this month’s numerology……

“November” delivers birth numbers of “11/2” and “2028/3”
The birth number denotes what we’re due to step into; become a little more of; and channel again.  “November” delivers “11/2” every year and “2028/3” this year specifically.  “2” and “3” can be outwardly-focused – one’s about relating; the other, our emissions.  That’s not to say that internal, spiritual or mental workings will not feature.  “11/2” is also a master number and, based in “1”s, could heighten what’s written above.  As an event or period, it often delivers universal truths – i.e. more clarity about the big picture.  It can trigger curveballs – master numbers do this at any time.  Yet, the double one – because it’s so personal – can be a powerful vibe.  This isn’t to say that “November”s always difficult – “11/2” can strengthen and delight.  It’s the type of phase that asks us to act as physical souls.  Any phase with “1”s will, ultimately, empower more of Creation to channel soul.  This is a key part of “1” at any time – one we may sense (this month) more than usual.

“11/2”, said above, can denote truth time and, with this, can emerge the need to deal with certain issues.  Many people have witnessed this this year; some, at least, have also experienced it.  “2017”s chart has brought “10/1”s, “0”s, “9”s and “7”s galore.  With this, it has regularly shaped our experiences and helped us to strengthen at our core.  Lots of “0”s and “1”s, coming together, can encourage people to look within.  “0” can create more pressure in this sense because it tends to heighten invisible rhythms.  This can cause people to over-think, worry, etc – and we’ve certainly seen this this year.  “11/2”, this month, from this angle, may help us along our paths yet again.  “11/2”, as curveball, can inflame the sense of oddness or spiritual dynamics in life.  It often presents out of the blue, as an event unannounced that throws us off-centre.  Acting like this, it helps us to access our silent and egoic narratives.  Via such rhythms, “1” helps us to notice how we’re getting stuck and how we can now release that.  “11/2” delivers big picture truths – one’s we’ve not sensed or faced before.  This can play out pleasantly or not, but no number only signals what’s “bad”.  “11/2” illuminates more about reality in ways that free us up in future.  Sometimes, via tension, we access far wider views, ones that go on to liberate truth.  This can be experienced as a witness; it can also play out more personally.  No matter how it comes, “November”s “11/2” always entices higher self out of its limits.

This year, “November” presents “2028/3” specifically to help us grow.  What’s nice about this – coming after a powerful “October” – is that it could promote the sense of being nurtured.  “3” is a phase that can see us downloading, sensing and intuiting more.  It’s the view, the insight, imagination that helps us to be truly productive.  “3” is “express”, too – to oneself, others, nature as well as whatever we call Source.  It’s the need for dialogue – the balanced type that helps life flow – and can find people expressing too much!  “3” can manifest as rudeness, aggression (any emission that’s too loud).  Yet, via such things – as and if they surface – we learn (again) how to co-exist well.  “3” can throw a light onto our production processes; it’s “what we create or emit” in any way.  With “2017” focused upon head stuff and its role in our development, this could trigger positive wavelengths.  This month might help us to examine our dialogues – inner and more obvious – to ensure that they add value.  “3” can also see dream states more active; it often sees more guidance coming through.  Thoughts popping in; greater clarity; dawnings and awakenings that smooth our way…  if you find such rhythms surfacing this month, “2028/3” may explain it.

“2028” says that interpersonal dynamics and relative positions will help us to emit what’s right (“3”).  “2” can find a self discovering things about his/her place, role or value in life.  It can teach us heaps about one another and guide us to interface better again.  This can occur directly or via what we observe happening.  “2” can also ask us to assist with other relationships, directly or by modelling what’s “good”.  “202” is also interesting because it signals a time for getting social then needing time out.  It can unfold like a dosey-do of people-then-silence-then-people again.  This augers well for this month’s numerology because “1”, “4” and “7” also invoke states like this.  By mingling then withdrawing, we often obtain the space to process and digest things.  “8” is “success” – the state itself and its lessons (e.g. are we “there” yet and what does that need?).  “8” can heighten feelings of discomfort wherever life’s not quite “right”.  What’s really nice about these birth numbers is the sense that this month will tangibly help us.  That always happens yet this “November” could guide us to attend to things more exactly.  With this, this month could reinforce the year’s chart, empowering self – in ways we notice and value.  Of course, these numbers might merely heighten the need for more on these levels.  Either way, this month is due to help people know and give of their higher selves again.

This month’s M.O.s are “40/4” and “130/4”
“4” helps people to notice and plan things; it’s all about building long-term and well.  It’s often a time that guides us to strengthen and finetune what we’re working with.  This can occur perceptually or physically – as a passive number, both can result.  “4” is a time that stretches our awareness for what is quality and how to manifest it.  It can trigger new starts, radical overhauls; it can also present as a lovely gold star.  It often targets models and frameworks to ensure they’re as good as they can be.  It really is a time that focuses upon our long-term health psychically and mentally.  Presenting as the M.O. this month – generic and specific – “4” flags a time for learning consciously.  You could say that about any period but “4” denotes the chance to cogitate and plan things.  It helps us to review, adjust and strategise which, as this month’s M.O., is telling.  “4” can boost mental whirrings in ways that make a difference downstream.  It also points to more appreciation for the details and “lesser” things.  With “3” also featuring, life could help any self to “get” whatever s/he needs to.  “3” leads to “4” – insight into real-world planning that often helps people emit goodness.  Empowerment seems due to emerge this month (which is so in line with this year’s chart).  If you find “November” helping you wake up or get smarter (and acting upon them), don’t be surprised.

“40” and “130” are also interesting: their “0”s indicate more space, too.   Silence then processing time; pauses then building; moments to review things then determine how we’ll use them….  “0” can reflect intuitive experiences which can be seen as guidance from above.  It could be argued that comprehension always expands out of such moments.  This might help you to sense how this month’s M.O.s could play out energetically.  Both lead to “4”, reinforcing the above and the chance to spiritually benefit.  That needn’t entail obvious developments; it could unfold privately.  Either way, “November 2017” is due to help (perhaps more than usual).

I suppose I’ve just said this but I’d like to restate it: when we “get” things that matter, life tends to shift well.  “3” and “4” can help self to break through fogs that have haunted or hovered for ages!  Together with this month’s “0”s and birth numbers, there’s a hint that limits are about to dissolve.  Awakening, realising, breaking through, making headway…  this month looks productive and helpful.  Coming towards the end of “2017”, this could be potent – when we near a phase’s end, life can help us clear our decks.  The numbers, thus far, for this “November” suggest an increase in such wavelengths.  You might find this month delivering messages that help you to streamline life really well.  It may merely highlight the need for such things – either way, good developments do seem likely.

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“November”s reality numbers are “51/6” and “2158/16/7”
The reality numbers, this “November”, also reinforce what’s written above.  “6” and “7” can offer synchronicity that we sense, channel and take note of.  “6” denotes the feeling realm; “7”, the mind – i.e. both head and heart feature as vibes.  “6” also flags the chance for healing – the type that promotes important realisations.  “7” can be read as the moment we “get” things more practically (in ways we use).  It can find people becoming sharper and smarter about how life works.  With this can emerge the sense of releasing from models and systems that aren’t really “right”.  All of a sudden, a person can wake up – “7” can see the light in life going on.  With this, can emerge practical intelligence – theory and the nous to implement well.  “6” is the moment before realising – often manifesting as a break in momentum.  Coming after “5” – busyness and action – we can need to down tools for a moment.  “6” and “7”, together therefore, can indicate a powerful period; they can be portrayed as a well-earned adjustment; a time for seeing things more objectively.  Via resting and recharging; balancing out and focusing well, we’re likely to appreciate noteworthy things.

“51/6” speaks of change and action (“5”) – the need for such things or their presentation.  Out of balance, “5” can be too busy, forcing the self to centre and ground.  Via rhythms of “newness” (“5”) and self development (“1”), we’re likely to become more real again (“6”)- i.e. channel more of what’s soul in deed, thought and feeling.  “51/6” can boost the need for mentoring (because it can flag the need to help others, too).  It also represents the dance between giving and receiving, and learning how to do this well. “6”, most of all, indicates the need for balance and features, this month, in both reality numbers.  “2158” passes through “16” on its way down to “7”.  “16/7” is a malefic number – karmic, correctional, those sorts of things.  Master-numberish, it can promote more spiritual lessons; it helps us resolve things and connect more authentically.  “16/7” can be powerful (not just in ways we consciously seek).  It can be a phase that heightens invisible stuff yet this “16/7” presents subtly.  Deriving out of “2158” (not directly), it could simply hover in the background.  That said, whenever a master number appears, directly or subtly, spiritual phenomena can increase.  If you connect higher again, this month – in ways you really notice?  Well done!

Another Observation is the fact that “7”s appear in “2017”s chart.  I know you know this but, given this month’s reality numbers, these wavelengths could increase too.  One objective, this year, is to help people get wiser and truer about things.  With “November” delivering “5”s, “6”s and “7”s, such dynamics become more likely.  Whenever we approach the end of a period, the pressure to digest its lessons can mount.  With “6” and “16/7” as reality numbers, we’re receiving the hint that this will occur.  You may recall: “2017”s carries an M.O. of “90/9”.  The M.O. denotes “how” we’ll evolve, shift, achieve and learn.  This suggests that this year wants people to deal with their issues (to the point of never revisiting them).  “90/9” can promote the sense that life’s cornering us to do such things.  It’s numbers like this that help people realise that we’re here to achieve Source’s aims as well as our own.  “90/9”, “2017/10/1”, 2107/10/1”, “51/6” and “2158/16/7” could team up to target whatever’s outstanding.  What is “it”?  Whatever you need to learn or attend to.  If “November 2017” feels like it’s clarifying and shaping things noticeably, this may be why.

A final thought, alluded to above, is that this month’s reality numbers also speak of balance.  “Balance” = “truth” = “peace” = “genuineness” because these states need to be real to manifest.  “6” can be a time that’s so empowering – irrespective of any challenge we face.  It helps us get real so as to authentically put out, receive and create.  “6” shifts our focus beyond the surface (not because there’s anything necessarily wrong with that).  It asks us to get real so as to receive, give and thrive in quality states.  Like “16/7” and other vibes this month, “6” could see the self intuiting and achieving whatever it’s here to.  You can only really love if you’re truly honest – over and above any first leanings.  White lies and hedging are always detected – sooner or later – and, when they are, they colour all else.  “November” could help egoic self to notice and address wavelengths like this.

Approaching the new year, the above rhythms are powerful because of “2018”s numerology.  So much of this year has been about getting us ready for what’s ahead.  This might explain why it’s been trying – the egoic self doesn’t like not being entertained.  With this can emerge negative stances as “I” start resenting what life is doing.  Egoic self, though, tends to be myopic; it can focus upon the “here and now” excessively.  It easily forgets how standing in integrity helps it to enjoy life in the future.  It always loves the benefits of development but can get in its way when self-absorbed.  If you’ve found yourself grumbling this year at certain times, this may be why.  We’re often informed that we’ve only one soul but some models claim that we have two.  With that, emerges the dare (and request) to help egoic self to do what’s good.  The use of breath, exercise and time out – not to mention, things like meditation – can help people stay grounded and healthy.  This can be a challenge whenever life pushes, pulls, thumps, etc.  Yet the benefits that come from spiritual practices – ones that connect you upwards – are so essential.  It’s how we keep life light – white all around – and enhance peace on Earth.  You may also find that this “November” helps you remember things like this.

And you personally?
We each have a specific numerological profile that derives from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.   Although I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month, I’ve not analysed your personal chart.  Readings that merge numerology with intuition can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do that.

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