Monthly Observations


The Monthly Observations

for September 2017

Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Monthly Observations for “September 2017”.  The dialogue below profiles some of this month’s energetic and spiritual themes.  It also connects into this year’s forecast (which is in the Page menu to the left OR two lines down).

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Every month brings its own dynamics, which intertwine with those of the year.  Outlined below are the Observations about “September” given its numerology.
This September’s Profile

each year

in 2017


Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)



M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point



Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things



“September 2017”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, “September” delivers the following tally.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help to explain what is happening.  This, in itself, doesn’t speak of “good” or “bad” (life regularly delivers a mix).  What we find initially uncomfortable often ends up being a blessing.  This said, tallying the numbers can help us make sense of things when life’s odd.  Wherever a number features three times or more, its lessons and wavelengths become more noticeable.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8




6 5 1 5 2 2 2 0


The profile above suggests that this “September” will help us in the following areas:

·    dealing with invisible phenomena; themes around spirituality; and/or unexpected loss and lack (“0”);

·    discovering self; mentoring the inner child; growing consciously; and showing more leadership (“1”);

·    relationships, relativities, place, purpose, fit and themes around sharing (“2”);

·    stretching our awareness and examining the bases that we’re used to working from (“4”); and (!)

·    dealing with issues to their completion; sorting things out; and being more compassionate (“9”).

On top of the above, three subtle “10/1”s hover in the background.  Of interest, too, are the fewer “1”s and “2”s – for most months this year, they’ve been up at seven or eight.  This could see their influence reducing – they’re still high in number so they likely to still affect things.  Five “4”s and four “9”s will play off one another (both tend to trigger the need for introspection).  This isn’t new – many of these rhythms have featured for much of this year.  The upside to this is that this month’s passive numbers should offer us time to address and digest certain rhythms. 

Having observed the above, let’s examine “September”s numerology……

This “September” will call for more “9” and “2026/(10)/1”
“9” and “1” birth numbers can offer synergy – both provide spheres that help us to reflect.  Being passive numbers, they’re prone to hold life at bay to help us learn and process.  “9” marks the close of our current cycle and can be concerned with optimising what’s coming (next).  “1” finds us ready and eager to move forward, yet feeling prevented from doing this.  It tends to force people to observe important details, so both “1” and “9” can feel preparatory.  They often help us to adjust before we get going, in ways that see our goals better-attained.  The birth number reflects what we’re due to become, represent and channel in life.  Both “1” and “9” can be frustrating yet, by slowing us down, they help us address important dynamics.  All passive numbers help to reveal rhythms that we haven’t (yet) fully worked through.  By doing this, they help us noticeably over the short and longer term.  

“9” presents every “September” and, because of this, I call it the generic birth number.   Even though the annual vibes team up with a year’s vibrations, their generic qualities can still arise.  “9” can be potent just as the seasons change because it helps us to sort things out.  No matter how much we know before “9” hits, it likes to highlight things we haven’t (yet) fully understood.  “9”, here, helps us to link with weak spots in our spiritual and day-to-day affairs.  Energetically, it often presents out of the blue as a shift or pause that forces one inwards.  “9”, in this sense, can seem like our current life chapter is coming to a close.  Here, it often helps us release whatever’s out-dated and make room for what’s on its way.

“9” can also denote the stance of empathy; learning how to live as a compassionate being.  It can be a phase that calls for more kindness towards self, other people, nature, creatures, the planet or galaxy.  It represents a time when certain projects end, which often sees self with energy to focus elsewhere.  With this, can come the closure of rhythms between selves, groups, even countries.  Compassion, however, isn’t only to be shown to others; it also involves nurturing oneself.  If you, this “September”, make more room for the real you to emerge and participate, you’ll be in sync.

“1” can suggest that we’re about to grow up a little; it often delivers growth that we’re aware of.  Some models hold that two souls accompany every human body (which is where numerology can explain challenges).  Which one of “me” will I allow to steer my “ship”: the divine and more adult “I”; or the egoic, more limited self?  “1” flags the dance between these two aspects – sometimes, out of conflict; at others, via comfort.  It also denotes the choice that we’re constantly given to be, act and work for self and others, too.  “1”, therefore, signals a time when we grow up (we’re always doing this, yet “1” can make such rhythms more obvious).  It’s a phase that helps us better understand all self – in “me” and in others – in ways that foster tangible positives.  No number points only to what “I” experience; they all signal what we’ll witness in the world around us. 

Via observation, we often learn what it takes to achieve, maintain and emit what’s really “good”.  “1” can represent the call for more leadership – the active kind (not always because one wants it).  It can require people to demonstrate the “right” approach to self, life, others and problem-solving.  “1”, in this sense, is a phase for growing up and addressing needs more wholistically.  The specific birth number for “September 2017” passes through “10” on its way down to “1”.  “10/1” is special because it inflates “1” dynamics which can seem more isolating relative to the moments before.  It often finds people questioning their expressive abilities (because of the illusion of a disconnect).  “1” zones can foster a sense of separateness and the feeling that others don’t understand us.  As this occurs, questions around life, support and relating tend to arise.  When “0” appears alongside “1”, such dynamics can become higher in profile.  “0” can also deliver buffer zones so, together, “1” and “0” (as “10/1”) can feel lonely.  The “10/1” vibration often triggers silence and, with this, uncertainty and self-doubt get breeding. 

“10/1” first appears to help us evolve spiritually; it often urges people to remember what they know and believe.  In doing this, it tends to reveal that we’re always supported (even when we resist such concepts).  The trouble with “10/1” is that – when it first arrives – life can seem to run counter to plan.  Yet this is how the universe raises our consciousness about how it works and our value within it.  “10/1” can test awareness and maturity levels, reminding us of who/what is really in charge.  “1” does this, too, often encouraging us to challenge anything that’s flavoured too egoically.  It often nudges people back towards more balanced platforms and the fact that we’re not as in charge as one can think.  We are never alone (even though it can feel like this) with “1” and “10/1” teaching us these sorts of things.

“September”s “10/1” – for all that I’ve typed above – emerges out of “2026”.   This suggests that the world of relationships – our own and those of others’ – will continue to shape us.  That’s always happening but, in “September”, such dynamics could be more noticeable.  “0” and “6” also feature – the latter calling self to channel love and kindness to the next level.  “What’s in it for me” (as a stance) could be challenged – you may sense the likelihood of noteworthy shifts.  Via the world of others (“2”) – as we mingle and observe things – we’ll become more adept at channelling true, adult “me”.  This may occur incidentally or via effort – we’re likely to witness a bit of both.  “6” also promotes the need for peace and genuineness – it’s THE vibe for living as essential self. 

“6” also represents health as a wavelength – physical, energetic, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.  So…?  “September”s birth numbers of “9” and “2026/1” should help us to care and realign to the next level.  As it does this, some of us could begin living more in line with higher self.  This month could push some buttons as life targets flaws in what we’ve assumed or done.  It could present us with the chance to select (again) which level of self we want to lead us.  “September” could also see noteworthy feedback about anybody’s state of play.  At individual or community level, this month could encourage us to say, “yes” to what’s good (and “no” to what’s not) more firmly.

You know, the next couple of months could be challenging depending upon how we position ourselves. “2018” is due to facilitate a finer choice between egoic and essential stances.  These next three months, in particular, may start preparing us for the new year.  It goes without saying that “2017” has been stretching yet this month could bring a shift in gear.  The recent eclipses suggest this as well yet this month’s numerology seems quieter than the next two.  “October” and “November” will usher in more master numbers so life may not quieten until “2019” – i.e. in a way that helps things become more certain, grounded, settled and sane.  This month could begin preparing us for such things (which needn’t mean “bad news” is on its way).  Master number zones often delight us and “September” should help us tackle some matters outstanding.  Consolidation, grounding and dealing with what needs our attention seem to be likely dynamics. 

“September” brings M.O.s of “40/4” and “130/4”
The M.O. denotes how we’ll channel more of the birth number, with this month delivering two “4”s here.  “4” denotes our launch pads and models – i.e. the foundations we live and (re-)act from.  It often helps people to check what they have been up to, providing opportunities to manifest more quality in life.  “4” is the vibe of building and investing; it regularly reveals things about ingredients lists.  It can also highlight what we (really) need to function – spiritually and practically – as well as we can.  In this sense, “4” can feel like an audit – is everything as good as we know it can be?  If not, why not and how can we optimise our offerings and end results?  These are questions that “4” phases put to us, with this month bringing two of these as M.O.s..  

“4” also suggests growth in awareness; more appreciation for how life (really) works.   Like “0”, “1” and “9”, it often slows life down to help us notice layers we’d missed.  All passive numbers can affect views and stances so that we attain our goals well.  Humans can be keen to affirm what they want without appreciating what that entails.  This is also how numerology can explain why life behaves oddly (when it does).  In retrospect, a chapter full of passive numbers often turns out to be a blessing.  It helps us to realise our dreams and ambitions – on the surface and more deeply.  The latter aspect often explains why things “have” to happen for the sake of the longer term.  

“4” is also “plan”, highlighting our strategies and progress based upon our thoughts or deeds.  It often reveals flaws in our logics, tactics and approaches on obvious or subtle levels.  Here, it can unfold like Mercury retrograde, pulling us back to the drawing board.  “4” helps us sense where we’ve missed things; it can also deliver gold star endorsements.  It’s like an inspector checking the frames before the bricklayers begin their work.  “4” looks for termites, dodgy joints and missing bits – perceptually, energetically and on more tangible levels.  It helps us to review things – often in ways that find us grumbling to ourselves.  Yet “4” only slows us down to speed us up (after we’ve got the messages Source is conveying). 

“40/4”, like “10/1”, can be powerful because of the “0” that it contains.  “0” often adds more “doo doo doo doo” given its habit of promoting less tangible states.  Knowledge, cash flow, certainty, predictability – these are the things that “0” often targets.  When it presents alongside another number, it tends to add master number qualities – i.e. more energetic or psychic phenomena; greater insufficiency; more obvious calls for us to grow spiritually.  It also flags intuitive realities such as a person’s skills, experiences or the need to learn about such things.  All numbers can do this but “0” tends to heighten the obviousness of the invisible realm.  In light of this, “40/4” could stretch people, helping them perfect their models and methods.  Via egoic aspects of “4” and “0”, we are due to manifest more spiritually balanced “4” as a state.   

“130/4” presents as “September 2017”s specific M.O. – self (“1”) features here; “0” and “3” do, too.  “3” represents a time for greater clarity; fresh and/or meaningful insights.  By choosing to channel more essential self than before (“1”); expressing self well (“3”) and dealing with “Nothing” in integrity (“0”), we’ll build and offer better quality.  “3” can urge people to air their feelings (it’s the mark of communicating and creating things).  Exchanges with self, others, nature, society can feature at such times.  “3” is active; it often helps people to develop via what they entertain (or not).  With “4” being a zone that wants us to share space well, this month could help us to address all sorts of rhythms.

So, “September” looks as if it’s going to be empowering personally and socially.   Both of its M.O.s contain a “0” so the aspects of “nothing” and “not enough” may emerge noticeably.  “0” helps us learn that nothing is everything; the moment just before things become solid or known.  It also represents the benefits of time out and consciously choosing to connect to Source.  When one releases all mind, s/he tends to access wider, universal peace and perspectives.  “0” is “connect”; one’s energetic frame of reference – i.e. are you balancing out sufficiently?  The egoic level often presents as a pushing, pulling or buzzing in or around the body.  “0” comes along to reveal where we’re off-centre and not as present as we could be.  These states only exist when we’re connecting to egoic energies a little too much.  “0”, at such times, is the Divine saying “G’day!” (i.e. hinting there is a better approach).  In reading these words, you may sense how “0” could enhance this month’s other passive numbers.  It always uses spiritual and energetic dynamics to help us fathom important concepts.  So?  “September 2017” could help us to observe stuff, become more present and anchor ourselves more in integrity.

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“September 2017” will help us actualise more “49/4” and “2156/5”
Every “September” bears “49/4” as its reality number; this year, “2156/5” also presents.   “4”s, here, repeat upon this month’s M.O.s and could amplify these dynamics.  With “4” and “5” appearing together as reality numbers, we can expect synchronicity in what unfolds.  All of this year, challenges have appeared side-by-side with reasonably constant streams of help.  “4” and “5”, together, can be a moment that helps us to fathom, bend, grow and act more wisely.  That, of course, sums up our daily adventure yet this month could find such wavelengths heightening.

You know, “5” equals “stretch” (which I say often enough); it can present harshly (without the supports we’re used to).  Energetically, it can seem as if all politeness and care has been stripped from our reality.  Life can just demand, “Change!” without excuses or warnings and, because of this, “5” can be stretching.  It often forces people’s growth; boosts us into action; and helps us connect with our inner strength.  It also helps us to become more flexible with l life, without blindly adhering to anything.  In sponsoring such vibes, “5” promotes spaces that foster more genuine love and respect.  “9” is “sort it out”; “4” is “get your baseline in order”; so, “5”, “4” and “9” here could see “September” playing out powerfully. 

“5” can denote the act of releasing whatever is now redundant in life.  It often restates the importance of being present (rather than too reactive or flighty).  “4” boosts awareness; “5” can lead off that, emerging as whole new way of life.  This month’s reality numbers could help people become more grounded and mature in how they think.  “49/4” hints that realisations are coming; “5” could help us actualise based upon them.  As such, “September 2017” has the potential to boost real-world spirituality.  “5” also flags the innovator, trend setter; it’s “change” (the need for it and the end result).  It often reveals how we can flow with life and helps us to become more adaptable.  Connecting back to what was said above and on the Home Page, this month could offer us chances to realign on key points.  “4”, “5” and “9” (in this month’s reality numbers) could unfold in amazing ways. 

Some key words for “September 2017” are “empowerment”, “consolidation”, “activation” and “new ways of being”.  “2156/5” says that growth via relationships and personal stances is on its way.  Sudden shifts and twists – also “5” characteristics – could heighten the call for more of what makes life pleasant.  Genuine love, peace and integrity are likely to feature – as needs or stances – for self, others; even globally.  Via change and newness (“5”), we’ll be invited to channel a more essential layer of self.  Again comes the hint that this “September” will tempt the soul level out of constraints.  This often happens via events that aren’t so spiritual – all numbers denote the dance between divine and egoic.  If self-focus is builds at the start of this month – in you or in others – it’s likely to result in more soul after that.

As a last Observation, “September”s numerology seems soothing after “August 2017”.  With fingers so ready to push buttons and tweet, this month, stances could soften up again.  Spirituality, this year, can’t be ignored as a wavelength – the “0”s in its chart make this less-negotiable.  Such patterns, though, increase the inevitability of egoic self being cornered and mentored.  This year has shown how limited self can trip itself up; it has also delivered amazing breakthroughs.  “2017” has been helping us to clear energies, patterns, weights and darkness.  “Close it off well” and “sort it out” are two vibes that emerge out of its profile.  If you’ve found this, too, you’re not alone.

And you personally?
We each have a specific numerological profile that derives from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.   Although I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month, I’ve not analysed your personal chart.  Readings that merge numerology with intuition can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do that.

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I hope “September”s good to you

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