Monthly Observations

The Monthly Observations

for July 2017

Welcome to “July”s Monthly Observations, which profile some of this month’s energetic and spiritual themes.  They also connect to this year’s forecast which you can find via the left-hand menu (or using the link below).

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Every month brings its own dynamics as well as those which stem from the year. Outlined below are the Observations about “July” given its numerology.
This July’s Profile

each year

in 2017

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)



M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point



Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things



“July 2017”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, “July” delivers the following tally.   Looking at a chart from this angle can help us understand what’s happening as it plays out.  This, in itself, doesn’t point to “good” or “bad” (life can deliver a mix).  What we find uncomfortable, at first, often ends up being a blessing.  The tally below can help us to make sense of life when it seems overloaded.  Where a number features three times or more, we can expect its themes to become heightened. 
Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 5 8 7 1 4 2 3 2 2
Based on the above, this “July” could help us evolve via “1”, “2”, “0” and “4”.   “7” also features three times (noteworthy given its presence all year).  Numeric repetition can see life becoming more pressured via the number in question.  We’ve had notable levels of “0”, “1” and “2” all year so the “4” vibes may be the most noticeable this month.  High on the agenda are likely to be lessons about essential and egoic self, and personal development (“1”); relationships and our place and purpose (“2”); and the need for time out to process and reference well (“0”).  If you find such things – especially with “July”s M.O.s being the same as “June”s – this may be why.

Having observed the above, let’s examine “July”s numerology……

This “July” is likely to ask us to realise more “7” and “2024/8”
“7” is wisdom; “8” is our vision so, together, they speak of a powerful phase.   With “7” appearing all of this year, learning and practically “getting” stuff is on the cards.  For all we know such things, the universe tends to bring more than we tend to foresee.  “7” can feel like time in detention – I’ve said this before but it’s so apt.  Egoic self can find this frustrating whenever it’s too used to knowing or doing things.  “7”, in hindsight, can show us that we’ve come to know too much (and become arrogant).  “7”, you see, can signal opinion – good vs bad; fixed or bending.  Lower-level energies tend to promote rigidity in self and its routines.  As such, habitual and/or complacent self isn’t always good at considering all that it should.  “7”, in imbalance, can see us knowing so much; becoming too “right” to receive all we could.  With this, can emerge spiritual arrogance; over-confidence; perhaps, the stance of know-all.  We can project these vibes at others and/or Source some days.  Here, life can find us over-affirming (and not letting goodness unfold as it wants to).  Along comes “7” to check such rhythms, often waking us up again.  “7” is a phase that often asks people to (re-)connect to universal intelligence.  For all we know, there’s always more to discover and become.  “7”, after all, is the last phase devoted to realising stuff and making the appropriate shifts.  It can, therefore, be really powerful in insisting that we appreciate (some more) things.  “2017”, of course, is also promoting these sorts of vibes.  “7”, you see, denotes practical wisdom (the type that makes a difference in real-life).  It can, in this light, denote learning that helps us to move from “average” into expert.  From one angle, “7” represents our coming to know facts in ways we never question again.

So. “7” is what we’re likely to learn about and grow into some more during this period – i.e. as a collective (none of these Observations necessarily reflect your numerology).  Specifically, this year also brings “2024” as another prompt for personal development.  Via these rhythms, we’re due to connect to and manifest more tangible “8”.  “2024” speaks of outside events continuing to impact thoughts and actions.  This can happen any day but the reactivity of overly egoic may come again (!!).  “2” repeats so place, purpose, cohabiting and fit could be themes, too.  Relativities often become amplified when “2” recurs in a chart.  Combined with the fact that seven “2”s feature this month…?  Life (certain things) may continue to stretch the self.  “202” is also interesting because “2”-then-”0” suggests a dosey-do between self and other; quiet and busyness; fullness, silence, then fullness again.  It also represents that life and/or people could become schizoid at times.  One “joy” in such wavelengths is that they often highlight bullying and narcissistic tendencies (it’s often via volume that we finally address these sorts of rhythms.  We saw this last month, too – these dynamics aren’t new but that doesn’t mean that they cannot surprise us.

With “2017” seeking growth via “90” – i.e. dealing with things to the point they’re complete – the “7”s this year and this month could find selves feeling squeezed.  “Learn!” in a way that’s really good for you (in hindsight) is “7”s goal.  It can call for such things so that we’re able to manifest better (at “8”).  “8” denotes physical and spiritual success, and a tightening up of our stances.  Wherever we’re giving “60%”, life can ask us to work that out.  100% is what the Divine can seek – as a clearing routine and in deed.  It’s only at this point, after all, that we can claim anything wholly and truly.  Egoic self can prefer to settle for less and, sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with this platform.  Spirituality needn’t be ascetic, yet development usually means “onwards and upwards”.  We’re not always allowed to park “there” forever and, whilst we have choice, Source sometimes asks us to lift up higher again.

None of the above seeks to convey a sense of harshness.  It does illustrate how Psychic & Energy Work can explain why things shift as they do.  One only tends to struggle for as long as s/he hasn’t got the gist of what’s occurring – the whole of it – and one’s body tends to shift when s/he has the explanation.  Our gut feel always flags when we reach the core of an issue (tension begins dissolving and moving, and lightness returns).  Nothing has to be labelled as permanently bad or good; black or white – if it is, we’re in ego!  Life’s not about living as puppets or robots either; it is about flow and standing in integrity. 

“8” can denote our dreams and ambitions: what we want to have and who we want to be.   The trouble with this is that the words we use to frame our goals contain spiritual qualities.  “Living well” (for example) tends to involve more than material stuff.  Whilst egoic self often understands this, it can overlook the importance of atmospheres.  Manifesting well can call for such insights, without denying needs or wants.  Numerology (and Source) can help humans appreciate this sort of nuance.  “What is success?” is an “8” question – not to mention, actualising well.  It wants to help people develop in ways that ensure that their “riches” last forever.  Implicit in this is the fact that the experience of goodness tends to require certain levels of energy.  “Success” long-term often asks a human being to not simply parrot what s/he finds on life’s surface.

Via the world of others (“2”); time out and spiritual intentions (“0”); and moments of becoming more aware (“4”), we’ll manifest more tangible “success” (“8”) during and after “July”.  We may not actualise it tangibly – we can, although “8” sometimes helps us to prepare to do that.  “4” checks on recipes and often seeks quality of life (not just quantity).  It’s prone to examine whatever we offer outwards and, here, can bring feedback for us to learn from.  “4” clarifies what we need – actually – to create, live and interact well.  In this sense, it reinforces “7” as well as “8” dynamics.  Here, again, we’ve reinforcement which could present physically or invisibly.  If this month reveals more about your place and contributions – or those of others – Source may be asking you to focus higher (and more vertically) again.

We’ll channel more “7” and “8” via “14/5” and “104/5”
The first thing to notice about this month’s M.O.s is that they’re the same as “June”s.  This always occurs between the sixth and seventh month each year.  With this can emerge a sense of continuance in how things present and how we might need to address them.  In addition, we’ve reinforcement between generic and specific M.O.s all year.  The M.O. points to how life might present, stretch and help us to evolve.  I think you’ll agree that it’s often “how” life unfolds that affects people the most.  Whenever life’s “odd”, the M.O. can be the factor that explains it in a numerological chart.

“14/5” and “104/5” presented last month, so it’s worth revisiting “June”s Observations (in The Archives)This section, this month, will zero-in on how “4” links into “7” and “8”.  Whenever these three numbers come together, it’s possible to see a magnification of themes.  “4”, you see, is the first focus forward (“1”, “2” and “3” often cast more immediately).  “4” is also the first time between “0” and “9” when we’re asked to check what we’re entertaining.  Up until “3”, we’re often still finding our place, voice, selves and skill sets.  “3” (being a zone for expressing true, adult “me”) can find us doing things without understanding all that they can lead to.  In comes “4” to deliver space and opportunities to reflect upon this.  Is what we’ve come to and/or entertaining (in self or others) as sound as it can be?  “4” often asks us these sorts of questions in a bid to reinforce the goodness we’ve come to already.  Here, “4” links to “7”s objective of helping us become more aware.  “8”s role in defining “success” more exactly can sharpen people up (again).  “4” is the builder, the project manager, and tends to encourage responsible mindsets.  It, too, flags a boost in our awareness, synching into “7” and “8” yet again.  You may sense, here, how this month could deliver potent insights and chances to consolidate.  Whilst “4” is only one element of “July”s M.O.s, it is the new force, repeating four times.  “4” is the launch pad (from which all else ensues) and the groundwork (and growth!) involved in getting life “right”.

Last month, I observed how “5” can be a busy phase that’s prone to stretch people at times.  Here, one only needs to think of recent events in Europe and online.  No life experience is only about the numbers (in no way am I making light of tragedy).  Yet, “5” can be “STRETCH!” in ways that present curveballs; the unexpected and unforeseeable.  As an unfolding, it can seem as if we’re going to drown, suffer, fail (those sorts of things).  “5”, in this sense, is an illusion which can scare all goodness out of egoic self.  Lower-level “I” tends to lose focus when stressed; its views can become more tunnel-visioned.  At strong “5” moments, self can forget that all is well and that it can slipstream.  As soon as we remember the importance of breath, focus and releasing all grips, life often morphs with self floating back up to life’s surface again.

“5” also speaks of change, newness, variety, the emergence of new trends, etc.   Here, it can denote the need for flexibility and/or a chance to set the trend (rather than follow it).  “5” can impart a heightened sense of “I can do it!” especially as “I” focus well.  In this light, it can add to “3”s optimism (“5” is an active phase coming after “4”s slowness).  “5” can present “merely” as a time for action; getting things done; and moving ahead.  Implicit in this, therefore, can emerge more of a sense of how much we can accomplish.  As a spiritual rhythm, however, “5” is prone to ask us to evolve.  It’s that yoga move that’s really good for you but, at first, can hurt.

You know, “5” – being active – can be a moment that’s energetically all over the place.  It can denote a time when we simply sync, shift and flow in productive ways.  I’ve found, however, that “5” often comes to challenge what now may be redundant.  It often highlights how egoic self loves to peg and defend its fence lines.  “4” also tests borders and, in itself, can be enough of an excuse for more.  Yet, “5” is the time they often fall over (“4” can reveal what’s in store).  “5” is often when people implement what they’ve learned thus far.  It’s when change occurs and, as a spiritual vibe, can catch people assuming too much.  Here, “4” can find us acting naively; being apathetic; or unthinkingly following norms.  It can take self – in all of us, some days – time to release what we grip in ways that trigger good movement forward. 

On top of the above, “5” can bring the unexpected – all numbers can but “5” excels at this.  When it unfolds in this manner, it can seem like a master number (rather than a single digit).  “5” is “Boo!” and a great excuse to take one more step than we had planned.  As this occurs, the universe often leads us to wider (and greener) platforms.  “5”, after all, is change because it is possible (which we don’t always fathom at first).  In this sense, it can teach us to trust in life – not blindly but knowing (eyes open).  “5”, as a new wave, often shows people how they will prosper as they breathe and sense with fresh “eyes”.  It’s about letting go of everything – meditatively, for a moment, without devaluing it.  As this occurs, we often find self becoming (and living) wisdom (no longer faking it).  “5”, then, can find people becoming superheroes as they (re-)discover “I can do it!”  It’s often a phase that supports us incredibly and helps us to surrender limits (our own and others’).  “5” helps us consciously process and learn from our habits, fears and defences.  This is another way that “5” helps us to morph well: i.e. by using what’s not-so-productive as a life-shifting doorway. 

This month’s specific M.O. – like all of them this year – contains a “0”, too.   You’re advised to review my Observations about 2017 at this point.  “0” can bring (more) invisible phenomena into one’s world in notable ways – e.g. as energies; spirit; psychic stuff; or “merely” the need to connect with “Nothing” again.  Any time “0” appears with another number, it can hint at more intangible experiences.  “0” can be mystery, pointing to the “unexplainable” in whatever surfaces.  As the mark of “Nothing”, it often brings stillness and a lack of the things we want.  This often spurs personal development – the type we rarely vote for but always benefit from.  Any energy will speak if we allow it to and “0” can teach us these sorts of things.  It’s often a time – especially with “5” – that ends up honing our spiritual practice.  In this light, “5”, “8” and “0”, here, could encourage (more) genuine being. 

Both “5” and “8” can lead to busier times and, whilst low in number this month, they still appear.  “0” is often the way in which we’re encouraged to address imbalance or hyperactivity.  It often emerges in ways that insist upon true peace and quiet in our day.  As the vibe for loss, lack or mystery, “0” can be the call to meditate.  As part of “July”s specific M.O., “0” suggests that we may learn these sorts of things this month.  If you find “July” continuing on from “June” in this sense, remember what matters (really); focus on that; and use your breath!

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“July 2017” will steer us towards more “21/3” and “2128/4”
“July 2017”s birth forces and M.O.s signal a shift in what we think (i.e. the mind realm).  The numbers “4” and “7” tend to be logically-oriented (but that doesn’t always see us being logical!).  “4” and “7” can play out, therefore, in opposition to “5” and “8” rhythms.  One pair is passive (asking us to think, then act); the others promote the opposite.  Via these energies featuring together, we’ll be given the chance to manifest more “3” and “4”.  Here, life could invite us to examine how we create, act and gesture (“3”).  Questions about our approaches, objectives and/or assumptions (“4”) seem likely this month.  These Observations point to people coming to appreciate more things more.  Via experience and doing stuff (“5” and “8”), we’ll realise more about what we need to live well.  We’ll practically learn what matters in a way that enhances life and self.  All up, therefore, “July 2017” seems determined to be empowering.  In spite of any tension, we may hear amazing news as “5” and “8” twist reality.  With “3” and “8” embedded in the reality numbers, such dynamics are likely.  Yet, overall, there’s the potential for soul to re-emerge and rebalance what needs realigning.

You may recall that “3” denotes our exchanges – how do we give and receive?   Is it all good?  “3” also speaks of intuitive phenomena (experiencing such things).  “3” can find us communicating more strongly to self, Source or those around us.  It can also find people making confessions to themselves, G-d, even to others.  “3” denotes flow – the need for it and the dynamic – and can be a phase when this is (more) important.  A “3” reality number can also guide the egoic self to facilitate better outcomes.  This connects with the Observations about “7” – i.e. how we can know too much (in ways that stymie life).  “3” is the call, “Get out of the way because the universe (and balance) IS coming through now!”

The joy of “July”s “3” reality number is that it manifests via “21”.  “21/3” can also be empowering, with self feeling more acknowledged.  It can, as a phase, seem like the first time in a few stages that we’ve felt so embraced.  With this, can emerge more confidence and a sense of “I matter!” because “21/3” contains the dynamics of self (“1”), other (“2”); and healthy flow (“3”).  As a result and in spite of any challenges, “21/3” can point to good moments.  This month, every year, has the potential to find us reinforced and aware of this.  “2017” – noted in this year’s Observationsis a time that wants to empower essential self.  Don’t be surprised if this “July” delivers such dynamics to your doorstep.  “21/3” can also promote togetherness and a sense of “We can do it!”  Having just passed the halfway mark for the year, such dynamics may very well pop in. 

Specifically, “July 2017” wants us to become more grounded and secure.   “2128” leading to “4” signals a strengthening at the core.  These roles of “4” can emerge via positive feedback or a wipe-out.  It’s not a matter of one way always manifesting; any number can trigger a range of outcomes.  Via people stuff (“2”); self discovery, stretching, learning and, perhaps, growing up (“1”); AND finetuning our recipes for “good” (“8”), we’ll become more considerate as builders, reapers and investors (“4”).  Implicit in this can come some busyness that helps us to discover what “the good life” involves.  Practical wisdom (again) emerges here, as does a sense of getting one’s house in order.  With this, can emerge more certainty and stability (or “just” the need for such things).  Given some of what’s occurred so far this year, this month could offer solid reasons for (more) permanent optimism. 

And you personally?
We each have a specific numerological profile that derives from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.   Although I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month, I’ve not analysed your personal chart.  Readings that merge numerology with intuition can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do that.

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