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Hello and welcome to Psychic and Energy Work, which discusses energetic and intuitive phenomena.  We’ve a new photo this month – a shot of Sydney’s inner harbour.  We’re lucky to have so many wonderful views and settings in New South Wales.  Fresh air, breath work, nature and exercise help people relax and clear energetically.  Everything starts on the invisible level.

Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, over the phone and via email.  I offer courses in intuitive development and numerology – to learn more, get in contact!  The menu to the left provides a range of options – I hope you find what you’re looking for.

“June”: a month that delivered insights, surprises and trauma for some.  I join the chorus in expressing condolences for those who’ve been affected by tragedy.  On the energetic level, “June” was full, with busy schedules, health issues and other pressures.  Out of this emerged a stream of insights – this year’s been stretching (as signalled by its “1”s!).  It aims to help people address what’s not “right” and strengthen as souls.  Sometimes, the only way Source has to guide us is by leaving to ourselves.  This can lead to overwhelm, anger and/or the sense that we’ve been abandoned.  Through such wavelengths, “June” restated how egoic vibes hook people using volume.  Bombs, car crashes, silent wars and excessive gestures (obvious or not) can meet this objective. 

A very real aim of lower-level self is to shift the focus away from divine states.   Egoic self can only thrive if it’s perceived to be all there is.  Negativity, limitation and fear all fall into this category.  As states, they can impede a person’s ability to manifest all of his/her potential.  Last month restated that what we emit (via feelings and thoughts), we tend to attract.  This doesn’t always play out so obviously; Source uses subtle wavelengths as well.  The dare at any time is to look beyond the surface, without being derogatory.  It’s crucial to keep our sights upon what we truly want (especially when it’s hard).  The vibes and behaviours we fear and affirm tend to affect what happens next.  Black vs white; exclusive positions; bullying and powerlessness tend to breed similar stuff.  Some days, we’re asked to work through such things, demonstrate and say, “No.”  Irrespective of responses, our practical faith and frame of reference matter.  This was evident last month as people held their heads high in spite of tragedy.  If you observed this during “June”, you were being invited to join them.

“July” continues to deliver synchronicity via “7” & “8”; “14” and “104”; and “3” and “4”.  This year seems to want us to discover how life (really) works and how to place ourselves within that.  “July 2017” also offers such rhythms in a bid to smarten self up again.  Two “5”s appear so we’re likely to witness more unexpected shifts.  As outlined in the Observations about 2017, two “10/1”s hover until next “January”.  Self-development, excessive “I” and the nature of one’s focus are important themes.  They always are but this year’s numerology suggests they’ll mentor us more loudly. 

“2017/10/1”, it’s M.O. and reality number (“90/9” and “2107/10/1” respectively) – with all of those zeros – are due to promote more tangible divinity.  Channelling the right vibes and intentions is a key part of this drill.  “10/1” can test self because it’s inclined to create buffer zones (i.e. isolation).  This can find a person feeling more alone, less acknowledged or supported by life.  All of these rhythms are ways that Source helps us to remember and link into peace, etc.  As we do this, our energetic and real-world experiences often reveal that life’s much more than a physical reality.  By consciously deciding to release all self-ness, life and things often start shifting.  This year, ultimately, seeks to bolster the adult self – inclusive and honest “me”.  By doing such things, “2017” will help us help goodness prevail.  Whenever negativity starts to stare you in the face, it pays to remember that it’s not all that there is.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the left-hand Page menuTo revisit the Observations about 2017, click here.


A clearing thought….

The egoic self can use silence, exclusion and withdrawal as punishing and devaluing strategies.  As it does this, it inflates itself to give the impression that the other has no worth.  Yet one only has no value for as long as s/he subscribes to the system that’s promoting this stance.  The issue, then, is to release all our reference points, in mind’s eye, completely.  As we do this, we tend to experience a greater sense of light and positive expansion.  Use your breath to release all hooks fully.  Just let go from your end then step back to watch all self-ness slip away.
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