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Hello and welcome to Psychic and Energy Work, a Sydney-based site that talks about the world of energy.  It helps people make sense of “things” in ways that add meaning to life.  Services include readings, healings, numerology, space clearings and intuitive development courses.  They’re all-person, -background and -gender-friendly.  Scroll through the Pages menu or get in touch.

“January 2018” started with a bang – I said it would in my Observations about This Year.  Years often first highlight what we need to deal with (i.e. without providing solutions).  We often find issues heightening first, and insights and clarity coming later.  Last month seemed too run counter to this, presenting vibe and breakthrough.  This, of course, can be delightful; it can also offer huge amounts to process.  Unexpected twists – physical, material, psychic – can demand our attention.  Energetically-sensitive people found “January” full (which needn’t be seen as negative).  It’s just that the level of unknowns increased because of all those the master numbers hanging about.  If last month presented you with such things – all of a sudden – you were in sync.

Last month, I predicted that the first four to five months of “2018” could be doozies.  The chart for the beginning of this year is full of master numbers (and powerful chances to shift).  These dynamics help us make better connections, spiritually and in daily life.  They’re also predisposed to usher in curveballs – sudden shifts in gear we cannot ignore.  My Observations about 2018 describe how “11/2” and similar vibes tone us up.  Akin to this month’s picture (to the left), this year wants integrity and good grounding.  It’s due to help us all focus upon our own business (stuff!) more.  This will call for more genuine stances, less subversion and avoidance of things.  Even if one has his/her act together, rhythms like this can still present.  That calls for truth (more than usual), connecting divinely and releasing all egoic vibes. 

Out of hardship, always comes a blessing or two or three or more.  “2018” is likely to mentor those who play with energy self-ish-ly.  We can all do this every so often (such is the joy of being part-egoic!).  One can find him/herself creating limit in ways s/he never intended.  Everyone’s intuitive but this doesn’t mean that we’re always emitting what’s “soul”.  The ability to sense, channel or beam stuff can find us sliding into lower-level realms.  Equally, “I” – what one knows, believes or wants – can create hurdles for divine self.  This year’s chart hints at the need to interact more divinely (because we can).  Lower-level energies can want to know or own a space physically, mentally or telepathically.  They’re less inclined to share (free of conditions) or to honour healthy boundaries.  This can stem from fear, insecurity or “simply” the models we embrace.  Spiritual “youth” can pull us into ego because we don’t get how energy works (yet).  This, too, is part of development – the excessive use of will always teaches everyone something.  With all those master numbers, “January” brought such vibes, helping selves grow again. 

Egoic energies – knowingly channelled or simply presenting – can forget that there is enough to share.  With this can emerge the need to have/know “it all” which tends to create winners and losers.  “2018” will guide us through such rhythms in spite of our positions.  This could lead to all sorts of breakthroughs, personally and collectively.  We can help the cause by focusing upon the highest and purest intention (and energy!).  Source is real and forever offering a far bigger picture to create in.  The Divine is eternally ready to assist us (which we can affect via our opinions).  We can flow with such isms or rebel against them, yet the dare is to channel genuineness.  Breath, white light and an upwards focus – releasing all tension – help big time.  Exercise helps people remain in balance in ways that pay forward.  To read more about such things and/or this year, click through to my forecasts about “2018” or “January”.

“February” also delivers master numbers – two as end results; one subtly.  Three present in this year’s chart, too, bringing six great excuses to enhance things!  This could play out in the form of slipstreams or sudden challenges to norms.  Being aware of the potential for this can be useful from many angles.  Last month brought four master numbers (including those from this year’s chart).  You may, therefore, sense how “February”s six could help everyone hit better marks.  “9”s feature, too – beyond this year’s profile – so closure and compassion will feature, too.  “9” can trigger the sense of being cornered, forcing egoic “I” to attend to things.  Ultimately, it helps us clean and clear energies, relationships, head stuff, life in general.  “4”s also visit this “February”, boosting our awareness and embrace of healthier inputs.  Working with this, we often start manifesting more in line with our true path.  Life’s always up; the future is always good – as soon as egoic self remembers (and channels!) this mantra. 

This month sees the turn of the Asian calendar – from Fire Rooster to Earth Dog.   That, in itself, is a notable change: Fire can be reactive; Earth helps us to ground.  Rooster to Dog reinforces this year’s chart – Dog likes to target injustice.  It looks more widely to what is imbalanced, helping us address the (real) needs of all.  This reinforces “February”s profile and the nature of the shifts we’re likely to sense.  The turn of the Asian calendar often flags the real start to our energetic year.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menuTo revisit the Observations about 2018, click here.

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