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October 2016


















Hello!   How are you?  Did you have a pleasant “September”?  That full moon certainly packed a punch!  If you found things energetically weird around that time, you weren’t alone.  Full moons often throw a few curveballs – some of them, more than others.

“September” delivered six “9”s to deal with (and that’s a few at any time!).   We don’t see that many too often – perhaps in a personal chart but not collectively.  Closures of all sorts seemed to feature, helped along by invisible rhythms.

“September”s “9”s saw me finish an 8-year project – transcribing four versions of the Old Testament alongside one another.  A rather nutty project to have embarked upon but it’s helped me appreciate how the words can change.  I can’t publish it due to copyright restrictions (even “G-d’s word” is owned and controlled!).  I’d suspected this and did it anyway, and encourage you to do it, too.  One can find notable differences in how the same statement is treated across texts.  If you’ve ever been taken aback by what’s been said or done in G-d’s name, investigate it!  Often, by comparing the “original” words – i.e. the Jewish Tanach (which is where the Old Testament comes from) – one can find interesting changes.

“October 2016” could be a powerful month – another one! – given the master numbers it brings.  Self features again; so do invisible currents (i.e. more than usual).  “October” could unfold in “mysterious” ways, with interesting results by the 30th.  This month’s numerology is likely to be reinforced in “November”, too.  It may not be until “December” that things become really clear.  This doesn’t need to signal that “bad” is coming (indeed, master numbers often speak of amazing “miracles”!).

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