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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work, a Sydney-based site that explores energetic phenomena.  It helps people make sense of “things”, learn, create and co-exist well.  Fran offers readings, healings and clearings; she also helps people develop such skills.  Her services are all-culture-friendly (LGBTI people included).  She mentors energetically-sensitive people (those who experience energies, ghosts, etc).  Readings, healings, courses and clearings….  and much much more…  Scroll through the Pages menu and/or get in touch.

How was last month in your reality? It certainly delivered insights and shifts.  On many levels, we witnessed old structures making way for new ones.  Habits, stories, patterns and methods came up for review yet again.  This year has been such a G-dsend in helping us all clarify things.  The consolidation of essential dynamics – i.e higher self and its role in life – has featured often (no doubt, you’ve experienced this).  This year’s chart suggests such things yet, for any discomfort, “2017” has been helpful.  This is important ahead of the new year given it carries an M.O. of “99/9”.  Dealing with issues; sorting things out; learning; and preparing for the future will continue as themes.  In many ways, so will compassion – the lack of it; the need for it; and the dare to channel it really. 

From a number of angles, life has been helping humans to fine-tune their approaches to things.  That’s a no-brainer but last month’s nine “1”s, six “0”s, six “2”s, three “4”s and three “7”s reinforced this.  The pressure on self – often invisible, internal and spiritual – was noteworthy.  “1” represents the dance between spiritual and egoic “I” (within or around any being).  It highlights self-interest as a dynamic – the healthy or imbalanced kind.  This tango gets loud when “0”s emerge because they promote the sense of isolation.  A person can feel more disengaged or less loved at such times.  “1” and “0” can create zones for exploring self and life more deeply.  This helps us reconnect with the universe, Source, higher (and more adult) self.  You may done this during “November” or observed others doing so.  Behind all of this, “4”s and “7”s helped people to wake up and fathom more.  Light bulb moments – in dreams or awake – breakthroughs and healing came to the fore.  “4” and “7” are mental dynamics that help people “get it” in all sorts of ways.  Empowerment surfaces, here, as well – as something we really celebrate.  If you’ve been feeling lighter, clearer and/or more confident, this may help to explain it.

“December”s chart is like “November”s although the “0”s reduce to four.  That should make things a little easier; life could become less invisibly laden.  Nine “1”s present – as they did last month; so do three “4”s and four “7”s.  Four “9”s emerge, suggesting reinforcement upon this year’s chart.  In one sense, “December 2017” looks like it’s going to crown this year off well.  As the last month, this might sound obvious but calendar years don’t always end like this.  “2017”s chart carries “0”s, “1”s, “2”s, “10/1”s, “7”s and “9”s (like this “December”s).  This year could end rather conclusively (in ways that help next year start well).  Here’s to that!  Enjoy your last moments in “2017”!  I hope they’re good.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menu.  To revisit Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations about 2017, click here.

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