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February 2017














Gong Hi Fat Choy!  Gong Hey Fat Choy!  and Happy New Year of the Fire Rooster!  I hope that your “February” has started well – after some of “January”s developments, that would be a good sign!  With Mercury retrograde AND events worldwide, last month brought slowness at times.  It also gave people time to reflect upon last year and what’s next.  With ten “1”s, last month started to show us about “me” and where “I” fit now.  The final weekend of “January” also delivered a shift in the Asian calendars.  From thought to what’s spoken; planning to organising and building well, this year will usher in good things.

So…?   Here comes “February”, triggering a shift in gear – where last month was preparatory, this month, we’ll start acting upon things.  Such dynamics, of course, emerged as America’s president was sworn in.  We’ve doing and creating vibes this month, as well as “4”s (which promote greater awareness).  “9” also acts to reinforce this year’s chart, so “February” should be spiritually-constructive.  This month’s profile signals a dosey-do between acting, comprehending and working with whatever life brings.  As with “January”, “February” will reinforce “2017”s chart from a number of angles. 

Another snippet is that only one master number presents this month. “January” brought three subtle “11/2”s, so the next few weeks should be gentler.  It may, however, “just” be less invisibly-loaded (because master numbers feature in “2017”s chart).  This year, “10/1” appears twice (subtly) and “0”s, so invisible stuff will become louder.  Spirituality; the real “me”; energies; and intuition will present as key themes some days.  If “January” introduced these dynamics into your world, I’m not surprised.

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