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October 2017





























Hello and welcome to Psychic and Energy Work, a practice concerned with energetic and intuitive phenomena.  Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype or email.  I offer courses in intuitive development, energetic awareness and numerology.  To learn or get help, click here to get in contact.  Use the Page menu to read about my other services.

Last month was a time that asked people to consolidate energetically and physically.   It offered more space and a rate of flow that helps self to check its focus and align better.  After recent months, a few souls (at least) were pleased with “September”s change in pace.  For some, its “4”s and “9”s triggered levellings and the need to start again.  This is not making light of disaster – it does mark “4” and “9” in operation.  “9” denotes closure with those in this year’s chart triggering endings in all sorts of ways.  A “10/1”, six “0”s and one “5” also came to test people’s focus and faith.  Old rhythms continued evolving (and presenting); insights emerged quite regularly.  As advised at the start of “September”, we were due to clear the decks and strengthen up again.  In doing such things, last month showed people how their choices can affect everything else.  That’s a no brainer but, energetically, numbers can promote this to the next level.  If you found last month wearing or stretching, you’re not alone and you’re doing well!

Down on one knee or not, this month (“October”) indicates another shift in gear.  It’s likely to continue confirming whether we’re linking into and channelling the best we can.  Its powerful profile points to such things, with two M.O.s of “6” helping us to get more “real”. How we learn and do things affects what emerges, and this will be enhanced by master numbers this month.  Those two M.O.s of “6” could also heighten the call to be decent and genuine.  “6” can also promote the need for healing, healthy alignments, integrity and care.  Imbalanced states often blow out at first so as to help what’s good to blossom.  Where recent months have targeted perceptions, “October” could affect physicality more.  This month looks set to invite us to observe, align with and channel what is “spiritual” to the next level.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menuTo revisit the Observations about 2017, click here.

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