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May 2017


























Hello and welcome to Psychic and Energy Work, which talks about energetic and intuitive phenomena.  No, I’m not a lorikeet; I’ve just loaded a new photo that I took at Middle Head in Sydney.  This beauty was snacking on banksia nectars, right on the edge of a national park.  Fresh air and nature help us break bubbles, shift egoic energies and help us realign.  What do you do to achieve such things?  Everything starts on the energetic layers.

Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, over the phone and via email.  I offer courses in intuitive development and numerology – to learn more, get in contact!  The menu to the left has a range of options which I hope provide what you’re looking for.  Feel free to get in contact, too!

How has your “May” started?  What was your experience of “April”?  It brought some master numbers so you may have found it strong.  There seemed to be a few moments of Rooster going overboard – e.g. crowing, gesturing, bravado and stuff.  When it’s time to learn, Source can use our habits “against” us, providing good reasons to evolve.  Gun violence, egoism, oppression and goading can be part of this drill.  The good news is that “May” should be a different phase because it has no master numbers.  After two powerful months, we’re likely to sense some energetic and physical relief.  To review “April 2017”, visit last month’s Observations (here).  If life’s been challenging or you’d like to read about Rooster – visit my Observations about This Year or January (here)

So, “May 2017” is bringing some different rhythms – the momentum should ease and we may experience fewer curve balls.  For all that I might sound “down” about “April”, it certainly triggered amazing breakthroughs.  Perceptual, interpersonal, professional – the list goes on – helping people live more in tune with higher self.  Here comes “May”, ready to help us assimilate such things and bed them down.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the left-hand Page menu.

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Oh, and you’ll be able to hear May’s interview with Michael Hunter on Three D Radio (about psychic and energy work and this month) from the 8th May.  To listen to that recording, click here.

Psychic & Energy Work helps people process real-world and energetic phenomena, and develop their intuitive skills.  By tuning into the dynamics about, I can help you make sense of what’s happening.  Readings, healings, courses and clearings for people, animals, spaces or beings…  numerological charts, meditations and audio files…  Learn more about Psychic & Energy Work via the Pages menu.
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