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“Hi” and “Welcome” to for “August 2016”.  How was your “July”?  So much seemed to shift and stir people in various ways.  I extend my condolences to those who were hit hard.  Last month continued to help us realise where change is needed, not only at personal levels.  This month is likely to continue to push buttons, preparing us for closures that ”September” may bring.  I’ll write more about that next month.  For now..… 

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Psychic & Energy Work aims to help people process and learn about intuitive and energetic phenomena.  I tune into real world and invisible dynamics, and explain them to help you with what’s happening.  Readings, healings, courses and clearings for people, animals, spaces or beings; numerological charts and meditations (pre-recorded or customised).  Learn more on the other pages of this website.
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