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Hello and welcome to Psychic and Energy Work, the site that discusses energetic and intuitive phenomena.  The photo to the left is of Sydney’s inner harbour – we’re fortunate to have some wonderful views.  Fresh air, breath work, nature and exercise are great mechanisms for clearing energy.  In soothing, inspiring and changing the subject, they help us to release and discover all sorts of things.

Based in the Inner West of Sydney, I work with people face-to-face, over the phone, via Skype or email. I run courses in intuitive development and numerology – to learn with me, get in contact!  The menu to the left provides you a range of options to explore. 

It seemed to me that “August” was another phase that stretched our perceptions of what’s possible. In “2017”, this seems to be the norm (not the exception).  Last month brought more spin and uncertainty, as evidenced in the press and energetically.  This year has regularly presented such wavelengths, highlighting how invisible dynamics can influence things.  Head stuff, pessimism, sleeplessness (egoic vibes) added to uncertainty from time to time.  With this came more encouragement to take in fresh air, review things and realign.  “0”s, “1”s, “7”s and “9”s brought some twists; “2”s, “5”s and “8”s sped things up.  Last month offered amazing gains and amazing challenges – if you experienced this, you weren’t alone.

You know, last month was curious in terms of the substitute I recorded for “August”s interview for Three D Radio.  I’d wondered (as I was doing it) about the relevance of what was channelled.  The news headlines quickly explained this – it’s common to question guidance only to, later, see its value.  To review “August”s substitute for my Three D Radio interview, click here. This month’s file will be posted by 11 September.

“September 2017” should be different energetically.  Six “0”s appear – more than usual – with a couple less “1”s and “2”s.  “4”s and “9”s manifest four times each; subtly, we’ll see three “10/1”s.  Fewer “1”s and “2”s could see any challenges feeling less personal this month.  The “4”s and “9”s could magnify the need to process stuff and become more aware and mature.  Challenge may come via those “0”s (they often bring unexpected phenomena).  This month, therefore, could see us consolidating (or needing to!) on key points.  This has occurred regularly this year yet “September” may be gentler as a period.  To read this month’s forecast, click here or upon Monthly Observations in the Page menuTo revisit the Observations about 2017, click here.

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Oh, and you’ll be able to hear this month’s interview with Michael Hunter on Three D Radio (about psychic and energy work, and this month) from 11th September.  To listen to that (after the 11th), click here.

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