Audio Files

Psychic & Energy Work produces two types of audio file:

  • the audio Observations, which outline some of the spiritual, energetic and numerological dynamics for this month and this year.  These files are published on the first day of each month and can be bought on a once-off or ongoing basis;  and
  • the Meditation Files, which help you relax, rebalance and develop in your own space and time.
To learn more about Psychic & Energy Work’s Audio Files, scroll down below.
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Psychic & Energy Work’s Audio Observations
Would you prefer to listen to the monthly updates instead of (or as well as) reading them?
Every month, you can read Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations OR hear them in .mp3 format.  The audio files are emailed as links for you to download, play (and replay!) at your leisure.  They essentially cover what’s written in the Observations although, sometimes, extra snippets are thrown in.

So why buy them….?  Psychic & Energy Work’s messages often carry more than one level of meaning.  Reading the Observations doesn’t always reveal all of the messages, so the audio files can add more value.  They also present the dialogues as Fran would say them, which can help you appreciate what’s been written more exactly.  This can offer even more value as you process and learn from month to month.

File Availability and Fees
You can purchase the audio Observations at any time, following the process outlined below.  The files are only available for the month they pertain to – on the first day of each month, they’re replaced with the new month’s files.

You can request the  audio file(s) manually each month or subscribe to receive them on an ongoing basis.  The monthly fee for one file is A$10.  The price for the Observations about This Year is also A$10.  Read more about the process below.

Payment is made via PayPal, a secure way to use credit card or direct debit online (without fees).  You can cancel your subscription, free, at any time.  To learn more, visit

The Process via PayPal
Having decided which audio file you want to purchase and whether you want to buy it once or on an ongoing basis:
1.   Click on the appropriate option (below);
2.   Make your payment via the PayPal screen that appears;
3.   Check the transaction details and complete your payment.   PayPal will confirm your order & advise us;
4.     Having received PayPal’s notification, we’ll send a link to the file to the email address you’ve used in PayPal. 

As this involves manual work and a third-party provider, you may receive the link up to 24 hours after you’ve ordered (excluding weekends Sydney time – see note 4 below).  If you don’t receive your file(s) within 24 hours, email and we’ll address it asap.

5.     You will receive an email with a link to your audio file(s), which you click on to download the recording(s). 

This can take a few minutes so it’s worth saving the file(s) onto your hardware.

***See also the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.***

To organise a gift
You can also send someone Psychic & Energy Work’s audio files by emailing their email address and the file name(s) to  Fran will confirm the details with you and ask to make your payment (as above).  Once the funds have come through, we’ll forward the link(s) and confirm that with you.
To buy your Psychic & Energy Work audio file…
To organise a once-off purchase of this month’s and/or this year’s audio Observations:
This Month’s &/or Year’s Audio Files only

To organise an ongoing monthly subscription: 

Ongoing subscription to Audio Files

To cancel your monthly subscription at any time, go through to your PayPal account.

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