As with my Articles page, this one provides you with access to the videos I’ve produced about psychic and energy work.  I hope they add value in your world.  

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The List of Videos….

What is a Reading?  What can it be?

In this video, I outline what psychic readings can be – what they can involve and what to look for when thinking about having one.  There are many ways to access intuitive information but the main thing is to make sure it’s spiritual.  This video aims to help you choose and get the most out of a reading.


What is a Healing?  What can it be?  

In this video, I run through what healings can involve and how they can be conducted.  There are a plethora of options – both in terms of modalities and channelling techniques.  Most importantly, healings can be spiritual or more energetic.  


What is Spirit Work?  What can it be?

Spirit work can be amazing – so many layers; never the same.  This video summarises spirit work: what it can involve; what the term means.  Like all psychic & energy work, spirit interactions can be spiritual or egoic. 


What is Space Clearing?  What can it be?

Space clearings can involve all sorts of things and ideally explain what’s going on. They can involve ghosts but often include other things as well.  Every space clearing is unique in how it begins, where it starts and what gets addressed. 


What is Past Life Work?  What can it be?

Past life work can be amazing. There’s more than one way to delivery guidance like this. This video explores what past life readings can include; how they can help spiritually. Delivered well, they can really assist people in current life.


Intuition vs Imagination

This video explores the question that intuitive development students often ask. “Am I imagining or intuiting?” is a great question! It speaks of integrity and a desire to get things right. There’s a very real difference between imagining and intuiting. I hope this video helps you learn more about this.


Intuitive vs Spiritual Guidance

Opening up to intuit and sense things can see us linking into all sorts of things. Receiving intuitively doesn’t automatically mean that a]person is channelling spiritually. There’s a real difference between these two levels which this video seeks to explain. In learning such things, we often see a shift in what comes through and how it’s presented.


SBS2’s The Feed – Psychic School

In 2015, I discussed intuitive development with journalist, Jennifer Wells, from SBS2’s The Feed.  This video is an overview of student and teacher perspectives.  It aims to promote understanding about the psychic development journey.


What 2020 asks of us, as a birth number, in light of COVID-19

This video is a first look at 2020’s challenges through its numerological chart.  Themes around space and the sense of loss or lack (covid-19’s emergence) featured big time. 


COVID-19 in light of 2020’s birth number and M.O.

This video continues looking at this year’s challenges through the lens of the birth number and M.O.  Those two numbers – “2020/4” and “79/7” can explain a lot.  There are others ways to explain things, too, but this video seeks to help you process events.