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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for “2022”.  The narrative below outlines the spiritual and energetic dynamics in this year’s numerological profile.  It links to the Monthly Observations and can be worth reading with them.  These Observations can offer different perspectives every time you read or hear them. 

Please note that the narrative below relates to this year’s collective chart – i.e. the rhythms we are all likely to sense and be asked to work with.  Thoughts and feelings travel once birthed; they don’t stay dormant inside.  These Observations can, therefore, be handy even though they don’t examine your personal year.  That will add even more value as a forecast. 

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This is the world’s sixth year in the current “1” to “9” cycle.  That began in “2017” (which adds through “10” on its way down to “1”).  This might explain certain events in your world since then.  Last year delivered “5” as birth number, signalling upheaval and time for change.  “2022” is also the third year of the current decade.  We’re only just getting used to this dance class.  Make sense?!  Before we delve into these rhythms, let’s look at this year’s main numbers.  They highlight the themes we’re due to witness, learn about, channel and manifest to next levels….

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)


M.O. – how we’re likely to do that


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things


Perspectives like this prepare folk for what comes next.  The universe is future focused, doing what it does to guide us “there”.  Forewarning in numerology is useful in this regard.  It often explains what is or will be going on.  These energetic, invisible and spiritual prisms provide a view of how life might present in your world.  The waves of (r-)evolution build from within.  The rhythms above could present louder this year, for you or others.

This year will call for more “2022/6”

lessons re relating; balance is key

We’re always learning through these filters and could sense this all year.  The birth number signals what we’re about to learn about and step into.  The universe seeks solid, spiritual, perceptual growth.  The birth number flags what the year will help us manifest inside and out.  You’ll notice this year’s chart contains a few “2”s?  They signal a boost in themes (and lessons) about relating, social and societal life.

“1” is the place for knowing and backing what we sense and feel.  It’s knowing “I” secure in the fact that we intuit accurately.  Know what you know.  “1” is difference, uniqueness, centred, fair.  “2” wants people stepping out with logics that breed adult consciousness.  In this sense, it targets positions; it’s independence interacting.  How do you “stand”: firmly or wobbly?  What sort of vibes do you ground (and launch) in?  Are you nurturing your frame of reference in order to channel constructive vibes?  Everything births from thoughts and feelings.  Invisible realities affect outcomes.

“2” is a social number, flagging how we mingle in any sphere.  That can point to all the world, individual pairs, smaller collectives.  It can find self closing out world or eager to socialise.  It’s a time for learning about action and reaction; how we place self in group settings.  This can point to any social construct: strangers, friends, family, work.  Through this, life highlights induction; is current group think adding value?  Morés, rules, mandates can seem louder.  Via such dynamics, life helps people choose who and what they want to be; which groups fit best; who to hang out with.  “2” also flags societal models – do they fit; are they inclusive?  Life’s always seeking fair-mindedness; objective being.  Social currents impact flow, so can self’s need to belong.  Who, what, where, why and how we hang out trigger spiritual growth.

Through the above, “2” confirms that how we stand measures up.  Going live with thoughts, perspectives and models activates feedback.  “2” finds self more outwardly focused.  This year brings role and relativity learning curves.  How do you place yourself out there?  For what reason?  Is it sound?  It probably is or means to be; few of us intend to go “wrong”!  Through interacting (“2”), we get the chance to be stronger, truer, wiser.  Previously noted, “2” is a dance class; how to step best, for what reasons.  We’re likely to sense all sorts of manoeuvres – good, neutral, ugly – in these twelve months.  That’s nothing new but why are selves launching from “that” platform?  It might be great; a tweak could be needed… nothing is constant.  All numbers reveal amazing things about self in its landscapes. 

This year wants people more inclusive which, of course, requires integration.  How things unfold depends upon where we’re at in spiritual terms.  “6” is “2022”s aim: giving and receiving genuinely.  This number targets balance and fairness.  The realm of other promotes such things.  “6” also denotes love, teaching, care, support.  Linking into socialisation, the aesthetics of life could reveal more.  “6” is a feeler.  Everything emerges from moods and atmospheres.  It’s THE vibe for love – give and take – which needs soul engaged constantly. 

I often write that, above all else, “6” wants genuine “I”ness.  The more we get real to “me” first then other, the better we tend to empathise.  “6” says “care for the right reasons” rather than dismissing or smothering stuff.  This might explain why it flags balance over and above other numbers.  We only receive and give love when we’re honest.  Everyone senses when things aren’t right.  Witnessing hones people’s perspectives.  We can focus, too much, on the surface at times.  If it looks sorta decent, “that’ll do”.  This year could call you deeper than that.  It will only do this to check that you’re breeding the very best.

“2” marks relating with any part of life, not just human “me” and “you”.  None of the above should surprise us.  The environment and nature are big issues.  “2”, being “group”, can nudge self to be more continually inclusive.  It’s the act of sharing – as is love, calm, listening, peace.  Through what’s “not quite”, life might pull truth to the surface as a shared state.  “6” also flags health and healing.  “2022” could pull some punches.  In covid times, that’s not new yet this year is likely to reveal more.  “6” can trigger crises in system, energy, mind or body.  We’ll probably sense a mix of these rhythms.  Life isn’t mono; it is flux.  As “2” depicts themes in relating, rifts could be healed or start to grow.  Mind and balance will shape what unfolds.  Is each of us where we now need to be?  With an M.O. of “92/2”, truth will matter in such things. 

Life calls for what’s authentic; selves doing the best they can.  Love doesn’t birth out of duty or from what the model says.  As “2” depicts socialisation, lessons in this could abound.  Real “you” is what life’s seeking; not another version.  That requires us all to be true; “6” and “2” want embrace.  We’re all unique, not automaton, unless current model says.  How might you step through and represent this more?  Life’s about to show us how to be, do, give and offer with awareness. 

So?  You might be flooded with invites to join in and, some times, need space to process people stuff.  Even when we hide, we remain linked.  Placement is multifaceted.  This year could reveal how stance and positioning matter.  How do you care for states you land in?  What do you do: remain grounded or spin off course?  Social beings, we can all sway at times.  This year will deliver lessons in how to remain true(-r) to self.  Resisting hype is another theme, especially where elections feature.  The overmarketing of perspectives will help leaders come back to better positions.  Vax or no vax; what ‘burb are you from…  “2” wants beings getting along.  Life yearns for this 24/7; when “2” visits, even more. 

People play best when they are valued.  “2” denotes membership, endorsement, agreement.  If “x” is the goal, it pays to involve.  Conflict isn’t something to hide from.  Issues don’t dissolve until we face them.  In a world of difference, dynamics like these help us belong.  “2022” is a quasi-master number, signalling another potent year.  From “2023”, life should feel more settled.  Remember: this decade has only started, explaining recent fullness.  This year will keep building upon what we gleaned in “‘20/’21”.  It’s the momentary last in a series that wants to flush systems free.  This doesn’t mean no future dares.  “2” pulls people towards completeness.  As we learn to dance better, others parts of life start to flow.  You will sense where that might play out.  This year will be instructional. 

For all I write about challenge above, “2” can be a wonderful time.  Life, at “6”, can seem more supportive, especially after a year called “5”!  People often sense the cotton wool returning; more support, acknowledgement.  This year could bring key themes together, more than in recent times.  “5” can feel harsh, petulant, demanding; it’s not so concerned with how self feels.  In this sense, it can seem like boot camp in how it keeps pushing, demanding, squeezing.  Last year was Metal Ox as well – a less forgiving kinda time.  These dynamics, last year, saw Source seeming harsher at times.  Yet “5” visits to open new doorways; give us the chance to shift landscape.  “6” comes to soothe after that growth; remind us that the universe cares.  Everything unfolds for really good reasons, even in challenging times.  “6” can promote the sense that self matters.   Through this, life creates a little more room to pause and reflect. 

So, “6” years promote rest and healing; the break folk need to get their bearings.  Things can flow gentler in this zone; every new year brings a shift in pace.  This chapter nudges selves to recharge, ready for the future.  “6” delivers chances to reboot so as to firmly manifest path.  Remember these observations when/if life seems slower this year.  “5” gets people used to rushing; “6” and “0” send space to prep, process, heal.  

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We’ll become and channel more “2022” via a “92/2” M.O.

closure continues; people becoming truer to self

“2022” wants to be fulfilling.  Integrity helps people surf best.  It’s wonderful when the M.O. reinforces the birth number!  It always does; some periods, more than others.  When this occurs, fewer (not more) spiritual themes heighten.  The M.O. denotes how we’ll grow the birth number.  How and what we learn shapes response.  “92” is a quasi-master number, passing through “11” on its way to “2”.  This reinforces my comments above; “1” wants more adult no matter age.  Here, it can promote wilful thinking; uber judgment; biased perspectives.  Through this, it boosts confidence; self knowing self as worthy/good.  Here, life asks us to honour our insights whilst also listening. 

“9”, said last year, closes chapters, constructs, habits, routines.  It prepares self for what’s ahead by culling what’s obsolete.  This can play out with our awareness or emerge as a surprise.  “9” completes books so that new phases are able to birth.  It is the time for knowing “me” to next level, more conscious.  Double “1” does this, too, often via hurdle or blockage.  Through what’s not planned, life dares people to marshal, access, be what they know.  This nudges selves into spiritual wavelengths. Mind-full self over-knows.  It prefers to rest upon what it has already discovered/gathered.  This can find it failing to release and beginning to block, repel, etc.  “11” helps people sense what wants to flourish often via challenge at first.  No number wants anyone struggling.  Life only withholds to guide self to better outcomes. 

We don’t always recall that life backs us when hardship plays through.  “11” can be a bad hair day – undermining plans; leaving self feeling stranded.  Egoic “I” plans and drives, and can start to think it is in charge.  Master numbers dissolve that illusion, often in an unexpected manner.  Through this, self learns to surrender; receive to achieve (not just give/do).  When mind-full “I” is too in charge, it complicates flow.  Here is where we can get in our way – some of us, regularly.  Balance matters; so does allowing.  The universal clock turns when it is ready. 

“92/2” affirms “2022” because of the “2”s it contains.  All I’ve observed about the birth number applies to this year’s M.O. as well.  “9” represents compassion; a place for breeding more of that.  Empathy flows out of “6”, remember?  Don’t be surprised if this year seeks more sharing and caring.  We often learn through what isn’t right.  “2” can breed dismissiveness.  “1990” rhythms, this year, could close off more.  That phase birthed self as brand louder as well as other, constructive vibes.  All have been continually unfolding since then.  This year could promote less excess; more sustainable viewpoints.  That’s a no brainer given current concerns.  We all influence, no matter our style.  None of this puts down people, values or approaches. 

Hence, “2022” could help us heal what’s not healthy in a group and future sense.  You could witness all sides of life’s coin.  That’s not the issue.  Where you stand is.  This year wants more soul in our doing.  “11” is leadership, CEO or junior.  Every second, we choose and decide.  Through this, we get to live life with meaning.  “2021” offered lessons about this – honouring gut feel promotes healthy being.  This year will send chances to, in group, practice these things.  That should feel affirming, inspiring.  Intuition helps self steer boats well.  Use space to pause, take stock and notice.  Don’t let the realm of “other” fill your space too much.  Down-time creates space for receiving.  By listening with awareness, we help life be.  This year wants to be really helpful spiritually and tangibly.

“11” can trigger the need to stand up and out as the value you are.  This suggests that “2022” could affect selves at core.  Dare to be you; strut your stuff; lead from the get go; include well.  Resist the urge to argue with life; release projections; liberate tomorrow.  Don’t let the need to belong stop you – yours or others’ – from growing good.  Only one needs to speak up for others to sense they can, too.  Good ideas morph into great ones when we allow their exploration.  This year could test overly fixed viewpoints.  People usually enjoy sharing but often resist, not sure it’s okay.  The more we embrace coexistence, the more we’ll benefit individual states.

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This year’s reality number is “2114/8”

self and other honing paths

The reality number indicates what we’re due to manifest via birth number and M.O.  Every digit has dark and light aspects.  Human existence is a mixed bag.  “8” flags success – a time to discover more of the right recipe.  This, of course, is a highly personal thing.  “8” can be a busy chapter that helps us vet how we approach stuff.  It often sees people realising they don’t want “that” any longer.  This period guides individuals to their next level of perfect fit.  That can include separation or reinforcement of current spheres.  “8”, here, can be misread as the time success arrives.  That can occur but it can simply highlight what’s needed to create good life.  This can involve physical, spiritual or energetic stuff.  No number unfolds the same for everybody.  Paths are unique whilst universally connected. 

“2114” denotes reinforcement of this year’s birth number and M.O.  This happened last year as well and can focus people more on achieving.  “4” flags lessons in building, reaping, growing, investing… those sorts of vibes.  It is the builder, planner and, as a phase, it can also promote down-time.  Here, it is strategic review; space to check whether we’ve done all our homework.  This ties into “8”: we help ourselves “arrive” by processing well.  “4” can trigger quality checks because of its role in strengthening frameworks.  This can point to business plans, ambitions; awareness birthing wider in scope. 

Moments like this only add value, especially when we want them!  In a chart with two master numbers, this year could promote big shifts in assumptions.  “4” can also see egoic “I” getting ahead of itself.  We can all plot, grip, fear, juggle and manage too much.  “4” and “8” will help selves confirm where they are at.  Manifesting can be seen as something to push or nag at.  This can impede flow at times and see selves becoming overly involved in managing life.  Flow towards requires receiving, not just organising skills.  Success wants to come to individuals.  We act as blocks when we’re too busy lobbying or driving.  Doing and being unfold best when self comes back to balance. 

It’s okay to drive – at times, one has to – but sailing is also part of the drill.  None of this needs to promote flippancy or apathy.  Exercise and time out are key.  Life is flow; a river that gives and takes.  Energy is in constant motion.  “2114” should help people create better.  Part of this stems from standing back, taking hands off, observing.  Doing this helps us attract, grounded, engaged, objective.  This ties into “1” dynamics: the universe seeks physical soul.  Even when life is flowing nicely, we can promote more goodness. 

“8” helps us hit upon best practice; pave the way for others as well.  Honing of pathway could be a theme you become more aware of.  As this unfolds, don’t be surprised if life begins feeling better.  Precision is a part of “8” – actual delivery; no mistakes.  Nothing has only a physical form; intentions and atmospheres matter, too.  This year could help us all finetune self-talk, method, environment, disposition.  The universe wants success for all self; no part of life missing out.  Don’t be surprised if you sense better ways to receive, give, do, offer.  Group doesn’t flourish if we focus only upon the needs of a few.  Gardens need water if green is the aim but that shouldn’t mean over-support.  It flags the need to spiritually share – use gut to choose how much; how far.  “Your” success shapes “mine” and “theirs”.  None of us exists on our own.

The reality number also denotes what can surface as value-add.  Promotions and rewards are likely this year.  It could be time to honour and respect intuition.  Sharing what we sense, we help healthy creation birth.  “2114” wants more of the right states manifested and affirmed.  Truth, soul, recipe and group feature as themes this year.  We could see things taking off; chances to improve socially.  Get into that where you’re able.  Use white light to guide you well.  Nothing is chance; everything’s linked; the more one knows this, the more flow presents.  We don’t always sense goodness as things play out but nothing comes to drown unless that’s our belief.  Challenge is how life helps people love, sense, share, live.

Last year’s mantra of “be the change you seek” is due to echo through this year.  Covid lock-down helped selves dive and connect a little deeper.  “2022” flags consolidation; a time for getting more things right.  That might involve inner or outer dynamics.  Start the year by plotting your game plan.  Don’t be too fixed.  Let life help, too.  There is scope to manifest more of what you’ve sensed you’re here to.  This, in part, requires guidance; room for life and other to help you.  “2022” will invite us all to share, evolve and delight in life’s dance class.

“2022/6” from the top line?

Below is a tally, by month, of the numbers presenting this year.  Where a vibe appears three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes increase.  The numbers to notice in “2022” are “2”, “1”, “0”, “4”, “9”.  Each month will find the dance shifting slightly in this and your personal chart.  Your profile will add to or soften the dynamics above.  Now’s a great time to get across it.  Get in Contact.

Use the grey scroll bar below the table to see the tally for later months.


Summing up and above all else… a lot of “2”s appear all year.  That has happened in recent times albeit it more sporadically.  Until now, it’s often been matched by a similar tally of “1”s.  “2022” brings a noteworthy shift.  “2” will play out strongly, outlined above.  When one digit features mainly, its themes become more obvious.  Self (“1”) will matter less as focus and end point.  When this occurs relative to “2”, we can feel relief or distress depending upon what we’re channelling as “I”.  Ego or soul, a higher “2” count can sideline self, bringing chances to relax a bit.  This said, it can see other getting too much attention as a theme.  Balance matters in all rhythms.  This year might ask you to give/sacrifice too much some days.  Groups, countries, others might bully or try harder to get along.  We’ll see a mix of dynamics.  This explains why sticking to gut feel has been mentioned above.  Group think can be joyous or toxic; we’re always asked to choose with eyes open.  All positions can exist if we let that occur.  “2022” will highlight how self can grow great things through collaboration. 

Whilst this year’s “1” tally is lower, it is still high.  What’s written about “1” and “11” reverberates here.  “0”s, “4”s, “6”s and “9”s will help selves centre and review.  Space and uniting; manoeuvres and assumptions; healing and balance; empathy and closure… will be louder themes.  All of this points to fairness emerging.  Numbers flag the rhythms we’ll learn to channel and promote.  Exclusion, injustice, unkindness, deception, undermining…. could present to help breed their opposites.  Whenever this happens, life’s asking self to choose (again) what s/he’s seeking.  Use this year to lead in all roles.  Agreement is needed to get goodness downstream.  This year’s profile speaks of people getting better at being and sharing.  Use your time, positions and space to optimise this in tangible ways.

And you personally?

Although I’ve outlined some of this year’s dynamics, I haven’t looked at you or your specific numerological profile.  We each have a chart that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This information can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening, recently or since birth.  If life’s been odd or difficult, or you’d like to develop your intuitive skills, get in touch.  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads.  Readings often offer different layers over time!

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