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Psychic & Energy Work’s Useful Links page aims to help those who are seeking help with their spiritual or intuitive development.  It doesn’t represent everything that’s out there but it does seek to help you where it can.

None of the organisations or individuals listed below have paid to appear on this page.  The list is alphabetically organised, and doesn’t reflect preference or value.


Finding cost-effective help

There are many organisations and individuals that help intuitively but, sometimes, people can’t afford one-on-one mentoring.  At these times, the Spiritualist network can offer sound, cost-effective support.  It’s not a uniform group so you may need to do some research.  Below are two websites that list Spiritualist centres and groups in Australia and overseas:


To find alternate health practitioners in Australia

The following websites publish lists of spiritual and alternate health practitioners in Australia:


Kabbalah & metaphysics

One can study Kabbalah in one of three ways, broadly speaking – (1) in non-Jewish groups, (2) amongst Jewish lay-groups or (3) in rabbinically-led forums.  Whilst all can offer value, I’ve found that Jewish programs can be less about ritual and more about energetics.  This isn’t to detract from non-Jewish programs, but it’s important to acknowledge the different approaches.

(1) Regarding non-Jewish groups – e.g. the Theosophical Society, the Rosicrucian Order, Gnostic societies, Spiritualist centres, etc.  These groups offer discussion forums, classes and other opportunities for people to explore metaphysics and can offer a wide range of perspectives.

(2) Regarding lay forums within the Jewish system, Bnei Baruch offers guidance, classes, meetings and videos.  Some Rabbis also run classes for non-Jews (see below).

(3) Rabbinically-led classes can discuss Kabbalah more subtly and this, in my opinion, is where the fun is!  Depending on your location, you may find classes run in or outside of synagogues.  Contact your local synagogues to enquire. 


On the web, check out:’s Kabbalah classes –’s Tanya or Zohar classes –

Inner.Org –

Rabbi Krasnianski’s Tanya classes –


Spirituality as taught by Jewish systems

Whilst there are many ways to study spirituality, Psychic & Energy Work leans towards rabbinically-led forums.  They often contain a subtle energetic bent and offer a few pathways based on gender and spiritual leaning.

For non-Jews who are monotheistic (i.e. who believe in one G-d), Noahidism is another system.  A few websites help non-Jews become “righteous gentiles” – i.e. live as non-Jews who follow the laws of the Torah (Old Testament) – e.g.,,,

Rabbi Eli Cohen in Sydney ( helps non-Jews in their spiritual development and presents to non-Jewish groups on request. 

Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver is a great contact in the USA (

Some forums that cater specifically to the Jewish community also welcome non-Jews. Some are synagogue-based; others run outside of synagogues.  There may be limits to what you can attend or how you can participate, but there’s usually someone to help you.


Understanding the background to you and your day

Sometimes, it helps to read about you and your day, on top of any spiritual mentoring you receive.  Whilst they won’t necessarily offer everything one requires, astrology and numerology can provide amazing help.

Great astrology websites:,,,,

Chinese/Eastern astrology provides yet another edge.  Theodora Lau is well-worth referring to –

Whilst I use numerology often, I haven’t researched what websites are available.  Notable authors include Juno Jordan and Faith Javane; you can also contact Dr Neil Hair (in Sydney).  You might even like to read one of my handbooks!  Click here to place an order or request a chart or reading


Have you tried to focus?

“Focusing” helps people process all sorts of things on the energetic, emotional, mental, physical, intuitive and spiritual level.  It’s a technique developed by Dr Eugene T Gendlin, as outlined in his book, Focusing (Bantam Books, 1981).  There are a few versions of Focusing for adults, children, teenagers and practitioners, as well as courses and accreditation programs at  I can highly recommend Focusing to anyone looking to process and interpret issues at mind, body, invisible or spiritual levels; for themselves or other people.  It’s easy to read and very affordable. 


A last word…

Wherever you are in your spiritual search and for whatever system you follow, remember to use your out-breath when you’re processing life or connecting to the Divine.  Dare to release all mind and egoic self – yours or that of others – using your out-breath (through mouth) to receive all you can.  It’s amazing what shifts and evolves when you do this.

All the best in your endeavours. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if I can help you (click here!),




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