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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for “2021”.  The narrative below outlines some of the spiritual and energetic dynamics in this year’s numerological chart.  It connects to the Monthly Observations and can be worth reading with them.  These Observations can offer different perspectives every time you read or hear them. 

Please bear in mind that these Observations relate to this year’s collective chart – i.e. the dynamics we are all, as a group, likely to sense and need to work with.  Thoughts and feelings travel once they’ve happened; they don’t stay still; they need to move.  Dialogues like this can, therefore, be handy even though it doesn’t discuss your personal year.  If you’d like to hear about “2021” from that perspective, get in contact here

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This is the world’s fourth year in the current “1” to “9” cycle.  That began in “2017” (which adds through “10” on its way down to “1”).  This might help to place events in your world since then.  Last year delivered a “4” birth number, helping us enhance more of the basics.  “4” is the launch pad; a journey’s foundation; time for preparing to step well.  This year is “act” so you might sense how “2020” guided you.  Having done that – tightened plans and visions – this year’s due to help us fly, do, “achieve” more.  Before we examine these rhythms in detail, let’s look at this year’s three main numbers….

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)


M.O. – how we’re likely to do that


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things


A numerological chart (hence, the vibes above) flags the spiritual and energetic themes we’re due to witness, learn and co-create to next levels.  Outlining such things can prepare folk for whatever comes next.  Forewarned is forearmed and numerology is useful in this way.  It helps to explain what’s going on, especially through invisible and spiritual frames.  Inherent in this is personal growth which starts on the inside emanating outward.  The numbers above tell us how such things might present to you over the next twelve months.



This year will call for more spiritual “2021/5”

  change, adventure, stretching, positioning, wise use of space

The birth number speaks of what we are likely to learn and channel more spiritually.  It’s the vibe that flags what the year is going to help us manifest outside and in.  In one sense, the year could be gentler given fewer “0”s and master numbers.  This augers well in terms of the pressure people could experience.  “0”s, said often in “2020”, call for more spiritual being; genuine self.  Repeating nought can also amplify one’s need for space and time out.  Such dynamics can feel intrusive and trigger rebellion where expectations seem unmet.  Yet “0” denotes the Divine as a being, guide and influence.  Here, it can incite a stronger pull to get (more!) in touch with essential “me”.  People can also experience an increase in invisible, intuitive or energetic dynamics. 

All of these things can pose a challenge when models or mindsets have become too set.  The great news, this year, is that noticeably fewer “0”s present.  Life should feel gentler, in this sense, than it did during “2020”.  This said, however, three “5”s visit (denoting notable “newness ahead!”).  Coming after “4”, “5” is the chapter for action, growth, evolution.  This year could remain busy in perceptual or physical spheres.  “Hurrah!” you might cry given recent limits yet “5” teaches beings to also ground well.  It likes to promote what’s hyped, insincere, insecure, over-the-top.  It uses dysfunction, under- or over-, to invite change which feels important.  “2020”, being “4”, was passive.  Such chapters like to slow life’s pace down.  They do this to help us notice imbalance; why it’s occurring; how to fix things.  Through this, we’re empowered to engage better, at soul level and collectively.  We’re renters of planet, shapers of outcomes, not really Source, driver, head.  While that may seem the deal in a job description, “2021” could offer practically spiritual insights about this.

“5” is when, having checked our frameworks, life helps us (re-)birth and flow with life.  This year could bring real-world adventures; chances to “see” (and respond) with fresh eyes.  Being a tourist is a “5” rhythm – more frequent flyer points or wider views.  Having just had a “7” M.O. year, this one wants wisdom used.  Yet “7”, too firm, can breed too much “I know”, tainting gestures, limiting things.  As a dynamic, it can prompt people to suspend thought, judgment, belief.  Last year tested autopilot – models, assumptions, approaches.  In doing this, it helped people centre (more!) in the present.  “5” will continue building on this – our ability to ground, act, react well.  Assuming this occurs, you or those around you might become more considerate as well. 

So, this year should reveal more about reacting so that we end up with what’s perfect.  Life is a river but needn’t overwhelm – that’s easy to say when schedules have space!  How we engage stems from what we think, project, feel.  Harnessing mind and affirmations is a constant, spiritual dare.  Egoic self loves to chatter; predict what’s coming; get in paths’ way!  Here, “5” mentors selves to accept difference, uniqueness; perhaps, better roll with things.  That needn’t involve acquiescing or becoming apathetic.  “5” wants engaged, spiritually truthful being; breathwork; steering; and a healthy focus. 

Possibility is another “5” wavelength – sensing and stepping into such things.  “2021” speaks about relating which is not a new theme.  Last year introduced the “202-“ cycle, inducting us all into what that requires.  “2” represents the world of relating, co-existing, sharing fairly.  It can see a burst in rules and guidelines; standards which steer selves, bad or good.  It flags a time for learning through the prism of “me versus you” (comparison).  Through these dynamics, it teaches us placement – if “I” step like this, what then occurs?  “4” (“2020”) revealed a lot about placing and harnessing self-ness.  “2” comes to show us how partner with other beings (including animals, nature and Earth).  Unfolding like this, it prompts the clean-up of all sorts of space and mind junk. 

“202-“ also symbolises the roles we adopt whilst here.  Stances regarding planetary health are, of course, not new themes.  Life doesn’t want egoic independence – that was last millenium; not this one!  “Legacy” – what is that?  Monuments to self-ness?  The greatest gifts often leave intangible footprints.  “2” wants beings living in tandem – the planet and nature are beings, too.  Everything breathes, lives, absorbs and communicates intuitively.  “2” nudges people to share space truly which often involves the surrender of centre space.  This second year of ten (“2020” to “2029”) is likely to guide us more on this.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes are in a rebooting phase.  Ghosts and hauntings of any type – spectres or memories – included.  “2020” began boosting these rhythms.  More and more people are noticing and having to make sense of physical and invisible dynamics. 



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We’ll become and channel more “2021” via an M.O. of “95/5”

  stretching, possibilities, new adventures and cycles to start

You will notice how this year’s profile carries two additional “5”s here.  Pressure could grow – the type that tightens acts; helps stuckness shift.  “5” can emerge as a stronger feel for the future – new ways to do things; rebirthed landscapes.  It’s a chapter that challenges confidence in order to boost it.  Faith and empowerment are often key themes.  “5” flags one’s sense of “I can do it”; the knowledge that life is supportive.  Such vibes often emerge via events which seem the exact opposite.  We often learn best via what “is not”, such is the value of experience! 

“5” reminds folk that anything is possible; it’s potential as a truth, dare and challenge.  If anyone can do it, why can’t you (especially if it’s what you sense)?  “5”, therefore, denotes limits; how they hem life in; what we allow; time to regroup.  It marks potential as a universal rhythm – available to everyone.  It can reveal where we’ve become fixated, too short-term, myopic.  Here, it also tends to help selves sense how to break free.  “5”, in this light, is the moment we fathom that what’s entertained impacts what we end up with.  Life’s not a flat-line – we’re constantly nudged further, higher, “out” again.  Stances like this can birth on a good day or via unexpected, real-world shifts.  “5” depicts one’s release from prison; oppression imposed, inside or out.  The biggest hindrance is often what people place upon themselves.  Such things tend to stem from our models and mindsets, and releasing them can require courage.  Life is a canvas for us to paint on – not just with head; always with heart.  Don’t be surprised if “2021” brings constructive change to local, social, global spheres.  “5”, in this sense, flags the Divine (i.e. life!) revealing more about what’s out there. 

As a chapter, “5” also guides selves to what they’ve always known inside.  “95/5” flags closure, conclusions and newness (however they come).  Last year delivered these rhythms, too, helping us rework certain constructs.  “9”, this year, will keep urging closure on whatever feels outdated.  It likes to clean up – inside and out; this year’s “5”s will also prompt those states.  “9” wants people finishing “this” book so as to start wholesome, new ones.  With possibility and closure teaming up this year, empowerment seems certain to come.  This hints at scope for achieving, launching, rebirthing anything.  “95/5” could finetune your landscape; clear and sort stuff healthily. 

If the universe wants you winning the lotto – and paying that forward – why reject it?  “2021” could expand mindsets and help to birth futures that are really in sync.  This requires balance between all realms – physical, mental, emotional, intuitive.  Where might “2021” guide, heal and help you with this?  This year could feel incredibly productive, constructive, rewarding, motivating.  “5” can feel like a tourist drive which refreshes; a break from “same old” which heals every level.  It can, at times, seem like boot camp – stretching that hurts while toxins release.  Healing and balance flow from such moments, especially if self remembers to breathe!  Life is a sphere that does what it does so as to only help and heal.  The focus of events isn’t always “I” but we can often take things personally.  “5” is “flow” – learning to surf, steer, float, accept.  It’s rebirth into stronger “I can do it!”, often via challenge that’s heart-felt.  Here, it promotes certainty, gusto, inspiration, all sorts of gain.  It likes to breed more knowledge in self and life as a manifesting sphere. 

So?  “5” can pull people into superhero; ready for action, focused well.  It’s a time that always wants us attaining in balance with life as a supportive space.  It denotes “change” and, therefore, “change agent”.  Where might you lead the field?  That can play out through action or example.  “5” also flags forgiveness, patience, flexibility.  “Sorry”s not a place to recommence bruising; compo presented ahead of hurt.  It’s supposed to be the start of new approaches which add value.  Adjustment is another “5” dynamic – bending, stretching, firming up.  We tend to do that best when we respect the uniqueness of mindsets, things, approaches.  “5” symbolises “change” and the role we all play in getting that going.  Don’t be surprised if this year helps you honour difference, lead and join in.  There are many ways these next twelve months could play out positively.

The M.O. signals how we are due to channel and grow the birth number states to the next degree.  Through “95/5”, this year wants people to channel and become “2021/5” more actively.  As one becomes, s/he starts emitting those dynamics.  Through closure and change – dealing with and growing through stuff – lives will shift essentially.  These next twelve months will stretch in ways that challenge, threaten, delight, inspire.  Numbers represent the new level of being life’s asking self to launch into.  Growth is a constant; life is eternally rigged to nudge us up and on.  There’s so much to look forward to this year, especially wherever selves decide to be soulful and honest. 

Hence, innovation is due to feature – especially since Saturn’s now in Aquarius.  Newness will be palpably felt and sought – e.g. breaths of fresh air; calls for adjustment; improvement inside and communally.  “5”, being “stretch”, can try self’s patience but, through this, we learn to stop doubting and gripping things.  The roles we perform can encourage over-developed management stances.  Self is not Source; Source is not a servant – It’s a co-creating partner that knows, heals, helps and drives.  “5” teaches beings to stop, pause and listen; receive guidance for the good of all kind.  Life only slows to highlight how manifesting self also needs to take in – physical stuff, yes for sure, but also intuitively.  Focus plays a role yet attracting what’s “right” requires us to know what we really want as states, moods, atmospheres.  This can require the release of self.  By consciously releasing our grip on all space, self often helps life/Source guide, protect, deliver and heal heaps. 

Hence….  Don’t be surprised if this year shows you how to listen, hear, witness more.  “2020” brought similar lessons – practice in quietening to birth great outcomes.  Another “5” message is to focus upon summits rather than troughs.  Remembering this can help whenever you, others or life seem imbalanced.  Trust in life is another “5” rhythm: Source is helpful if you let It be.  It loves to support because, when life’s great, selves tend to share more of the good things!  It can take a while to learn these isms in a practical, real-world sense.  “5” helps people learn to work with life, rather than struggle and reject.  Difference comes to help us co-exist; live life in truth, calm, respect.  That can involve moving closer or further away.  The world is full of thousands “suburbs”.  “5” is the dare to release all limit, break free, adventure and claim your place.



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This year’s reality number is “2116/1”

 self-ness, maturity, balance will count

They always do – hey?  That said, however, “1”s are back in the foreground.  “1” denotes self and, therefore, a moment for getting more in touch with what soul needs.  It also signals leadership; a time for standing objectively.  So much of what I have written above also presents through this year’s reality number.  “5” can be seen as the call for respect; “2” says to share, genuinely get along.  “1” wants folk channelling self-ness in only truly, spiritual ways.  It can be a phase that helps us stand stronger in experience and what we’ve come to know.  “1”, after all, is “me” alone – before it goes out to merge with the world.  An analogy, here, is sitting in a meeting with a certain view.  “1” asks people to let go of other and just stand tall in uniqueness.  Only when we hedge do we end up with outcomes which feel false or faulty.  “1” is the dare to live, be and speak truth and let others do that as well.  In this sense, it is “be yourself”.  Tension tends to melt whenever that ism is universally practised. 

The fear of rejection or loss tends to muffle spiritual wisdom.  Acquiescence that doesn’t feel right often leaves selves questioning everything.  Give and take needs to be well-balanced – states of no tension are possible!  “1” can denote the need to “lead” by example; “just” doing things your way genuinely well.  Agreement is not always the first step – this needn’t destroy anything.  It’s funny how people can sit mute in gatherings, fearful of expressing how they’re really feeling.  For sure, we need to check what we’re thinking but that shouldn’t mean oppressing self.  Only through expression do we get to nirvana.  With so many perspectives, how else can that grow?!  You may find this year incredibly useful in how it helps you firm up as a representative of justice and self-ness as stances which permit soul-full expression.  Affirmation is a “1” wavelength; empowerment’s another (being, living, loving self).  “2021” is here to help us breed these things as states that exist for everyone. 

Entitlement, therefore, may evolve as a learning curve this year.  “2116” seeks balance (which is a strong aspect of “6”).  “6” represents genuine being, integrity, heartful mind and conduct.  Truth echoes through these words, too.  Where might your stances evolve?  By relating and positioning spiritually well (“2”); working through self-ness in “you” and “me” (“1”); and balancing out, perhaps, more often (“6”), people will witness and birth more of what’s adult and spiritual really (“1”).  The pendulum swings from divine to egoic; we all make decisions about who drives our bus all of the time (even when it seems as if we haven’t a choice).  Egoic self breeds limitation, restriction, pessimism, bi-polar viewpoints.  What feels right is the true guide and all selves intuitively know balance as a rhythm.  We all also know the feeling of rightness – whenever it’s channelled, self feels calm.  Imbalance is a state people feel best even if it’s heard, smelt or witnessed.  With this, comes the dare to be “1” – truthful; using gut-feel to steer.  Be a train – they don’t look left and right; they just get on and do what they sense they’re here to.  By first jettisoning concern for what’s outside us, we often help perfection bloom.  “1” is the dare to release every perspective that isn’t your own, especially if it’s not healthy.

Whenever self connects to universal wavelengths, fear and doubt tend to dissolve.  This year’s profile seems keen to help us get it right as soloists and in our groups.  Negotiation, listening and respecting whatever presents are major themes.  Can you sense how countries and individuals could be helped to nirvana this year?  Life will help us all strengthen platforms through environmental shifts and themes as well.  We’re being cornered to attend to key constructs and move into now as a place that engages well.  With this, comes the sense that pessimism’s useless.  Source/Life only ever takes to move self to what’s better.  Mind is the challenge – nurturing and using it well – and, therefore, a commitment to constantly rebalance.  There’s a lot in the air – fears, thoughts, feelings, techno – much of which can lead self off-centre.  That doesn’t mean it’s totally “bad”.  It just invites us all to proactively clear, realign and release. 

Imbalanced “1” can breed leadership in excess – competitiveness, ownership, boss gone awol.  We’ve just left a millennium when the standard was to own, mark and know it all.  “202-“ has come to show people how merge with soul only adds value.  With this, the need to be, know, do or have the mostest is also due for rebirth.  Again, legacy (as health) is being redefined.  Many are aware of the need for smaller footprints.  Don’t be surprised if your views morph here, too.  Leadership – what is it really?  “2021” could reveal more of the depth in this.  We may be asked to channel elder, boss, expert, owner a little more spiritually.  Adult to child tends to amazing whenever all are treated equally.  This is also how “1” dynamics could play out as lessons this year.  Excessive paternal or maternal urges can be finetuned in times like this.  No matter what, this year is likely to help us all actualise better again.  With this, often comes the sense that life loves self in a wider, more wholistic and genuine sense.

As a last note, it’s worth observing that a subtle “10” is playing through.  “2116” adds through this number as it reduces to “1”.  “0” can boost “1” dynamics because of its role in promoting space.  “1” can already feel disconnected, ignored, overlooked, isolated.  Covid will continue helping such wavelengths present, grow, teach us things.  As the first step, it’s a time for induction when life promotes space which helps us see.  Experience can incite autopilot; too many assumptions unknowingly.  “1” helps us open our minds up (again!) so as to sense and discover new things.  It also denotes a phase that reboots things; space and time out that helps people witness.  It’s akin to a training program that’s focused upon informing before prac work commences.  “1” can introduce space as a blockage, forcing selves to notice and integrate with new things.  It can feel like a pause; a time to watch the dance (not do it) before we’re allowed to jump in.  Here, life prevents us from simply proceedings as we have in the moments before.  Every cycle brings new dimensions that self needs to learn, offer and grow.  “1” phases can seem disconnected for as long as it takes to understand this.  This might explain how they help people discover all sorts of amazing things. 

No matter one’s age, “10” will want time out and spiritual connection from time to time.  Whenever this occurs, we’re being helped to get even more recipes right.  “2116”, “10” and “1” are likely to help us shed layers, costumes, shells that are now obsolete.  This year’s three “5”s will also energise people to embrace rhythms like this.  Yet, stretching could be the first requirement – the first half of a chapter tends to reveal the shifts life requires.  With Metal Ox also birthing at Asian New Year, “1” could play out as stubbornness.  Solid and secure – Taurean – are hallmarks which will team up with this new year incredibly well.  Through this, quality – inside and out – will be encouraged to the fore.




“2021/5” from the top line?

Below is a tally, by month and by number, of the vibes surfacing this year.  Where a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes can increase.  The numbers to notice in “2021” are “2”s, “1”s, “5”s and “0”s.  Every month will shift the dance slightly and combine with your personal year.  Your birth profile will add to or counter the dynamics I’ve mentioned above.  Now’s a great time to get across your chart.  Click here or visit my Get in Contact page to hear about that.

Mth/No. J F M A M J J A S O N D
0 2 3 3 2 3 4 3 2 4 3 3 2
1 8 6 7 6 9 8 9 9 6 9 9 8
2 12 8 10 9 7 9 7 8 5 7 7 7
3 2 2 2 3 2 3 2 4 2 5
4 2 3 3 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 2
5 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 7 4 5 5
6 2 2 1 1 3 1 2 2 2
7 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 3 1
8 1 1 2 2 1 3 2 1
9 2 2 1 3 1 2 2 2 4 2 1 2





To sum up?  In one sense, this year could feel less bumpy than the one we’ve just left.  Every month, this year, seems to offer fewer, high-level number counts.  The “shocker” lies in the “2” dynamics especially up until “July”.  “January” and “March” look certain to retrain us all about relativities, getting along.  This might unfold for you directly or play out for others in ways you “just” observe.  Fewer “7”s should make things less heady – “2020” saw a lot of mental chatter; busy mind states.  This augers well given the higher “5” count all year.  That’s a busier vibe which can play out as more than enough to work through and learn.  Yet, this year’s chart does seem gentler.  Don’t be surprised if you enjoy “2021”! 

“0”s are also lower than last year – they will still make a difference although fewer invisible stressors should bloom.  “5”s will challenge our sense of peace and quiet whilst also energising and exciting selves.  This year could help you achieve great things in ways which feel well-moored/-rounded.  Dare to run with change; test life’s limits; experiment respectfully!  This is the year to do such things and “success” rarely comes if we only wait for it.  “5” is when we learn that we can (and will!) float as soon as we remember focus and breath.  No matter what comes in these next twelve months, do what you can to practise this. 

Finally?  Remember….  “5” is “I can!” which tends to manifest through the prism of doubt/lack of faith.  It is through the affirmation, “I can’t”, that life shows us more about reality in terms of goals, scope and skillsets.  Trying is a part of any new venture – toes dipped in water to check things are right.  Doing this confirms the wisdom of our strategies yet “5” can find self avoiding that first step.  We never know until we step into the sense, the vision, we intuit.  Life only proves the rightness of perspectives after they are placed in a practical (doing) sphere.  Everything comes step-by-step so don’t let the size of the entire journey discourage you.  We end up at outcomes – they’re never there on day one.  This is the thing to remember most.  Mistakes don’t matter – there’s always tomorrow to correct and realign stances.  Integrity, balance and focus are what really colour everything.  We’re here to live that – not let perfection block or impede progress.  As one divinely guided human being, I wish you a marvellous year.  I hope it’s full of amazing adventures.  Good luck with whatever you seek to try.  Remember – life’s is a pretty wide canvas to paint on and if “they” can, why can’t you?  It ain’t what you do but how you do it.  Practise makes perfect.  Give it a go!  It’s only by trying that we get to nirvana as a practically, spiritually lived construct.



And you personally?

Although I’ve outlined some of this year’s dynamics, I haven’t looked at you or your numerological profile at all.  We each have a chart that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This information can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening, recently or since birth.  If life’s been odd or difficult, or you’d like to develop your intuitive skills, get in touch (here).  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads!

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