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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for the year, “2020”.  These Observations outline the spiritual and energetic dynamics in this year’s numerology.  They also connect to the Monthly Observations and can be worth reading with them.  The narrative below is likely to offer new perspectives every time you read or hear it. 

Please bear in mind that these Observations relate to this year’s collective chart.  They don’t talk about your specific situation or personal year.  If you’d like to hear how “2020” will play out in your world, go through to my Audio Files page.  Feel free to check out my clients’ Google reviews here.


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This is the world’s third year in the current “1” to “9” cycle.  Last year delivered a “2” birth number which revealed more about getting along.  Before we examine this year in detail, let’s look at its chart.  That can signal how and what we’ll achieve and create/experience more of. 

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)


M.O. – how we’re likely to do that


Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things




Let’s have a look at what these numbers mean….




This year will promote more “2020/4”

… and that, to begin with, is interesting.  “2020” includes three master numbers – “20”, “20” and “2020”.  “2” with “0” can be potent and two of these vibes line up here.  “2020” is another master number, hinting at a powerful period.  The birth number denotes what we’ll learn, exemplify and channel more of.  All master numbers trigger spiritual wavelengths, especially those partnered with “0”. 

“Spiritual”, as a term, can flag a boost in invisible dynamics OR the need to process core issues.  Tallying up this year’s chart, we see four “2”s, three “9”s and three “0”s.  All the other digits appear two or fewer times.  This suggests that any pressure will arise via the numbers just mentioned.  I outline what that could mean below but it’s worth noting if “2”, “0” or “9” feature in your chart.  Repetition tends to boost the learning curves and themes which egoic self notices day to day.  We’re due to stretch along these aspects over the course of this year.  Let’s have a look at what this could mean….


About “2020”

I often call “20” a dosey-do (any zone with “0” can seem like this).  “2” is a time for learning about our place amongst people, other(s), the world generally.  It likes to hone skills in co-existing; relating well; difference; sameness.  As a chapter, it helps to position people in their worlds better again.  In doing this, it can educate us via what’s observed about being “me”.  No number signals self’s (re-)actions only; they also denote what we sense about things.  “20” dosey-do’s because “0” flags “nothing” – space, time out, insufficiency.  Noise is fullest when we get social so this year could feel like an “on-then-off” period.

“2020” could increase self’s sense of the above dynamics some days.  This augers well for reflection and learning because these sorts of pastimes tend to need time out and space.  “2020” is a phase for action (“2”) followed by silence/not enough (“0”).  “2”, again, can find us observing more about the beings we’re amongst.  It’s all about relative existence; a space for learning by comparing wavelengths.  Can you sense the potential for mirrors to be held up occasionally?  They always present – life is reflection – but “2020” hints at more of such things.  It’s likely to find us acting then reaping (i.e. learning how to be in other-laden realities).  Boxing is a great analogy here: players move from corners then back for a while.  Numbers signal evolution; how life highlights what it wants us to know now.  Don’t be surprised if this year triggers healthy(-ier) slabs of space and catharsis.  By such dynamics, life helps selves stay present and current over time. 

So, “2020” might nudge you to become more socially adept in some fashion.  We enter as selves alone: then mingle then retreat back to what’s core.  “2” can reflect what is public; “0”, what’s private; both, a chapter which feels like a dance floor.  “2” is active; “0” is passive (explaining why the year might feel dosey-do’ish).  “2” represents what lies outside self and how we engage (or not) with what.  “0” symbolises “nothing” as birth zone; the need for such things; their role in Creation.  It’s a break in flow that checks upon mantras (which is best done in quieter moments).  Through this, we’re helped to release excess need for action, “entertainment”, props.  From this angle, addictive behaviours could be addressed in these next twelve months.  Life might ask you to ground and get present more solidly in certain spheres.  “0” is space and, therefore, the role of and value in connecting spiritually. 


About “2”

When we embrace “0” well, life often evolves in amazing ways.  “2020” could nudge you into yoga or practices like meditation.  “2” is about becoming (real) self – remaining “1” – in the thick of things.  It can hint at a boot camp in manners; syncing with others; learning some rules.  Here, “2020” spotlights what’s “kosher” (or not) about groups.  “2” is a time for training and induction; becoming (more) familiar with customs/values.  Rhythms like these can bloom in “2” chapters, revealing more about eldership.  Unfolding like this, they can boost calls for conformance and/or the need to negotiate things.  You’re probably sensing how this might play out given what’s been happening around the world.  Last year brought great excuses to challenge systems.  This one could offer even more. 

“2020” could also highlight the media’s role in effecting growth.  Social or not, none of these rhythms need to be labelled, “wrong”.  Yet we can need to learn how to use them – such is the nature of rapid change.  “Responsibility” might be a key word (i.e. what is required to deliver on that).  Anyone with access to forums could shift the ways they inform/educate.  “2” doesn’t only target human beings; it denotes all other (nature as well).  Inclusive thinking and living are key elements of this vibration.  You might find this emerging louder for you personally or in others’ lives around you.

So, politics could get louder – that’s nothing new but be warned!  Electorates, companies, sporting groups or families could experience radical shake-ups.  Anything involving others could need a bit more fresh air than we have let in.  “2”, “indoctrination”, could overhaul how people think or deal with things.  We may focus upon myths and small talk; see them debunked in notable ways.  “2” is “the group” and all it can trigger as selves try to fulfil objectives.  It can denote group used as a weapon, undermining (those sorts of things).  Egoic self often lacks courage which is why it can behave less than honestly.  Fibs and undercurrents could bloom in quantity or nature this year.  Don’t be surprised if life introduces rhythms like this for you to sort through to finality. 

Through the above, truths might surface in ways that prompt radical changes in stance.  “2” is the lesson in difference, relativity, and how to really get along.  How does self stand/act in his/her crowds?  Where is inclusivity missing somehow?  Strangers, partners, families and colleagues could trigger checks of positions or values.  Others around you might also sense such things – i.e. life wanting more spirituality.  This, in itself, isn’t just an end state; it’s a verb life asks us to practise constantly.

Lastly – for the moment (more on “2” later) – “2” flags how we can (really) be now.  It helps selves sort the “wheat” from the “chaff” in healthier and long-lasting ways.  Who to hang out with?  For what purpose?  What to support?  What to walk away from?  “2” can prompt people into better placement in ways that honour every path.  It draws us closer OR drives a wedge in its bid for more genuineness.  What “neighbourhood(s)” really suits self?  How can s/he find them?  Bonds can dissolve or become stronger; it’s hard to release things previously loved.  Yet, life is flow and, sometimes, requires selves to step beyond that so as to stay afloat. 


About “0”

We usually sense the need for separation before it physically occurs.  “2” denotes healthy shifts in social and relative terms.  The zeros in “2020” are important, denote nothing as a state, welcome or not.  They can represent a lack of things which matter – money, contacts, chances, things.  Drought is another facet of this, relating to water, cash flow, “feed”.  Such states test selves because of how they challenge what we know is possible.  They target what self deems “essential”, stretching “I” to the point of giving up.  Grace, therefore, is another “0” rhythm (through “not enough”, humility grows).  “0”, here, denotes a garden bed just before life sprouts anew.  It’s the phase just before substance appears (easy to say when life is okay).  “0” highlights self’s role as receiver who has to take in to then create.  Out of this can manifest lessons in how to be present (in the “right” place).

So, “0” releases self’s need to fill space with action, words, thoughts, etc.  We’re co-creators, not the Divine, and have to receive (take goodness in).  Peace and quiet matter which is why down time and exercise are important.  Stuff, in itself, won’t foster zen.  Comfort’s only real when it includes inner self.  Through such isms, “0” helps people place needs and wants appropriately.  None of that needs to involve denial – life is about relativity!  As a learning curve in manifesting, “0” is the moment before goodness comes in. 

As a zone, “nought” can reveal more about affirmation’s role in co-creating.  No other vibe reveals how forecasts can (and do!) affect life.  This is poignant for those born master numbers or any chart which carries these vibes.  These dynamics deliver intuitive, energetic and spiritual development loudest of all.  Such phases (and lives!) come to help us bond further with the universe.  Energy’s real – life’s invisible layers – some sense it all the time; others, not so much.  Like climate change, intuition isn’t delusion – it’s a skillset that’s as real as any physical thing.  Guidance can be solid/tangible when we let ourselves get to know it.  “0” can boost the invisible dimensions: ghosts, gut feel, guides, the sixth sense.  It tends to boost the call to acknowledge and acclimatise (more) to such wavelengths.  Having mingled (“2”), selves can need time out (“0”) to release and/or process what they’ve “picked up”.  Outer realities can get full and double “20”, this year, is sure to do that.  “0” signals a time when life asks us to bond more consciously with Source.  This is a key aspect to living as an energetic, intuitive and physical soul.

Given the above, the call to rebalance could become louder this year.  Here is where we might sense how “2019” was preparatory.  Last year delivered heady(-ier) rhythms; this is due to continue.  The need to work through stuff could be reinforced this year and, with this, the call for healthy(-ier) down-time.  Don’t be surprised if you need (more) space or if life puts the brakes on somehow.  That’s also part of passive “0” (it likes to slow life to verify what’s been happening).  Dynamics like this reveal better platforms; how to move forward more essentially.  All of these stages are important when we come to implement future things. 

“0”s stillness helps selves confirm that they have all they need for the future.  The last paragraph is note-worthy because “0” also flags What you subscribe to.  It denotes Source as a real current; we enhance or limit intuition all the time.  Life emerges best when it’s given room to do so and giving It space is a learning curve.  When we fill all of our time with ourselves (and other forms of knowing), we tend to limit what comes though.  Truly spiritual downloads require not so much driving or controlling of flow.  We need to let Source speak – as well as our bodies – to really glean what’s going on.  The Divine is real albeit energetic; so is universal will. 

“0” can heighten the above rhythms in a bid to reveal how outer is shaped by what goes on inside.  Physical being doesn’t only involve our innards; it relates to energetic existence as well.  This year might, therefore, nudge people to connect more strongly with guidance (whatever they believe in).  “0” represents any form of action which helps people get in “the zone”.  It signals self going higher and lighter, to more wholistic views and levels.  Creating room to receive from life (Source) helps lives (and vibes) clear and evolve.  Any use of space for processing issues also plays into dynamics like these.  Mind, body, “real world” and/or spiritual rhythms could foster higher self more wholesomely.

So?  “2020” could feel like a zig-zag, checking on stances and what self entertains.  “Go-stop-go-stop” is likely as a rhythm in inner and outer realities.  Such things can come as pleasant unfoldings – e.g. holidays taken after busy times.  By connecting well – better than we have been – we tend to help all of life.


About “4”

“2020” is number enough but “4” is what it reduces to.  This year, we can expect to learn more about how we approach things.  Last year’s chart carried “4”s as well; we’ve had practice in how they play out.  It’s all about fostering awareness that enhances what happens now.  This year’s birth number could stretch visions/perceptions noticeably.  Stemming out of “2020” – people then space – we might plan or build more effectively.  Consciousness is another “4” rhythm; enhancements to how we think and respond.  This number can denote frameworks – from overt procedures through to silent models.  It can trigger reviews of inputs and content (what self needs to create well).  

Last year delivered a “3” birth number: lessons about what’s really best.  This year will offer chances to review our first steps in that paradigm.  Through this, we’ll check strategies and tactics – are they resulting in what self had in mind?  Numerology flags 9 stages to work through; we’ve five more years before this cycle ends.  We won’t need to wait that long for progress but “4” is just one of the mid-points.  It comes to take stock; check and adjust things so that good goals are fulfilled.  It can feel initially intrusive but we tend to rejoice in what it helps humans achieve.

Within the above lies the realm of assumptions – the mantras and goals we’ve taken up.  “4” checks upon these frameworks, too, because thoughts and feelings affect all else.  In moments like these, recipes are tested: are they as sound as can be?  Self gets the chance to proof its targets – are they what s/he wants to reach?  “4” verifies plans, expectations, ingredients, modus operandi.  Through this, selves become more adept at attaining things.  This could be another formative year, consciously expanding and improving mindsets.  It might help you sense more of what can occur when egoic self gets out of life’s way.

The above acknowledged, this year could also help selves confirm what they want and/or how they might achieve it.  All vibrations target what is subtle, unconscious and obvious.  In spiritual growth, much of the focus falls upon the first two elements.  Master-number heavy, this year looks certain to colour lives energetically.  Such chapters boost what can seem silent: the invisible realm (dreams, thoughts, feelings).  This is where “2020/4” could really help people practically.  Like last year, it wants more noticed – wiser, tighter, better are some end points.  “4” is the builder ensuring that things are as good as they can be and can, therefore, target visions, models, materials or methods.

“4” also calls for quality – substance, not volume, matters with this vibe.  Where are you sensing chances to cull, reinforce and/or upgrade?  What’s in need of genuine replacement ?  Does it lie on the surface or deeper in?  “4” can denote inner thoughts and narratives, OR more overt realities.  Master number years target what’s inner as well as our costumes, habits and the like.  Don’t be surprised if this one helps you benefit from a little more polish in life.

Lastly… for the moment…. this year’s birth number heralds some new approaches to things.  This could affect our actions and stances, or present as a new way of thinking.  “4”, being builder, targets any sphere involved in producing “stuff”.  Life always seeks an end shot that’s kosher; master number years, even more.  How we approach, handle and process comes in again, here, as a theme.  Due to this, you might notice reinforcement along these lines throughout the year.



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We’ll become and channel more “2020” via an M.O. of “79/7”

If you read this year as “twenty twenty”, the M.O. becomes “52/7”.  The birth number, above, signals what we’ll learn and channel more of; how we’ll do that is via this vibe.  It’s the how’s in life which expand consciousness all over again.  Birth numbers can grab a lot of attention but it’s also worth looking at names. 

So, “two thousand and twenty” and “twenty twenty” both reduce to “7”.  We’ve seen this pattern for a few years now and it can be seen as a positive.  When both signatures bring the same end point, charts can offer less complexity.  Shortened names carry influence but the original, full name often best explains things.  For this reason, these Observations only discuss “two thousand and twenty”.

You may recall that “2019” delivered a “7” in its chart, too.  This augers well – we’re likely to see/sense a continuation in themes.  This will be something selves can leverage off; last year set us up well for what unfolds next.  It always does that – proactively guides, heals, informs, protects.  “7” is a time for learning, digesting, in ways that enhance what we then do.  This reinforces the birth number because “4” and “7” are closely linked.  They’re both mental vibes, honing how we process, deduce and view things.  The former number clarifies constructs; the latter beds that down as practical wisdom.  This helps selves deal with issues and wavelengths in pleasant and/or challenging ways.  “4” denotes understanding; “7” ensures that we leverage off that. 

Where “7” is learn, “9” completes; it’s the end of our current learning curve.  It is, in this light, the final moments of doing, thinking and being as we have been.  It likes to close themes to the point of never revisiting them.  “7” can come as a lightbulb flashing on in ways we never question again.  Clarity can feature therefore, cutting through all manner of stuff.  Included in this, spiritually speaking, is the sense of doors closing and new ones opening up.  Hence, this year could shed more light, somehow, in ways you sense are really worthwhile.  This may pertain to your ways of being and/or to those of others nearby.  “79/7” flags learning which we share in the form of verbal debriefs or stances we adopt.  It can represent a time when people deal with things to their karmic/spiritual conclusion.  “2020/4” also does this (much of what we become comes via interaction).  This year seems to want selves sharper, brighter, lighter and clearer in some way.  The birth number flags what we will step into (and away from); the M.O., how we’ll do that.  “7”, being passive, could call for some more reflection.  “4” and “0” could also do this. 

By choosing to align with universal will, one can help life to shift.  Another of “7”s characteristics is its pull towards spiritual self-ness.  It’s seen as “the” vibe in this respect, flagging wholistic downloads and wisdom.  People can find themselves pulled towards such dynamics (more) when “7” visits.  The need to meditate can heighten – anything which helps self sense wholistically.  As it appears twice in this M.O., such things could happen even more loudly.  You might need to delve a little deeper/further some days.  This is more than possible given that “11” (via this year’s reality number) also presents. 

“7” also flags intuitive being; our role as channels energetically.  It can be a time when higher self makes itself more known/public.  It signals the dance between egoic/mental and divine/higher self (head vs heart).  “7” can also flag the body’s role in intuiting – gut feel is, perhaps, the most important sense of all.  Relative to seeing and hearing, it tends to offer more depth and insight.  The challenge is whether we let ourselves heed it (another key “7” construct!).  “7” flags the dance between mind and intuition; how well we integrate such things.  It can, therefore, denote complexity – i.e. moments where knowing and knowledge can be over-fêted.  It’s also the place we check on such wavelengths; choosing not to know to glean more.  Through this, life helps people to “see”, sense and manifest on new levels. 

You know, “7” (as a rule) helps selves decipher and resolve issues conclusively.  This year’s M.O. carries “9” as well so states like this could increase.   These two dynamics, together, will help us become clearer about what we want or not, and how we might go about that – all in the name of ending chapters well.  “9” is the time we finish that “book” (one we’ve often had open for a while).  It’s the final scene in our current production of self, achieving, existing (life!).  It can inspire as selves process to completion and come to figure new things out.  Both vibes trigger release from what’s stale physically or energetically.  “7” can help selves let go of astral patterns; “9” also does this.  Both dynamics foster a sense of beginning over in healthy(-ier) ways.  Doing this, they often result in a boost in empowerment and breakthroughs.  “9” is the moment just before new chapters start – i.e. rebirth and all it can offer you.

Finally, for now, “7” might also find us mentoring others more than we’d like to or more than we were.  Lead by example; show ‘em how it’s done; focus on your own path (the rest will catch up)….  Such expressions could flourish this year – “7”, after all, is practical wisdom.  It focuses upon you, systems, models, assumptions AND other beings.  “Be who you are” and “live what you know” could become catchcries as this year unfolds.  If life helps you clear and jettison extras, then spread that word for others, you’ll be doing well. 

So?  “79/7” flags learning which opens up new doors, paths, models, etc.  It visits to help selves deal with and honour/represent their values more.  “7” is a place where opinions can sink projects; where battles increase because “I” am right.  It’s also a time when peace pipes can flourish whenever selves wish to (re-)unite.  “2020/4” will boost these rhythms, pulling folk together to work through things.  The “0”s could help us all become wiser as we embrace the chance to do this.  Through these dynamics, we are likely to channel better approaches and solutions again.  “2”, being “other”, is likely to trigger more solid action on things like climate change.  Yay!



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This year carries a reality number of “2099/2”

… or “2072/2” if we use this year’s shorter M.O.  Both of these vibes pass through “11” (another master number in this year’s chart).  I’ve discussed all of these digits above so the themes already outlined could be reinforced. 

For all I’ve said about “1”s disappearing, they manifest subtly here.  “7” can add to master number lessons because it denotes intuition.  Repeating digits and/or those ending with “0” like to check self’s spiritual connection.  People don’t always ground in spiritual wavelengths – “invisible” doesn’t mean A-grade guidance.   To sense “things” is the easy part – choosing what we channel, another step.  A regular theme in intuitive growth is the need to (re-)learn such things.  We can always go higher – infinity is endless – to access levels more wholistic.   The dare is to aim for (and channel) the highest and purest guidance on hand.  As “2099” also bears master numbers, themes like this could prevail. 

This year, some days, “99” is also due to help selves care more wholistically.  “9” denotes “compassion” and, therefore, a time to develop empathy.  “8” helps self achieve targets and is often more myopic/self-ish.  “9” delivers closure and, therefore, more time, space and energy to burn.  Wider views can appear at such junctions and, with this, more concern for life generally.  “99” might, here, nudge you to consider wider views/realities.  “9” can draw lines we never revisit, creating space for what’s yet to come.  Don’t be surprised if this year helps you become more regularly future-focused. 

“11” is a phase that toughens self up in ways it’s aware of as that’s happening.  It’s often, in hindsight, a forging moment which reveals just what we’re capable of doing/being.  This can unfold as a positive endorsement or as a boot camp, break-out, break-down.  Double-“1” wants only what’s soul – i.e. self without all of its window dressing.  It wants people being more adult, honest and cognisant of others as they tread their paths.  It helps us become more resilient and in tune with life no matter what.  “1” denotes leadership that is constant so this year could help us all (re-)find our strength.  This could arise as we observe life or get about day-to-day.

Double-“1” might help you hold lines more and/or dare others to do this, too.  Last year sent some great examples of “rebellion” – don’t be surprised if they spread this year.  “2099/2” will use socialising, space and end points to nudge us to what’s better again.  Via lessons in placement; healthy(-ier) time out; and processing well, we’ll add great value.  Like all vibes, these ones could come in (at first) as what is not right/true.  Through this, life prompts conscious choice (self often delves deepest when it’s challenged).  By learning “what is not” at the start of a cycle, we often end up with more of what is “best”.  Here, we’re reminded of the importance of stances like focus, patience and faith. 

So?  If this year squeezes schedules or game plans, you’ll be in sync completely!  “11” denotes truth not yet noted or fathomed to “this” degree.  Life can present mirrors which highlight positive, neutral or negative stuff.  “11”, like “7” and “9”, guides people to intelligence they use in daily life.  Here is where it stresses the platform of leader as a thing every self can achieve.  That’s not a stance assigned via employment – it’s all about learning and being.  When “11” hits, it can bring surprises – master numbers trigger sudden shifts and growth.  They like to inflate self-ness to a level that helps us sense what we can relinquish now.  Habits, perceptions, connections and patterns are wonderful targets for spiritual growth.  Through all of this, life pulls (or pushes!) selves further towards long-lasting “progress”.  “11”, as “truth”, helps us release the delusions and limits of egoic being.  It only presents like this to help us live and fulfil our destiny. 



Do you need to clear?  

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“2020/4” overall?

Below is a tally, by month and by number, of the vibes which surface this year.  Where a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes can heighten.  “2” is especially high in number; “1”s have reduced as a monthly count.  This differs greatly from the “201” decade yet life will continue to bend and stretch selves.  Via this year’s “9”s, life will help us conclude things and learn how to care more for all of life again.  Every month will offer other rhythms as well, which will team up to reveal, stretch and nurture.  Your personal chart will also affect how your days, weeks and months unfold.  Click here to organise a reading or do this via my Get in Contact page.

Mth/No. J F M A M J J A S O N D
0 5 4 5 5 4 5 5 4 5 6 6 4
1 5 4 3 2 7 4 3 3 3 5 7 5
2 10 11 10 10 8 9 10 8 8 8 8 8
3 1 1 3 3 1 2 3 1 4 1 3
4 1 6 2 3 1 3 2 1 7 3 3 4
5 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 2
6 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2
7 5 2 5 2 3 2 4 4 2 3 2 4
8 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 2
9 4 3 3 5 3 5 4 4 7 4 4 4


To sum up?  In one sense, this year could feel less bumpy than those we’ve just left behind.  Every month, this year, seems to offer fewer, high-level number counts.  To counter this, however, more master numbers visit.  Given all of the repetition, the intensity seems more clustered.  Yet this year should foster awareness that helps us all build better than before (“4).  We’ll learn about and manifest such things by choosing to see life as it is now (“7”).  Closing off on habits which are out-dated (“9”), we’ll become wiser, more constructive, somehow (“7”).  By embracing these vibes, we’re likely to channel more spiritual, authentic “I” (“1” and “11”).  Norms are likely to be challenged to the next level this year.  Don’t be surprised if people step into more empowering ways of being.  Release from the old and embrace of the future could be an increasingly solid dynamic (“4”).  All in all, this year should end up inspiring, stretching, challenging and delighting. 

As a final, final note, it’s worth observing that this year’s chart contains vibes which also featured last year.  This augers well: repetition over phases provides solid practice in things which matter!  “2020” might seem similar to last year; headiness will feature again, as will spiritual vibes.  You could kick some goals because of this aspect with a furthering of issue and/or learning ‘til “June”.  If you find this, you’re doing well – “11” is release (remember?!).  It often dares self to live its path, truly really, in spite of what anyone else is saying.  “Be in the now” is another key catchphrase – presence and fulfilment go hand-in-hand.  This year looks likely to leave you feeling clearer than ever and more empowered as an existence.  


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And you personally?

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