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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for “2019”.  These Observations outline the spiritual and energetic dynamics stemming out of this year’s numerology.  They connect to the Monthly Observations and can be worth reading with them.  The narrative below is likely to offer new perspectives every time you read or hear it. 

Please bear in mind that these Observations relate to this year’s collective chart.  They don’t talk about your specific situation or personal year.  If you’d like to hear how “2019” will play out in your world, get in contact here.


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This is the world’s third year in the current “1” to “9” cycle.  Last year bore a “2” birth number which helps to explain all of sorts of stuff.  “2” zeros in on relationships – not just close ones – and our sense of fit.  Trading and exchanges can feature as tensions build interpersonally.  This, of course, can play out between selves or amongst countries (as we saw last year).  All of this shows us how to co-exist and share better.  “2019” reduces to “3” which should see life easing up.  That said, it passes through “12” (a karmic number which can be quite reinforcing).

Before we examine this year in detail, let’s look at its numerology:

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)    2019/3

M.O. – how we’re likely to do that    94/4

Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things   2113/7


This year will promote more “2019/3”

… no matter how well you channel that now.  “2” denotes relativities and placement; “0”, “nothing” and energetic worlds; “1” represents self as a learner and how that presents in “me” and “you”; “9” delivers chances to close off in ways that truly liberate self; “3” marks life and flow as creations that are shaped by thought, feelings and things.  We’ve had the pattern “2-0-1” for a while so “9” and “3” could be what we notice most.

“2019” says that, via interacting and finding out more about our place this life (“2”); moments of not enough which spur people to seek and create better spaces (“0”); events that trigger genuine, equitable, centred growth (“1”); and sorting whatever no longer needs to be (“9”), we’ll better express, download and exchange. 

“2019”s end point, “3”, points to affirmations, gestures, goods, services, information.  It helps us discover more about what we put out (i.e. manifest) as a process.  Realising is also a key “3” rhythm however it presents.  As a phase in life, it can find dreams helping us distil and rebalance.  Sleep time can see all sorts of dialogues being had more honestly.  It goes without saying that, when we nod off, we have less control over what (and who!) comes visiting.  That said, dreams are also affected by how well we clear and stay well-aligned.  Going to bed without clearing energetically can see sleep busier or more wired.  It also tends to see a continuance of the rhythms we were in before bedtime.  Here is where things like meditating, exercise and quiet time can enhance lives.  What we take in tends to directly flavour all that we put out.  This is a key message in a “3” year so don’t be surprised if “2019” helps you become smarter about inputs and outputs.

“3”, then, denotes conversations – with self, Source, other, life.  As a chance to grow again (spiritually develop!), it targets any part of our production process.  At the very start of any experience lie all the things one has ingested.  This includes vibes, thoughts and moods – what “I” entertain can affect everything.  As such, “fuel” is a great analogy when a “3” year surfaces.  Bearing in mind that “2019/3” is only a part of this year’s offerings.  We each have a personal profile which will also colour life day-to-day.  Overall, there are three dimensions worth looking at: one’s whole of life birth chart and personal year; and the collective year in itself (e.g. “2019”).  These Observations only concern the collective rhythms arising out of this year’s numerology.

Given the above, “3” can highlight what we take in, accept or entertain.  Intuitive realities can, therefore, emerge louder in a “3” chapter.   Some say that life begins energetically so what we “sit in” and promote are key determinants in how we see, give, radiate, act, think, feel.  “3”, here, signals intuitive downloads, psychic wavelengths, spiritual guidance.  Whatever level we’re tapping into, we can always cast higher again.  “3” can bring lessons re stances – how and what we channel; how to enhance it.  What are you tuning into either by choice or unconsciously? 

Equally, “3” can signal where people could, perhaps, communicate better.  A major point in any creative process is the moment self converses with (it)self.  This can target internal dialogues, gossip, discussions – any exchange.  The role and calibre of our inner chatter can really impact life.  Quietening egoic self’s need to feature as that silent voice can be a feat!  That aspect of “I” often runs in the background reinforcing, energising or undermining.  Don’t be surprised if “2019” helps you conquer wavelengths like this.  

What you say to yourself really matters as the start of creating everything else.  “3”, as self-talk, can also focus upon what “I” let myself admit.  Greater acknowledgment and/or digestion of themes could feature more this year.  “3”, in one sense, likes to (re-)state that energy always needs to flow.  We can’t totally repress or contain it – it always finds a leak somehow.  Nor can we change it by covering it up – egoic or essential, it is what it is.  It’s due to this that issues and rhythms have to be dealt with at their roots.  Along comes “3” to guide us to take a good look at the vibes we honour.  Only by letting energy speak its feelings and thoughts do we help stuff clear.  Energy in = energy out; it only transforms when it’s allowed to say what it needs.  That’s not about becoming a puppet; a spiritual witness isn’t a walk-in.

This year could see you or others encouraged to process what you really need to.  As this occurs, self often starts to sense which patterns grow what’s not so good.  When this happens, we can find ourselves releasing from stuckness or pessimism.  In the world of energy, this is how we heal things – by allowing the expression of what is.  When a “bad” word is thought or felt, it doesn’t leave until it’s given its uttered.  Writing stuff down, blowing it out or verbally sharing it help to clear the air.  Responses like this can leave a person’s body, mind and life clear of what has been hanging about for ages (which, in turn, makes space for more of what wants to come).    

Energy hates a space unoccupied – there’s no such thing as a vacuum.  We can let silence and gaps fill with extras that are universal or egoic in kind.  “2019/3” – involving closure (“9”) – could ask us all to delve into issues; learn from them; heal; permit expression; and evolve more consciously.  More resolution and expression are two pivotal end points this year as and when we inter-relate maturely, well-grounded, responsibly.  “3” is the chance to express yourself better egoically or spiritually.  That doesn’t offer us licence to blow off indiscriminately.  This might explain why I write, above, that outputs stem from what we ingest.  Conscious or not, how we make sense of what we bump into makes a very real difference!  Energy flows – there’s no way to stop it even when we try to contain it. 

How we process stuff is important; we pass it on to others even if we don’t mean to.  Holding “it” in isn’t a technique that helps any being truly succeed.  We don’t have to share every thought wave to anyone but ourselves and the Divine.  This year could help us learn such isms another degree (or help others do so).  Are you using outdated recipes?  Nurturing stuff that’s peaceful or toxic?  Does your diet or lifestyle need tweaking?  What is your energetic frame of reference?  Are these aspects of real-world life as high and pure as they can be?  This year could help us all examine questions like these. 

Expression and flow – on any level – are likely to grab people’s attention.  Having responsibly (healthily!) processed whatever we need to, we make more room to create – i.e. live, trade, mingle, share as we sense we truly can.  This is also how a “3” year helps us to co-exist better again.  What we put out is only as good as the food, vibes and thoughts we take in.  Expressing, of course, can find us talking, gesturing or downloading psychically to ourselves, dear ones, strangers, neighbours – so, how are you behaving, not to mention those nearby?  Are you the best sort of neighbour or participant?  Where could you pump more essence again?  Loudness as a vibe or volume can notably increase when “3” pops in.  Offensive, reactive, self-ish and/or childish “I” offer us the chance to rebalance again.  “Get it off your chest” is another “3” rhythm which often spotlights what’s holding life back.  Now’s a great time to consider how you could responsibly, fairly and kindly do that. 

Diplomacy, tact, honesty, frankness – for the sake of the future – could come your way.  “3” is a place that hones our skills in listening and negotiating.  Team work can be a noun, verb or spiritual learnig curve.  Given the above – let alone last year – “2019” could trigger more open discussions.  It may simply flag the need for such moments because “2019” goes through “12” to “3”.  This is great news because “12” phases tend to feel more inclusive.  “You”, the world and “me” feature in it – i.e. more implicitly than other numbers.  As we step further into adulthood (wherever we need to), more wholistic flow emerges.  With this could come tests of patience; calls for more of the right stuff.  After last year’s heightening of self-ness, experiences like this could become a little bit easier. 

“12/3” can be an empowering chapter because it involves “you” and “I”.  A greater sense of (or need for!) togetherness and co-operation can arise.  After “11” (which visited last year), “12/3” can seem like a holiday!  This year will bring challenges and delights that cause self feeling as if s/he matters again.  Relative to zones with two “11/2”s, “12” can find life more “normal”.  “Things as they should be” could be a rhythm that arises often this year – i.e. as a standard and an experience that is felt more palpably.  Integrity will continue to matter – “1” tends to heighten that call.  So, too, will the need and ability to breathe, chill and stay grounded.  After last year, such dynamics could unfold easier than they recently have been.  We may have to wait until Chinese New Year for such vibes to surface but “2019” looks promising!


What about you?!

These Observations look at what’s likely to emerge collectively this year.  To organise a reading on your personal chart for “2019” and beyond, contact me (here).


We’ll become and channel more “2019/3” via an M.O. of “94/4”

The birth number, above, signals what we’ll learn and channel more of this year.  How we’ll do that (collectively speaking) is via what I call the M.O.  How life plays out is often what triggers the emergence of soul in physical form.  Birth numbers get a lot of attention but it’s worth looking at names as well.  Interestingly (as has happened often since the year “2000”), the short and long versions of this year’s name both reduce to “4”.  “Two thousand and nineteen” reduces to  “94/4”; “twenty nineteen”, to “67/4”.  Shortened names carry influence but the original/proper (full) name often best explains things.  For this reason, these Observations only examine “two thousand and nineteen”.


Some thoughts about “9”

If you visited Psychic & Energy Work last year, you would have read (or heard) about “9”.  Last year, it came in master number form as the M.O. “99/9”.  This augurs well because it suggests that we’re all more practiced in “9” vibes.  Said enough last year, this dynamic likes us to attend to our obligations.  Here, it helps selves close off; clean up; address what’s not right; dust things off.  “2018” fostered progress as well as busyness.  Any year with “8”s can leave selves unable to get all their background jobs done.  Cleaning, exercising, resting and other, more negotiable tasks can fall by the way.  Here comes the year “2019” to help selves back to (more) equilibrium.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended “2018” a little exhausted!  That can occur as “8” progresses through any chart on any level.  The great news is that this year has few “8”s, “5”s or master numbers.  This points to a very different period – one that breeds more palpable calm.  Wherever last year pushed or pulled you out of good grounding, this year should address that.

So, “9” is closure; end that habit; finish the chapter so that it doesn’t replay.  It often leaves key frameworks updated – i.e. things that don’t serve essential states.  It can be a zone where spring cleaning features yet a lot of that was done last year.  Compared with “2018”s M.O., “2019”s single “9” should be gentler.  Don’t be too brazen with that statement – any number, any time, can throw curveballs!  Yet, it’s through our ability – in groups and as individuals – to address things that we’ll foster and witness more inspiring, spiritual “3”. 

“9” also boosts one’s sense of compassion (over and above the usual levels).  Having attended to all else in life (up until “9”), we tend to sense that we’ve more space to care for all creatures, Earth, air, beings, plants.  This year could find us all forced to think (and address!) wider implications.  Environment emerges as a theme when one reads statements like this.  Aged care, education, health and support where it’s needed (and other such topics!) could call more loudly for more appropriate approaches.  Profit’s essential if tomorrow matters but not at the cost of wholistic health.  We may, therefore, find governments or markets focusing less upon the dollar.  In Australia, that is possible given it’s an election year!  People matter; equality’s an end state; nature counts if we want to exist; plastic breeds if it’s given too much space; people need healthy air and food.  We’re all witnessing how industrialisation has, in some ways, become a burden.  Matters like these are already prominent; this year could help us all look closer at such things.  Even here, lies the premise that what we get out is what we put in.  One single voice, uttered well, can make a substantial difference.  Actions can count more than verbals so be (and promote!) the change you want in your world. 


Some thoughts about “4”

“4”, with “9” in an M.O., can be seen as wonderful news!  It’s similar to “3” because of its role in boosting our awareness.  It can encourage people to see things clearer – the whole of life (big) picture again.  Where “3” is the lightbulb flashing on for the first time, “4” helps us fathom (truly distil) things.  “4”, in this sense, can leave us clearer about what’s needed (next).  It’s life delivering potent insights that go on to feed future efforts.  “4” is the plan as well as the research – all that’s required to realise dreams.  In tandem with “9”, the “4”s in this year’s M.O. could help us all smarten up this year.

“4” is also a zone for building that points to frameworks, models, etc.  Here, it can highlight the role of perceptions in shaping outcomes and delivering well.  You may sense how “3”, “4” and “9” could team up to help in all sorts of ways.  Close it off; build the best; say what you need to – at any time – are potent dynamics.  After a year that offered “11”s and demanded more integrity, this one could stir people to step up and/or honour the future more (i.e. the one they’ve always sensed can take form).  Only an expert eye can build things intuitively, physically and practically well.  Life experience helps people see each other, issues and things as they are.  This, in turn, goes on to affect every other part of life.  “4”, then, is the master builder enhancing/creating all s/he can.  It’s that time of life when we start to appreciate things fully and act upon them.  It can come in the form of rewards or set-backs that help us hit upon what we now need to do.  Either way, “2019” should be a more productive year. 

This year, the tightening of plans, habits, perceptions and models could be potent.  “94/4” says that, via closure and compassion (“9”), and more glimpses of life as it is (“4”), we’ll start existing, creating, progressing palpably better than we had been.  “4”, said above, can find perceptions, models and assumptions reviewed.  Frameworks – the base from which we (re-)act and, ultimately, manifest – matter here.  “4”, in this sense, is like Mercury retrograde; a time for reviewing ingredients lists (what we plan and do).  Strategy is another “4” rhythm which can boost “3”s role in helping selves realise and intuit.  “3”, “4” and “9”, together, could see all sorts of tricky subjects tackled.  Issues and themes we’d been avoiding could end up being resolved!  Within this, lies more empowerment and the drive to collaborate.  Working together always helps people exist and deliver in all the ways they know they  can.

So, “94/4” will help us discover, step into and radiate more “2019/12/3”.  Mind will matter as a zone that fosters whatever we sense, witness, heal.  It always does but a chart that contains “3”, “4” and “7” help people learn, absorb, understand and foster whatever needs must.  Big picture issues could be digested and worked through (more than they had been).  Environmental matters and immigration play out as even more prominent themes.  They’re already high in profile but may be given additional space on our agendas – not to mention, their underlying causes (e.g. greed, selfishness, exclusive states).  Last year’s two “11/2” helped us prepare for such events. 

“2019” could help selves count the whole cost of weapons, wars, advancement.  Not all of these dynamics are without benefit but egoic self doesn’t share too well.  This year could magnify territorial thinking, cornering selves to address that.  Can you sense “2019” calling for more inclusive patterns in life?  These sorts of vibes can amplify causes, problems or amazing times.  It all starts at home – one’s sense of being – and how we respect and nurture that.  The personal practice of spiritual, practical and physical beings really matters. 

“4” can also target investments: past, present, future; thought, deed or act.  What we take in = what we emit and “4” helps people really fathom that.  It can force us back to the table to address what’s not working (passive numbers like reviews).  Yet “4”, like “3”, is a moment of waking; a time when more lightbulbs flashing.  With this can bloom more energy and focus to make a meaningful difference long-term.  Fuel in the belly is another “4” rhythm: sorting and preparing for life’s next adventure.  Don’t be surprised if this year helps you sense where your reality needs an upgrade.  Do what you can to help that happen as peacefully and healthily as you can.

“4”s role in growth can be pointed because it likes us to grow the right things.  All numbers do but, when “4” visits, aspects of structure can be heightened.  This can see prior investments of time, energy and effort paying off.  It can also trigger a series of wipe outs which, in themselves, offer new starts – easy to write, harder to live through but all vibes focus upon the long-term.  This is why the affirmation, “All is well” is a fact constantly.   Some days, we live this state directly; on others, we need to remember it.  “2019”s numerology looks set to trigger wisdom that is more inclusively shared. 

Financial markets are already wobbling; trading regimes are under review; politics in and between countries have made life less certain.  None of these things are new revelations but they could throw selves off-centre some days as the universe (life) helps them confirm codes and values, and act from there.  “94/4” signals how we will all grow more “2019/12/3”.  The dynamics of structure – perceptual, spiritual, mental, physical – will help “what is best” to flourish.  All in all and in spite of any challenge, the M.O. points to a strengthening time.  “4”, as the end point, always targets long-term good.


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This year’s endpoint is “2113/7”

… so the need to get wise and share in that could become even louder.  “7” also flags sabbatical – a time when self retreats to reflect.  The reality number signals the end states we’ll grow by channelling more of this year’s birth number via the M.O.  Learning through the prism “94/4”, we’ll emit more spiritual “2019/12/3” and, in so doing, find ourselves creating even better “2113/7” – i.e. states where we grasp, learn, study, appreciate and share wisdom.  “Getting it” could, therefore, feature as a dynamic periodically.  I often say “7” can play out like time in life’s classroom (while everyone else is out to play).  This can leave us feeling as if Source is thwarting all of our plans.  Passive vibes regularly do this: prevent us from just making progress.  Source only does this to help selves sense, admit to and deliver more of what’s right. 

“7” is like “3” and “4” in how it helps us release former mindsets.  It has a special bond with these numbers – “3” is realise; “4” is know more; “7” is wisdom to the point of being totally certain.  It signals, then, truly practical knowledge – the type we never doubt again.  In this sense, “7” denotes learning’s end point: everything certain; nothing in doubt.  In achieving this stance, life can call people to release all they’ve known (up until now).  “7”, here, can present as a person thinking (and being) inflexible!  When it begins, excessive adherence to opinion or limit can flourish.  “I know” and “I think” can act as roadblocks when we firmly adhere to them.  “My” view or model can create myopia – another vibe which “7” is prone to review.  Yet, through headiness, we’re taught to become more fluid, inclusive, accepting.  This helps explain why “7” can initially slow people down to speed them up. 

When “7” hits, we can be so sure that “this” needs to happen and “I’m” in charge.  Selves often do this without perceiving the tunnel vision they’re channelling.  This is something Source likes to target whenever “7” aspects build.  Another face of “7” is spirituality (the lived and breathed version, not just the theory).  This is why “7” is wisdom – the kind that takes root having lived and breathed it.  In the line up of numbers, it comes later (not at the start).  Subtle in this is the fact that time’s needed as is a bit of bumping about.  True wisdom comes when self can surrender (not necessarily because it’s wrong).  “7” can want people releasing all they’ve collected, learned, forecast.  To truly know, one has to surrender so as to access even more.  “7” denotes meditation which wants the releases of all mind.  This is how one truly accesses wisdom – all questions answered; mysteries explained.  The why’s in life are often deep-rooted – i.e. the issues which generate pain.  They’re states which require a person’s acceptance of self and life as they really are – i.e. before we are able to truly get out, live, succeed.  “7” is “be” as a knowing creation in ways that pass goodness on.  It’s “witness”, “absorb”, “digest” and “share well” so as to enhance the overall results.  It’s the monk, the guru, humility…  states that flourish only when “I” connect well. 

When self releases all “I”, “me”, “my”, all sorts of gains become possible (again).  “2113” says that, through self’s expression, we’ll come to know more in ways that matter.  Relativities and trading will be themes – that’s a no-brainer given events occurring worldwide!  In between “2” and “3” you’ll notice a subtle “11/2”.  This could trigger more lessons in self-ness, akin to what we witnessed last year.  That’s been building as world leaders wrestle with all manner of things.  “11” flags self doubly over and, therefore, lessons about adult and child.  Through this, we’re led to even better “2” stances (i.e. relating).  “2” calls selves to get along better; “1”s prone to claim, “I matter most”.  That needn’t be read as a “bad” thing – every stance offers egoic and spiritual platforms.  At the start of a period, life can deliver lower-level vibes for their transformation.  “11/2” likes triggering growth that promotes more nurturing states.  It’s double leadership, elder, example at either end of maturity.  So?  “2019”s reality number could reveal even more about wants and needs. 

You know, “2018”s two “11”s were aspects folk had to deal with last year.  We’re not new to it; it shouldn’t surprise us and we may come to master such things.  That said, “11”s visit can inflame fear and uncertainty at first.  A lack of confidence needn’t mean bad news but don’t too flummoxed if this happens.  “11” can stretch self-development above and beyond the usual rate.  Many people experienced this last year – we’re not new to these wavelengths.  Yet “2113/7” supports this year’s birth number and M.O. really well!  It points to greater maturity and nous – the type that grows soul all over again.

So, “7” calls for spirituality – the lived and shared version to a firmer level.  This can involve a furthering of practice or the emergence of new methods.  In one sense, it is “just” meditation – the act of connecting to higher self.  Even here, egoic self can become stuck in a rut.  Mind is amazing in how it hems things in when it has acclimatised.  “7”, again, denotes constructs as value-adds or limitations, and can want what’s overly narrow jettisoned.  From these angles, one can sense thought waves deepening, heightening and/or getting purer.  Source, of course, isn’t of limit; the universe is infinity.  From time to time, our spiritual practice can require airing.  This is one way life helps us access even more wholistic views – i.e. through the use of breath and the release of all self-ness (e.g. head stuff, thought waves, inner chatter, affirmation).  Some days, this is easily delivered; others ask selves to work at it more.  A period with “7” as one of its main vibes can reveal things in a whole, new light. 

“2019” could also help you access more energetically.  The need to clear, process and balance out could help you meditate more deeply.  “I release all self” is a mantra that can help people at any time.  Eyes closed or shut, when we let go of “me”, “you” and “other” on the energetic level, “bad” stuff tends to morph.  This can see silence experienced as a zone that’s full of wonder and healing.  If “2019” guides you to sit still, see if you can access dimensions like this.

Some folk believe manifesting well requires them to order Source about.  We have to know what we want and value, but Source isn’t deaf, uninterested or blind.  The Divine ain’t the one who has yet to realise and allow things (that’s the individual’s remit).  Mindfulness, knowing and spiritual practice is there to help us better tune in.  Source doesn’t need project managers driving, pushing or willing agendas.  What It requires is for selves to give and take wholistically better.  That requires sharing in ways that nurture every layer of life.  This isn’t something egoic self tends to enjoy or exceed at.  Myopic “I” hates gaps in knowledge and tends to fill them with busyness and habits which perpetuate lack of faith (doubt).  Spirituality asks people to constructively work with what can seem “wrong”.  This is how “nothing” becomes “something” on pleasant and long-lasting dimensions.  It can involve tangible or etheric wavelengths: attitudes, vibes, processes, states.  Being too mindful can see us filling all of our spaces up with what we know already.  This is like playing the same record (or track!) over and over again.  “2019/3” could reveal where self needs to move on.  Too much mind can find us in ruts, no longer able to dance with life well.  This, in turn, can impede newness from presenting, growing or helping people.  This could be another key rhythm as “2019” passes by.  “Do not fear” and “Connect before you (re-)act” are plants you could meet and need to nurture more this year.

All of the above Observations concur with the numbers “2113” – i.e. relate with the whole world tangible and energetic (“2”); grow up twice over, know self really (“1”); realise stuff and manifest better (“3”)….   All of these wavelengths could feature more.  When we’ve not quite mastered such rhythms, we can find ourselves or others getting heady – i.e. knowing too much; becoming arrogant; blocking the good that’s on its way.  Via tension, we’re always encouraged to unwind and partner well.  Time out, exercise and healthily processing help us manifest soulful end-points.  This is where “2018” has set humans up really well: a year with master numbers and “8” can overly promote states of busyness.  Here, grow the habits of pushing or cramming which then need attention in the “9” phase.  “8” is active; “9” is passive – it helps us to ground and sort things out.  This year could stall selves’ progress so as to get even more things more right.  From another angle, “2019” could help us all to conclude what’s “old” nicely.  The first seconds of any chapter often shows selves how to release from what they are stuck in. 


Do you need to clear?

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“2019/3” overall?

Below is a tally, by month and by number, of the vibes which surface this year.  Where a number presents three or more times, we can see its energetic and spiritual themes heightening.  “1” and “2” are high in number but we’ve lived with that since “2010”.  They’ll continue to stretch selves’ perceptions as an ongoing (not a new) theme.  Bear in mind, too, that each month will also offer rhythms that stretch and nurture souls.  In addition, your personal chart will affect how each day, week and month unfolds.  Click here to organise a reading on that.

Mth/No. J F M A M J J A S O N D
0 3 2 2 2 4 4 3 2 3 3 4 2
1 9 7 8 5 7 6 9 8 5 8 8 9
2 8 7 9 8 6 7 6 7 7 6 5 7
3 2 3 2 5 3 4 3 4 3 5 3 5
4 5 5 3 5 3 3 4 2 7 4 7 4
5 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1
6 3 1 3 2 1 1 1 2 2 2
7 2 2 2 2 3 1 2 4 1 3 1 2
8 2 1 2 2 1 1 3 1 1
9 3 2 3 3 2 5 3 2 4 3 2 3

One thing to notice about this tally are the lower counts of “5” and “8”.  This should make for an easier twelve months (relative to “2018”).  Both of these numbers can inflame tensions and/or the sense of pressure.  Such dynamics could still surface if these numbers feature in your personal profile.

“1”s and “2”s remain high in number but at lower levels than last year.  You might remember how “2018” started – i.e. with a bang, (quite intensely)?  The numbers suggest this sort of wavelength isn’t going to repeat this year.  Source will continue to call for (more) eldership – i.e. “1”; self-development.  “2”, relating and finding one’s true place (fit) in Creation, will require more authentic “I”.  Interpersonal and diplomatic wavelengths will continue to signal what we need to attend to.  They always do but when “2” and “1” heighten, dynamics like these tend to get louder. 

“4”s, “3”s and “9”s are the other vibes that will nudge us along from time to time.  Notice how, most months, they present at least three times?  This will be enhanced or countered by your personal profile.  Now’s a great time to examine that (click here to make a booking or inquiry).  Personal and collective rhythms play through all of life every day.  Sometimes, we are more influenced by the year’s profile’s (pleasantly or not).  All of what’s been said about “3”, “4” and “9” above could challenge or delight anyone.  “3”, “4” and “9” will help us fathom more about the value and purpose of what we’ve been caught up in.

Of all the months, April, September and October might play out most extremely.  They could unfold pleasantly so there’s no need to worry about that remark!  May and June could also help people close off on all sorts of things.  The first two months have high “4” counts so the call to wake up could become prominent.  For the most part, however, this new year seems quite evenly phased.  A few peaks and troughs appear in the numbers but not as extremely as they did last year.  This could find selves perceiving “2019” as a gentler time.  For any challenge, this year is likely to help us more palpably than last year.

Another nice thing about this tally is that the vibes in the year’s chart feature the most.  That’s not always the case and, as a result, what’s described above  could deliver the most pleasure (or pain!).  This, again, will be affected by the rhythms inherent in your personal profile.  Even so, it points to a chapter when planning and certainty should thrive.  Phases like this tend to help people become more empowered and/or confident about things.  All in all then, we’re due for a constructive year as and when we meet life as it really, truly is and allow ourselves (and others) to intuit and express how what needs to come out.  Empathy is such a big card here – If “I” can, “you” can wherever selves are egalitarian.


And you personally?

Although I’ve outlined some of this year’s dynamics, I haven’t looked at you or your numerological profile at all.  We each have a chart that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This information can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening, recently or since birth.  If life’s been odd or difficult, or you’d like to develop your intuitive skills, get in touch (here).  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads!

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