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Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for “2018”.  These Observations outline the spiritual and energetic dynamics arising out of this year’s numerology.  They connect into the Monthly Observations and can be worth reading with them.  The narrative below is likely to offer new perspectives every time you revisit it.  This is pretty common in Psychic & Energy Work – one session tends to deliver a series of meanings. 

Bear in mind that these Observations relate to this year’s collective chart.  They don’t zero in upon your situation or personal year.  If you’d like to hear how “2018” will play out in your world, get in contact.


There’s a lot of information below – that’s the joy of exploring numbers!  You can also hear “2018”s forecast – on its own or as you read this page.  To organise this, visit the Audio Files page. 

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This is the second year of the current “1” to “9” cycle we’re living through.  Last year was a “1” zone that triggered introspection and helped us discover more about “me”.  A “2” year pulls self into the public; out from its cave to mingle and learn.  As such, “2” years can teach us all sorts of things via what we’re amongst.  “1” can be the call to observe and prepare to (re-)act moments later.  “2” invites selves to merge well in the real-world – i.e. in ways that are spiritual and practical.  Here, it reveals more about how to relate as we move about (however we do).  “2”, therefore, likes to socialise and point out where to from here.  It tends to be a more active period (“1”s a passive number; “2” is not).  Any period marked by “2” can, therefore, feel (tangibly) more productive. 

Before we examine this year in detail, let’s look at its numerology:

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)    2018/2

M.O. – how we’re likely to do that    99/9

Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things   2117/2


This year will promote more “2018/2”

… making “2” and “8” the aspects to watch.  The pattern “2-0-1” has featured since “2010” (so we’re sorta used to these dynamics).  That’s not to say it won’t teach us new things but, at the start of a year, we tend to notice the new vibes the most. 


Looking at “2”…

The birth number signals what we’re going to be asked to grow into and demonstrate.  This can play out in a range of ways depending upon how we are placed.  “2”, said above, hints that relationships will play a louder role.  It represents the world of other – human, planet, plant, ghost, creature.  It can see us learning about and via any level of interaction.  It also suggests how we’ll help others firm up their value, path and place.  “2” can find self sharing space better – where “1” can focus inwards; “2” casts onto what is around us.  It educates humans by revealing more about what’s really going on.  As an active vibe, it can bring action that effects growth – i.e. more than before.  The joy of this number is that it’s more sociable (where “1” can be “the cave”; “2” denotes getting along).  Where last year could have felt more isolating, this year could boost support and equity.  Irrespective of how it manifests, we could see a boom in inclusivity.

“2” is “relate” and, therefore, signals a time for (re-)learning our p’s and q’s.  Said above, it can like to influence, mould and/or indoctrinate people.  As a birth number, it can see the adoption of new(-er) standards in anything.  Here, “2” dares us to apply the best code and apply that more continually.  Such dynamics can promote conflict because how things evolve can, sometimes, distract the most.  Where “1” can heighten self-development, the first stage of “2” can want to check this.  After twelve months of “1”-ing, we can be too used to “my way” of doing things.  Even if we’re aligning successfully, “2” instructs us from new viewpoints.  It can call for a review of customs so that they remain truly right.  In this sense, “2” mentors “1” to exchange better (whilst self-ing) and to adapt over time. 

Updates and shifts are possible this year (i.e. more than recently).  Relief can ensue from such statements – excessive self-focus could now evolve to relate more.  Unity, togetherness and mutuality could be notable themes, therefore.  This year’s M.O. of “99/9” seems to suggest this is likely.  “2” can find people schmoozing and mingling (even if they don’t want to).  This can manifest in the form of parties, the world of politics or, even bear hugs.  No number denotes challenges only; they all bring more joy as we better emit.  “2018” could see acknowledgements made that, perhaps, are overdue.  Feedback often helps to heal selves and issues, no matter the type that’s received.  As wounds are expressed and released, life starts to morph and clear energetically.  We may need to work through such rhythms more in the present than we have.  This needn’t indicate more closeness at all times; “2” can also seek separations.  In the name of good fit, it always teaches us important things about boundaries.  However it unfolds, self’s place or value (and those of others) will be themes. 

So, “2” can be read as place and position – i.e. how one fits relative to others.  It represents the world of relativities; war vs peace; sameness and difference.  It can find us placing things better than we had – e.g. where “I” belong”; how and whether “I” do; and/or how to get best fit.  You may sense how, after “2017”, this will be rather helpful. 

The above suggests that greater empowerment is due again, this year (as a notable vibe).  “2018” passes through “11” on its way to “2” (making this likely).  I used the word, “empowerment”, last year given “2017”s chart.  “2” will act to reinforce this because it reveals self in context.  “1” can remove “me” from the action so as to delve deeper into things.  “2” then pushes self back to “work” in ways that “face the crowd” and test its theories.  As it does this, life helps it to perceive its true place as a self in reality.  You may sense how the world of other might play out around you this year. 

Rest assured, “2” is going to help selves learn and realise all they can.  It can find the world of policy, rules and governance featuring here.  They always pop in but, in “2018”, we could see more emphasis upon the quality of decisions.  This is noteworthy because “1” can mean “autocracy”; the type of “I” that’s too much in charge.  As “2” begins, it can want to rework any excess in self’s confidence.  Back-flips, corrections, radical overhauls so as to keep life balanced and mutual.  “2” can highlight how we treat one another – and/or need to – and whether that’s sound. 

More on “2” soon….

About “8”….

I often describe “8” as “success” and a phase that reveals more about that.  “8” can be a dynamic chapter because it’s active (like “2” and “5”).  This is important because two “11”s also appear subtly this year.  They don’t present as final outcomes but, even so, will trigger development.  I discuss this below but, here, want to note that “8” likes to stir energies up.  That’s nothing new – we saw such vibes last year regularly on many levels.  “8” can make life more helter-skelter, requiring a self to normalise.  It often requires us to keep up the pace in ways that threaten to wear us down.  All of this said, only one “8” presents in this year’s chart.  It will influence what unfolds but shouldn’t be as strong as other frequencies. 

“8” likes to check our ingredients lists….. is what we’re running with going to net good results?  It can be a lesson in “this goes with that”, sometimes, revealing that we’re not content.  It spurs a person to tackle such issues (i.e. no longer pretend that they don’t exist).  Emerging with “2”s, “8” could find people becoming more certain about things.  It likes to encourage decisive action – whilst it visits or as it leaves.  This year could simply bring realisations that we act upon next year.  We’ll see a bit of both – actions now and actions later (i.e. more than we’ve seen in a while).  It will help us address things – complementing this year’s “9”s – in ways that help all of reality to prosper. 

It’s worth remembering that “7” featured last year, helping us to “wise up” and relate in healthier ways.  “8” follows “7” (yes?!) and can encourage progress on what “7” sent.  “7” often brings some light-bulb moments that also help people to finetune things.  “8” then invites us to clarify our mission (which reinforces “2”s impacts).  This suggests a year of tangible and perceptual “success”.  No number only affects one level and, via both rhythms, “2018” should deliver benefits.

“8”, of course, comes before “9” which is the last phase in the cycle.  “8” can, therefore, help self become sharper about what needs to close off.  This can pertain to physical reality; it can also impact thoughts and feelings.  “2018” could find you more clear, confident and certain about where life’s going.  Whenever this happens, outside realities tend to shift in ways that reflect what we’ve just realised.  This is noteworthy because this year’s “11/2”s will help selves link into bigger pictures.  “8” and “11” (working together) could help life shift amazingly.  You may sense how empowerment pops up, again, as a powerful theme for this year.


 So, “2018/2”?

“2” denotes interpersonal patterns, dynamics, customs and rules.  Indoctrination, mixing well and dealing with difference in integrity are themes.  “2” helps the self co-exist better again in spiritual ways.  People stuff, therefore, and inter-relating are key “2018” wavelengths.

“0” flags nothing; insufficiency; unexpected silence or loss.  It also presents Source as a beginning, healing energy and influence.  “0” reminds us that “Nothing is Everything” and that no level of “zero” needs to be “bad”.  It can first disturb but, ultimately, helps individuals facilitate “more”.  “0” can test faith when it first surfaces (as many people learned last year).  It often functions like a curtain that blocks our view of the goodies life is offering.  As we surrender all limit and angsting; use our breath; and focus back on life, deficiency, silence and the sense of too much space often turns into “enough”.  The good news is that this year delivers fewer “0”s relative to “2017”.  However it emerges, it shouldn’t create last year’s silences or lack.

“1” is “I” – however it manifests – from leader to guru to novice in the trade.  It often reveals how self needs to honour what it now knows without being oppressive.  “1” is “I matter” as a rule that’s universal – i.e. so does everything else.  It enhances our resilience, integrity, stamina and ability to ground.  It represents the quest for healthy independence where the spiritual self mentors what is astral.  Balanced self-ness (i.e. genuine being) are themes that “1” tends to heighten.  Processing life in integrity helps souls remain balanced and fair.  “1” helps us transmute egoic wavelengths irrespective of intentions. 

So, “1” is “me”; “2” is “us” interacting in equity, honesty and grace.  “8” is “success” and all this can involve; as an active vibe, it can find us stretched.  It can flag the need to ground more firmly (which requires space and time).  Via such rhythms, it helps people realise the importance of deciding well.  “8” can push and pull but it only does this for the universal highest good.  It can, of course, help people hit jackpots, material or spiritual.  “Success” also points to internal health, remembering that physical reality stems out of the energetic.  This year will call for such things as well, helping us succeed (however we do).  “8” can restate that all is well; Source is real; AND life is actually loving.

You know, no number flags only the good bits; nor do any only signal hardship.  All of them suggest how we’ll achieve whatever we do in “2018”.  All vibes remind selves that they’re inter-dependent, revealing more about how “I” impact “you” (and vice-versa).  This includes nature, planets, the environment, people and creatures (ghosts included).  Everything is linked energetically with this year coming to reinforce such themes.  “2” denotes relating in general – individually and in groups.  Dynamics like this will heighten this year to show us more about sharing and behaving.  Wherever you’ve started to sense such rhythms, you are on track.  

The end point of “2018” (“2”) is a place for getting along better.  We may witness this as a need or a dynamic arising out of challenge or reward.  This year will target stances and positions, helping us all to smarten up.  It’s certain to guide individuals to be more supportive of the all.  “11/2”s make this more likely – master numbers boost precision in attainments.  They often reveal the universal view of self and other in reality.  The bigger picture helps people become more conscious, inclusive and grown-up.  All numbers do this but, “11/2”, especially – often in ways we don’t expect.  We’re only ever asked to stretch as we’re able which, sometimes, can feel like an annihilation.  On one level, that’s exactly what Source seeks – i.e. the popping of perceptual bubbles.  Whilst threatening at first, “11/2” produces far better “me” inside and out.  Such dynamics also emerged last year so “2018” will continue boosting awareness.


What about you?!  

These Observations focus upon the dynamics that emerge collectively this year.  To organise your personal profile for “2018”, contact me (here).


We’ll become and exemplify more “2018/2” via an M.O. of “99/9”

The birth number, above, signals what people are going to learn and channel more of this year.  How we’ll do that (collectively speaking) is via what I call the M.O.  How life plays out is often what triggers the emergence of soul physically.  Birth numbers receive a lot of attention but it’s worth examining an entity’s name.  Interestingly (as has happened through the two thousands), “two thousand and eighteen” and “twenty eighteen” both reduce to “9”.  They do this via “99/9” and “72/9” respectively.  Whilst shortened names can carry influence, the proper (full) name tends to explain what’s really happening.  For this reason, I only examine “two thousand and eighteen” below.


Some thoughts about “9”

If you visited this site in “2016” or “2017”, you would have read (or heard) about “9”.   Last year, it presented in the M.O. (i.e. “90” which also boiled down to a “9”).  “9” was how we became and channelled more “2017”.  This year’s M.O. carries three “9”s so these themes will continue.  As this occurs, people will witness and emit more of the birth number (“2”, above).  This could be seen as fortuitous and easier than if completely new vibes surfaced.  It also suggests that we haven‘t finished what we began addressing last year.  That’s always so – years feed into one another – with “2018” demanding new endings (for new beginnings!). 

Two major themes emerge from “9”, both of which were profiled last year.  You can visit The Archives to review what was said in “2016” or “2017” (click here).  “9” can promote (more) considerate thinking so don’t be surprised if you observe this.  It can also target habits, arrangements, perspectives… anything.  It tends to help selves deal with issues (at profound levels, not only on the surface).  This complements this year’s “11/2”s because “2” likes to validate boundaries.  We may see the call for better behaviour and/or codes during this year.  “Rule”-breaching may continue to emerge along the same or different lines.  “9” promotes issues – from this life or earlier – to help us end old scripts and enter new zones.  As we do this, we tend to sense that our journey’s becoming less-encumbered. 

“99/9” is a master number so the statements above carry more weight.  It often helps selves to replace old regimes with more current or healthier ones.  As this year’s M.O., “9” will continue to help us uphold what we’ve come to know.  You’ll sense how it’s merging with “8” to do this and how these dynamics could be amplified.  Repressive wavelengths could experience challenge, with the need to share stages and hear one another more.  Negotiation may also be called for – out of what occurs or because we simply embrace it.  Rhythms like these will help selves develop and relate in more balance again.  “9” targets any pattern that, now, needs to shift; it’s “deal with it” for the sake of our future. 

All numbers help unconscious selves to discover more about life and how it can play out.  No matter who or what is involved, “9” flags the need to demonstrate more care.  Here is also how this year could help us to act upon what we learned last year.  “Compassion” shouldn’t involve over-carrying; it’s important to use what we have.  Rather, “9” denotes giving and receiving that looks after the long-term in fair and balanced ways.  Here, an M.O. of “99/9” could promote more mutuality in how selves support one another.  As states or the call for more compassion in the world, “2018” may help us embrace them.  Tax systems; issues around social cohesion, justice and health could require (more) attention.  This reinforces what’s written (above) about “2018/2”.  This year might address over- or under-caring so as to get things totally right.  In our systems and policies, “99/9” could play out as the need for some “tough love”.  Withdrawal can promote good in(ter)dependence, with this year challenging over- or under-dependency.  “9” is “care for self and other equally” and “deal with what now needs to shift”. 

So, this year could bring some endings that surprise us – personal or not – from time to time.  “9” doesn’t only target the etheric; it can play out in the physical, too.  Here, it could signal separations or commitment between people, businesses, countries, groups.  Such things aren’t new – they began in “December” with changes to the Lowy and Murdoch empires.  “9” spurs “what’s right” by helping us create space so as to begin our next chapter in life.  New world orders and natural events can also help selves update and/or start again.  Implosions or enhancements in any relationship could emerge depending upon who and what is involved.  How people relate – leaders, followers, rivals and strangers – will help us address stuff – for self and with other – in this new year. 



“99/9” is a master number so such vibes appear in every part of this year’s chart.  Wow.  This indicates we’ve another year when spirituality and invisible stuff will matter.  Master numbers tend to see the Divine drawing a self closer (to the point where it knows Source exists).  No matter our creed or labels for G-d, master numbers boost intuitive development; energetic rhythms; genuine being; soul-level stuff…..  A zone with three will push folk to focus higher again (vertically, upwards).  This needn’t suggest religious moments (it can – to each, his/her own).  Master numbers function like “5” and “8” in how they surprise a “logical” self.  Often unexpected – pleasant or pointed – they help us to realise life is okay.  They also tend to flag how one’s physical reality is only one part of his/her world.  This year’s “2”s will magnify such rhythms to help humans integrate more healthily.  However that happens – via mundane or etheric moments – it will help a few souls, as least, to heal.

You know, one “9” can corner a self sufficiently (to the point of ensuring that certain chapters close).  Three “9”s, therefore, will foster a zone that really helps us get things done!  This suggests some solid progress – not only for self but collectively.  “9” (as “compassion”) should help this flow fairly, firmly and completely.  We witnessed such vibes last year given the M.O. of “90/9”.  “9” moments will continue to feature to shock, help, mentor and amaze.  Source always offers a range of choice in how we respond to anything.  “99/9” will corner any self who’s wandered too far (or not moved at all).  Before we point to others, it’s best to observe that such things can arise in any life.  Even those who have their act together will be asked to work with such themes.  Yet, fairness should feature (if not at first then as we respond to the need for it).  “99/9” states that “no means no” and “yes means yes”, and the importance of equity.

You know, “2018” will offer a zone for healing – all years do but this one may really help.  You can do this yourself using affirmations, meditation and other forms of energy work.  By simply tuning in, upwards, towards good, one can shift all sorts of blockages.  Psychic & Energy Work provides assistance via hands-on, hands-off and/or distance healing.  As a complement to your own efforts or as your sole strategy, Get in Contact to learn how Fran can help.


The  endpoint for this year is “2117/2”

Have you noticed that this year’s reality number carries the same end point as “2018”?  It manifests differently but will magnify this year’s “11/2” vibrations.  Ultimately, therefore, “1”-ness should feature as a lesson and vibe this year.  It always does and the egoic level always has a new party trick.  So too, however, does the Divine with such realisations emerging “doubly” this year.  In the form of uplifting and empowering dynamics (or not!), this year’s reality number will help selves to strengthen. 


Remembering “1”…

While two of this year’s numbers end in “2”, the reality number carries two “1”s.  The emphasis might fall upon relating but the aspects of self will feature, too (“1”).  Numbers always speak of the spiritual and astral dimensions we will now grow though.  Unfolding tangibly or subtly, this will help people discover anew.  We’re always guided to maximise outcomes on our own, in pairs and in groups.  That doesn’t mean we always listen (yet everyone is intuitive).  The reality number signals the outcomes we’ll realise by doing and being the birth number and the M.O.  It represents the end points and states that humankind is due to manifest.

“1” represents self’s limits and urges, as well as all the wonders of “I”.  Both dynamics present via people, things and settings each day.  When “1” appears repeatedly in a profile, it dares us to look beyond imbalance; use our breath; stand in integrity; and honour values that serve life.  As a dynamic, “1” can see people more self-concerned or witnessing such things.  This can promote tension or conflict, just as it can maturity and health.  “1” helps us become more practically spiritual and genuine by enhancing what’s good and addressing imbalance.  In doing this, it helps us to channel “me” as a higher level of self. 

As a challenge, “1” can promote too much “me” – i.e. a heightened need to sense that “I” exist.  In imbalance, it tends to be exclusive (caring for some layers whilst dismissing others).  It can, out of kilter, amplify zones where “I” matter more (or less) than “I” should.  Spiritually, it helps us address any form of excess respectfully.  Here, “1” denotes the stance of “I matter” as an all-encompassing state of good health.  It magnifies greed, dependency and arrogance by inflaming one’s focus upon what “I” want.  It can also heighten our competitive urges, boosting the tendency to hoard, lose or win.  Yet, even in egoic form, “1” comes to heighten a person’s ability to share. 

“1” can also promote personal strengthening (it always does, no matter how things unfold).   It, ultimately, boosts the right level of self (often by first magnifying what’s not spiritual).  It flags the elder who’s grounded in Divine will and knowledge completely.  It can reward self for previous efforts, spotlighting heroes and/or villains.  These are some stances “2018” (and the Divine) could help us embrace this year.  “2018”s “1”s and “2”s could help selves feel more included in things. 

“1”can also boost the sense of disconnects and/or isolation (even if we’re relating well).  I often observe that it finds people wondering if they’re speaking a different language.  Even the world’s best communicators can feel more separate when “1” visits.  In delivering such vibes, Source helps us hone what we’re doing and offering.  Here, “1” reveals how self might develop so as to mix better at “2”.  “1” can promote pauses in flow that help self realign productively.  No phenomenon excludes life’s spiritual agenda but we can underestimate what’s needed to fulfil goals.  As we set our sights, we can be oblivious about what’s required in achieving well.  Yet, no zone offers total abandonment (even though life can, sometimes, seem like this).  This “only” happens when Source spots a being who’s overly assuming that it knows/has everything.  “1” zones can seem to punish the self because they stop him/her from simply instigating.  They restate the importance of give then take; speak then listen; teach then learn.  Yet the obstacles they bring often prove to be illusions that pleasantly morph as we clear and realign.  As a learning curve, “1” flags the lessons that help us interface better again.  It can cause discomfort wherever we’re too used to do’ing and be’ing certain things.   In doing this, it helps things come unstuck in ways that self tends to value.  “1”, remember, marks the start of a new cycle (i.e. a whole new nine-year experiential curve).  It helps us to centre, come back to balance and become more objective.

So, “1” helps people become more productive via self-ish-ness as a “good” or “bad” thing.  It denotes rebirth and helps us discover more about “me” (as a person or as an energy).  It fosters our growth (even that of couch potatoes) in the dance between egoic and divine self.  It can denote the elder and/or example (which we’ll all be encouraged to channel more this year).  As a period, “1” can ask us to clarify boundaries (i.e. what’s right) wherever selves are over- or under-knowing, -having, -projecting and/or -willing things.  This can require any nation, group or individual to push back fairly.  It can also require demonstrations of what constitutes reasonable behaviour.  “1” asks self to hold to its code by either sitting back, joining in or modelling what’s “right”.  “Lead by example” can be a catch cry when “1” appears a few times. 

Now, “1” can be really affirming, especially when it repeats.  “1” is the self and, as an experience, can seem as if life’s being more inclusive.  Just as it can boost inactivity, it can also bolster promotions, rewards and acknowledgements.  Such dynamics surface to remind us that every self matters and has value.  In one sense, “1” helps us to learn who we really are and become more constant in that.  “1” is rebirth and, with this, can surface via all sorts of surprises.  It’s the sense of discovering self as an individual, state and ethic (not because anything was faulty).  Numerology signals the more that life and Source always guide a self towards.  The two thousands are not about lethargy; they seek our involvement and discoveries.  As this occurs, we’ll sense even more “goodness” and health in reality.  Things aren’t as constant or known as they have been (which has been behind a lot of the tension in life).  Inevitably, this year will stir people inside and out, and help them to respond in spiritual ways. 



Rather than repeat what’s been written about “2” (above) here, I’ll focus upon “11/2”.  You may recall that last year delivered two subtle “10/1” vibrations?  Like “11/2”, “10/1” is a master number so this year’s chart offers potency.  Where “10” can emphasise silence and space, “11” boosts self-ness again.  Last year delivered more “0”s than usual, presenting as “not enough” certainty.  By the end of the year, “10/1” had pushed people to enhance real-world health.  Where “10” can leave a person sitting in “it”, “11” can feel more tangible.  It’s still a highly spiritual vibration; double “1” denotes higher self.  Where “0” can feel as if self’s been demoted, “11” can include it to heal any wounds. 

“0” can call for more nothing and connection; “11” builds upon this in ways that get more real.  “11/2” can visit in the form of a curve ball – i.e. an unexpected shift that challenges plans.  It often targets what self was banking upon, threatening the attainment of key goals.  Flat tyres and technology problems just as deadlines need to be met are very good examples of this.  “11”, after all, is magnified self and, therefore, a stronger call to grow (up).  It confirms that all is well – even if we’re struggling – and that things only happen for the good.  That doesn’t always make things easy – master numbers always test assumptions.  Yet, as we work with them, maturely or not, vibes like double “1” help us stay on track. 

The above highlights how “1” can nudge the self to grow and remain in its adult boots.  Via crisis, “1” helps us to realise how Source is constantly working to help us.  “11/2” represents the big picture – the whole truth – which often falls wider than we can sense.  It helps people make amazing discoveries and optimise the whole of their lives.  Challenging or not, “11/2” reveals what’s been going on more wholistically.  This can unsettle or please beings in ways that lure essential self back into reality.  Struggling or not, “11” helps us to become more genuine.  It can uncover darkness yet always fosters more clarity about lives and paths.

Finally?  “11/2” – as a master number – offers the chance for self to connect more divinely.  Inherent in this are lessons about Source and the fact that It’s real.  This needn’t be a religious message – it can and, of course, that’s up to you.  Energetically, divine guidance and healing are very tangible rhythms.  “11/2” promotes spiritual practices which can play out in all sorts of ways.  There are many ways to connect with Source, including things like yoga and exercise.   Master numbers call for full balance via the use of breath, focus and integrity.  This year could help higher self emerge more wherever we’re willing to resolve things. 


About “7”

“7” represents learning and wisdom as experienced and emitted states.  It helps us to learn whatever we need to so as to attain essential goals.  “7” is knowledge, opinion, thought waves and can see life getting heady (as we saw last year).  Knowing too much is very much a “7” trait (just as is being ignorant).  “7” also flags a time for sabbatical – the need to withdraw to soothe and learn.  It often calls people to meditate and spiritually heal (which could amplify the above Observations).

“7” is another passive number which can see life getting quieter (yet, this year fosters “2” as well).  While it will show us things – with “11/2” – it shouldn’t continue to see things stall.  That’s a brave statement because of this year’s M.O.  of “99/9”.  That, too, is passive and likes to slow things down so that we do a bit of cleaning.  We may find this “7” teaming up with these “9”s (and any others that appear in your chart).  Just as likely, this year’s active numbers will push us through any sense of being overly stuck.  Here, “7”s pace should help us become wiser (i.e. practically, in ways we use).  Learning, sabbatical, the need to look inwards and cast to higher self are on offer more than usual.

One of the joys in the above is the fact that “7” leads into “8”.  “7” is learning – i.e. insights that help self become sharper; “8” confirms our vision and pathways.  “8” also denotes the last intense burst of activity in the current “0” to “9” cycle.  Here, it can trigger amazing shifts that help us to end our chapters well.  These dynamics, combining with “2”s, suggest this year will be constructive.  Clarity of thought and the ability to process what calls for our attention surface as themes.  Whenever we experience such dynamics, we usually find life unfolding well – possibly via challenge but, hey, that’s life (which is easily said in a wealthy country).  Yet master numbers stretch so that they can trigger delight and our reunion with joy and faith.  With this year marking our transition between cycles, the Divine’s entire aim is to keep us all on track.  The sorting of stuff – globally and individually – will help more spiritual and practical value emerge.  The more one embraces such dynamics, the smoother and more readily life tends to flow. 


So “2117”?

“2117” is this year’s end point, asking selves to relate and learn better again (“2”); release egoic vibes, channel more essence and birth into new realms (“1”); and take the time to relax, release and discover life as a force for good (“7”).  By doing such things, people will prosper as individuals and socialisers.  If you have a stretching, clarifying and strengthening “2018”, you’ll be on target!

You know, the purpose of this website is to explain things – not just deliver the pleasant news.  This said, it’s important to acknowledge the abundance of positives that will come this year.  I’ve done this above but it can get lost in all the other Observations.  For any sense of challenge, the universe – Source – always supports healthy progress.  This is the joy of master numbers – they can first appear as roadblocks yet always offer breakthroughs.  The more one acknowledges the spiritual world, the more such vibes offer amazing shifts.  Miracles can boom when master numbers visit – i.e. when we let Source and life be good.  Three master numbers feature this year with the two subtle “11/2”s being powerful.  “2018” will help people along their path in ways that also take care of others.  Wherever life’s hard, remember your breath and focus well to receive divine guidance.  We’re all intuitive and breath work helps humans to realise this on a physical (practical) level. 


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“2018/2” overall?

Below is a tally, by month and by number, listing the vibes that surface this year.  Where a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual aspects will heighten.  Whilst “1” and “2” are high in number, we’ve experienced this since “2010”.  They will continue to reveal stuff as a continuation of theme (rather than a totally new one).  Bear in mind, too, that each month brings extra dynamics which will also stretch and soothe.  On top of this, lies your personal chart (and now’s a great time to look at that!). 

Mth/No. J F M A M J J A S O N D
0 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 2 2 4 3 3
1 8 8 7 5 10 7 8 8 5 7 8 8
2 8 9 10 12 8 9 8 9 8 8 8 7
3 2 2 2 4 2 3 1 5 1 4
4 1 5 2 1 1 3 1 1 5 1 4 2
5 1 3 1 1 2 4 1 1 1
6 1 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 4
7 2 1 3 1 3 2 2 3 2 2 1 2
8 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 4 1 2 3 1
9 6 3 3 4 3 3 4 4 6 4 5 4


Looking above, the phase from “January” through to “April” or “May” seems significant.  Spiritual “2” will be called for especially during “March” and “April”.  “1”s are high throughout the year but not unlike what we’ve seen recently.  Selves may not digest all they need to until or after “May”.  At that time, self-ness (in “me” or others) could become magnified.  After “May”, “1”s reduce to gentler levels (relatively speaking).  “0”s remain low this year which is great (given their influence last year).  Again, the feeling that self’s more included (and connected) should help to soothe people.  At times, life will challenge perceptions to help us sense that life’s working for “me”- i.e. more than last year. 

For many adults, a “2” year represents the last stage in a curve that started three/four years before.  The path from “7” or “8” through to “2” or “3” can focus more upon sorting things through.  This can frustrate because the Divine is more concerned with preparing for the future.  At “2” or “3” – depending upon the time and the person – life can start to feel “normal” again.  After four or five years of adjusting and evolving, life can seem to fall more into place.  The path between “7” or “8” through to “2” or “3” – for adults especially – can feel out of whack.  We usually sense there’s more, somehow, yet life holds this back in ways that seem unfair.  “2018” is due to feel more “right” as selves reach the end of such learning curves.  This said, I sense we’ve one more year before life really settles down.  I write this because of those master numbers and everything I’ve outlined above.  “2018” should prove more fruitful – i.e. less about homework and more about living.  It looks like the last solid stretch that life will bring for a while. 


And you personally?

Although I’ve outlined some of this year’s dynamics, I haven’t looked at you or your numerological profile at all.  We each have a chart that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This information can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening, recently or since birth.  If life’s been odd or difficult, or you’d like to develop your intuitive skills, get in touch (here).  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed Psychic & Energy Work’s forecast for “2018”

Have a wonderful year!

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