The Monthly Observations

    for January 2020


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this month.  They profile this energetic chapter and connect to this year’s forecast.  These Observations aim to help you process and learn about energetic life.  Implicit in this is your spiritual and intuitive journey and practices.  Info about the collective rhythms that are playing through the world can be helpful.  It helps people ground and work with life (not reject it) in ways that often enhance what occurs.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are my Observations about this “January” given its main numbers.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2020
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again) 1 2021/5
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 27/9 106/7
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 28/1 2181/3


“January 2020”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month offers the following count.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help explain what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, point to “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring often guides people to some level of “better”.  A count like this can help selves progress and make greater sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 5 6 9 1 1 1 1 4 2 4

Let’s look at the chart more closely…..


“January”s birth numbers want (more) growth…

… so don’t be surprised if this month stretches you.  “1” and “5” always signal such things -they focus upon actualising potential.  Even with the “1” count lower than it has been, we’re likely to notice (more) self-ness some days.  Life’s always bringing chances to do this so there’s no need for angst.  Yet, “10” and “106” heighten self’s sense of doo-doo-doo-doo – i.e. what is unknown.  “1” nudges self to re-birth and -emerge; break free from limits previously honoured.  Such states we can impose on ourselves, with awareness or unconsciously.  “1” seeks release from oppression; a greater sense of all life can be.  “1” can first inflame egoic dynamics, in self or others, to get growth done.  Every “January” delivers a generic birth number of “1”.  Lessons in independence can bloom – it’s all about authenticity.  Being who you are can be complex – it often looks simple but it isn’t!  Life is an abundance of layers as well as self’s conscious journey through them.  Yet, all numbers – especially “1” – lobby for essence and integrity.  We can get too hooked into what’s on the surface, forgetting to chill, release, clear.  “1” pulls integrity more to the surface – via events that are pleasant or challenging.  We can all anchor more in such dynamics for any reason on any day.  “1” can bring rewards and recognition, or egoic rhythms which refuse to harmonise.  It represents the dare to pull socks up in some area, from some angle.  Here, in Australia, medals (and more!) are due to everyone who’s been working on/with fires of late. 

All numbers highlight how we can channel more of the good stuff.  “1” targets aspects of soul that are ready to launch from within into what’s out.  With this, comes themes like affirmation (a sense that “I”m being more of who “I”m meant to be).  This month, being master-number heavy, could bring chances for you to do such things.  Its chart also bears a specific birth number of “2021/5”.  Life’s due to guide selves further into (or away from) certain dynamics.  Getting “real”, “5” flags evolution; a time for more constructive growth.  An active number, it triggers movement – small and subtle; bigger and loud.  “5” is “stretch” especially when it’s backed up by master numbers.  This month could urge you to expand, evolve, enhance, improve, etc.  This augers well at the start of a new year: boot camps help selves attain key goals.  Use your breath if stretching comes your way so as to step into more of “I can”.

“5” can also be busy/dizzy so you might sense the need to ground well.  Every number mentors self via what happens within or outside in its worlds.  “2021” can feel supportive; close to “2020”, it brings time out.  This year could want you (re-)discovering how to live with people; exist and share well.  Inclusive being is another “2” rhythm – getting along; collaboration.  This year could start potently given these dynamics.  Australia’s bush fires, again, finally resulted in more support being offered to volunteers.  This only came (thank you but) after the public insisted upon it.  Master numbers show us how to lead and exist as members of very real collectives.  This can involve listening better and/or walking away from them.  Space and time could prove essential; as might the call for more social awareness.  Balance is key in any setting and, within that, life’s need for peace.  How do you grow these rhythms in your world?  Are others growing them, too?  This month could boost awareness about what these stances really involve.  Standing in, next to, away from could prompt choices that are better again.  We’re here to share – like it or not – with solid lessons in this over this new decade and year.

“5” can also denote adventures; any type of exploration.  One can sense an opening of portals; whole, new journeys; changes in path.  This vibe can point to fresh air manifesting initially or later on.  (Re-)discovery is a “5” rhythm – energetic, spiritual, mental, physical.  The sense of eyes opening can flourish, therefore, so can the feeling that life’s rebirthing.  “January ‘20” might encourage you to step out in new ways.  “5” is newness, discovery, adjustment; such vibes can bloom when it visits.  As the need to/for change and/or dare to be different, “5” helps re-boot lives in essential ways.

So?  This month might offer the chance to explore things in ways that value-add.  “Difference” is an amazing construct – we are all unique but often try to squash that!  Diversity’s the norm – it’s everywhere we reference – in creed, race, habit, field.  It needn’t be seen as a “negative” but egoic self often does this.  Limited “I”, in fear or tunnel vision, can need to wipe differences out.  Dynamics like this could also bloom this month as Source introduces new “givens” to embrace.  “5” can herald sudden change; soul-level shifts which are unexpected.  Pleasant or hard, it stretches us into new perspectives which augers well for adventure-seekers!  Even they can reel some days – “5” is a zone where breath matters big time.  It helps people process challenge and trauma (amongst other things) as best they can.  It helps self connect with what it is capable of; what’s really possible; what we CAN do now.  Lessons like these tend to unfold as soon as we relax and let go! 

“5” and “1”, together, could help selves sense and manifest more precisely.  In light of such statements, this “January” looks like a reasonably affirming time.  Out of the above, you’ll notice how  “1” and “5” can work together.  They both toughen self; make it more resilient to egoic vibes, uncertainties, etc.  They help people actualise potential as a knowledge and narrative.  Don’t’ be surprised if, this month, you observe or experience such things.  “1” is a time for becoming independent; sticking to one’s values; representing them.  Self can feel pushed to stand against tides and/or appreciate more of life’s details.  “1” reveals what’s  “I”, “me”, “my” more firmly; the level of being we’re here to uniquely represent.  Inherent in this is the aspect of difference and how “5” invites growth from the outside.  Your ability to witness and process could prove important this month.

Via their uniting, this month’s birth numbers could show you where you are best to stand now.  By “February”, “1” and “5” are likely to have encouraged stances that are more all-of-self-honouring.  “1” denotes authenticity, leadership, which often requires a communal focus too.  What is truth?  What’s the right “thing”?  Is leadership a right or a job title?  Everyone leads no matter their station – we continually demonstrate how a self can live.  More or less, this needn’t mean performing; it’s just about being the best version of “me”.  “1” triggers wars if we think we have to battle – that can be tempting but it’s not required.  Through such wavelengths and the choices we make, selves are mentored in co-creating life. 

“Be the change you want in your world” is another “1”-with-“5” rhythm.  Dare to dream, this month, remembering that a new cycle (on two levels) is beginning.  Time and space will highlight where change is needed; how to foster that – so will your breath!  The state of the unknown can be less terrifying when we know how to spiritually connect.  Knowing this is “5” in action because breath is what keeps people afloat.  It helps us just do the best we can irrespective of what’s happening.  This month should kick start our new year and decade – help us get running, from day one – in ways that are more healthy, peaceful, truthful and constructive.


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The M.O.s could trigger more learning and closure….

… such are the calls from “7” and “9”.  The M.O. flags how we’re likely to meet and foster more of the birth number.  Both of these vibes can amplify head-stuff as selves respond to and process events.  “106”, this month’s specific M.O., could amplify dynamics like these. 

“7” is “learn” as well as a time for passing genuine wisdom on.  It’s a place of knowing and can find Source helping people check what they’re knowing.  It can pull people into too much head-stuff: opinion, estimations, model, fear.  Zones like this reveal how we can use knowledge inclusively or exclusively.  A passive number, “7” wants people reflecting and coming to know more.  It often helps selves become more humble – less controlling or rigid somehow.  Source is constantly revealing how self can re-know its place in life.  This can be inspiring, liberating, welcoming of flow (rather than oppressive).  “7” is the lightbulb a-flashing in ways we get to use as a practical gem. 

I’ve written more about the above in my Observations about This Year.  Click here to read that forecast or use the link to the left of this page.  “7” flags lessons; time to understand more; fathoming; strengthening resolve.  Even here, lies the potential for people to feel more empowered.  “27/9” reveals things via others – how we inter-/re-act; what we observe.  “2” is also profiled in my forecast about 2020 (here).  It’s socially-/other-focused so fit and purpose are key rhythms.  How should “I” stand given all else?  Where to push back, give in or accept?  As light sheds, people are likely to deal with stuff that matters now.  “9”, as “The End”, can leave selves feeling far freer from cobwebs and past.  It slows selves down to help them notice and deal with ghosts, issues, etc.  Unfolding like this, it helps us reflect, heal and release what’s stale.  “9”, like “7”, can seem like detention; a time when life blocks us from doing what we want.  Both of these vibes, out of such moments, prepare selves for our next phase. 

All numbers signal how Source corrals self into corners to burst forth again.  “0”, “1”, “7” and “9” (this month) will promote new chances to get clearer about things.  When they first present, self can resent the blocks life’s offering.  This is a sign egoic self’s become too comfy in its routines and that something we’ve been affirming is now ready to move.  “27/9” hints at end points, the type that releases old layers and scripts.  If you sense this in “January 2020”, use your breath to work with it!  Life only “blocks” to move us forward into more of all we sense it (and we!) can be.  Egoic self can forget this, such is its myopia.  Every “January” comes to guide us to wider, more wholistic vistas.  Being holiday time for many, now is a wonderful time to review things.  Life only brings slowness to help us go faster having finetuned, grounded better and cleared.

“106/7”, this month’s specific M.O., could boost what has been written thus far.  Denoting balance and greater wisdom, it could heighten life’s calls above.  “106” seeks to complete karmic patterns; close them off; let them go.  It’s the final pages of that book we’ve been reading, often for quite a while.  “9” and “106” will usher in conclusions to patterns, to the point of never revisiting them.  This month could leave you feeling lighter/brighter than you’ve ever felt!  Master numbers boost self’s awareness of Source, guidance, invisible realms.  They often deliver a sense of mystery; things we’re, as yet, unable to explain/define.  This can result in an increase in pressure – we can all like to know why, what, etc.  This month’s and year’s “0”s, “7”s and “9”s – and master numbers – could see some days overloaded.  They’ll team up to corner self into learning how to spiritually be, create, exist again.  Once we come to see why wholistically, issues and wounds often release. 

So?  This month could deliver some amazing healing – chances to do this; self’s embrace of that.  Don’t be surprised if you come to know Source as a co-creating partner again.  Breakthroughs could abound this month – inner or outer, in any way.  Genuineness is another dynamic inherent in “106/7”.  We don’t tend to manifest anything “real” unless we emit such vibes ourselves.  Truths can emerge when master numbers hover – they really aim for peace (i.e. balance).  More wholistic views surface at such times, as does self’s appreciation of them.  “Be real” and “get real” tend to be notable wavelengths when “106” pays a visit. 

You know, people can sense that life’s okay despite things not being totally clear.  The universe uses space to reveal Itself – this month could “get spiritual”.  The main point, this month, being that you might need to stretch to embrace all you can.  Another aspect to “7” is how it pulls selves into greater connection with what’s divine.  Master numbers denote a time when Source introduces Itself to people more.  Such moments often find us coming to really know more about life.  “7” also flags intuition; the need to connect spiritually.  This can arise because we need to process, balance out or check certain things.  It’s “meditate” – anything which helps selves relax, let go and make room for guidance.  “7” is the sixth sense being delivered and what the role of self is in that.  This is how it can become heady; find us over-thinking things.  Egoically bound, “7” can inflame stubbornness – i.e. the unwillingness to hear. 

“I know” can be wonderful or dodgy depending on what self’s referencing to.  One of its lessons is, “Let go of all self so as to verify and improve”.  The stance of “I don’t know” is potent; it helps us discern and add value in life.  This, in itself, requires the release of all we know in mind’s eye.  Such stances needn’t devalue wisdom; all they denote is the use of fresh air to check, grow and spring clean what we’ve been in up until now.  Peace and time out (“0”) add to this – do you sense this month’s numbers reinforcing themes?  It won’t be a shock if the universe (life) really helps you this “January”. 

We can all help space clear using down time and self’s need for peace.  “7” can be the call to prayer (talking with Source and letting It hear us).  Speaking with what you believe in can help in all sorts of ways at any time.  There’s no guarantee of how assistance will emerge; the only influence we have is what we choose to reference to.  This links into “0”, “1” and “7” – giving the Highest room to deliver.  A person might know the way from A to B but that doesn’t mean the path is linear.  The Divine has a far bigger picture, nudging us along in light of that.  Egoic self can see this as “blockage” (life not unfolding according to plan).  This is how mediation, exercise and spiritual practices matter.  We have to give balance its role and that doesn’t happen so well when mind fills all space.  There’s no way of knowing or clearing core issues when we only flit on the surface of things.  Breath and quietness help selves dive deeper/further than they have been.  They also generate room for receiving divine – not egoic – guidance and protection.  Master numbers target what’s etheric and, out of this, soul’s emergence. 

Life is a river ever-flowing, -changing and -inconstant.  Hence?  Use this month to better connect with what you believe in and what you are here for.  Take time to check your frame of reference (always cast upwards, not horizontally).  Do what you can to cement your spiritual practice without pushing, calling in or willing.  Such things are key in clearing what’s mundane 100%.  Breath and a willingness to release all self matter when it comes to knowing more.  They are future-boosting mechanisms and every second signals the chance to start again.  Life can blossom like this when we give it the space, nous and ability to do so.  Just knowing this can make a difference to what unfolds now.

So, don’t be surprised if this month gets a little more “spiritual”.  It may not present nirvana Day 1 – egoic vibes can first need to release.  The need to be soul and channel it louder is a lesson and end state.  One could argue that it’s often via what’s not that we bed down what is again.  This month could offer strong contrasts – what isn’t fitting; what’s more truthful.  That will depend upon your personal chart – please suss this out if you’re feeling challenged.  Such things can help us work with life, “see” what is happening and move old vibes away.  There’s never a need for negative thinking but trying saying that some days!



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This month’s reality numbers will call for more higher self….

We see “28/1” and “2181/3” at this level of “January 2020”s profile.  Do you notice how the two reality numbers contain similar numbers?  That can signal reinforcement in how life now plays out (not to mention, helps selves process and learn).  “28” also reduces to “10” on its way to “1”.  Here exists the final master number in this month’s chart.  “28” represents placement; a time for re-discovering what is “best”.  “2” helps people position themselves better in their minds, groups and other realms.  It can, in this sense, seem like a dance class; learning to avoid bumps and toes.  “2” can get a little crazy as it helps people sense how to avoid clashing.  Difference and team work can feature – not to mention, forethought – at times like this.  “January”s chart seems determined to teach us about strength and uniqueness as states of peace. 

“2” denotes finesse, politics, appropriateness – what the group holds to, represents, values.  Here, can emerge lessons in how self can function in amongst that.  Inherent in this is self-knowledge; daring to be you no matter what.  This can be a peaceful journey or one that requires the occasional push back.  “8” pops in to help selves assess whether they’re fostering the “best” they can.  This number asks, “Are you really happy?” and can heighten spin to highlight “not-so”.  It is “success” – self’s actualisation of life as s/he senses it can be.  These two aspects, working together, help us audit and improve upon things.  They also prompt selves to examine how they might release from mess in some way.  “2” and “8” are, therefore, great partners which guide us to be and do the best we can.  They deliver such states; help us to find them; and mentor others along their way, too.  Together, they can amplify the wavelengths of genuine team work and support.

“2181” adds self to the mix so, here, might present more personal growth.  Self’s perceptions of self – “mine” or other – could feature more in life.  “10” will up this ante – “0” can inflame one’s (“1”s) sense of isolation.  Space and the need to confirm and intuit could also feature as themes (more!).  The wavelengths of other, self, success, then self (“2181”) will encourage realising.  “1” is passive but all the other vibes here are action-inciting.  Another sense of dosey-do’ing emerges, reinforcing the year’s profile.  You might notice this in the form of better placement of self and/or knowing what’s right.  “1”, again, wants values honoured – universal isms respected.  Many countries have been working through this (such is its role in constructive manifestation).  Being true to self, path and vision is key to long-term outcomes of course.  “3” also flags production on the mental, emotional, energetic and physical levels.  Again, you might sense how this month’s chart could boost certain vibes to clear issues.  Do what you can to foster breakthroughs when and where you sense that’s needed.


Recapping quickly… 

This “January” delivers nine “2”s, six “1”s, five “0”s, four “9”s and four “7”s.  Self’s inner workings and narratives will feature albeit, in some ways, less.  Master numbers will reverse any sense of dilution here.  That could play out in self’s silent, private or public spheres.  “0”s could find some people nervous about any lack which appears in life.  “7” and “9” will guide us through this by restating the role of spiritual/energetic health.  Through this, people are likely to sense, see and build more fittingly than before.  All in all, clarity should surface in physical and invisible worlds. 

Purpose and place might also feature in ways that help selves embrace difference (again).  With this, might come opportunities to become more inclusive/considerate.  Truth and allowing, embracing and learning, are things we step into constantly.  The more we surrender fear and self-focus, the better outcomes tend to be.  Reality is full of invisible layers, voices, beings, etc.  When we include these levels in balance, we tend to end up helping the rest.  Do what you can to breathe this in big time when- and where-ever you can.  Empowerment, discernment and clarity are possible this month even if you wobble occasionally.  Source will always help you to process and address what you need to.  You’re never alone unless you affirm it – even then, the energies of (real) life have your back.  With the chart as it is, just knowing such things can help to keep things on an even keel.  Enjoy your journey and stretch where you can to channel, denote, give and receive!


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this.

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