The Monthly Observations

    for September 2020


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “September 2020”.  They profile this month’s energetic rhythms and link to the forecast for this year.  They aim to help you process and learn about spiritual and energetic life.  Implicit in this are intuitive and invisible dimensions as well.  Insights about collective rhythms can be useful when life’s challenging.  They help us link back into the big picture – what’s truly real universally.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are the main numbers, followed by my Observations about “September 2020”.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2020
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 9 2029/4
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 40/4 119/2
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 49/4 2148/6


“September 2020”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help to clarify what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life tends to deliver a mix).  What we can find initially jarring often leads into better states.  A count like this can help us process and make sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase. 

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 5 3 8 7 1 1 7

Let’s look more closely at this…..



“September”s birth numbers are “9” and “2029/4”

   it’s time to close off and get frameworks (more) right

Bearing in mind that “9”s abound this month, “September”s birth numbers should usher in change.  That’s always happening but nine prompts decluttering on physical and invisible levels.  Much of that can occur in the mind – perceptual shifts; version upgrades.  This year, of course, has been loaded with great excuses to do that.  “9” ends the phase (the current 9-stage cycle) a person is moving through.  Remember, here, I’m discussing rhythms that will present collectively.  Societal issues could get an update – any rhythm impacting upon clusters of people.  We live in groups so the collective chart always has some impact.  Yet “9” is a friend, proactively speaking; it helps us get ready for a whole, new phase.  It likes to target things we sense are ready to shift as well as aspects we’ve not yet entertained.

So, “9” marks a time for cleaning your room and can feel like detention.  As a passive vibe, it often introduces a less forward-moving, future-focused time.  It wants bases cleared – as does “4”; room made for what life now wants to bring.  In this respect, “9” can seem unkind (e.g. why is life making “me” live through this?!).  Passive vibes can prompt rebellion; a struggling or rejection of what presents.  This often stems from the expectation (and assumption!) that our habits (and life) are constant.  As we release the urge to project manage, good stuff often starts flowing in more.  This is one way Source reveals Itself; mentors us into knowing It is there.  Once we’ve released all tensions and baggage, we often start sensing how “9” has helped.  It’s a bit like that moment when things get off the runway and welcome in that next, amazing plane full of cargo.

You know, “4” and “9” act like cousins in how they trigger realignment.  “4” is a time for sorting as well – not so much closure-focused; more, awareness.  Those dynamics travel in pairs, too, with “4” helping selves sense more about their life path (e.g. why they’re here; where they’re going; how, when and what to do).  It’s a period for planning and review; finetuning visions before we go live.  From this angle, it’s a zone which helps selves sense what more the value-adding they (and life) can offer.  “4” flags “awareness”; the flashing on of lightbulbs that helps lives become truly well-lived.  Where do you sense your reality is getting ready to do this?

Also noteworthy is how this month’s specific birth number travels through a “9”.  This could result in a heightening of the dynamics I have just described.  Through signing off and closure, we’ll come to better placement; more precision re next steps and roles.  People stuff (“2”) also features so don’t be surprised if that is where you fathom more.  That’s a no brainer – we’re always learning, especially via what others generate.  As a result, this “September” may be powerful in these respects.



This month’s M.O.s are “40/4” and “119/2”

  so perspectives and models could be finetuned

With “4”s here, too, what’s written above could become amplified.  “40” is a master number – a double-loaded spiritual/karmic vibe.  “0” can boost the need for (more) space which I’ve observed often this year.  It can indicate extra space, loss, lack, inaction.  It could team up with “4”s and “9”s to help us learn more about manifesting.  Room to breathe – elected or not – helps us to process in balanced ways.  This can involve healing moments or the buying of time to work things out.  Such vibes present in business as much as they do in personal spheres.  Plans always benefit from introspection, pauses, reflections, quality checks.  Here, too, “4”s this month could help us become a little clearer about certain things.  Past, present and/or future events and issues might feature here.  Through self’s review and space as a tea break, we will find views refining in ways that help good grow.  Don’t be surprised if you observe this in or beyond your circles. 

Another side to “4” is building and investing – these areas could go off this month.  “How to build well” is a “4” wavelength – what inputs generate quality of life?  “4”, as a phase, can introduce highly practical lessons in this.  “Building”, of course, can involve others and, when “4” comes en masse, we are due to all get more stuck in.  It helps us learn how to lay bricks well – spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.  Such phases often restate that cutting corners isn’t so clever.  Where in your world might this play out – personally, globally or “just” nearby?  “4” is “strategy” on one level and can find us over-using mind.  Power games/trips, under-cutting others, are other ways imbalanced “4” can present.  For sure, as big elections come closer, we may find these wavelengths heightening.  “4”, as tactician, can find selves working hard at getting away with all sorts of things.  Yet, when the universe calls for what’s grown-up, “4” teaches people how to dance more spiritually.

The comments just posted are reinforced by “September”s specific M.O.  Remember, this vibe denotes HOW we’re due to learn, digest and practically grow.  “Practical”, here, means “learning from our actions and/or those of others nearby”.  One could argue that, as the HOW change comes this month, “4” is a doubly-strengthening vibe.  We may see what’s dodgy cornered, in self or other, as this month passes through.  Teamed up with seven “9”s, this is likely to require some chilling room.  “119” presents two master numbers  – “11” twice on a subtle level.  This hints at the call for truth, big picture, adult stances over and above what we’d offered already.  It could play out as pleasant affirmation or as forces for people to learn and grow through.  As such, integrity might become a louder theme over the course of the next few weeks. 

Lastly?  “119” passing through “11” down to “2” could amplify self-ness some days.  “1” can want values better honoured, upheld, represented.  It can bring more “me-time” to grow self’s independence – fewer addictions; less narcissism.  Inner strength can, hence, be a dynamic displayed and/or called for to a greater degree.  “1” is leadership, genuine, essential, focused, innate.  Don’t be surprised if this month guides you to just be “you” spiritually again.


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The reality numbers are “49/4” and “2148/6”

  which suggests a greater sense of preparing to build and realign

More “4”s!  Yippee de doo dah!   We’re in for some “fun”.  Through what we think and embrace as models, we’re just about to gather pertinent data about how to exist, get along AND best enact as tomorrow comes our way.  The nice thing about this month’s specific reality number is its end point.  “6” can flag a gentler period; it’s care and rest; heal and break.  It comes in to help selves soothe at soul-level and, with that, encourages soulful (truthful) realignment.  It buys time to pause and see where we have come to, which is essential in travelling well.  The need to march on can frustrate self’s progress without regular rests and checks.  Partnering with “0”s, this month, “6” here could buy time to really process things.  As it also denote healing, “September 2020” could help selves remember, grow and nurture what they really need.

“2148” points to more noticeable group dynamics and self’s placement in amongst them (“2”); issues around self-ness, egoic or divine (“1”); themes around foundations, methods and visions (“4”); the chance to link into life paths more firmly and/or work better with busy agendas, headsets, people, vibes (“8”).  Through these dynamics, we will channel more “6” – balance, truth, love, care.  Of all the numbers, “6” is most concerned with being genuine.  Self can’t grow love whilst acting on agendas; true leaders aren’t flighty or absent.  “6” helps us ground as beings under guidance, with heartfulness, soul, inner peace.  In imbalance, this vibe can find people emoting or lazing a little too much.  It can see selves stuck in feelings; perhaps, even drowning in them.  “6” is balance in waking, walking, being form.  Don’t be surprised if this month helps you work through and embrace dynamics like this more.

At this point, it is worth observing how many of this month’s numbers are passive.  They buy us time, through which we review and tighten up lifestyles.  “4” can link us into our vision – a deeper sense of “I can do and be”.  “9” helps people clear what is blocking their way energetically.  “6” nudges beings to care and feel more deeply – more earnestly, truly, as gardeners.  “0”s can throw curveballs – lack or loss out of the blue; maybe a sense that things aren’t secure.  All of these wavelengths suggest a chapter that’s useful, powerful, affirming; a time that firms up recipes and bases, and helps us all get “there”. 

Physical, emotional, perceptual, mental and/or energetic realms are due for another round of shake-ups – all in the name of progress.  To what?  Wherever the universe (Source) genuinely wants us.  Periods laden with certain numbers point to a build-up of spiritual vibes.  With this, can emerge more lessons and invisible things to work through.  This can involve intuition – hearing, seeing, sensing, tasting, smelling “things”.  It can also call for a greater sense of true-ness; self relaxing into genuine being.  Every time we embrace this, as best we can, life tends to step up.  We can fear nothing as a place where we’ll flounder when it is merely a fresh, new start.  Use this month’s vibes to let go (in mind’s eye) of what is no longer suitable.  Be who you are – it’s a key part of living – not so much robot, model or slave.  There is a lot of freedom in this month’s profile, especially as we embrace balance well.  I hope this “September” helps you step into bravely, truly, strongly AND future-ready soul-level self.



What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this. 

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