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Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this month.  They profile this spiritual chapter and connect to this year’s forecast.  They aim to help you process and learn about energetic life.  Implicit in this is your spiritual and intuitive journey and practice.  Info about the collective rhythms that play through the world can be helpful.  It helps selves connect and work with life so as to enhance what happens next.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are my Observations about this “April” given its main numbers.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2020
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 4 2024/8
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 29/2 108/9
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 33/6 2132/8


“April 2020”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s profile, this month offers the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help explain what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, point to “good” or “bad” (life tends to deliver a mix).  Yet what we can find initially jarring often leads self to better states.  A count like this can help people progress and make greater sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase. 

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 5 2 10 3 3 1 2 3 5

Let’s explore this…..


“April” could help you get the basics more right

… and distil more about your life’s path.  That might sound a bit “out there” but it’s what the current spacing requirements might foster.  Out of limitation, can grow “success” – also flagged in this month’s three “8”s.  We can learn a lot about what fits (or not!) during phases which carry three or more of this vibration. 

“4” denotes assumptions, models, expectations, projections (those sorts of things) – i.e. whatever self views as givens or blockage when it is actually not.  It is, therefore, about perceptions – how they can limit/affect lives.  Long periods of abundance and good flow can count against us when change comes suddenly.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect things but it does call upon flexibility.  “4” can want selves adjusting whatever they have been doing or assuming.  Unfolding like this, it boosts self’s sense of what and how it could now go about things.  Social distancing, for example – albeit a challenge – fits into this category.  It has the potential to flow positively into work and all-of-life objectives.  Sometimes, we can think we have to live “this way” when, in fact, that is a lie.  “4” and “8” – this month’s birth numbers – will help us all review our ways.  Out of limitation, great things can flow especially when we help that manifest.

So, don’t be surprised of you sense opportunities to improve upon life somehow.  This, of course, is already happening; “April”, no doubt, will challenge norms we previously thought immovable.  “4” marks the birth of self’s vision; an initial sense of what life can be (next).  “8” is the final tweak of that picture – this month could deliver all sorts of positives!  “8” marks “success” as a concept: what it is and means for the soul.  Inherent in this is the chance to honour your unique ways of doing and being now.  “Success” can bloom in any area, not just vocationally.  At its broadest level, it’s about living well as a centred, truthful, energetic being.  At this angle, it denotes the stances that fit best, inside and out.  Does ‘that’ really suit you now and moving forward?  Are you really happy?  If not, why?  What’s the core issue?  How can you shift it?  Where can self become truer again?  Moments of “4” and “8” can help selves gather what’s needed to truly live well. 

“4”, in this sense, is awareness blooming; “8” is the time views become sharpest.  This “April” is likely to help you irrespective of shut downs, etc!  Inherent in this can be a sense of getting recipes more right.  “4” can flag private distillations or ones that show through in a more public sense.  “4” is the theory; “8” is that honing to the point of being very clear.  Creating is another great example: “4” is the first draft; “8”, the masterpiece.  Clarity of purpose, tactic and targets often get sharper at times like this.  Working together, these two vibes look certain to tighten plans, methods and ingredients.  Inputs, outputs and processes all tend to gain when “4” and “8” present.  You might find “April 2020” helping you (positively!) with all sorts of things.

“4” is this month’s generic birth number so the rhythms just mentioned could get loud.  “2024” is this “April”s specific BN and might breed more rhythms around people, humanness and fit (“2”).  Placement is another key “2” wavelength – i.e. inter-relating as best we can.  “0”, here, could further boost people’s sense of loss, lack or not enough.  Life can tempt folk to stockpile and hoard things yet “0” comes to show how what is good never runs out.  Times like these dare people to focus past the surface – to not affirm nothing beyond this very second.  That’s not to dismiss any sense of missing out but “0” remains a powerful vibe.  It asks us to look beyond lack and loss, and remember that substance only grows out of space, gap or hole.  Through self affirming this, in mind’s eye, life (and good stuff!) are helped to flow stronger.  Phone calls can come; dollars can flow in when self stops fixating upon what it wants.  That’s easy to type in a good moment yet it remains energetic reality.  “0” restates who is genuinely in charge; how we’re not managers of life even when we seem to be.  It can heighten the sense of illusion; how lives can turn suddenly at any time.  This might sound gloomy (which isn’t my intention) but it can help to remember that we’re just one part of life.  Self is not the driver, centre or conductor no matter how much life has let it take that stance.  The more we step back, perceptually, from filling space, the more room we give newness to come in. 

“2024”, in this respect, suggests that people are about to get better at things.  “2” is a powerful place for learning all about human be-ing.  When it presents with a high tally – as has been the case since “1 Jan” – people can witness all sorts of behaviour: stuff that inspires and/or repels.  Through our own stances and those of others, life helps us all develop.  Increasingly so when the news flows freely and the public can access almost anything.  Here is also where “0” can bamboozle – e.g. information downloads getting too intense.  “0” can boost self’s fears and projections yet, even here, calls for spiritual re-connection.  This, in a sense, flags “zero” as the start of all parts of life.  “Nought” asks selves to focus positively before anything (action) starts.  Thoughts and feelings are part of this – the fact that they drive everything.  “0” can be a place where self instructs Source about what s/he is now ready to receive.  Here, as well, lies the invitation to reconnect with all that’s divine.  As this occurs, life begins flowing with more of the right vibes.  None of this needs to read as religion – it can be but that ain’t the goal.  As headspaces clear, selves make room for all that can come in right now.  Everything starts on the energetic level; don’t believe me blindly but test this if you can.  “0” is the second just before the physical births (and new levels of good stuff start manifesting).  The more we know this as a placement, the more we make room to sense what can happen and help that in.  Energy work is amazing at this level.  Do what you can to work with life on this basis.

So?  Through the challenge to awareness, people are often guided to build better (“4”).  Spaces which get too mentally busy often help selves prioritise more exactly (“8”).  “8” can be a swirly dynamic where minds and beings become hyperactive.  Grounding can be key in such moments (another way “8” promotes “success”).  Interpersonal space and relating are sure to show people a few new things (“2”).  Through this, selves might become more exact about what and who they’re wanting.  “8” is the dream; one’s life goals; vision – a zone for finetuning such things again.  All of this hints that, even with shut-downs, good things are about to flow and be sensed.


The M.O.s will force us towards end points….

… which, ultimately, pay well even if the process is tricky.  Already we’ve seen executives taking pay cuts to keep staff engaged.  This isn’t the only answer yet even Mother Earth is having a break.  Pollution levels are lower in some countries which can only help.  Again, easy to say when life is flowing; a powerful mantra when it is not.  “29/2” is all about placement – relativities and ending what’s outdated.  Through relating – with humans and other life – AND healing issues, we’ll come to better stances which actually add to experiences at community level.  This is already happening; sharing is a loud theme at this time.  It’s also very much an aspect of “2” although all numbers flag what we achieve when we share well (or not).  Through hoarding and having to cope with such wavelengths, societies learn to include again.  Life’s like a clock – a pendulum swinging – through any excess, life is helped to balance again.

“108/9”  states that this “April” could help spaces and acts to clear.  “9”, I say often, is all about closure – mental, spiritual, emotional, physical.  It’s a time for spring cleaning and feeling more grounded (which is what current lock-downs promote).  “Go clean your room!” is a “9” catch cry – one which adds amazing value.  Limited “I” can rally against this – “I want” can grow all the wrong vibes.  Through this, however, life helps us notice, deal with and grow through inner child.  “1” denotes self stepping up as adult and being helped to channel that more.  Through such dynamics; uncertainty (“0”); and “hyperactive” thinking (“8”), life will help selves process what’s core.  “9” is when we deal with things fully – and, therefore, the moment when life cycles conclude.  Here, it denotes freedom and newness coming in after rooms have been cleared.  It often promotes the sense that a self is about to enter a whole new zone.  Endings are only one part of life – dare to make room for good to flow!

So, “9” marks the end of the current chapter so as to begin a whole new one.  In this sense, it can feel like rebirth which, this “April”, could be potent.  Rewriting self and life is on the cards now – where might the universe be guiding you in this sense?  Let space and time out be your ally; similarly, what is unknown.  “0” can be a zone where “I don’t know” fosters what is now constructive.  It goes without saying – we’re not in charge of life but that doesn’t mean we’re here to sink.  Let any sense of negative zero show you the wealth it’s trying to tap you into.  “0”, in this sense, is observation- the role of the witness in co-creating rightness.  The more self does this without gripping, the more s/he helps life flow well.  This is a very real ism which some have to live more than others.  Out of nothing, everything emerges – i.e. new levels of positive, constructive life.

At least a few of the end points “9” fosters tend to be perceptual.  One could argue that much of self development plays out on this level.  What we believe and entertain matters; Source IS as real as we let It be.  This can be read as a religious statement but it’s actually more than that.  The Divine is the worst ham at a party – if you let It feature, It will.  If we define Source as “absolute goodness”, we tend to create healthier fit.  This is another energetic mantra – come back to zero to help positives grow.  Don’t define what’s great in a hard sense; focus upon the vibes and states you want.  The more we let Source know all we’re needing, the more that tends to show up.  This might sound a little “out there” but it often helps selves manifest to the next level.  If the universe has/is the biggest picture, It doesn’t need your lists of needs.  It already knows – those mantras are for us (so that we come to know things as well).  Source doesn’t need us pumping out our wish lists; It already knows how we’ll all “get there”.  Life can ask us to do it tough but that doesn’t mean we’re being ignored.  Stretching can involve initial moments of what seems like endings in a negative sense.  Yet such moments are often celebrated once we understood the spiritual gains that came from them.  Try saying that when life brings a challenge to the point of obscuring what’s positive!  Even here, though, lies the challenge to remember that life’s up then down then up yet again.



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This month’s reality numbers should trigger new insights….

… and, perhaps, more soulfulness.  Such vibes don’t always flow out of good; sometimes, life asks selves to push back at what’s not balanced.  We all know this but can forget it when hardship knocks.  How we use mind, self-talk and self-mentor, can make a big difference.  Egoic self can be quick to conclude, forecast and affirm “badness”.  Yet we can’t see ‘round corners when we affirm from limited angles.  Downward projections can act like big brick walls obscuring well-rounded views.  Sudden change can trigger a sense that roads are tighter, leaner, meaner.  Tension also obstructs the picture; “April” could present chances to glean more.  Keep your eyes open; don’t fixate (especially upon negative outcomes); do what you need to but make sure to leave space for surprises, shifts, miracles.  Don’t fill all space with mind or self-talk.  Hold space for receiving, to help your form of what is divine to come in.

“33/6” is another potent number; it hones self’s ability to intuit well.  “3” denotes expression – from self to self; Source to self (and vice-versa).  It represents all inter- and intra-being dialogue, and can be the moment lightbulbs flash on (i.e. bigger pictures start to download).  It can also ask self to listen to obstruction – everything speaks and heals if we let it.  “3” represents the fact that life is a flow of absolutely everything.  It, therefore, denotes self’s role in that process – where do we hinder; how can we help?  It’s often a time that helps people get out of their way by not overly-predicting what might happen next.  Fear is always about the next seconds; an instruction about what self’s ready to receive.  Implicit in this is the dare of remaining fully present, grounded, objective.  This can be hard – self is only clear when it no longer entertains head stuff.  Hard times can make this tougher but that doesn’t mean that self is stuck.  Life is a sine wave – up then down, then up again (into better times).  It tends to flow better when we help it (which includes not predicting what’s going to happen next!).  Easy to say – fear is human – feel, think and say all you need to but don’t keep it spinning for any longer than necessary.  Processing requires selves to feel fully to the point where Source has heard all that’s been expressed (“3”).  Be in the process but don’t obstruct flow.  Breath work, exercise and quality down time are key in doing this.

“33/6” also flags what happens when we express truly, to the fullest.  Feel what you feel; say what you think; don’t stock-pile negative/pessimistic thoughts.  Know what you know then release it; move on to let new life emerge.  Double “3” to “6” suggests that, by doing this with focus, healing and balance will occur.  “6” also flags genuine being – being truthful no matter what.  The more you honour every soul, at the same time, the more that tends to be reflected back.  “6” is “love”, too, which doesn’t always add up to closeness or hugs.  “3” is the freedom to be who “you” are – every “you”, all at once.  There’s enough room for this so make your decisions; no need to put up with what’s not right.   “3” and “6” ask people to mingle but not beyond their use-by dates.  They guide people to find the right distance (!!!) so as to grow only more of what’s good.  Even here, COVID-19 could help us all co-create great dynamics.

This month’s specific reality number is “2132/8”.  All of the numbers in this pattern have been discussed above.  This highlights the chance for reinforcement along any of the lines already outlined.  Getting along – what does that take (“2”)?  Living as self – what should that involve (“1”)?  How can we express ourselves fully and fairly (“3”)?  Grow more peace, love, balance, etc (“6”)?  Through these rhythms, selves could discover all sorts of things – i.e. places we’ve never been before mentally, physically, energetically.  Through this, life’s here to help selves get clearer about why, for whom and what they are here (“8”).  Ten “2”s, this month, could boost relating issues (they’re always presenting, especially in tough times).  This needn’t generate pessimism – “8” is “success” – remember?  That is, learning what a win looks like and involves; how to get there”; via what circuits.  The more we use down time to hear and help self rebalance – our own or others – the more good we bring.  This month’s five “9”s will also help selves sense what to step into or let go of.  This might happen at any level – mental, feeling, physical, spiritual, energetic – as one level shifts, the others follow.  Such is personal development which, after all, is one life mission.  Hard or sudden shifts always challenge but shouldn’t be seen as everything.

Also noteworthy is the fact that this month carries fewer master numbers in its chart.  These vibes, as noted on this month’s Home Page, can make lives more unknown or warped.  They’re powerful vibes because how they promote strong, perceptual, spiritual change.  People can initially resent them because of how they trigger sudden shift in gear.  Through this, however, they act as great correctors; moments which nudge us onto new tracks.  Egoic self can resent newness when it comes in uninvited.  As change unfolds, we often start to sense more of the good attached to it.  Here is where we given the chance to appreciate and access all that life can be.  Here, too, occurs spiritual growth; moments where selves sense what is anew.  All in our own way – each path’s unique – life isn’t just a series of end points.  Nothing is constant; learning is a constant (at times like these, even more!).  Knowing and adopting stances which reflect this can help human beings get out of the way and engage more.

Now’s a great time to restate such isms.  Do what you can to suss them out.  Life never delivers curve balls for bad reasons (in spite of how things can seem).  Master numbers tend to remind us of such mantras and, the firmer we know them, the more we help manifest.  Life is abundant yet must present as this on the mental and energetic planes first.  It doesn’t always flow as self thinks it should (making space and peace important).  Yet there is no need to limit arrivals; know Source knows what you require.  If you make It an expressive being, you up the chance of good guidance coming through.  The universe loves to share and assist whenever and however It can.  The block to this is self’s limitations – what we affirm, fear and imagine.  If life wants to send you a Lamborghini – more than you can fathom – who are you to argue?  This is how people can help great and positive things manifest.  Don’t instruct Source how or what to deliver, especially if it’s negative.  Do what you must but always leave room for life to offer more again.  Reality is so much more than human being, construct or mindset.


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this.

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