The Monthly Observations

    for December 2021


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “December 2021”.  They profile this month’s energetic rhythms and link to this year’s forecast.  They aim to help you learn and process spiritual and energetic things.  Implicit in this are intuitive and invisible realms.  Insights about collective dynamics can, from time to time, be really useful. 

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are the main numbers followed by my Observations.


This Month’s Chart

  each year in 2021
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 12/3 2033/8
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 37/1 132/6
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 49/4 2165/5


“December 2021”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help us understand what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life often delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring comes to promote better existence.  A count like this can help us process and make sense of whatever we need to.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.  

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 2 8 7 5 2 5 3 1 1 2

Let’s look closer at this…..


“December” brings birth numbers of “12/3” and “2033/8”

    expression, flow, manifesting well

“3”s and “8” go well together.  The latter brings insights; “8” tightens up self’s vision.  At the end of a “5” year, thoughts like these can be potent.  Numbers seek productive change.  Future scopes shift based on what we learn.  As we glean more about how life works around us – as individuals – our sense expands about tomorrow.  That’s attainment; step-by-step progress even when things seem sure.  This “December” could present louder along these lines.  “3” says “create”; “8”, “cook well” – time to check ingredients lists.  What adds to the overall outcome and/or detracts from it?  This won’t involve a single reply – everybody has a unique path to tread.  As “3” flags a time to realise more, you could get clearer about things like this 

“8” can be a time for succeeding and/or discovering how to do that.  This month could turn a few lightbulbs on; leave you channelling more value add.  “3” is “express” – verbally or gestured; it also marks life’s need to flow.  We can’t control anything fully.  We know yet “occasionally” struggle with this.  Stuff can go haywire whenever we overly-know, -grip, -own.  Source has a way of highlighting loopholes.  Receiving boosts creation.  Self doesn’t rule that much.  Egoic “I” likes things that are solid, sure, consistent.  That, of course, is the great illusion especially nowadays.  Over-mindful or model-based self tends to grip all sorts of things.  People, outcomes, process, objects….  whatever it thinks it really needs. 

Assumptions flow out of knowing too firmly and can get in life’s way.  The trick is, at all times, to remain present.  Now’s not a place of haphazard creation.  It’s actually where we come to birth well.  As “3” flags creation, you might learn this this month.  All vibrations involve you and others.  We do as we learn; learn as we do.  “3” and “8” can signal “me” learning via others, energy, self.  We tend to gather from every direction; life isn’t mono in this regard.  It’s only when we’re too steeped in mindset that our sense of other as equal dims.  “3” flags us becoming clearer about how we birth what we give space to.  What are you entertaining at this moment?  Does that truly serve him, her, it, you?  Where might you shape things another notch by showing or declaring more spiritually?  Such rhythms, coming in the twelfth month, hint at inclusivity.  Year end, for some, can see feelings bottled up.  That never breeds honest, open wavelengths. 

Egoic self doesn’t control life or the decision to clamp things down.  Sooner or later, what’s felt comes out.  Five “3”s, this month, might help you nurture self better.  Belonging is so important and only occurs when all are real.  There’s nothing more sapping than undermining or duplicity.  The physical face of any moment always carries feelings everyone can sense.  We may not always be able to place things right there, then.  Self doesn’t always listen to its gut feel, dismissing it as imagination.  “3” and “8” are active dynamics which present such lessons loudly.  Year-end can be crazy, busy.  Active numbers stir to help folk realise.  They push self to face and deal with stuff awell so as to move forward.  When we do this, expression flows – the type that liberates, empowers, confirms what’s sensed.  Through this, people find themselves seeing more practically and clearly.  Movements like this are all about helping worlds engage better than they were.  This month’s birth numbers could deliver you clarity by the 31st.

“12/3”s a zone that can feel more supportive relative to earlier times.  It can breed the sense that “me”, “you” and “life” are more on the same page.  Things don’t always seem like this; sometimes, it’s hard to make ends meet.  Here, it can feel like Source has abandoned self completely.  The universe uses silence as a guide rail.  Energetic, it can’t use mouth or hands.  We don’t always see what’s happening as linked and can hold physical and intuitive realms separate.  Self can misread quietness as “not right” because that’s what the model says.  Egoic “I” often assumes that, once on track, its caboose will keep going “that way”.  Yet, everything births out of stillness.  Nothing is a place we need to know most.  “12/3” can guide individuals into more intuitive wavelengths.  Some people see; others hear or feel things; a few of us taste and smell.  We are constantly offered info via our senses but don’t always understand its value.  This month could want you realising, sensing, distilling and birthing all sorts of things.  Everything leads to your next step.  See if, where and how you might embrace rhythms like these.


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This month’s M.O.s are “37/1” and “132/6”

   balance is key in breeding soul-full life

“6” is love, peace, real self; a place where genuineness blooms.  Prior to this point, “0” to “5”, self has been busy discovering all sorts of things.  “6” can feel like intermission; time to reboot, collect thoughts.  A passive vibe, it tends to bring themes of rest, time out, healing, support.  Slowing us down, life helps us process whatever’s been going on.  “6” can seem like a lull in proceedings; a final regrouping ahead of closing scene.  It wants us dealing with issues fully, akin to a driver taking last pit stop.  Passive numbers want selves reflecting.  Can you sense how this could play out for you this month?

The M.O. suggests how we’re about to channel and step into the birth number anew.  The how’s in life are important.  So much is shaped by nuances and moods.  “37/1” speaks of learning that helps self actualise completely (“7”).  “1” nudges folk to birth (or rebirth!) more aware, present, ready.  It can urge humans to back causes stronger.  Here, it flags uniqueness.  We’re all here to be same and different in line with what we’re spiritually called to be/do.  By honouring our intuition, we learn to mingle well; respect one another.  Difference ain’t bad; it’s actually a given unless we’ve over-marketing!  Jab or no jab doesn’t promise outcome.  The only way you’re supposed to embrace is the one you sense is right.  It’s amazing how life comes together, for the long term, when we listen to gut. 

This brings us back to the subject of balance.  What is it for you, really?  Harmony flows when everything feels right.  It unfolds when we hit upon what soul needs.  Note those words – feeling, not thinking.  That’s how self finds the right way.  The soul realm is a tangible state.  Only overly-mind- or -model-full self struggles to sense energy.  That’s because it doesn’t think it’s met it (even though it probably has) and because it hasn’t learned to divinely surrender, merge, trust.  Egoic self loathes merging with nothing; anything that’s not solid or constant.  It’s sure it will get lost in such things.  It needs to grip and continually prove its existence.  We can all need to process themes like this from time to time.  “December ‘21” is about such things – who are you; why are you here; how can you live and breed your best life? 



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“December” reality numbers are “49/4” and “2165/5”

    awareness, stretching, embracing change that wants to come in

The reality number denotes what we’re due to create and end up experiencing.  Some say it relates to retirement; for others, it denotes the outcome of every second  The latter reading reinforces life’s way of building and emerging from things.  In this sense, reality numbers flag the likely end results of channelling more of the birth number via M.O.  “4” denotes building, foundations and frameworks; “5”, said above, growth and change.

“49/4” ties into what I’ve already observed about this month’s chart.  “4” can trigger awareness; help folk review what they’ve been up to.  “4” denotes strategy, planning, reviewing things for the future.  It’s rather like Mercury retrograde in how it boosts clarity.  With this, can come excuses to finetune and/or confirm what we’re running with.  Assumptions, projections and expectations can be adjusted when a few “4”s visit.  In the “0” to “9” cycle, it’s the first chance we get to mull over things.  Prior to this point, we’re often too busy learning, trying, exploring.  This is why it’s read as awareness; a time for more context about what’s going on.  That never hurts any plan or process.  How might you embrace more light in your world? 

You know, no chart is ever just about the person it relates to.  Numbers often point to discoveries and growth that go on around us.  Life involves a mix of these rhythms – learning via doing and witnessing.  Change, awareness, review of method and/or model could happen on a few levels this month.  That is, in one sense, a no-brainer given the flux the world is in.  Many models are under review even if we’d like the same again!  “4” is the base from which action (“5”) flows; the foundation of house, key in role.  Through what we know, think, say and do, palpable outcomes flow.  So, “4” can deliver lessons in breeding.  Teamed up with “3”s, that’s sure this month.  What are you thinking, feeling, expecting?  Where does that get you?  To the best end point?  Where, in approach, model or mindset, could certain aspects do with a tweak?  Life is forever inviting us to stretch; step into better things.  “4” says “build well”.  It’s all about the future; making sure foundations are good.  That matters, yes?  Our dive depends not only on technique but our springboard!  Tools, keys, recipes, structures, views, assumptions, affirmations could play a louder role in helping you get to the best in all things this month.

“2165” leads to “5” as an end point.  I’ve profiled that number above.  “5” can also read as trend setter; agent of change; stirrer of pot.  Where can you be more of the life you seek?  That’s a constant dare, especially at the moment.  We’re slowly releasing from 1900s models.  They needn’t be rejected; we’re a product of what we birthed from and into.  Here though, lies the chance to sense the size of the shifts this month could throw.  Much of our progress depends on mindset and a willingness to lead rather than wait.  This needn’t speak of battling or warring.  Get on; release; sense what you can.  Be the change – whatever that means – for you and you alone.  When we ground well in universal wisdom, we rarely generate bad vibes.  Trust in your breath, life and Source to show you where and how you can usher in healthy change.  Ahead of that, release all worlds from grip; let atoms sort themselves out; let go to heal.  Just doing this can help life remain on even keel.  “2165” wants you, me, us – all things – balancing out and evolving fully.  It wants action, change, from self’s centre guided by intuitive wisdom.  Through this we will channel all the flow we’re seeking in meaningful, spiritual, practical ways.  Embrace change but also get evolving in your part of the world individually. 

To conclude, then, this month looks certain to help us all further along.  This might birth from within or through dynamics you are in amongst.  That’s a no brainer!  Life’s a response chain.  We all have the chance to reboot and clear.  Use time, space, exercise, fresh air and moments of quiet to help you sense the best in all things.  This “December” wants people sensing how to shift and open wonderful pathways that feel in line with what they’ve sensed about the big picture and their lives.  It could leave you with eyes more wide open; key stuff sorted; ready for new year.  All the very best to you and yours.  I hope your year ends constructively.


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this. 

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