The Monthly Observations

The Monthly Observations

for October 2019


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this month.  Below is a profile of this energetic chapter which also connects to this year’s forecast.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are my Observations about this “October” given its main numbers.


This Month’s Profile
  each year in 2019
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again) 10/1 2029/4
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 33/6 127/1
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 43/7 2156/5


“October 2019”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month offers the following count.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help to explain what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, point to “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring tends to also wake us up.  A count like this can help selves progress and make greater sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 3 8 6 5 4 1 2 3 3

Let’s look at the chart more closely…..


“October”s birth numbers are “10/1” and “2029/4”

“1” marks the start of a whole new chapter of learning, living, development.  “October”, each year, ushers in newness irrespective of intentions.  It also coincides with the Jewish new year which can impact what unfolds in any sphere.  Every calendar has the potential to trigger noticeable, spiritual shifts.  Change is a given in any moment with any year-end and -start impacting that.  This month, of course, also introduces the last quarter in the Western calendar.  For these reasons AND the fact that “10/1” hovers, this month could find selves assimilating things.  Don’t be surprised if you find life, nature, others and/or you becoming different.

I’ve said a few times in recent updates that this year’s been teaching people “out loud”.  Conscious shifts in mindset and model have been a part of that dynamic.  Such things present constantly however this year’s profile is full of mental numbers.  When this occurs, people can notice their intuition and awareness stretching.  “Getting it”, then, is a key dynamic of “2019” (not just this month).  This month’s birth numbers, “10/1” and “2029/4”, might trigger such states more.  “10” can boost the sense of isolation and the need to focus more firmly.  Such dynamics often pop in when we’re learning and “0”, with “1”, can trigger the sense of more space.  Life uses vibes like this to help us link to and heal underlying down bits.  “10” promotes time out – forced or elected – for fathoming how to inject more soul onto life’s surface.  The fact that “10/1” is a master number makes these comments more potent.  Master numbers, as I type often, like to amplify the invisible realm.  So?  Energies, spirits, spiritual development tend to get louder in “10” zones.  Dreaming, ideas and inspirations can also flourish in such moments.

“0” means “Source” – i.e. That which guides you in your own models and terms.  It represents the highest level of divine/universal assistance.  It uses space as a prominent feature, restating that, out of “nothing”, everything blooms.  “10/1” can, therefore, be a potent, energetic and spiritual phase.  It uses time out, a sense of separation, in ways that invite more thought.  “1” denotes self as a model: is essential “I” driving?  A “10/1” birth number can speak of these rhythms manifesting more in private or public.  How this pans out in your realm will also depend upon your personal profile.  To delve into that, click here.

“10/1” can also want people in their adult boots; more anchored in divine/higher self.  Here, “1” flags issues around “leadership” as a rhythm, stance or job.  It likes soul to be and do unfettered; integrity at all times.  “10/1” could, therefore, call for more fairness, honesty, decency this month.  We’re hearing many calls for change at the moment – exits, phone calls, environmental health.  Conscious living requires us to allow space for nature, ethics and guidance.  That “little/inner voice” is your intuition – the universe; integrity – speaking out loud.  Don’t be surprised if this month guides you to better connection with these rhythms.

“2029/4” will also stir mindsets (“4” likes to heighten self’s awareness).  Awakenings could feature due to dealings with others (“2”); moments of too much “nothing” andD reflecting (“0”); spiritual practices and downloads (“0”); and/or the call for more compassion or closure.  All of these vibes carry the potential to spur upgrades in approaches and assumptions.  “4” is the base; one’s platform for action (physical or perceptual).  It also denotes recipes, game plans, tactics, manoeuvres (those sorts of things).  It opens up new ways of manifesting and has presented often this year.  Finding your place and/or purpose has also featured regularly.  So?  This month might nudge you further towards what you’ve known or sensed all along.  Consciously forward, spiritual steps have flavoured these last few months.  “October” brings more of these currents to help people build more practically.  With this can come the sense of enervation; a growing sense that “I can do it”.  Confidence and optimism are hallmarks of “1”, “4” and “5” periods.

Through you; to you; or “merely” around you, this month could stretch visions wider.  The birth number marks what we’re due to bump into, digest, channel and become more of.  “1” can heighten the need to be patient as egoic self presents more than it should.  “I want to lead” can boost in volume when “1” or “10/1” repeats.  Yet, we often learn best by mixing with what is “not”; such things spur souls to manifest what’s “right”.  “1” cycles can seek what’s decent – i.e. integrity 100%.  We can think we are “pure” when we’re still entangled with what self owns, craves or fears.  Life can highlight such states in a bid to co-create a more soulful, adult reality.  “1” invites beings to “be all you can” and “lead the charge in ways that matter”.  It’s all about self-optimisation and how that can impact lives.


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The M.O.s, this month, are “33/6” and “127/10/1”

Here we see another “10/1” (which is why I’ve discussed it so much above).  One’s ability to stand as an individual whilst belonging and merging well will count.  It always does but, this “October”, might find such lessons reinforced.  Yet, what is “being”?  Are you really anchored in 100% spiritual you?  Some days, “10/1” can want all released to the point of people feeling lonely.  This vibe can enhance the call to “go solo” as a phase and position.  Such states can boost what’s unkind and self-ish but only to invite better dispositions.  “1” can manoeuvre people towards more of what’s soulfully resilient.  This, too, leads us back towards adult – leading whist sharing and caring.  All numbers point to how what is “great” can be rekindled and channelled again. 

So, don’t feel too “bad” if this month ushers in rhythms that, initially, don’t sit well.  “1” wants selves discovering their way; uniqueness that’s real but not exclusive.  We’re all here to live on different train tracks whilst merging and sharing at the same time.  Mentally over-inclined, we can let life become out-of-kilter from time to time.  With that, exclusion starts to flourish; a place where only some needs are met.  The dare to allow all souls to fly can initially feel over-exposing.  Yet, we only feel this when we’ve yet to completely trust in self and Source as guide.  There really is enough space to share when needs (not wants) are reinstated as primary drivers.

The true aim of “1” is to stand without crutches, addictions, habits, dependencies.  We can need to relearn this reasonably often; “10/1” wants such states channelled to the next degree.  “1” and “10/1” offer affirmation as soon as we remember we’re supported by life.  There is no urge that leads up the wrong path assuming we’re connected to what’s “right”.  Focus matters – what do you refer to (i.e. make Source) day-to-day?  This month’s two “10”s could find this “October” reminding selves of such things.  So might the “33/6” M.O. which represents flow as experience.  Together these vibes could teach us all more about how life can unfold if people let it.  Inherent in this can be louder fear states – it’s challenging moving into (more) open fields.  Egoic self likes structures and fence lines – they infer that constancy is achieved.  Yet chaos is happening as a constant (which is what being true to path entails).  The “I” that’s inside you, always present, is something that’s wanting to emerge more in “2019”. 

This month will bring more bending and stretching, and a greater sense of possibilities.  The M.O. points to how we’ll grow and step into the next part of our journey.  We do this daily as individuals as well as members of groups.  Life ebbs and flows to help integration on and with every level.  Step by step, we travel the circle and can need to digest this (not just live it out).  This year’s mental vibrations are nudging selves to assimilate more truly.  No one’s beginning from scratch in this sense, even if that’s how things can feel.  There’s no accident in what we encounter; life tends to mirror the choices of past.  It’s an energetic realm, spiritually laden, which this year aims to drive home.  Part of this stems out of next year’s purpose: “2020” is other and soul.  As the “201” chapter closes, the “1” dynamic will take a lesser role until “2021”, “2031”, etc.  “2” is a zone for better sharing and exchanging; being an equal (not so much the centre of things).  This might explain why we’ve seen louder themes around self-focus.  It also confirms the wonderful timing of recent demonstrations worldwide.  Thinking about self needn’t be exclusive of anyone or thing at any time.

Each “October”, we benefit from a visit from “33/6”.  This is a feeling, sensing number; highly intuitive and sensitive.  It denotes flow, expression, balance, health issues, feeling states.  “33/6” in a profile can, therefore, increase the chance of such dynamics.  Allowing real flow is about freedom being fostered as a state which nurtures all needs.  Egoic self likes to monitor, audit and selectively enable things.  “127/10/1” could promote vibes that deliver new lessons on this.  Don’t be surprised if this plays out for, within or around you. 

“127” is “me” – you – learning and (re-)acting wiser again.  “7” also signals universal guidance – intelligence from the highest of vantage points.  It can find us noticing we’re learning and finding that more useful somehow.  It often represents moments when we get “it” so completely we never question “it” again.  “7”, you see, is “sharpness of view” cutting through fogs to reveal outcomes, etc.  It often promotes more appreciation for how life works and how to manifest within that.  This “October” could foster space that helps you to co-create better.  “7”, after all, is a place of empowerment where self’s views and deliveries are made sharper. 

“I know” is only ever challenged so that end views become better.  Both of this month’s M.O.s are karmic so three master numbers feature in the profile.  Two present as “10”s which reduce to “1”s; these may play out more subtly.  “33”, however, is a full master number so don’t be surprised if invisible stuff comes calling.  Dreams could abound; psychic downloads; firmer/more obvious guidance.  You may feel pulled towards developing intuitively – as a trigger or end state, spiritual stuff could flourish.  Source, as a vibe that helps life live fully, might become more obvious, too.  So?  Use this month as a spiritual passage – they always are but remember: this “October”, a new year is starting. 

All periods promote newness and it can pay to not lose sight of that.  If you’ve been sensing more clarity or direction in recent times, this might explain it.  “2019”s last quarter could propel individuals “upward” again.  It’s been a heady year – care of all those mental numbers – with two more months before the cycle shifts.

Lastly….?  “33/6”, said above, is all about balance and flow.  Merged with “10/1”, it could offer more chances for people to heal and regroup.  Flow matters – it helps us remember the role of presence in manifesting well.  “10” can boost such vibes via events that require trust.  What is “trust” though?  Blind faith or knowledge in the fact that life is supportive – not so much of egoic self’s agendas but of what is truly wholistic.  Win-win is the universal benchmark with master numbers emphasising this.  This month’s two M.O.s could, therefore, steer you into polishing, clearing and/or renovating.  That might unfold as the need to express or to sense from core.  Either way, we’re due to see more moments that are spiritually potent.  Clarity, focus, realisations and outputs could become more of a theme.  Whatever occurs, remember your out-breath and that the Divine is a universal being.


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This month’s reality numbers are “43/7” and “2156/5”

These numbers make the themes above more likely.  “7” shows us stuff; “5” likes people stretching; channeling all the goodness they can.  “43” carries two numbers which like to raise consciousness.  “2156” suggests sudden newness that’s flavoured with a sense that life supports “me” well.  “5” and “6” are opposing rhythms: the former just does “it”; the latter feels more.  Even if times are trying, “6” in a chart can see people feeling more acknowledged.  After “5”, life can feel more allowing, embracing and nurturing.  Together, these vibes can present as a push-me-pull-you, stretching then soothing then testing again.  When this occurs, we’re often guided into stances which exude confidence and optimism.  

With a specific reality number of “5” this month, change is likely however it comes.  “5” represents the need to stay flexible; go with the flow; be patient.  “43/7” and “2156/5” could heighten the need to balance out (more).  “7” can feel as if life’s holding out; in so doing, it fosters contemplation.  “5” likes action, movement, progress – at first, perhaps, too much.  Out of kilter, life and selves can seem hyperactive yet both vibes seek better grounding.  Here, as well, this month is likely to boost the need for time out.  Space to rebalance (however you choose) and to determine what really fuels you…  The last few chapters have been hurly burly, with mind featuring too much at times.  That’s not hard in a world full of widgets and 24/7.  Such states are best processed and dealt with via breath-work, meditation and exercise outdoors. 

Lately, we’ve seen a global push towards more wholistic health.  At individual or collective levels, what’s at the centre of the word, “wholistic” though?  Egoic self can read such statements as only pertaining to what is “mine”.  We can all do this, even when we’re “spiritual”, yet numbers and life seek balance within and between “I”s.  Equilibrium can be a challenge even in the context of a single being.  We’re all being led to more other-focus whilst not losing sight of personal needs.  What is a need?  Is it a want?  “October ‘19” could confirm where such scopes fall.  Have you lost sight of the definitions (that’s easy to do when life speeds up)?  We don’t have to look too far to notice how the universe is tightening acts.  Formal or informal, where might this month help you or others embrace grooves like that? 

The reality number flags the end states we reach having been and done what we have.  Like all vibes, it can point to and trigger balanced and imbalanced states.  Life is choice constantly offering snapshots about what that means.  “43/7” signals more growth in models, assumptions, ideas.  Such things affect our offerings as co-creators and witnesses.  “43” also suggests an emergence of more practically spiritual methods.  Life can impel selves to evolve in such ways or merely nudge them further along.  “2156/5” could help this happen by upping the pace potentially.  It will also audit stances and habits: should we; could we; dare we again?  “I, We AND You can do it!” is very much a “5” statement.  At first, it can find us flailing and doubting: will “I” make it; what’s possible?  Life can loom large in such moments as obstruction, rejection, stuckness or limitation.  Yet “5” teaches selves they can float on “water”; you’ll always stay “up” if you breathe.  Source is fresh air, a lungful of good stuff; floating is a powerful strategy.  If nothing else, it allows self to regroup and remember long-term health.  Both reality numbers, this month, could initiate even better ways of manifesting. 

So?  Prepare, this month, to learn a few things and burst through restrictions.  This year has introduced such rhythms often, helping to highlight the more that’s always been.  “October” should feel more supportive even if there’s more to learn.  You might need to stand up for what you believe in but, even here, that will add value.  Life should deliver quietness to help us sync into dynamics like these.  Assuming I’m right, we’re likely to notice how supportive the universe (Source) is.  That needn’t mean there’ll be no challenge but flow (and change) is a constant.  We can help one another by taking the time to check our focus and intentions.  Universal aims help any raft float, as does remembering whole-of-life goals.  What really matters?  Are you looking after that as the first step (not the last)?  Allocate time to nurture what really matters.  We’re due for another powerful month which I hope plays out for you wonderfully.  L’shanah tovah to all, too!  I hope you have a really great new year.


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this.

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