Monthly Observations

The Monthly Observations

for May 2019

Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this month.  Below is a profile of this energetic chapter which connects to this year’s forecast. 

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are my Observations about this “May” given its main numbers.
This Month’s Profile

each year

in 2019

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)



M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point



Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things



“May 2019”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month offers the following count.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help to explain what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, point to “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring tends to also wake us up.  A count like this can help selves progress and make greater sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8




7 6 4 3 1 2 3 2


Let’s look at the chart more closely…..
“May” will call for newness and good goals
….  “5” and “8” assure us of that.  Busyness is another rhythm you might notice more of.  “5” and “8”, as birth numbers, can see people (and lives) more active.  They’re both inclined to pull us off-centre, helping us see (and attend to) imbalance.  Change and adjustment are “5” rhythms – the need for such things or states we promote.  Flexibility is another “5” aspect, as are forgiveness and tolerance.  In reality, “5” is about flow; how well we position for that.  “8” is the long-term goal and vision – are you creating all the good you can sense?  Where, right now, is it possible to manifest more of what’s healthy long-term?  How might you go about doing this?  “8” likes to pose these sorts of questions.  It points to the need for balance in life – are you really happy?  If not, why?  It also comes to boost our spiritual connection; it wants us to know life is good.  Both of these numbers, like every other, help us examine what we project, think and feel. 

“5” and “8” can trigger whirlwinds OR help us harvest delightfully.  One tends to witness both sides of any number – what might unfold in your reality?  Annually, “May” wants people inviting a little more newness in.  “5”, some days, can emerge as the need for more freedom or variety.  It can foster these vibes without introducing any hardship or pressure.  “5” is newness – brand new days or regimes – in any realm.  It’s life’s call for change in self, life or others – nothing is constant; learning how to handle that well.  Said about “5” regularly, it aims to show self that it CAN.  It pushes and pulls individuals to the possibilities they’ve always sensed.  Presenting as a single number (“5” on its own), this month could unfold like this for you.  More meaningful change around and within self – Australia, for one, has a federal election.  That might prove to be more than enough!  Numbers always hint at self development. 

Collectively and personally, people could witness practically spiritual shifts this “May”.  This month ushers in a specific birth number of “2024/8”.  People stuff, relating, co-ordinating, good fit – co-existing well – could play out more noticeably.  They often are in the zone “2000”; “2” wants (even more) soul channelled.  The “0”, here, could inflame spirituality, encounters with invisible rhythms (i.e. the intuitive side of life).  “4” likes to build with the best; it’s all about manifesting.  All of these rhythms can affect what one ends up with.  With “4”s in this year’s chart, too, pressure around this could increase. 

Getting “it” right – the goal, ingredients and methods – is something we may need to work with this month.  The above said, however, no number speaks only of challenge.  You might feel more “successful” or “complete” without any effort.  Action is likely – this is certain – because of those “5” and “8” vibes.

Progress will flow as we foster (more) balance
This might seem a little obvious given what is written above!  This month’s M.O.s – generic and specific – are likely to reinforce the “5”s and “8”s.  “3” is “express” – flow as a rhythm on verbal, behavioural and trading levels.  It also points to intuitive moments (“3” can boost dreams and sensations).  It’s also “express” at every level – informing, undermining, invigorating, you name it!  It denotes the fact that, regardless of preference, energy never ever sits still.  You can’t stop a river that’s energetic; you can sit in a fortress but the walls will still leak. 

Soul has a zillion ways of helping egoic self integrate with it.  From Source to Creation; person to person; being to being – “3” denotes communication.  It can, therefore, boost the need for more (or less) interaction OR silence.  Behaviour and sounds that create disharmony can also grow when “3” pops in– i.e. lessons in how to exchange fairly; satisfying all essential needs. 

The importance of receiving, in amongst do’ing and taking, is another “3” dynamic.  Yet, “12” is how “May” (every year) helps us manifest more “5” (above).  The M.O. promotes the birth number as a felt, learned and channelled state.  “1” is self learning to honour “me”; “2” is “existing amongst others” well.  Both vibrations call for respect – wholistic fulfilment (yours, mine, Mother Nature’s).  “12/3” is potent because it embraces “me”, “you” and “creation”.  When it pays a visit, selves can feel more included, acknowledged, supported.  “I matter”; “I exist”; and “I am good value” are key “1”, “2” and “3” concepts. 

“106/7” is “May 2019”s specific M.O.  It’s a karmic vibration that’s reinforced (because of the appearance of “0” here).  Master numbers tend to up the spiritual ante, heightening weirdness or mystery.  They often force people into corners in ways that boost integrity.  Their sense of oddness and/or sudden emergence tend to highlight that life is more than physical.  Source, intuition and energy are real – through them we develop in all sorts of ways.  “Unexplainable” events and dynamics are often how the universe makes itself known.  “16/7” can boost what is invisible in ways that people cannot avoid.  In doing this it helps us become genuine self all over again. 

This “May” could call for more truth, balance, closure, authenticity, the shedding of old skins.  Where can you sense this might happen?  Truthfulness with self (let alone others) might present noticeably.  Secret aspects of your life or others’ could come up for (more) integration.  Healing often blooms under “6” and “16” (so don’t be surprised if you find this).  Yet, the overall outcome of “16” is “7” – practically grounded, spiritual wisdom.  “7” is “I know without question”; a coming of age so to speak.  It helps us step into further clarity; lessons learned; a whole new space.  It often asks selves to glean and/or teach things (usually a bit of both).  Out of this comes more empowerment, feeding into “5” and “8” (above).  “3”, as intuitive self could increase the sensing or channelling of new ways of life.  “May” looks as if it’s going to play out productively. 

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A greater sense of precision, “success” and “goodness” is likely
Out of becoming more “5” and “8”, helped by “3” and “7”, we’ll promote healthier flow(s).  This could present automatically or be something life asks of you.  Either way, we’re due to fathom more of what “success” really means.  Is it just about cents and dollars?  Are care and love costs we need hold in check?  We might, therefore, see a shift in recipes (“17/8” can clarify things).  “2130/6” is passive and may slow life down a bit.  “6” rests and soothes, creating time out for selves to discern what life now needs.  It also flags giving and receiving; their inter-dependence in creating good/better health.  Balance matters – how might “May” restate that? 

Do you notice how “1”, “2” and “3” present here, too – not just in “12/3” (above)?  This reinforcement could make this “May” an even more empowering month.  “0” can boost the Divine’s presence; It’s call to be included in things.  Spirituality could also increase – the call to get more in touch (connect) with the good you know is “there”.  “106/7” can boost “doo doo doo doo” challenges, dynamics, messages.  Don’t be surprised if you sense such rhythms and use your breath if they come too hard.  Spiritual being and sharing matter as much as love, water, grain, air. 

Addressing the needs of self and others (at the same time) is heightening as a lesson at this time.  Many are grappling with this and learning to surrender egoic “I”s need to come first.  “May 2019” might help you see how to do this (even if you already have been).  Remember, this year is all about manifesting truly, kindly and wholistically.

“May”s overall numerological tally
The nice thing about a “6” reality number is its habit of soothing and nurturing souls.  “6” is “relax”, “heal”, “rebalance”, “integrate what you’ve seen and learned”.  It’s time on the porch after some hard work; moments that recharge batteries.  It can find life being more supportive, inclusive, caring, kind.  Solutions can emerge more readily somehow; breakthroughs can surface in profound ways.  “6” also flags feelings and emotions (we don’t clear what’s old until we express “it”).  Don’t be surprised if this month helps you to process grief, fear, pain.  This year’s been offering all sorts of downloads for the sake of de-cluttering. 

So?  Four “0”s hint at Source becoming louder; the need to connect to (and channel more) higher self.  Four “3”s could assure us of clarity; more information that fosters what’s right.  Three “4”s will keep propelling humans to whatever life wants and asks of them now.  Three “7”s will seek (more) spiritual being in practical, meaningful, life-enhancing ways.  Consciousness, confidence, resolution – dynamics like this want to grow.  We can sometimes sit and watch while this happens; at others, Source wants us more actively engaged.

What about your chart?
We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this.

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I hope you have a pleasant May

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