The Monthly Observations

    for December 2020



Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “December 2020”.  They profile this month’s energetic rhythms and link to the forecast for this year.  They aim to help you process and learn about spiritual and energetic life.  Implicit in this are intuitive and invisible dimensions as well.  Insights about collective rhythms can be useful when life’s challenging.  They help us link back into the big picture – what’s truly real universally.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are the main numbers, followed by my Observations about “December 2020”.


This Month’s Profile
  each year in 2020
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 12/3 2022/6
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 37/1 116/2
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 49/4 2138/5


“December 2020”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help to clarify what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life tends to deliver a mix).  What we can find initially jarring often leads into better states.  A count like this can help us process and make sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase. 

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 4 5 9 3 3 1 2 3 2 4

Let’s look more closely at this…..



“December”s birth numbers are “12/3” and “2022/6”

   creating and positioning will count as themes

“3” represents a moment for realising; “6”, the chance to realign.  Both of these vibes help us take stock of where we’ve come to (reality!) all over again.  The birth number flags what we’re here to discover, grow through and learn to channel to the next degree.  As with all aspects of life, it depicts the chance to choose what we do and be.  Every second is a fork in life’s junction; a moment to decide where to from here.   This month’s numbers seem determined to help us pause, reflect, think.

“12/3” is powerful because of its line-up (“1”, “2”, “3”).  Whenever these three vibes team up, we’re given the chance to move more in sync.  “1” is self being and discovering self-ness; “2”, the time we go public with that; “3” denotes the moment we have learned enough about each other and placement to then get together, explore our options and co-create well.   “12/3” can be a constructive phase, therefore.  People can find themselves addressing all sorts of things; ticking boxes of any kind.  This augers well for the last month of a year when many things need to be closed off or done.  “12/3” can also flag affirmation as self repositions wholistically.  Life, after all, is a never-ending lesson in how all atoms and beings have a share equally. 

Chaos rules yet, often, seems distant; atoms are forever getting along.  “12/3” helps us discover how focusing on self first can help life flow well.  Like a car which first needs petrol, this year has wanted folk to get their stories right.  Implicit in this has been the call to “pull one’s head in” – i.e. look after/attend to one’s path and state.  We only give well if we take in what matters; energetic health is always important.  “12/3” could show us more about this in ways that then lead to practical benefits.

“3” is “express”; it’s also “entertainment”.  Creativity could bloom this month.  That can unfold on any level – ideas, strategies, gifts, stage work.  We are all performers and “3”, as expression, can reveal more about vocalising.  All numbers point to excess as well as balanced or muted being.  “3” can find folk overly-sharing vocally, gesturally, energetically.  It can be a phase that wants us to talk, act or emit more or less.  It often asks people, “What are you entertaining?” and “How does that stack up against your aims?”  “3” is the lesson in co-creating – putting “this” and “that” together considerately.  Here, too, this number helps us realise more about what really matters individually.  “1” and “2” could nudge us into letting go of all the extras we have been caught up with.  “1” can declare, “mind your own business”; “2”, “are you sure about your positioning?”  Successful baton relays involve no fudging, sort ofs, guesswork (those sorts of things).  

Can you sense how “12/3”, this “December”, could move you closer to your “perfect”?  “2022” will reinforce these patterns because “2” denotes relative placement.  How do you position yourself in the picture?  Are you involved with the right groups?  Do you hold to what you sense is right (for you alone)?  None of these stances need to reject any-one/thing.  One could argue that true (spiritual) selfness fosters respect for all at once.  “2022” will teach us things about life, at least in part, through how people place themselves.  How do you stand relative to others given your unique/different goals and needs?  None of us needs to squash the toes of others mentally, emotionally, physically.  “2022” reduces to “6” – i.e. healing, caring, serving, love.  The sixth digit also signals balance, uniqueness, authentic self.  What are we seeking short-term and long-term?  Are both sets of targets truly in sync?  Egoic self can become myopic especially toward the close of a year!  “December” can grow what is “silly” only to remind us how balance is key at all times.  Genuine, unselfish care, support, love, respect only prevail when our view is universal.

“2022” is a master number; so, in one sense, is “12/3”.  “2” represents the world of relating (well or not) and, therefore, relativities.  Comparisons, then; social dynamics; training and induction can also bloom as needs, acts, rhythms and lessons when we see repeating “2”.  Socialisation, indoctrination, living as a robot rather than one self….  Through such dynamics, life could help people learn some things about current constructs.  Numbers flag what self is due to notice in him/herself as well as in others.  We’re forever learning as players and as audience members, and “2” can denote amazingly affirming times.  It can see group dynamics sync smoothly; team work at its very best.  “6” represents support in all aspects – overt, silent, from others or self.  In imbalance, it can see too much feeling or, equally, not enough.  Through such states life helps us heal and care, especially if we want goodness in life.

So, “12/3” and “2022/6” should team up, this month, to drive a few topics home.  Pleasantly or not, they are likely to foster better ways of working and getting along.  They may only flag the need for such rhythms – sometimes, numbers simply boost awareness.  What we do with our insights, at any time, depends upon the choices we make next.  Both vibes are likely to help us understand a little more about our recipes.  In this sense, it’s more than possible (this month) that you’ll realise potent things practically.



This month’s M.O.s are “37/1” and “116/8”

  self-ness as a factor in future-building matters

The M.O. depicts how life’s about to help us step into and channel the birth number more.  The numbers above flag what we’re going to grow through but it’s the M.O. which practically stands out.  This month’s M.O.s will reinforce what I have run through above.  “1” denotes self and life’s dare, at all times, to consciously choose what to channel now.  “1” is the self, child or adult, as it presents in any being.  We fluctuate between egoic and soulful dimensions continually.  Growth is the dare to move into more adult; to mentor child well (in self or any other being) and to accept life’s guidance when it comes to hand.  “1” is “be yourself” – truly, really – in private and public domains.  It likes to teach selves how to treat others; simultaneously having all (spiritual) needs met.  Everyone’s due support, love and respect; there is no “better” even though there’s “different”.  We all have our goals, place and value.  This month could send these messages loudly because of “37/1”s appearance here.

“116/8” is interesting, too, because it targets balance and view.  “8” flags “success” – I write this often! – as a learning curve and/or end state.  It often comes to teach us how to cook right; what we need to do, be and offer to win.  Like all vibrations, it seeks the long-term and wholistic health of things.  “8”, then, is like a cooking demonstration – a time when we master “how to hit home”.  It often highlights aspects of life which don’t actually feel good or right.  As we sense such things, we tend to start moving towards better balance/resolution.  At the end of a year, this is useful – it’s a time when many people have more space to process things.  Down time and a day off here and there could help you work through some stuff.  “8”, after all, wants things finetuned so that end of life matches our visionary post cards.  It is “the vision” – the journey; life path; a time for sensing how to get “there”.  It can denote material wealth but also flags “success” as a feeling space.  Intuitively, it’s the feeling sense that matters – until “it” feels fitting, life is not “right”.  Don’t be surprised if this month helps you sense what needs to shift in this light.

Another dimension of “6” that’s worth noting is its habit of making life feel more supportive.  It often coincides with a softening in how life presents, responds, flows.  It can, of course, denote the opposite – the need for more kindness from life, self, others.  Yet it aims to help us rest, relax and release the past wherever it is overly held.  “6” denotes “healing” in this sense – the act, the need, the outcome – on any level.  It can play out as a gentler more supportive time when life, somehow, just flows gentler.  This can manifest as a sense of more engagement, acknowledgement, respect, better flow in general.  In the cycle “0” to “9”, “6” helps selves regroup after a previous burst of action.  Positioned after “5” – the busiest of numbers – it helps us to pause and process momentarily.  Preceding “7” – the time we get things and release doubt – “6” creates space to receive intuitively.  “7” precedes “8”, a phase when vision’s fulfilled; when plans and results hit home (or not).  Here, you might sense the importance of “6” then as a spiritual shot in one’s arm.  It helps us distill things; notice where we might do better; and how we could step anew.  It also gives people time to breathe and process a bit, before we zoom off on next missions.  It’s paramount, then, as a moment for re-seeing landscapes and how to act in them.  With the birth numbers “12/3” and “2022/6”, this year’s M.O.s should help us (as souls) along our way.



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The reality numbers are “49/4” and “2138/5”

  growth in platforms and awareness are likely

The reality number signals the end points we’re due to arrive at by being and doing what we do.  It also denotes the states we end up in as a result of what we entertain, think, feel.  We’re always experiencing ebb and flow; the “8”s presenting this month will help here.  Remember: this number wants us “cooking up a storm” – i.e. manifesting (more) perfectly.  It’s the soul-level, gut-feel, which really matters – quality’s a felt state not just a thing.  We need the physical to experience perfection but that doesn’t define “success” as only material.  What’s soul, true, is a place which resonates – feels right; looks right not just on the surface.  Assets flag security in surface ways no matter their range of influence/power.  Both levels of life matter however they do but “8” (most of all) wants us safe and healthy.  Those dynamics are internal rhythms before they ever manifest in public ways.

“49/4” ties into the above because of its fondness for solid platforms.  “4” flags the launchpad, the base of our actions, as well as methods, plans, tactics.  It flags the approach – mental, felt, actioned; the ways we tend to go about things.  It can also denote assumptions, expectations, models (those sorts of things).  It can be a phase that wipes out the baseline to encourage upgrades somewhere.  Tsunamis are a “4” dynamic (which I’m not making light of in any sense).  This number helps people revisit what they’ve been doing, planning or thinking to do.  In this sense, “4” functions like “8” in helping us breed long-term health/rightness in everything.  “4” is the builder and the reaper; it’s what you put in and what flows out of that.  It can, then, couple with “2” dynamics to help improve team and partnering aspects.  “9” could bring closure in these realms – the sort that help views tighten again.  In all, this month could be a time for waking up, adjusting and preparing to get (more) on our way.

The great news about this month’s specific reality number is the word “change”.  “5” marks a time for growth in selfness, mindsets, perspectives.  It also denotes the change agent at work – life as the trigger or human beings.  “5”, in this sense, can emerge as new trends, adventures, excursions, innovation.  Through “2138” – vibes appearing elsewhere already – we’re due to foster newness somehow.  “5” is the pioneer venturing forward without being clear what’s on his/her final post card.  It’s the act, therefore, of “simply trying” because it feels right (not because we solidly know the end point).  Yet, trying is the key to success in most journeys – we don’t progress anywhere unless we step beyond what we’ve known in the past.  “5” is “evolve” in every sense, sometimes in mindset; at others, deed.  It wants newness – life energies – flowing, nurtured, manifesting.  Fresh air, pure water, exercise and time out all help us place ourselves for good growth.  In this sense, “5” can bring a sense of life rebooting.  Can you sense how this “December” might help you get going?

Interestingly, “5” also features in next year’s chart.  We’re just about to venture into “2021” (although it might not feel like it until around Chinese New Year).  Three “5”s feature in next year’s profile so this “December”s chart could give us a taste of the change, evolution, new trends, etc that want to start emerging in personal and public spheres.  The dynamics of group, relating and placement (“2”); self-ness, adult and egoic (“1”); expression and the need to check what we are thinking, feeling, allowing, entertaining (“3”); AND “success” as an endpoint or check point (where are we going? Does that feel right? “8”)…..  Any or all of these rhythms could present to reshape your views and/or placement in these next few weeks.  All the way through this profile, there are hints that newness is on its way.  It doesn’t really matter how that happens – but that, in a safe place, is easy to say.  Yet we only struggle with life for as long as we don’t understand the value it adds.  Easy to write although “December”, every year, tends to create room for processing and down time.  What better time to do this, especially ahead of a new, stretching year?  This needn’t mean a negative forecast – times, it’s a fact, are a-changing.  The most we can do to help newness birth smoothly is to nurture what’s soul on all levels.  The Divine is real and the universe loves you (even when it challenges).  The steeling of self as a positive construct – thought, felt and offered – is a huge aim.  Breath work, meditation, exercise and time out to process and heal always helps self prepare.  Change is, after all, a constant in life.  Nothing is sure beyond this.  That needn’t breed fear, worry or depression and we tend to surf better when we truly, as a fact, accept this. 

Life always asks selves to roll with it.  Four “9”s, this month, will bring closures which open up new worlds.  They could also boost the sense of compassion or the need/call for more.  Three “7”s will help us get whatever unfolds in a practical sense.  “6”s will help to keep kindness real even if people are having a hard day.  One “5” and two “8”s could make lives busy – or rather, stay busy as they have been!  Nine “2”s want people learning about other; how to interact spiritually.  Five “1”s will prompt more discoveries of  what “being true to self” entails.  Four “0”s will keep helping us stay real/true through the wise use of time and space.  Three “4”s will boost understanding and help people get platforms right.  All in all, then, a practically useful ending to a rather scattering year.  It’s a grounding month which will help us refocus upon what’s needed now and how to grow that.  Most of the numbers appear three times or more this month so all types of self-ness could get a rinse.  Next year, remember, also wants change so use this “December” to regroup.  There are so many reasons to look forward to the new year.  It’s a zone that wants affirmation and good growth.


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