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This page addresses common questions about energy work; psychic services; intuitive development; and energetic phenomena.  Many clients can wonder such things – scroll down below to read Fran’s perspectives on them.  

You can also learn about Psychic and Energy Work on the List of Services and About pages.  The topics covered here include:

Questions about energy work:


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The Questions…

How are readings done?   What method (e.g. tarot, etc) is used?

In all sessions, Fran tunes in vertically to receive the highest level of guidance she can.  She doesn’t use physical tools (eg, tarot cards, runes) although numerology and photos can be useful.  For more about this, see the next question or visit the About and List of Services pages.

“Opening up” to perform Psychic & Energy Work is a reasonably static process, but what happens varies depending on the client and the help s/he seeks.  There’s no one way to intuit and clients aren’t put through processes for process’ sake.  Whatever’s done occurs because Fran’s guided to do it (with the client’s consent).  Services are practically-oriented; many things can be explained; and questions and feedback are welcome.

Click here to watch a short video about readings.


How can Psychic & Energy Work be conducted if I’m not there in person?

There are a few ways to work intuitively with people and how a session’s conducted varies between practitioners.  Two differentiating factors are the direction and source that we refer to when we intuit.  Broadly speaking, one can reference vertically (skywards) or horizontally (towards the client or others).  Both methods can be very effective, with each one influencing what tends to be passed on.

For all Psychic & Energy Work, Fran references vertically to get past the mental and egoic realms.  Doing this can also help to bypass any energies that are there for lower-level purposes.  The best analogy is that of logging onto the internet: Fran connects to a switchboard to receive a download.  The “Switchboard” is in the sky; continually available; and isn’t affected by our physical location.  You can be on the other side of the world and a complete stranger, and accurate help can still come through.

Fran’s aim, when intuiting, is to go as high (and objectively) as she can.  For that reason, what’s channelled can vary between client and session.  Whilst she’s constantly receiving, Fran doesn’t look to specific guides – she aims for “the boss” (loosely called “Divinity”).  If everything is filtered through Guide A – a level lower than the Absolute Highest – how will Source (or Guide B!) come through untainted?  Source is ever-present and -ready to give what’s needed directly. 

Like many energy workers, Fran positions herself as a channel of Divine will and guidance.  Her job is not to interpret or control what’s channelled – the quality checks occur before she starts work.  In this way, Fran is able to deliver what’s received 100% (not her interpretation of it).  This tends to result in a high calibre of work, with clients often reporting that one session helped amazingly.  If you’d like to explore whether (and how) Fran can help you, Get in Contact.


How much information do I need to provide before a reading/session starts?

Theoretically, you don’t need to provide anything before a reading/session starts.  That said, it can help to give an outline so that everyone aims for the same “thing”.  What you say is up to you and the issue at hand – people can need to debrief or state their concerns.  A person always knows what s/he needs to say/ask, and what matters is that the client’s needs are met.  So… how much you divulge depends on you – i.e. what you need to say before the session begins. 

Questions about energy work as well as your concerns and objectives are best aired at the start of a session.  Doing this, helps to ensure that they don’t interfere with what comes through.  Put another way… sometimes, when a person has a burning question, says nothing about it and holds it in, the universe can mirror this stance.  It’s as if Source responds with, “you’re holding back on me, so I’ll hold back on you” which, in itself, can trigger spiritual development and healing.  By withholding pertinent information, especially to test a practitioner, one begin to honour the egoic frequencies.  This can see the universe mirroring such stances or telling you what you already know (rather than extras).  While this can be frustrating for clients and readers alike, it often ensures the right vibes are honoured and delivered.

Given the above, Fran’s advice is to share whatever you need to, to clear any vibes that could get in the way.  This will help to release any angst or tension, and allow Source the space to deliver all It can.  Say what you need to say; give the information you need to; and don’t forget to question along the way!  A good reader will always guide you about such things and advise you if s/he needs more (or less!).  Whilst Fran always asks you at the start of a session, she rarely remembers what you’ve said.  As she tunes in to channel, she releases all opinion of how the session will flow (her own and the client’s).  Your questions are addressed in the way the guidance emerges and often explain underlying energetic and spiritual links that weren’t anticipated.  This helps to ensure that what comes through is 100% guidance however Source wants it delivered.  In this way, Psychic & Energy Work often delivers more than a client imagines.


How can I tell if a reading/session is accurate?

This is another common question about energy work as a process.  The short answer is, You’ll just “know” – your body (i.e. gut feel) will say, “yep, that’s it!”  This can be experienced as a sense of something shifting (in or around your body) as the “nerve” is hit upon.  The other way, of course, is as what’s been said actually unfolds!  You can help things shift using breath, exercise and healthy slabs of time out,

Aside to this, you should never blindly believe anything a reader says, especially if it subordinates you or your intuitive hunches.  A reader may be accurate in what s/he’s imparting but this doesn’t mean s/he’s met all of your needs.  Messages aren’t always literal – they can be symbolic and spiritually-inclined.  So, question and verify things as you need to, especially where something feels less than the whole story. 


How accurate are the timings given in readings?

Sometimes, timings are exact, to the second; at other times, they’re more of a moving feast.  One way I’ve come to understand this is that readings are determined by the client’s position during and after the session. 

Clients usually open up when a session starts (i.e. become more vulnerable).  This can see them moving towards their essential self (away from more egoic levels).  This can occur when a client seeks guidance about anything that really matters to them – e.g. meeting one’s life partner.  Clients are often open when they ask such questions and the guidance targets their essential self (not necessarily their everyday persona).  For example, modern-day models can encourage people to do online dating or frequent places where substances are consumed.  Such forums don’t always offer “forever” – they can, at times, promote egoic energies (rather than spiritual).  A client can receive highly accurate guidance then entertain states/vibes that counter the spiritual message.  Timings are an interesting challenge for readers and clients, and one has to accept them with his/her eyes open.

Another consideration is that Source/life doesn’t always deliver to physical-world deadlines.  Timings can be based on spiritual/energetic milestones that need to be achieved before physical world things “come in”.  Timings often depend on the moment a client hits upon (and resolves) the spiritual issue involved.  Here, timings can shift relative to days and dates (yet hold 100% to a spiritual unfolding).  Fran’s advice is to forget any timings you’re given (without dismissing them as impossible).  If “it” unfolds as stated, that’s wonderful news, but we’re best served by knowing that “it’s” simply on the way.  Stances that know too much can encourage people to excessively project manage life or others (which can trigger lessons in control or wilfulness).  They’re often how Source uses what really matters to us to help us grow spiritually and take our rightful place in creation.  

The above said, Fran’s timings are usually reliable and, if there’s a slippage, you’re encouraged to make contact.  One needs to treat timings cautiously – if they pay-off to the second, one is fortunate.  It doesn’t always work like this which, in hindsight, also tends to be perfect.


How can I tell if what I’m experiencing is real?

This is more a matter of energetic sensitivity and our understanding of invisible phenomena.  As a first step, you’re encouraged to read “Life in a World of Atoms” on the Articles page.  This article answers a lot of questions about energy work and  the invisible realm.  Fran often works with energetically-sensitive people – born one herself, she understands energy keenly.  If you have questions about what you’re experiencing psychically or energetically, get in contact.


What level of detail is provided in spirit readings/work (e.g. names, etc)?

When communicating with the deceased, it’s important to note that Fran’s skills here aren’t as developed as others’.  She can certainly obtain accurate messages; describe who she’s dealing with; and help the client dialogue with them.  In all of her work however, Fran focuses on the spiritual message, which can preclude her from some of the “human” details (e.g. names and dates).  If you’re looking for such information, you may be better served by another practitioner – try the Spiritualist network or the Useful Links page.


What’s involved in spiritual development & intuitive mentoring?

Psychic & Energy Work offers intuitive development courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  Here, you can explore your skillset and answer many questions about energy work and “things”.  Fran also runs Introduction to Numerology, which shows how numbers can enhance our responses to life.  Her courses are relaxed, grounded and friendly forums which deliver lots of detail and practice opportunities.  People’s skills tend to unfold quickly, with notable enhancements in what they hear, see and sense on various levels.  To read about Psychic & Energy Work’s classes, use the Courses button to the left of this screen.

In addition to development groups, Fran also mentors clients individually which enhances the focus upon your energetic, intuitive and spiritual development specifically.  It involves us agreeing on the frequency of your sessions, although you can book as you feel ready for your next session.  Students are often given homework and practice exercises, and usually know when they’re ready for more. 

Psychic & Energy Work’s mentoring programs can be run face-to-face or over the phone, Skype or email.  The first two are preferred because instruction and practice happen together, and tend to be less affected by technological energies.  You’ll answer many of your questions about energy work and psychic phenomena irrespective of the format you choose.  read more about Psychic & Energy Work’s development programs on the Courses pagesEnquire or book session here.


What does death/dying mean in dreams, meditation or intuitive messages?

Death and dying in dreams and meditations can be concerning as an intuitive message.  “What does it mean?” is another common question; the answer is, “A few things, depending on the person involved”.  Sometimes, such messages pertain to physical death, with the receiver being prepared to play a key role.  Messages about death and dying can also symbolise the end of a way of life, assumption or behavioural pattern.  This is often the case with the receiver “merely” being prepared for change.

This question is posted to help people who experience such phenomena, to encourage them to adopt the latter stance initially.   Even if it is death, G-d forbid, there’s always a positive reason for the advance notice.  Such events often prepare us to remain centred and objective, and contribute constructively.  We’re never given such abilities as a curse or punishment (although it can seem like this when we’re learning).  Click here to ask Fran how she could help you with this.


Can anyone develop intuitively/psychically/spiritually?

Yes. The issue isn’t whether anyone can develop intuitively – it’s more a matter of whether s/he wants to.  Like filling a bottle with water, most adults have such skills but not everyone chooses to use them consciously.  Fran believes that all people receive guidance visually, audibly or as felt sensations.  “Gut feel” is a form of clairsentience; “just knowing” a form of clairaudience; “dreaming” a type of clairvoyance; and many things aren’t imagined!  It’s not so much that some people aren’t intuitive; it’s whether we know the world of energy and how we position ourselves.

Another factor, here, is the role of one’s intention in his/her spiritual and intuitive development.  If you want to develop your skills and allow Source to know this, life tends to start helping you to do this.  This doesn’t mean that things will unfold overnight but the Divine helps anyone as It’s given the chance to.  Even if we resist such stances, when it’s time to intuitively develop, Source (life) starts marshalling us to do that.

If you’re interested in developing intuitively and don’t know where to start, visit new age bookshops and websites to determine what interests you.  You can also contact Fran to explore such things or visit the List of Services or Useful Links pages.  Either way, believe in whatever It is you believe in; let It be real AND proactively benevolent; allow It to know all of your ambitions; then let It deliver the help you need to achieve them.  Spiritual and intuitive development is as big as your intention to do, allow and receive it.


Things to consider as you decide to release/heal energetically

Energy work isn’t always enjoyable (initially); sometimes, it brings pain or challenge.  It’s important therefore, before you begin your energy work, to consider whether you need support.  Counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, etc can help us to process life and express ourselves in integrity.  Sometimes, release work and spiritual/personal development is enhanced by the help of an expert in human behaviour.  Speaking to yourself first (with support from a qualified other) can help you to process what others don’t need to witness.  Energy work is real and affects all levels (including thoughts, fears and feelings). 

When you do any form of energy work, it’s worth making sure you allow enough time.  Things can take time to release/clear fully and you should factor this in when you book a session.  How are you feeling?  Are you processing a doozie?  Are you likely to “get emotional”?  What room should you allow it?  There’s nothing worse than stopping release work halfway through – once any wave starts, it’s tends to be unstoppable.  Sudden exposure to busyness, noise or “others” too soon after a session can exacerbate challenge (as Source ensures that we finish the shift we began).  None of this needs to be seen as “bad” or “wrong” but, by allocating sufficient time to release work, we can influence what then happens.

Click here to watch a short video about healings.


What does the term “expression” mean in Psychic & Energy Work?

“Expression”, as it’s used above, shouldn’t be read as, “say whatever you like to anybody”.  Rather, it denotes the need to allow all atoms and issues to shift (as they need to).  It’s about allowing freedom of movement in mind’s eye – i.e. flow in all areas of life – as the first step in our release work.  Why?

A good analogy is the froth on a cappuccino…. our first responses in spiritual healing aren’t always the core of a matter.   They tend to reflect our stance as egoic and emotional beings and can be loaded with expectations.  Whilst these are “normal”, they can include thoughts and feelings that don’t always need to be shared.  With integrity in mind – a desire to promote only good vibes – we owe it to everyone to express responsibly.

In this light, “expression” (as it’s used on this page) suggests the need to be discriminating when we start rebalancing.  It pays to stay in our adult boots as we process and heal (avoiding immature or egoic responses as best we can).  One should also consider his/her processing needs: might you benefit from some help or feedback?  Could a psychotherapist or counsellor help you to distil and express what you need to?

So, as you surf this website, keep in mind that “expression” in Psychic & Energy Work is about:

Y  firstly: allowing all thought and feeling ‘atoms’ to shift on the intuitive level, 360 degrees;

Y  secondly: letting your thoughts and feelings reveal themselves fully, before you act on them (this can take a while);

Y  sorta thirdly but maybe firstly: determine whether your expression – to self or others – would be best facilitated/supported by a qualified other; then

Y  fourthly: broach what you need to with any others involved.

By approaching your release work in this manner, what you need to say to others – and how you say “it” – often changes for the (spiritual) better.



If you have questions about energy work and/or things intuitive,

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