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Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s rather extensive List of Services!  Please scroll down to see what we offer.  I hope this page helps. 


Psychic & Energy Work is an umbrella term which how a practitioner can intuitively help others using divine guidance.  A client might choose from the following list to satisfy a curiosity; explore a personal interest; or get focused help. 

Psychic & Energy Work helps people understand ‘everyday’ life; spiritual, intuitive or psychic development; or invisible “things”.  It helps a person make sense of what’s happening and process issues in balance and integrity.


There are many ways to be psychic.  Energy workers don’t all develop the same way; offer the same list of services; or connect to the same level of guidance.  There are also many ways to tune in and deliver intuitive help.  Some practitioners use tangible objects (e.g. cards); others don’t.  Neither approach is better than the other.  Each is just a different way of channelling spiritual healing and guidance.


The following is a list of Psychic & Energy Work’s services with an explanation of each one.  Energy workers can use the same word to describe different spiritual or energetic phenomena.  If you find “new ones” here, don’t be surprised!  If you’re interested in a service that isn’t listed, please email because I may have called it something else.


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Skills Used in Sessions

Clairvoyance The ability to see things on the energetic/invisible level.
Clairsentience The ability to detect or sense energies, feelings, moods & vibrations.
Clairaudience The ability to hear/sense the thoughts, feelings or messages from guidance, other people and/or spirit, including telepathy.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Readings

Psychic / Spiritual  Divine guidance is channelled in a general reading or to address a specific question about the past, present or future.
Plants & Flowers Pick and hold a flower, leaf, branch or piece of bark.  It will mirror your energetic state and provide a tangible link for spiritual guidance.
Psychometry Objects can also help a reader – e.g. photos and jewellery.  Watches, electro-magnetic devices, heirlooms and second-hand items are best avoided.  Previously-owned items often carry  former owners’ vibrations.  Bring what you think is appropriate.  What can seem ridiculous can trigger amazing messages!
Vocation / Career For guidance about past or current work issues; your future career path; what’s happening on the career/work front; why, when and how it might move; and how you could constructively work with it.
Relationships / Romance Current, future or past relationships; professional, familial, intimate or social.  Make sense of your dealings with others, get clarity; find out where things are headed and how you might influence them.
Wealth & Earnings Worried about finances?  Considering a new income stream?  Uncertain about your goals?  Get guidance on your wealth and earning potential.  Clear unnecessary obstacles.
Spirits, Things & Aliens Sometimes we sense ‘things’ we’d like to make sense of – subtle or obvious; pleasant or not.  A reading can help you understand what’s happening and why; turn your sensitivity into a skill; and gain confidence in using it.
Soul Purpose Why are you here?  What are you here for?  When/how will it happen?  How might you help that?  Soul purpose readings can help clarify purpose and explain why things are happening; what’s coming; and how to enhance it.
Guides Want to contact/connect with your guides/guidance? Do you have any?  Who?  How many?  Guidance readings can help you check and connect with those who guide you, and learn how to receive spiritual downloads.
Past Lives Past life readings can done be for general interest or to address this life issues.  Obtain the information yourself or have Fran channel it for you.  Sessions can target one or more lives, as they arise or as you nominate.  They can help you understand and live with aspects of this life that don’t yet make sense.
Past Events Sometimes, people want to know what happened – e.g. deaths, arguments, suicides.  Understand more about what happened, why and its greater purpose.  
Absent / Distant Readings For people who can’t attend a face-to-face session.  Also useful if a client is sceptical or anxious.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  They’re a great gift idea.  Questions are welcome after the client has heard their reading.

Click here to watch a brief video about readings.


Spiritual Counselling &/or Mentoring

Session-based Clients can want to make sense of invisible phenomena in a way that helps them close off.  Having someone explain what’s happening energetically can make a huge difference.  There are very clear rules in the world of energy.  We often only need to know a few.  Every option in this List of Services tend to includes spiritual and intuitive mentoring.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Healing

Hands-on Divine or universal energies can be channelled to help a client relax and heal.  This can be done silently or with verbal instructions.  Hands-on healings can deliver a greater sense of connection and calm.  They often also trigger spiritual insights and clarity.
Hands-off Healing can be done without touching the client.  The energy worker facilitates the flow of universal energies.  This can be a great idea for those who are energetically sensitive.
Auric Blockages and illness tend to birth in the aura.  These healings can help shift lower level energies and discomfort, and can trigger change in the outside world.
Meditative Meditation helps us heal with awareness.  Guided visualisation helps the client access healing directly.  This is a good option for those who want to learn how to self-heal.
Absent / Distant Healing Healings can also be performed at a distance for anyone, anywhere.  This can be useful for  those who need energetic support at a particular time.
Expressing the Real Words Hurt and conclusions can hang around or in the body until they emerge in original form.  Negative thoughts can promote tension, illness or discomfort.  Expression helps you release “stuff” often beyond what you’ve already processed.  Release stuckness, blockages, situations, wounds in this type of session.
Mentoring Knowing someone’s “there” can make all the difference.  Fran can be physically present, on the phone or video link, or with you energetically.  Stepping further on known paths or jumping into new zones, energetic mentoring can boost the sense of “I can do it”.

Click here to view a short video about healings.  



Chakra Balancing There are 12 major chakras on the human body, each with a front, two sides and a back.  There are also at least 21 minor ones.  Clear and realign any or all.  Learn what’s been affecting them.
Skeletal System Human bones are more than coat-hangers.  They’re energetic pipes.  Work the skeleton with other body systems or focus on it specifically.
Meridians 12 major meridians link the vital and sense organs.  They influence mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.  Working these paths intuitively can restore your sense of balance and peace.
Trigger Points The body has energetic pressure points which activate healing and flow.  Fran works with trigger points under guidance, often as part of a wider healing.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Clearings

Auras See Auric Healings above.
The Body See Hands-On Healing above.
Houses Energetic webs or ‘clouds’ can form in and around the places we live.  They can impact a person’s experience in the home or outside of it.  House/space clearings help rebalance what’s old, out-of-date, imbalanced or stuck.  They always tie into the real world issues and help clients attract more of the right stuff.
Buildings Any building can become stuck – offices, garages, shopping centres…  There’s always a link between what’s happening and what you are ready to learn.  Clearings can offer amazing benefits, above and beyond what we’re aware of.
Furniture / Possessions Second-hand items bring their former owners’ energy with them and can influence how a place or people feels.  If things have been odd since acquiring new items, a clearing might assist.
Gardens & Spaces Gardens and open spaces can need clearing.  The Earth is full of ley lines just as we have meridians.  Fran can read, heal and clear a garden, park, space or plant.
Astral Some people feel, hear or see ‘things’; some pick up moods, vibes, feelings.  Your experience of “invisible stuff” needn’t be frightening.  You can find out what it is, why it’s there and how to deal with it.  These sessions tend to enhance intuitive awareness.
Psychic Self-Defence It’s possible to pick up other people’s ‘stuff’, consciously or not.  Such dynamics can build over time and affect others mentally and physically.  We can learn how to work with such things; understand what, how and why they occur.  This equips clients to deal with such things independently in future.

Click here to view a short video about clearings.


Working with Animals Psychically, Energetically &/or Spiritually

Animal Readings, Healings, Behavioural Issues, Numerology Fran can also work with animals.  They’re are more energetically sensitive than people and can often wait for ages before their owners “get” what they need to.  Sessions can expedite this process and help you bond better again.  Past life and/or this life healings and readings can feature here.


Chakra Work

Chakra Clearing See Chakra Balancing in Bodywork (above).
Kundalini There are two forms of kundalini energy – that which fuels the physical body (red) and the one which Divinely guides it (gold).  One can connect to kundalini energies to enhance your connection to self, Source, vision and path.



Breathwork Breath can be used to break through boundaries, free from limit and pessimistic vibes.  The client disconnects from what’s currently “known” to secure a better link to future life.  Like baby emerging from comfort zone, one can experience discomfort and fear.  Moving through this, using breath, can result in greater awareness and self-knowledge.  


Past Life Work

Past Life Readings See Readings above.
Past Life Regression Using creative visualisation, you can connect with past lives.  Out of curiosity or to address a specific issue, past life regression can be very effective.
Past Life Healing Past life healings help clients go back to the moment a specific conclusion or wound formed.  The experience may be relived so as to shed light on its spiritual role. These sessions help clients release from what has been in the way.  Past life healings help resolve dynamics that can’t be explained by events this lifetime.

Click here to see a video about past life work.


Psychic, Intuitive &/or Spiritual Numerology

Readings Your birth date and birth name can help to explain past, present and/or future.  They can also clarify relationship dynamics – e.g. why s/he is in your life?  Psychic & Energy Work’s numerological readings are never just about numbers.   They’re always delivered with intuitive guidance.
Numerological Charts Hard-copy numerological charts can be obtained for a client, other person, an animal, relationship or business.  Looking at a relationship’s numbers can help explain all sorts of dynamics.


Dream Work

Making Sense of Dreams

Dreams that Worry

Dreaming Future Events

Dreams of the Deceased/ Dying

Restless Sleep, Nightmares

Some people dream about all sorts of things – themselves, other people, loved ones, fantasy, death.  Dreams can unsettle or inspire, but usually come with a spiritual purpose.  Make sense of your dream(s); discover what they’re saying; learn how to process them more.  They can involve future prediction or dialogues about past or now.  They can also carry messages from the deceased.  Nice dreams, turbulent, romantic or scary…  These sessions help you understand why and what you dreams.


Earth Work

Earth Energies & Meridians

Earth Healing

Connecting with Indigenous Elders

Some people sense Earth’s vibrations and notice the flow of energy on this level.  Earth Work shows you how to work with imbalance and help the planet and/or universe heal.



Telepathic Analysis 

Telepathic Clearing

Mental, telepathic and astral energies are totally different from Divine guidance.  Learning how to differentiate between mind, egoic and spiritual energies tends to be incredibly empowering.  It is a significant step in intuitive development.  Sessions can clear unnecessary connections and help clients live more essentially. 

Energies and/or affirmations can be projected more than they should.  Anyone can do this consciously or not, for selfish or caring reasons.  If you feel bombarded by someone else’s vibes, Fran can show you how to clear and process them.

We can all think too much some days.  Over-mindful states can restrict flow and guidance.  If you feel stressed, blocked up or out of ease, book a session.

Dealing with Witchcraft
Connecting & Getting Clear


Spirit Work

Dealing with Ghosts Ghosts and other beings can surprise, delight, inform or scare.  Spirit always calls for a reason – to get or give help.  Many options in this List of Services can include spirit work.  These sessions help to confirm what is happening and why.
Spirit clearing Energies can enter spaces without invitation.  Spirit clearings help process and release.  They often involve guiding spirit to white light, away from the place they’ve been hanging out in.  Clearings are usually done on site, with or without the client being present. 
Dealing with the Deceased We can learn how to communicate with deceased loved ones – to just say hi or resolve issues.  These sessions help clients understand, learn and heal.  
Dealing with the Dying Some people are drawn into other’s people passing.  This can be distressing.  Fran can provide perspective on why; how you can help; and what it means as a skillset.  
Entrapments It is possible to attract the ‘wrong’ energies, especially when we’re overdoing things.  Entrapments can present as ever-changing opinions, hearing voices or not feeling “the same”.  Fran often uses creative visualisation to shift astral links.  Sessions are safe, structured and often deliver amazing shifts.
Other Energies The world of energy contains all sorts of entities – star shapes, cartoon characters, animals, aliens, more.  Clients can need to verify things; better understand them; process them well.  The need to process invisible stuff is often how Source prompts spiritually intuitive development.
Helping Spirit Move On Not all souls find their way to the ‘right’ place.  Some need assistance finding their way “home”.  They often make themselves known to energetically sensitive people.  Whilst is can be a bother, it highlights issues that the human also needs to work on. 

Click here to see a video about spirit work.


Soul-level Dialogues

To Affirm Commitment

Resolving Interpersonal Issues

Affirm love and loyalty; clarify stances; resolve conflict remotely.  Talking to someone on the soul level can facilitate important dialogues.  Grounding first in integrity, these sessions address all sorts of things and often find life flowing better after all tension has been released.


Self, Spiritual &/or Intuitive Development

Distilling your Vision: Why Are You Here? Stuckness and confusion can surface when we’re not clear about who we are or what we’re here for.  We can always know ourselves and/or reasons for being at a deeper level.  Lack of clarity is always a dare to connect higher again.
Facing Your Fears, Obstacles & Barriers Fears can derive from this life or past ones.  They may be yours or someone else’s.  These sessions can involve readings, healings, creative visualisation or expression.  Face your fears and process them with support.
Preparing to Receive The ability to manifest or receive can be obstructed by perceptions, habits, fears, thoughts.  These sessions look at why life’s not flowing as well as you sense it can.   
Enhancing Your Connection See Connecting & Getting Clear above.
Universal Will vs Will Power See Witchcraft and Telepathy above.
Manifesting What You Want See Witchcraft and Telepathy above.
Developing Intuitively Anyone can develop clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), tasting and/or smelling.  These sessions are highly practical.  Book one session or a series for personal or professional development.
Psychic & Energy Work also runs structured courses.  Click here to read more on the Courses page.Click here to watch a video about intuitive vs spiritual guidance
Dropping Worry & De-stressing See Connecting & Getting Clear above.
Overcoming Abuse & Crystallising Boundaries The tendency for others to ignore you can arise whilst you’ve yet to honour self.  Discover where you may be too open or allowing; where you can honour boundaries more; and how to clear negativity.
Self-Honour & Self-Giving The sacrifice of self, out of balance, can see people becoming doormats.  Honouring soul is essential if a person is to do and be all s/he can.  Learn to rebalance the “give and take” and let atoms flow in wholistically healthy ways.
Giving without Depleting Your Energies  
Meditation Sessions & Audio Files
Spiritual Development  & Audio Files
Fran offers pre-recorded meditations that help you intuitively develop and clear.  They’re great ways to reconnect to Source and healing energies.  They can be a cost-effective way of receiving Divine guidance.  To order or learn more, go through to the Shop.  Customised meditations – specific to you and this moment – are also available.  


Teaching & Mentoring

One on One


Spiritual Development

Psychic Development

Spiritual / Hands-on Healing


Dealing with Guides & Spirit

Intuitive and spiritual development can be taught face-to-face or at a distance.  Fran holds a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment and is a Tutor with the South Australian Spiritual Healing Association (SASHA).  She has taught individuals, small and large groups for over 30 years.   Her courses are tailored to meet the needs of each student.  To learn more, click here.

Watch Fran’s youtube video on intuitive vs spiritual guidance here.

or her video about imagination vs intuition here.


Public Speaking

“How to’s” for Daily Life

“How to’s” for Intuitive Development


Other Spiritual, Psychic & Energetic Subjects

Fran can present to public gatherings about intuition, numerology, psychic and/or energy work.  She only works at functions that are reasonably free of alcohol and recreational substances.  If you’re interested in organising a party, presentation, demonstration or talk, get in contact.




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