List of Services

Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s rather extensive List of Services!  I hope this page helps you with things.  Psychic & Energy Work is an umbrella term that describes the various ways a practitioner can help others by connecting to Divine guidance.  A client might choose from the following list of services to satisfy a curiosity; explore a personal interest; or get more focused help. 

Psychic & Energy Work helps all sorts of people understand ‘everyday’ life; spiritual, intuitive or psychic development; or invisible “things”.  It helps a person make sense of what’s happening and process issues in balance and integrity.

In case you’re wondering, there are many ways to be psychic.  Energy workers don’t all develop the same way; offer the same list of services; or connect to the same level of guidance.  There’s no one way to develop intuitively yet most methods offer benefits.  Some people choose to do such things; others seemingly have no choice.

There are also many ways to tune in and deliver intuitive help.  Some practitioners use tangible objects (e.g. cards, objects, runes, etc); others don’t.  Neither approach is better than the other; each is merely a different way of connecting to and delivering spiritual healing and guidance.

Irrespective of why you need assistance, the following is Psychic & Energy Work’s list of services with an explanation alongside each entry.  Energy workers can use the same word to describe different spiritual and/or energetic phenomena so, if you find any “new ones” here, don’t be surprised!   If you’re interested in a service that isn’t listed below, please send through your inquiry because it may be listed under another term.

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List of Services

Clairvoyance   The ability to see things on the energetic/invisible level.

Clairsentience   The ability to detect or sense energies, feelings, moods & vibrations.

Clairaudience   The ability to hear/sense the thoughts, feelings or messages from guidance, other people and/or spirit, including telepathy.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Readings

Psychic / Spiritual 
By tuning in to Divine guidance, all sorts of things can come through for a general reading or a specific question/issue about the past, present or future.

Plants & Flowers
Pick and hold a flower, leaf, plant, branch or piece of bark.  It will mirror your energies and provide a tangible cue for the reader as s/he delivers you your messages.

As with plant and flower readings, here, an object is given to the reader to obtain messages from.  Any object can be used except watches and electro-magnetic devices.  It’s best not to bring heirlooms or second-hand items because they tend to resonate with the energies of their previous owner(s).  This said, bring whatever you think is appropriate (e.g., jewellery, personal possessions, photographs).  You can even bring a ‘fun’ item – e.g. toothbrushes, socks, shoes…  What seems ridiculous often gives off great messages!

Vocation / Career
Guidance about past or current work issues or your future career path; what’s happening on the career/work front; why, when and how it might move; and how you could influence or work with it more constructively.

Relationships / Romance
Current, future or past relationships; professional, familial, intimate or social.  Make sense of your dealings with others, get some clarity; find out where things are headed (and how you might influence them).

Wealth & Earnings
Worried about finances?  Considering a new income stream?  Uncertain about whether you’ll attain your goals?  Get guidance on your wealth and earning potential to clear unnecessary perceptual, physical or energetic obstacles.

Spirits, Things & Aliens
Sometimes we sense ‘things’ that we’d like to make sense of – subtle or very obvious; pleasant or not so.  An energetic reading can help you understand what’s happening and why; turn your sensitivity into a skill set; and gain confidence in using it.

Soul Purpose
Why are you here?  What are you here to do this life?  When/how will it happen?  What can you do to facilitate it?  Soul purpose readings can help to clarify your life purpose; the reason why things are happening; what’s coming up; and how you might affect it.

Want to contact/connect with your guides/guidance more solidly? Do you have any? Who?  How many? Guidance readings can help you connect with those who guide you; determine what you’re picking up; and learn how to receive spiritual messages more effectively.

Past Lives
Past life readings can done be for interest’s sake or performed to address specific issues.  The information is either obtained for you or you can be helped to get it yourself.  Sessions can focus on one or more lives; as they arise or as you nominate.  They can help you better understand and live with those parts of your reality that aren’t quite explained by this life’s experiences.

Past Events
Sometimes, people want to know what happened – e.g. deaths, arguments, suicides; unclosed chapters; mysteries of any sort.  Obtain more understanding about what happened, why and what the greater purpose was.  This is a good way to resolve mysteries, find peace and relieve suffering.

Absent / Distant Readings
For people who can’t attend a face-to-face session, these readings can be very effective.  They’re actually a good idea if the client’s very sceptical or anxious, or if s/he is outside of Sydney, Australia.  They’re a great gift idea and, after listening to their audio file, recipients can call/email to clarify things.

Click here to watch a brief video about readings.

Spiritual Counselling &/or Mentoring

Sometimes we want to make sense of invisible phenomena in a way that explains things and helps us close off on them.  Having someone clarify what’s happening in the energetic or intuitive world can help place missing pieces and make a huge difference.  There are very clear rules in the world of energy and knowing just a few of them can make a big difference.  Every option in this List of Services will tend to include spiritual ad intuitive mentoring.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Healing

By connecting with Divine guidance, universal energies can be channelled to help a client relax, release and heal.  This can be done in silence, meditation or with background music, or using verbal instruction.  Hands-on healings tend to bring with them a greater sense of connectedness, balance and calm, and often provide spiritual insights, greater clarity and a fresh perspective.

Energetic or spiritual healing can be done without physically touching the client.  Here, the energy worker facilitates the flow of universal energies directly to the client without connecting with their energetic field or physical body.  This can be a great idea for those who are energetically sensitive.

Blockages and illness in the physical body tend to originate in a person’s aura.  Auric healings can help shift lower level energies, physical discomfort, tensions and stuckness from the body, as well as see change in one’s wider reality.

Heal with maximum awareness in a meditative healing.  Here, creative visualisation is used to help the client receive Divine healing energies directly.  This is a good option for those who want to spiritually develop and learn how to self-heal.

Absent / Distant Healing
Healings can also be performed at a distance for anyone, anywhere.  This can be convenient for people who can’t attend a session and need energetic support at a particular time.

Expressing the Real Words
Once thought, words tend to stay around/within the body until they emerge in original form (especially negative ones).  Left unattended, they can build up to form tension, illness or discomfort over time.  Expressing the real words can help you release all sorts of “stuff” – above and beyond the things we’re aware of.  This type of session can help you ‘miraculously’ heal stuckness, blockages, situations and wounds.

Scream / Groan Therapy
Just as words can get stuck, so can feelings – e.g. frustration, fear, anxiety, anger.  In these cases, a client may benefit from some scream or groan therapy (meditatively or out aloud).  Unlock and release the screams or groans inside in a way that can liberate, empower and deliver greater peace.

Sometimes, the knowledge that someone’s “there” to help you can make all the difference.  The practitioner can be physically present, on the phone or energetically with you, at a distance.  Whether you’re stepping further into known territories or jumping into brand new zones, energetic mentoring can help you gather the confidence and strength you need to do “it”.

Click here to view a short video about healings.  



Chakra Balancing
There are 12 major chakras or energy centres on the human body – each with a front, two sides and a back side – and at least 21 minor ones.  Work the better-known 7 or clean and balance them all to heal and release “stuff”, often permanently.

Skeletal System
Human bones are more than coat-hangers; they’re pipelines for life energy, balance and healing.  A session can work the skeleton with other body systems or focus specifically on the bones.

12 major meridians link the vital and sense organs, influencing mental, physical and emotional health.  Intuitively working these paths can reinvigorate a person and restore a greater sense of balance and peace.

Trigger Points
Throughout the human body, there are energetic pressure points which can be activated to help heal a person and facilitate flow.  Trigger points in Psychic & Energy Work are used under Divine guidance, often as part of a healing session.


Psychic, Energetic &/or Spiritual Clearings

See Auric Healings.

The Body
See Hands-On Healing.

Sometimes, energetic webs or ‘clouds’ can form in and around the places we live in.  Whenever change occurs in our living or work environment, we can sense a change energetically.  House/space clearing helps to clean out old/stuck energies, bring in the “right stuff” and re-assert energetic boundaries.

Any building can become stuck or blocked energetically – shopping centres, car parks, offices, garages.  There’s always a link between what’s happening within a space and that which you’re ready to realise on a spiritual level.  Clearings can offer amazing benefits, above and beyond the issues we’re initially aware of.

Furniture / Possessions
Second-hand items can bring their own ‘special’ energy and influence the way a place and/or people function and feel.  If things have been odd since you acquired new items, a space clearing may help make sense of it.

Gardens & Spaces
Gardens and open spaces can also need clearing.  The Earth is full of energetic ley lines just as we have meridians.  We can tune into Divine guidance to walk through, read, heal and clear a garden, park, plant (i.e. anything).

Some people feel, hear or see ‘things’; some pick up moods, vibes or feelings but our experience of “invisible stuff” needn’t be frightening.  By finding out what it is, why it’s there and how to deal with it, such experiences tend to clarify themselves and help people develop amazing intuitive skills.

Psychic Self-Defence
Sometimes, we can become inundated with other people’s ‘stuff’, consciously projected by others or picked up accidentally.  Over time, they can build up to feel quite heavy and start to affect a person mentally and physically.  Alternatively, we can learn how to work with such phenomena to understand what, how and why they’re entering our reality.  From there, we’re equipped to fully process and clear from them, and better equipped to deal with such things is and as they happen again.


Working with Animals Psychically, Energetically &/or Spiritually

Animal Readings
As with humans, so too with animals – Psychic & Energy Work can also help here.  Animals are more energetically sensitive than people and can often wait for ages before their human “gets” something.  Sometimes it pays to have an “interpreter” expedite the process and help you bond more closely with your pet/creature.  Sessions can tune in to what an animal’s thinking and explain it to you in ways that often mirror your own issues.  They can also focus upon moving stuck energies and often help to enhance the owner/helper-animal relationship.

Animal Healings

Animal Behavioural Issues

Animal Numerology


Chakra Work

Chakra Clearing
See Chakra Balancing.

There are two forms of kundalini energy – that which fuels the physical body (red) and that which Divinely guides it (gold).  Clearing the chakra system, one can connect to kundalini energies to enhance one’s spiritual connection and ability to attain his/her vision.



Rebirthing uses the breath to face boundaries, break free from limit and pessimistic outlooks (known or subliminal).  It asks the client to disconnect from what’s currently “known” before s/he’s secured a hold on the way forward. Like newborn baby emerging from its comfort zone, one can feel apprehension, discomfort and fear.  In moving through it, using the breath, greater awareness, insight and self-knowledge tend to manifest.  This is a great way to move through ‘big’ issues, especially the unexplainable ones.


Past Life Work

Past Life Readings
See Readings.

Past Life Regression
Using creative visualisation, the practitioner leads you through a series of layers to discover your past lives.  You may want to satisfy curiosity or to resolve a specific issue.  Either way, past life regression can be very effective.

Past Life Healing
Past life healings involve a client going back to a time when a specific conclusion or wound began to form.  S/he may see or relive the experience and, in doing so, comes to understand its spiritual role in his/her current life.  From here, one can often move free of what’s been in the way, releasing and healing all manner of things.  Past life healings can help resolve situations that can’t be explained by events from this lifetime (e.g. attractions, fears, hatreds, blockages).


Psychic, Intuitive &/or Spiritual Numerology

Your birth date and birth name can help to explain life as it has been (thus far) as well as your future.  It can also be used to understand relationships – why s/he’s in your life; what are you all/both meant to achieve this lifetime?  Psychic & Energy Work’s numerological readings are never just about “numbers”.   They’re always delivered with spiritual guidance as well.

Numerological Charts
Psychic & Energy Work provides numerological charts for clients who want their profile in hard copy format.  It’s possible to map the numerology of a person, animal, business or relationship as separate, spiritual entities.  Such profiles can help to explain the dynamics of relationships in ways that individual profiles can’t detect.


Dream Work

Making Sense of Dreams
Some people dream vividly – about themselves, other people, even loved ones becoming sick or dying.  Such things can unsettle us initially when, in fact, their purpose is usually spiritual and highly constructive.  A session can help you make sense of your dream(s), discover what you’re meant to do with them and learn how to process them independently.  Dreams can be great forums for future prediction or dialogues about current day or prior events.  They can also involve messages from the deceased or spiritual guidance; and times, places or people we’ve yet to get to.  Nice dreams, turbulent, romantic or scary – dream work sessions can help you understand why you dream, what you dream and process it productively.

Dreams that Worry

Dreaming Future Events

Dreams of the Deceased/ Dying

Restless Sleep, Nightmares


Earth Work

Earth Energies
Some people are sensitive to Earth’s vibrations and become quite affected whenever there’s imbalance or upheaval in nature.  Earth Work can show you how to work with such phenomena to help Earth and the cosmos rebalance and heal.

Earth Healing

Earth Meridians

Connecting with Indigenous Elders



Telepathic Analysis
Mental, telepathic and astral energies are very real, commonly experienced and totally different from Divine guidance.  Learning how to tell the difference between mind, egoic and spiritual energies can be very empowering and a significant step in intuitive development.  Sessions usually involve the client releasing unnecessary connections and aligning more strongly to essential self and Divine guidance (again).

Telepathic Clearing

Dealing with Witchcraft
The projection of energies and/or affirmations can, at times, be driven by human will more than it should be.  A person can do this consciously or unconsciously, for selfish reasons as well as caring ones.  If you find yourself surrounded by someone else’s energies, this service can help you learn how to clear and process them effectively.

Connecting & Getting Clear
We all think – at times, too much!  Thoughts and worry can block energy flow, guidance and the ability to receive the next moment as well as we could.  If you’re feeling stressed, blocked up or out of ease, book a session to help you reconnect to Divine guidance.  This is a great way to let go of clutter.


Spirit Work

Dealing with Ghosts
Occasionally, ghosts visit in ways that surprise, delight or frighten people.  Spirit always calls for a reason – to get help or give it (usually both).  Many options in this List of Services can include spirit work from time to time.  Working on this level often delivers confirmation on what’s happening and why.

Spirit clearing
Sometimes, ghosts/energies visit without invitation.  This can be pleasant or disturbing.   Spirit clearings can help you understand what’s happening, release your connection to such energies and help them move on.  This can be done for the client or with them, and may involve visiting the place where it’s occurring.

Dealing with the Deceased
We can also be visited by deceased loved ones and can learn how to communicate with them, understand why they’ve come and discern who it is whenever we sense them.  A session which focuses on people who’ve passed over can bring light, laughter, resolution and healing.  It’s a great way to understand those who’ve left this world, heal the past and enjoy the moments they call.

Dealing with the Dying
Some people become involved in other’s people dying processes and this can be distressing some days.  It can help to obtain an outside perspective on why this is happening, how you can help and what it means long-term.  Ultimately, such experiences are not meant to unnerve you; they’re actually the Divine’s way of preparing you, usually for very positive and spiritual reasons.

Sometimes we can attract the ‘wrong’ sort of energies, especially if we overdo things in any way.  Entrapments can be experienced as ever-changing opinions, hearing voices or not feeling like you usually do.  This type of spirit work usually involves creative visualisation, and the client’s focus and active involvement.  Dealing with lower-level energies is safe and structured, and often delivers amazing shifts and spiritual insights.

Other Energies
The world of energy has a myriad of entities within it – star shapes, cartoon characters, animals, aliens and more.  Clients can use a spirit work session to verify their experiences, better understand them and process them effectively.

Helping Spirit Move On
Not all souls automatically find their way to the ‘right’ place when they pass over.  Some get lost/stuck in the astral layers, then face the challenge of finding their way “home”.  When this happens, they may approach people or animals who are sensitive enough to notice them – i.e. to get help.  Facilitating spirit healing release is safe, often simple and always benefits the human who’s involved.


Soul-level Dialogues

To Affirm Commitment
This is a great way to reaffirm your love and loyalty, soothe difficulties, clarify stances or resolve conflict.  By talking to someone on the soul level, we can get messages through which they’d otherwise not receive.  Dealing on this level, when done in integrity, situations can evolve in remarkable ways.

Resolving Interpersonal Issues



Distilling your Vision – Why Are You Here?|
Stuckness and confusion often occurs because we’re not really clear about who we are or what we’re here for. Irrespective of one’s self-knowledge, we can always know ourselves and/or our path again (to everyone’s benefit).  Dealing with “nothing” is a spiritual challenge; a two-edged sword, which can drive people crazy!  It’s actually an invitation for us to connect again to the “right” energies in a way that can see things clear and become resolved.

Eradicating Obstacles & Barriers

Facing Your Fears
Fears can derive from this life or previous ones; they may be yours or someone else’s.  These sessions can involve readings, healings, creative visualisation or self expression, depending on the issue.  Face your fears and process them in an atmosphere of support.

Preparing to Receive
The ability to receive can often be complicated by subliminal fears, past events or perceptions about how life operates.  This session looks at why your way may be obstructed and helps identify how to clear and move beyond them.  

Improving Your Connection
See Connecting & Getting Clear.

Universal Will vs Will Power
See Witchcraft and Telepathy.

Manifesting What You Want
See Witchcraft and Telepathy.

Developing Intuitively
For those who want to develop their intuitive skills – i.e. clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) or clairsentience (feeling).  These sessions are recorded and always include exercises that will help you develop your skills.  Book one session or a series of them.
Psychic & Energy Work also runs intuitive development courses for two or more people.  They’re laden with information, practice and guidance, and tend to see people’s intuitive skills developing quite quickly.  Click here or select the Courses button to the left of this page.

Dropping Worry & De-stressing
See Connecting & Getting Clear.

Overcoming Abuse & Crystallising Boundaries
The tendency for others to ignore you and/or your needs often arises because, somehow, you’ve yet to honour yourself.  Learn where you may be too open or allowing, and discover how to realign to strengthen your boundaries.  Understand how you may be creating your experience, clarify responsibilities and clear negativity.

Self-Honour & Self-Giving
Many spiritual philosophies encourage the sacrifice of self but, out of balance, this can see people becoming doormats.  Honouring essential self is critical if a person is to experience, receive and give all s/he can this life.  Learn how to re-balance the “give and take” in everything and allow all atoms to move in a way that benefits everybody.

Giving without Depleting Your Energies

Meditation Sessions & Audio Files
Psychic & Energy Work offers pre-recorded meditations that help you intuitively develop, clear and energetically reconnect to Source and healing energies.  They’re a cost-effective way of getting the help you need to connect to Divine guidance and healing energies.  To order or learn about our meditations, click here.  Customised meditations – for you specifically – are also available upon request.  They’re recorded with or without you being present.  Click here to enquire about this service or organise your own recording.

Spiritual Development  & Audio Files


Teaching & Mentoring

One on One
Any aspect of intuitive and spiritual development can be taught to a client, face-to-face or at a distance.  Fran holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment and is a Tutor with the South Australian Spiritual Healing Association (SASHA).  She’s experienced in teaching individuals, small and large groups, and tailors her delivery to the people involved.  To learn more about Psychic & Energy Work’s intuitive development classes, click here or visit the Courses page.
One-on-one mentoring sessions tend to be recorded so that the client can review what’s been covered.  You’re always welcome to get in contact if something isn’t quite clear or if you need help whilst in the middle of an exercise.


Spiritual Development

Psychic Development

Spiritual / Hands-on Healing


Dealing with Guides & Spirit


Public Speaking

“How to’s” for Daily Life
Fran is available to present to public gatherings regarding intuitive, numerological or energetic topics.  Please note that, for safety reasons, Fran only works in settings that are free of alcohol and recreational substances.  If you’re interested in organising a party, presentation, demonstration or talk, Get in Contact via the details to the left of this screen (or click here).

“How to’s” for Intuitive Development


Other Spiritual, Psychic & Energetic Subjects



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