Energetic Sensitivity

What is energetic sensitivity?  It’s the ability to see, hear and/or sense energetic phenomena.  Psychic & Energy Work helps energetically-sensitive people process their experiences with the invisible realm.  When spiritual development begins without our prompting, two tenets tend to trip us up.  First is the assumption that there are only a few ways to develop; the second relates to the models one embraces.  Whilst providing structure, often it’s the model (not the person) that’s the problem.

This page doesn’t seek to offer everything you require but it does offer a few points about spiritual development and intuitive phenomena.




Energy is real

The path of spiritual and intuitive development can present in ways we wouldn’t choose.  The ability to see, hear or sense “things” regularly appears in childhood but gets subordinated after we turn 7.  It’s often not until adult life that such things re-emerge, often interrupting plans.  Invisible phenomena are rarely understood before they start appearing.  This can trigger a range of responses – few people are mentored well from birth.  Many believe it’s their imagination.  Some conclude they may be ill.  There’s never a road map provided at birth.  One is fortunate if supported by a sound network.  This is changing all of the time but, even now, energetically-sensitive people can be seen as ill or odd.  From here, all sorts of problems can arise.

Not everyone is an expert in energy – i.e. the invisible realm.  Some are; some aren’t – the same can be said of any profession.  A variation in intuitive skills need not cause concern.  This isn’t to denounce certain professions but energy is real; the invisible world has lots of structure.  It’s not the same as “imagination” or “mental illness”, even though such states can accompany it.  If “it” keeps happening in ways that you have not made up, it’s possible that you’re sane and experiencing something real.




Energetic phenomena aren’t necessarily imagined

Anyone can dream things up but that doesn’t mean that seeing, hearing, sensing, smelling or tasting invisible things is imagined.  Fran’s article “Life in a World of Atoms” outlines the difference between imagination and intuition (see the Articles page).  Things we don’t create (hence, don’t imagine) originate from outside – they just pop in.  They come towards and onto us, unlike the energies of self’s own thoughts and feelings.  They originate within a person, then radiate outwards, and can’t be mislabelled once we can discern them.  The world of energy is not unreal or imagined.  It’s a realm that can be loud for energetically-sensitive people.  If people around you dispute this, it may be worth (respectfully) seeking validation elsewhere.

Watch my video about intuition vs imagination here.




Energetic sensitivity isn’t necessarily accompanied by mental illness

A mental health practitioner once advised that there is a difference between experiencing “things” and “mental illness”.  The latter involves one losing his/her self; becomings a “walk-in”, too open to energetic influence.  Here, a person’s personality changes depending upon what’s around him/her.  S/he cannot discriminate what’s his/hers (or not) and becomes inconstant or ungrounded as a result.

Energetically-sensitive people aren’t necessarily lost.  They sense stuff that others don’t notice, which can be overwhelming.  Yet their sense of self is still strong.  It’s this that triggers their search for help.  Well-grounded people question what they sense.  Living and working with invisible dynamics need not signal a state of ill-health. 

Intuitive development is often triggered by unexpected and obvious experiences.  Here emerges the need to find a reasonable and practical explanation for what’s going on.  This doesn’t always require medical opinions.  That can help in some cases although medications drugs can weaken the aura and make an energetically-sensitive person even more open to egoic/astral realms.  We each need to process this in our own way, with our eyes open, scrutinising what’s offered.  The ability to see, hear, feel, smell of taste “things” is a skill which can be soundly mentored.

Acknowledging the above, it’s important to note that Western medicine isn’t “bad”.   It can help us all at certain times but isn’t necessarily the best way to deal with address energetic sensitivity.  Anyone who claims that energy isn’t real has yet to learn about it themselves.  Similarly, if you’re labelled as “ill” when you know you’re not, get a second opinion (with or without medicine).  




Energetic sensitivity is all about spiritual adulthood

Some people see spiritual and intuitive development as a sign that one is loopy.  Some regimes can ask more than they need to but genuine spiritual and intuitive growth tends to promote basic, good health.  Learning how to sense, correctly label and process invisible dynamics requires us to embrace life as it is (not as we’d prefer it).  Any person can honour mind, self, or opinion too much, in ways that subordinates divine will.  Such stances are often what is challenged in energy work.  They’re usually the cause of real-life “problems”.  Learning to intuit helps energetically-sensitive people become more conscious, responsible and genuine. 

Working with energy also requires us to fully process what we’re sensing.  Aerobic-level exercise and healthy time out in nature and quietness can really help.  Intuitive development often also asks us to examine how we behave as receivers and contributors on any level.  Too much technology, busyness or socialising, without regular breaks, can promote imbalance.  So, too, can consuming alcohol, sugar, caffeine or drugs (medical or other).  Developing as an energetically-sensitive person is more about health; living in balance and  harmony.  Implicit in this expanding your awareness rather than surrendering it.




There’s no one way to develop energetically or spiritually

When a person decides to intuitively stretch, s/he can assume everyone does this in the same way.  Unlike other pathways, energetic skills development isn’t mono as a pathway.  People tend to start from different  angles.  We are each a unique bundle of hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and/or smelling skills, and have specific mentoring needs. 

These things said, the world of energy is structured and safe once we have learned a few easy rules.  They can be learned in a way that embraces our individual needs.  They don’t need to be “special”, ritualistic, expensive or encouraging dependence.  What makes a person vulnerable is his/her lack of awareness.  Encounters with invisible “stuff” can concern at first but, once we’re aware of a few things, we tend to feel aware and empowered.

For all the practitioners out there (including this one!), there is a system that will make sense to you.  Finding it can be quick or slower.  Sometimes, it can take a while.  Keep searching until you find it.  Let your gut feel and the Divine guide you.  Sooner or later, you will find a system which sits well with you.  Everything happens for a good reason.  Things do come together, especially when we let them.  Understanding this and positioning for productive change helps obstacles shift in all sorts of ways.




The invisible realm isn’t more powerful than the person who experiences it

Those who experience invisible “stuff” can assume that is more powerful than they are.  This isn’t true but, to progress beyond this, one has to learn and release disempowerment.  The world of energy is reasonably structured (in ways even “naughty” entities respect).  When we understand and operate at this level, solid , healthy shifts can manifest.  As you move forward, examine your assumptions; release any belief that you’ll never break through.  The world of energy is not more powerful.  It just takes advantage of the fact that you have yet to know this.




Energy isn’t constant nor is spiritual development

Having reached an intuitive or spiritual milestone, it’s not as if life plateaus out.  This is a myth.  Life is an ocean.  You’ll never stop the waves from rolling.  The energetic, spiritual and intuitive “surf” is constantly changing.  One never reaches a point where all things can be predicted or controlled.  The more one evolves, the more tumultuous life can be.  Self just tends to surf it better because it is aware of this.  Spiritual growth can ask us to let the real Source of life be.  By giving It the space to do Its thing and help us long-term, we help manifest what really feels right.    




To summarise….

So?  Energy is real; some people experience it; it doesn’t have to be “negative”; it can be well-explained.  Just because you experience something others do not OR something you didn’t choose to experience, doesn’t mean that anything’s “wrong”.  It’s signalling the emergence of a skillset which, when embraced well, can enhance “real-world”.  Use this site and others; check out my Articles and Useful Links; and don’t stop searching until you find your place. 



To explore your energetic sensitivity or developing your intuitive skills, visit the Courses or Articles pages, or send your questions here.



Wishing you every success,