About Psychic & Energy Work

This website aims to help people learn about psychic & energy work.  This can include subjects like intuitive and spiritual development, energetic sensitivity and invisible phenomena.  When it was launched in 2010, the term “Psychic & Energy Work” was unheard of.  Nowadays, that and terms like, “energy worker”, are regularly adopted as vocational titles.  Yet, not everyone can pick up and fully explain energetic dynamics (and address their spiritual reason for being).  There are many ways to help people energetically and Fran is proud of her leadership in this area. 

For over twenty years, Fran has helped people develop intuitively and spiritually in Australia and abroad.  She is continually innovating and providing insights  to ensure that this site remains practically helpful.

Psychic & Energy Work supports people by providing:

  • readings, healings and clearings for people who need assistance;
  • guidance and mentoring for those who are energetically sensitive (i.e. see, hear, feel or just know “things”);
  • classes and consultancy for people who want to develop intuitive or numerology skills;
  • Monthly Observations that explain what’s going on “out there” (on the collective level);
  • audio and meditation files for people to learn and heal on the go;
  • articles about psychic & energy work (i.e. intuitive, energetic & spiritual phenomena; and
  • definitions for commonly-used psychic and energetic terms.


As a service, Psychic & Energy Work seeks to empower people through the maze of energetic and intuitive experience.  It’s a help desk for invisible stuff which aims to add value each time a person visits.  Road maps are rarely provided for one’s spiritual journey, which is where Psychic & Energy Work can offer assistance.  Fran aims to clarify and confirm what’s occurring; explain it; and practically guide you about how to live/work with it.  Psychic & Energy Work doesn’t encourage dependence or ego – clients come as they need to (they’re not booked into repeat sessions).

This website is regularly updated in the following places:


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About Fran Davidson

Fran has been working as a psychic and energy worker since 1992.  Always highly sensitive to her surroundings, in the early 90’s she began consciously developing her skills.  Over time, Fran has studied mentoring, numerology, Judaism, Christianity, metaphysics and energetic phenomena.  She holds qualifications in teaching adults, vocational education, business, marketing and working with children.

As a psychic & energy worker, Fran uses her abilities to tune into the invisible world and make sense of what’s happening.  She is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient – i.e. she hears, sees, feels and just knows things.  There is no limit to the world of energy and most things can be dealt with efficiently. It’s what we know and believe that shapes our ability to process life, and whether we’re open to receiving guidance.  Fran’s approach is one of openness and practical problem-solving; sessions are two-way and questions are encouraged. 

Fran’s experience includes:

∞  face-to-face & distance consultations (via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, email or post);

∞  mentoring & teaching (spiritual & intuitive development, meditation, healing techniques, numerology);

∞  public speaking;

∞  working on radio; and

∞  writing articles and handbooks about psychic & energy work.


About Psychic & Energy Work as a Service Offering

Fran offers the following services, with more details about each on the List of Services page.


Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience

seeing, feeling/sensing and hearing intuitive/invisible phenomena


Spiritual/Energetic Clearings

people, houses, places, things


Spiritual/Energetic Healings, Bodywork & Rebalancing

chakras, aura, physical body, skeletal system, meridians, ancestral, kundalini, rebirthing


Intuitive/Psychic Readings & Psychometry

past, present, future; face-to-face or via phone, Skype, email or post



readings & charts for people, relationships, animals, places or businesses


Pets & Animals

readings, healings, behavioural issues, spirit work


Spiritual Development, Guidance & Counselling

intuitive development, numerology, energetic sensitivity


Intuitive Development – Mentoring, Coaching & Teaching

one-on-one or groups face-to-face or at a distance


Presentations, Demonstrations & Public Speaking

about psychic & energy work, and channelling to an audience


Earth Work, Indigenous Elders, Divining

clearing earth energies, healing, meridians


Distance Healings & Readings


Getting Clear / Connecting to Source

astral clearing, strengthening one’s spiritual connection, psychic self-defence, body shifting


Spirit Work

deceased loved ones, ancestry, ghosts, entrapments, helping spirit move on



interpreting & clearing psychic links and connections


Past Life Work

readings, healings, regression, release


Connecting to Self / Distilling Your Vision

preparing to manifest, grow and receive



About Psychic & Energy Work as a Process

Once you’ve determined which service you’re interested in, contact Fran via the Get in Contact page.  By briefly outlining your issue(s)/question(s), Fran can confirm how she can help you (or refer you elsewhere).

Any type of psychic and energy work can be done face-to-face (in Sydney, Australia) or via post, email, WhatsApp, Skype or phone.  All are as equally effective.  Fran works with clients in a number of countries and the fact that you’re not physically present makes no difference. Having the client at a distance can be of benefit, especially if s/he’s tense or anxious. 

Payment is required before distance work begins (via PayPal, direct debit or money order).  PayPal transactions incur a fee to cover their costs. Having received your payment, Fran aims to create your audio file within 2 working days.  Face-to-face sessions are paid for at the time of the session. 

Gift vouchers are available and valid for 3 years.


More about Psychic & Energy Work and its Services

Psychic / Clairvoyant Readings

Fran can read on all sorts of subjects – physical or invisible issues; past, present or future; general readings or specific problem-solving.  There’s no set format or list of questions to ask; clients are encouraged to be open.  

When she works, Fran connects and tunes in vertically to receive an intuitive download.  Readings can include spiritual healing, intuitive development, exercises or meditations. Psychometry (using photographs, jewellery, etc) and dates of birth can be useful. 

Numerological readings and charts are also available – for yourself, other people, relationships or groups.   These require the birth date and full birth name for each party in question, and your questions/issues.

All readings are recorded and emailed as .mp3 files for clients to revisit as they wish to.  A lot of information comes through in one session and few people remember everything that’s said.  There also tend to be multiple meanings in what’s delivered, and recordings allow you to access these over time.  Two to three years later, some people report that they’ve had three or more readings out of the one they paid for.


Spiritual / Energetic Healing

Spiritual healing is the use of universal/life energies to help a person release and come back to balance. It’s not about religion or indoctrination; the term ‘spiritual healing’ simply denotes the guidance/energy channelled.  It can be compared with reiki and other modalities (all of them being slightly different).  Clients generally feel lighter, more balanced and clearer at the end of a session.

Spiritual healing can be ‘hands-on’ (where the practitioner touches the client’s body), hands-off or at auric-level.  It can also be conducted as a meditation, where the client receives healing from Source (directly).  Fran usually works at meditative or auric levels, as a lot can be cleared without touching the client’s body.

Clients remain fully clothed in healing sessions and usually sit upright to connect to Divine energies.   Healings can involve the aura, chakras, meridians and other parts of one’s energetic or physical body.  They can also clear telepathic connections, self-attack, relationship issues, past lives, spirit or entrapments.  All sorts of things can be addressed in a healing, depending on the client and how s/he presents.


Past Life Work

Past life readings can be done for interest’s sake, but they benefit most when they target issues.   They occur similarly to healings and readings (above); what happens depends on the client and what s/he’s working through.

Past life work can also involve the client making the journey under meditative guidance.  These sessions are akin to creative visualisation, can be recorded and usually explain current life rhythms.


Other Spirit / Energy Work

Put simply, we live in a world of energy and all of us, in our own way, experience ‘things’.  Ghosts; deceased loved ones; seeing, hearing or sensing things; picking up the attitudes, thoughts or feelings of people, animals or earth; or something else….  The list is endless.

There’s little likelihood of knowing everything but it’s likely that, for whatever you’re experiencing, Fran can help you understand what’s going on; address what’s yours (or not); and live and work in balance.


Teaching, Mentoring, Demonstrations & Speaking about Psychic & Energy Work

Fran has been demonstrating and speaking on psychic, energetic and spiritual subjects since 1999.  Her experience includes radio work; training and mentoring; intuitive development classes; speaking to community groups; psychic demonstrations and parties. 

Fran holds a Graduate Diploma in Teaching Adults; a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110); and a Working with Children Check.  She develops and delivers courses (i.e. trains, assesses and mentors people) in intuitive skills, energetic phenomena and numerology.  Fran is also a Tutor with the South Australian Spiritual Healing Association (SASHA).  She customises courses for the people involved and a lot gets covered within one program. 

The format of teaching/mentoring programs can vary significantly, depending on your needs and objectives.  Click here to read about Psychic & Energy Work’s Courses or get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Please note: the consumption of alcohol and recreational substances can make it difficult to safely perform energy work.  It can also skew what happens for the client (not always in pleasant ways).  If your event involves such things, you’re best to approach another practitioner.


Some Parameters about  Psychic & Energy Work

Regarding religion…

Psychic & Energy Work is non-religious, so people’s beliefs are respected at all times.  Sessions don’t involve discussions about Psychic & Energy Work’s stance on such matters or religion.  People seeking such dialogues are asked not to make contact.


Regarding mental health…

This site does not compete with the mental health profession or the roles it plays.  If everyone received regular counseling, we’d probably have a more balanced world….  Yet, energetic sensitivity and one’s experience of invisible phenomena don’t necessarily equate to ‘illness’.  These are separate stances which sometimes come together, but it‘s important that energetically-sensitive people receive the right support.  Energy workers and mental health practitioners can and should work together to deliver long-term, wholistic outcomes.  If you’d like to learn more about Psychic & Energy Work in this sense – as a client or practitioner – please get in contact.


Regarding minors…

Given the nature of its offerings, Psychic & Energy Work caters primarily to adult clients.  People under 16 are welcome but they must have the formal consent from their parent or legal guardian. 



If you have questions about Psychic & Energy Work, click here or contact Fran using the details to the left of this screen.




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