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The Observations about 2017

Welcome to Psychic & Work’s forecast for 2017.  These Observations outline the spiritual and energetic dynamics which stem from this year’s numerology.  They connect to the Monthly Observations and is worth reading with them.  The narrative below will offer new perspectives every time you read it.  This is pretty common in Psychic & Energy Work – one download often includes a series of meanings.  The thoughts below relate to this year’s collective rhythms – to hear about your year, book a session here.


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As the first year in a new nine-year cycle, “2017” should be an interesting time. With this month and year being first chapters, newness is guaranteed.  This year should be more affirming, given the “1”s in its chart.  Before we examine this year’s energies in “2017”, let’s have a look at its numerology:
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again) 2017/1  
M.O. – how we’re likely to do that 90/9  
Reality Number – the spiritual result of doing such things 2107/1  
This year will promote more “2017/1”
… making “1” and “7” the newbies in the room.  “2-0-1” has prevailed since “2010” so we’re getting used to those rhythms.  That’s not to say that they won’t feature as vibes, incentives or challenges.  It’s just that we tend to notice the new numbers most (especially when a new cycle starts). 


Looking at “1”…

This year is going to deliver more “1”-ness – self in any form that’s possible.   Numbers always speak of the spiritual and astral sides of life, and how people are going to learn and evolve.  With life’s guidance, we’re given opportunities to maximise physical and energetic outcomes.  Spiritual dynamics can also come via groups or communities, with the birth number signalling what we’ll learn, become, do and experience (yet again). 

“1” represents self’s limitations and urges; it also denotes higher self.  Both of these dynamics present in most people, things and settings every day.  When “1” appears repeatedly in a numerological profile, it dares us to look beyond; use our breath; and stand in integrity.  As a dynamic, “1” can see people channelling or witnessing more self-concern.  This can create (more) tension, depression or conflict, just as it can maturity and health.  “1” helps us to become practically spiritual in our methods and responses.  Ultimately, it boosts the level of soul-level dynamics in daily life.  It does this by highlighting whatever requires enhancement and reinforcing the goodness we’ve already grown. 

This year’s birth number is “2017”, which marks what we’ll embrace to another degree.  “2017” says that, for the next twelve months, we’re due to channel more spiritual “me” (“1”).  “2017” points to the world’s ability to get along and share space better/well (“2”).  It also says that “nothing” will feature as an energy and spiritual lesson (“0”).  “1” – self in excess, drought or equilibrium – will help us (re-)connect with Oneness (again).  “7” is learning – insights and new ways to do and be whatever we’re here to.  Via such things, collectively speaking, we’ll grow; transmute ego; and become a bit more inclusive (“1”).

As a spiritual challenge, “1” can present as too much “me” – e.g. a heightened need for attention, control or constancy.  “1”, in imbalance, tends to uphold one self to the detriment or exclusion of soul (and other).  “1”, out of kilter, can promote over-the-top (where “I”, “me” and “my” feature too much).  “1”, in imbalance, can trigger situations where “I” matter more (or less) than “I” should.  This can play out as self-interest, -absorption, overstatement or repression.  “1”, in excess, symbolises any stance that honours one self (or system) too much.  It often reveals the devaluation of one self for the sake of others about.  As this occurs, life asks us to address excess in a grounded fashion.  Here, the “1” birth number signifies the stance of “I matter” as a healthy platform.  It can, therefore, magnify states of dependency, repression, greed or arrogance.  “1” can also inflame the focus upon what “I” want, know, have or fear; perhaps, even fuel that level of competitive urge that hoards, starves, wins or loses.  As an egoic vibe, “1” can heighten a person’s reluctance to share any landscape fairly.  Invariably, “1” targets our self-talk, models and over- or under-reactions.  Wherever “I”, “me”, “my” features too loudly and impacts unpleasantly upon others, that’s “1” in action!

“1” also triggers personal strengthening (it always does, no matter what occurs).   Ultimately, “1” promotes the right level of self – often by magnifying what isn’t spiritual.  “1”denotes maturity; the elder grounded in universal will, and can see us acknowledged for whatever balance we already channel.  Heroes can emerge during “1” phases – i.e. any being that promotes good things.  These are some stances that “2017” could nudge me and you further into.  Inevitably, Source always has Its way in the end, with “1” guiding humans to grow (up); channel (more) truth; and share in life well. 

 “1” can promote a sense of isolation at times, even if we’re surrounded and engaging well.  “1”, as I write every so often, can find us feeling as if we speak a different language.  Even the world’s best communicators can feel more separate or isolated in “1” zones.  In creating such rhythms, Source encourages us to turn inwards to hone our good bits.  Here, “1” shows us how to improve things so as to mix even better next (“2”).  “1” can signal pauses in flow or experience that help us (re-)align for what’s ahead.  No phenomenon overrides one’s spiritual needs (but we often underestimate what’s required to reach a goal).  As we set our sights, we can often glaze over the details and here’s where numerology can assist when life goes “haywire”.  No zone is a place of spiritual abandonment (although life can seem like this at times).  This is “only” egoic “I” (in anyone) assuming that’s all there is and everything is known.  Sometimes, “1” can seem as if we’re being punished but it only does this when we’re too entrenched in astral states.  As a zone, therefore, “1” delivers these sorts of lessons to help us interface with life better again.  This can feel unpleasant initially because we’re used to do’ing and be’ing “one” way.  As we get used to the fact that we’re “just” learning, we often end up valuing whatever “1” brings.  “1” – remember? – is the start of a new cycle (i.e. nine years which will have slightly different bents and objective).  “1” helps us to remember such things and (re-)align for what’s coming (perhaps, better than we had been).

After a “9” year – i.e. “2016” – people can sense that it’s time to start again.   This is because “9” helps us to finalise things (we can start a “1” zone believing that we’ve done what was needed).  This is also how “1” throws people a challenge (we can think we’re ready for “Take Off!”, when we’re not).  1” often guides us to review our perspectives before we can act logistically well.  It’s not so much that “1” is an obstacle but that’s often how we initially perceive it.  “1”, from this angle, can promote a bit of frustration for common folk, governments, even presidents.  It often prevents us from doing all we’d like to (and prepared for during “9”).  This helps us to address disconnects and key questions, and progress towards subtle (and spiritual) “more”.  As this unfolds, we often find “1” dynamics helping us to embrace and become all we can. 

So, “1” mentors people to become more productive – often via self-ish-ness or exclusion.   “1” is rebirth, helping us to discover more about life and self (like it or not).  “1” really is Source nudging individuals to grow again; out of balance, it can be like a couch potato refusing to stretch.  Yet, “1” symbolises the dance inherent in Creation – i.e. the dosey do between egoic and divine self (and selves).


About the “7”….

“7” is the other new element in this year’s birth number – i.e. learning and wisdom.  It represents sabbatical; time out to rest, study and reflect upon things.  “7”, like “1” and “0”, is passive (signalling the chance of slowdowns this year).  Compared with “2016” (where “8” and “5” featured), “2017” could be a gentler period.  That said, what happens will depend upon how we all align in this physical world.  Egoic vibes can thrive when “1” and “7” present because “1” is the self (what “I” think, need and want).  “7” represents what we know and entertain; it can see judgment and opinion heightening.  Together, these vibes could trigger amazing breakthroughs or encourage stuckness and polarisation.  At such times, “7” and “1” can inflate our need to debate, dislike or spar.  None of this necessarily signals that horror is due (at every second, we have a choice of stances).  Arrogance, self-righteousness, tunnel-vision or rigidity can fuel fires when “1” and “7” unite.  Equally, however, those same sparks can (and will) generate “heaven” when we facilitate such things.  No number signals that difficulty is inevitable; they all remind us that “life = choice”.  Numerology speaks of all possibilities and humanity’s role in promoting them.  It also helps us to understand the reality that life/Source always leads Creation towards. How we achieve that depends upon many factors – e.g. spirit, energies, creatures, people and nature.  One’s personal connection to universal or lower-level energies is what “1” targets and promotes.  Wherever we may be ignorant or dismissive of such things, this year’s “1” and “7” are likely to teach us.

“1” and “7” are passive numbers – said above, yes, but here in a different way.   Both vibrations can add energetic twists in how life presents and plays out.  “1”, as a zone, represents the first period in our new human adventure.  It can be a zone that helps us to improve upon ideas, states or arrangements.  “1” often tests all that we’ve come to – not because it’s wrong but given what’s coming next.  As a result, “1” years can hold people back to discover who, when, what and where in a new light.  After nine years of learning and developing habits, “1” can be a whole new game to master.  Here, Source presents Itself (i.e. life) strategically, for long term gains that we often end up appreciating.

Another Observation is that “7” presents the mind realm – i.e. what we think or believe.  As a result, from now until December, more mental energies could feature.  No period concerns only what’s known already and, even if one releases all mind well, mental, psychic and technological states and energies could become louder at times.  Life could become headier with people noticing more invisible dynamics, too.  “7” can heighten the amount of astral phenomena and force us to focus (more) universally. 

In spiritual realities, broadly speaking, there are two ways to focus – upwards or sideways.  The Divine exists in every part of Creation; we can never disconnect from soul or It.  It’s just that egoic rhythms can be loud some days, obstructing our ability to sense and co-create wholistically.  When a person overly-references sideways – to thoughts, beings or things – life can turn downwards.  This is how egoic energies can influence people, lives and physical realities.  It can take a while for a person to realise that s/he’s energetic, physical and intuitive being.  An overly-horizontal frame of reference can promote too much “I think, want or feel”.  Mental activity often grows via “7”, in ways that push us to process things.  Existing, as we do, in amongst the astral layers, an excessive sideways focus can see us growing the “wrong” stuff.  “7”, you see, denotes a person’s connection to universal wisdom and intuitive self, which we grow by casting upwards.  “7”s presence in “2017”, therefore, hints at such things.  The lower we reference, the louder the dare to rise up – so don’t be surprised if you witness such things. 

“7”, as “spirituality”, can represent intuitive guidance and spiritual practices.  “7”, actually, represents “spirituality” as a stance, model and experience.  All numbers do but “7” marks our ability to connect to higher-level views.  Here, “7” denotes a person’s willingness to know more than s/he did before now.  “7”, therefore, can highlight how spiritual development is forever onwards and upwards.  This is also how “7” and “1” can challenge people (because spirituality isn’t one-dimensional).  Here, “7” mentors anyone who’s “knowing it all”, enhancing their connection to universal intelligence.  “7”, therefore, can highlight the value of meditation and exercise in “real life”.  “7”, as such, could see you (or those around you) needing to balance out from time to time.  This theme featured in “2016” too so, if you notice such things, this might be why. 

So, “7” denotes our linking to bigger picture perspectives and becoming wise(-r) again.  It also represents a person’s ability to see life for what it is and how it works around him/her.  “7” can find us crystallising all sorts of isms, and doubting self less than we had been.  “7” can also urge us into further study; “getting it” in ways that fulfil our long-term dreams.  “2017” will encourage soul-level being and integrity in day-to-day settings.  Even if a person has more to learn or accomplish, more honesty and wisdom in action are likely.

Now “7” emerges after a moment of “6”, which also affords us time to reflect.   “6” is a beer (or cup of tea!) after some effort; a moment’s respite after action.  Emerging like this, “6” can be cathartic, slowing us down to process and realign better.  This is how “6” sets us up to distil the insights we’ve gleaned (during “7”).  Here is where this year could help us to act upon discoveries we made last year.  The next twelve months should empower people to learn; get out “there” (in balance); and do well.  “7” could help us all to live, give and receive better again.  Wising up in (practical) ways could challenge, engage and drive beings positively, powerfully and productively.


So, “2017/1”?

“2” denotes interpersonal dynamics, patterns, customs and rules.  Indoctrination, mixing well and dealing with difference in integrity are possible themes.  “2” is self learning how to co-exist well, amongst others, honouring all spiritual needs.  People stuff, therefore, and interpersonal skills are likely to feature as issues this year.

“0” represents nothing from any angle, including unexpected lack, silence or loss.   It also denotes Source as an influence, energy and proactive guide.  “0” helps people realise that “Nothing is Everything”, and that “nothing” need never be “bad”.  It often unfolds in ways that help us to discover what the veil of “zilch” is really offering.

“1” is “I”, “me”, “my” – however it manifests (from amazing guru to novice in the trade).  It often reveals how to uphold our values without oppressing others.  “1” is “I matter” as a rule that’s universal – where it’s possible to let everything exist in peace.  “1” often triggers (more) resilience, integrity, stamina, groundedness and independence.  As we process such themes (in balance and integrity), better flows and outcomes tend to emerge.  “1” can be a phase that strengthens self in tangible ways and helps him/her divest of egoic level energies.

“7” is learning, wisdom and models; it’s what “I” think and what “I”ve learned.   It, therefore, denotes any area where we follow systems or rules too keenly.  “7”, after all, is life’s invitation for all egoic self to connect vertically, another degree.  By releasing all “I know” to access all that there is, one often wises up (again).  As this occurs, we can experience and begin channelling more universal Oneness.  Whenever we embrace intuitive and real-world dynamics (in integrity), we should find this year empowering.  With this, a sense of self that’s objective, mutually-bent and fair-minded will surface.  All in all, then – as we get the hang of it – “2017” should be a wonderful period!

What about you?! This forecast for 2017 focuses upon the dynamics and dares that are due to surface collectively this year.  To organise your personal forecast for 2017, call, email or sms me (click here).
We’ll become and exemplify more “2017/1” via “90/9”
The birth number, above, signals what people will learn and channel more of this year.  How we’ll do that (collectively speaking) is via what I call the M.O.  It goes without saying that how life plays out is what tends to spur personal growth.  Whilst birth numbers get a lot of attention, it’s also worth examining a period’s or entity’s name.  Interestingly (as has happened throughout the thousands), “two thousand and seventeen” and “twenty seventeen” both add down to “9”.  The elements involved differ – “90/9” and “63/9” respectively.  Whilst shortened names can influence reality, the proper (full) name tells us most about a phase or a life.  For this reason, I only look at the M.O. of “two thousand and seventeen” in the following paragraphs.


Some thoughts about “9”

If you visited this site during “2016”, you would have read (or heard) about “9”.   Last year, it appeared via the birth number (i.e. “2” + “0” + “1” + “6”).  “9” was what we were, ultimately, asked to become and exemplify yet again.  With “9” appearing twice in this year’s M.O., we are likely to implement last year’s insights well.  As we do this, people will manifest more of the birth number (spiritual “1”).  This could be seen as being fortuitous and, perhaps, easier than if totally new vibes surfaced.  It also suggests that humans haven‘t finished dealing with what manifested last year.  That’s obvious – there’s always more to attend to – but “2017” could heighten such dynamics.  If you continue closing off or becoming (more) compassionate, in ways that seem easier now, don’t be surprised!

Two major themes emerge out of “9”, both of which were profiled heaps last year.   Visit The Archives to review what was said (or click here).  “9”s can promote closure and consideration, with this year asking us to do such things (all over again).  “9” can see people ending, upgrading or losing habits, arrangements… anything.  This can occur in any area of life, nudging us to deal with our spiritual issues.  With “1” being this year’s birth number, we may need to set clearer and more universal boundaries around all self’s right to exist – i.e. in peace, safety and good health.  “9” attends to stuff for the sake of better tomorrows and can involve current day or past life issues.  As said last year, it often helps us to “end ‘that’ phase so that a new one can start. 

As this year’s M.O., “9” could ask every person to put what s/he’s discovered into (more) action.  By dealing with stuff, people will focus upon self in (more) balanced ways.  “9” can help us to kick patterns that need to evolve; it’s deal with “it” so that the future is as good as it can be.  Whilst “9” targets what we know or sense already, it also addresses more than that.  All numbers invite the sub- and un-conscious self to discover and evolve anew.  An M.O. of “9” doesn’t only target what’s known; it will raise our awareness of things we’ve not seen. 

“9” represents a time of compassion, where more/all self is cared about at the same time.  Here is also how “2017” could see us implementing what we’ve learned.  “Compassion” is interesting – it’s not the stance of eternally giving; rather, it’s giving and receiving well.  Here, the M.O. of “90/9” could help people better care for and support each another (as well as self) well.  This, you’ll sense, dovetails into what’s been written (above) about “2017/1”.  To what degree will this year ask you to deal with too much or not enough considerateness?  “Compassion” may be called upon (more or less) and, in doing this, we’re likely to see more “spiritual adult” manifesting in processes, rules, situations and approaches.  “90/9” could trigger moments of “tough love”, where withdrawal helps to foster balanced and independent being.  “90/9” could help people address over- or under-dependency, control urges, opinions or rules – as a concept, response or a future deed.  Dealing with stuff will be a theme.

So, “9” is “care for self and other equally” as well as “deal with whatever is now outdated”.  “9”, this year therefore, could bring endings that surprise us occasionally.  “9”, you see, isn’t only a spiritual conclusion; it can play out on the physical level, too.  Here, “90/9” marks the end of anything we’ve been over- or under-entrenched in.  “9” can hint at separations between people, businesses, countries, parties and more.  “9”, here, indicates the emergence of a new world order that promotes better flow.  “9” could trigger such themes via people, natural events or day-to-day realities.  It will help us address stuff meaningfully – for self and other – so keep your eye on the world stage!


About “0”

“0” denotes the moment before Creation emerges; it’s the pause just before something tangible unfolds.  In this sense, “0” hints at the space between “The End” and “The Beginning”.  “0” is often overlooked numerologically – we tend to focus upon “1” to “9”.  This is because nothing adds down to nothing (“0” only appears as a part of what transpires).  Saying this, however, “0” is a part of “how” we’ll learn and develop this year.  It surfaces in the year’s M.O. (“90/9”) and as we progress towards “1”.  Both “2017” and “2107” (this year’s reality number) pass through “10” before reducing further.  This is important because “10” regularly promotes master number dynamics (outlined below). 

Whilst “1” follows “9”, it’s always preceded by a bit of “0” (or two).  This signals that any pause this year could be longer or more noticeable.  “0” is “nothing” as a state or energy, and can signal a time of less flow.  This is interesting because this year’s chart contains mainly passive vibrations.  Only “2” speaks of action and busyness (which should bring some people relief).  Last year delivered one “8” and two “5”s, both of which can be hyperactive!  “2016” saw people too busy at times – rushing, pushing, feeling tried.  This was partly due to last year’s M.O. (“86/5”) but “2017” should deliver a gentler pace.  Passive numbers often generate a slow-down (in ways that rattle can action-seekers).  “0” can seem as if “nothing is happening” or “not enough” is flowing as “I” think it should.  Together with this year’s “1”s and “7”s, “0” could see tension building periodically.  “0” and “9” could help us to get that house in order (rather than just zooming full steam ahead).  As we realise how life can be a spiritual illusion, we’ll see “90/9” delivering “more”.  Numbers often present as “x, y, z” initially, only to become “a, b, c” as we align well.

So “0” really is the beginning of everything, often presenting as less than we’d like.  “0” can be an absolute ripper when it targets cash flow and ambitions.  “0” can manifest as less than we planned, assumed or hoped would happen.  It denotes “nothing” – no calls, clients or action – even an increase in space around us.  Here is where “90/9” could team up with “1” and “7” to reveal how we’ve been pushing too much.  “0” is a leveller which often retrains any overly-tangible focus.  Presenting as a lack of something that really matters, “0” restates how everything starts from nought.  “0”, therefore, as a spiritual learning curve, shows us (yet again!) that focus matters. 

“0” represents a person’s ability to generate anything out of nothing at all.  Whilst, some days, life allows us to use our will to manifest, “0” can stretch us further than that.  Here, “0” helps us to understand the Divine’s existence and role in creating things – not as a religion but as a benevolent and active energetic influence.  Source, in this sense, is a big picture provider that helps people manifest well.  I’m not discussing philosophy; I am describing the invisible realm.  It contains two vibes, broadly speaking – that which is vertical or resonating around a being.  The aspect of Divine – millions of rows high as It is – is lighter, healthier and broader-minded.  The egoic realm exists most obviously around people (which is why it’s so easy to move into overload with it).  This is how a vertical frame of reference can help us to process, develop and release stuckness.  “0” can dare us to (re-)connect upwards and allow Source to maximise the good that’s capable of manifesting. 

“90/9” could trigger the need for (more) silence or loss, or the threat of such things.  As it does this, “90” could do some people’s heads in (“7”)!  Here, the M.O. helps us review whatever we’re honouring via recessions, droughts or delays.  As (and where) it does this, we’re being offered the chance to focus higher again.  “0” can shift from drought into substance the moment we surrender imbalance to another degree.  “1” and “7” often trigger change in what we know, represent, have or believe.  The moment a person remembers Source and how It will help, and chooses to cast higher again, the more goodness tends to emerge notably in his/her experiences.  Perceptions about limit, worth and identity could present as a more spiritual call to arms.  The need to unwind and access wider perspectives proactively is likely this year.

“0” is interesting because – like “7” – it symbolises the choice between two very different vibrations – Source or “me”; which one is driving?  Lower-level energies and foci can over-promote the egoic self (in any being).  One often channels astral vibes without thinking (although, sometimes, we consciously emit them).  Here, “0” and “7” can convey just how real invisible worlds and phenomena are.  Again, this is not a religious message; the focus, here, is energetic.  One only accesses and experiences nirvana by releasing all self, again and again.  When life is heady, busy or too “me”-focused, Source and life energies are nudged to one side.  This is “simply” a product of living where we do – in amongst spiritual and egoic vibes.  Energetically, however, to manifest maximum goodness, one needs to release like an onion, layer upon layer (i.e. in mind’s eye, until separateness no longer lingers).  Here is also where “0” challenges people, even though “heaven” is within everyone’s reach.  Connecting to Source, as a guide and spiritual healer, is as “easy” as living and breathing in balance.  This can involve taking time out to rest, recuperate and process whatever we need to.  It’s how we (re-)connect to higher self (“1”) and intuitive downloads (“7”).  “0”, this year, is bound to affect how life emerges and what we choose to do about that.  “Nothing” is “Divinity” (or any other vibration) and what can unfold when we honour them.



… could see this year being gentler and quieter somehow.  This could find some people feeling frustrated or (more) introspective.  Every so often, this year’s M.O. will challenge expectations about life, others, self and the world.  “2017”s M.O. could trigger recessions, inaction or lack that (at first) seem “bad”.  As “2017” unfolds, we’ll appreciate (anew) how we’re being helped along life’s path.  “2017” indicates a noticeable increase in insights which foster more goodwill and integrity.  This may arise as we update our models and should see us addressing “too much” and “not enough”.  By implementing what we realised last year, we’ll work through such themes really well.

“90/9”, as how we’ll grow (“1”) and learn anew (“7”), may deliver too much stillness at times.  It could also help us to resolve things (“9”) and channel more higher-level vibes (“0”).  Inevitably, such things help to enhance one’s spirituality, health, “real world” and resting routines.  The more we acknowledge and process invisible phenomena, and deal with it well-grounded, the more we’ll benefit.  Out of “nothing”, Creation emanates so what and how we actualise may become a potent theme.  Via such dynamics, humankind could begin focusing better and channelling more goodness physically and tangibly.  Intuitive abilities could also feature (and the need to breathe, relax and let life rebalance as well as it can).

The spiritual endpoint for the year is “2107/1”
The first thing to notice about this year’s reality number is that it contains the same vibes as “2017”.  As a result, this year should deliver magnification on “2”, “1”, “0” and “7”.  Ultimately, too, “1”-ness will become louder as a lesson and energetic vibe.  What’s written above, therefore, carries “double” the weight and may see life becoming more pressured (or restful!). 



Rather than repeat what’s been written above, I’ll focus upon “10/1” here.  This year’s birth and reality numbers pass through “10” before reaching “1”.  As a result, “10” dynamics will become more obvious at times.  They often unfold like master number periods and can trigger all sorts of amazing stuff.  Together, “1” and “0” can increase our level of excitement because, whilst they’re disparate forces, they both desire similar outcomes.  “1” is the self; “0” is nothing too tangible (which egoic “I” can really loathe).  Anyone who overly references to tangible states can find “0” a challenging phase.  Whilst astral energies sense themselves via separation, “0” dares us to merge (more) divinely.  This involves jettisoning all self, including one’s own, but egoic “I” can only feature by holding separate.  It’s because of this that “10/1” can be challenging (its two elements tend to exist poles apart).  Yet, “10/1”s job is to show limited self how it never perishes in white (or whiter!) light.  Only the astral – mental, physical and egoic – aspects of life can end up having adjustments.  An overly “1” stance (especially when “7” appears) can find balancing out challenging (even threatening). 

Full alignment to spiritual frequencies demands the surrender of all egoic self.  Lower-level “I” can interpret such activities involving a major loss.  Here, is also where “10/1” can seem like “11/2” – i.e. as if we’re about to lose something we need to live well.  It’s also where “1” and “0” team up to show us how they target energies to enhance “real life”.  “10/1” signals the union between self and Source as co-creators in life’s dance.  “10/1” suggests that, only by relaxing whatever we grip, life will unfold best.  “10/1” is the loss of currently-limited platforms (often only invisible phenomena).  It’s the dare to let go, not knowing what will come next, to realise that we’re always supported somehow.  Here, “10/1” reveals how one can live on the surface, removed from “real” self (and the whole truth).  The only shift(s) that “10/1” tends to promote are those that concern falseness and scripts.  Perceptions matter wherever “10/1” surfaces – as villains in the room or forces for better again.  “10/1”, therefore, often triggers invisible dynamics that usually (and tangibly) really help us.

So, “10/1” exacerbates the level of intangibility that presses in around us at times.  Lower-level “I” often interprets too much “nothing” as being “bad”.  Indeed, being a ”nothing” can be a downer – egoic “I” prefers what’s proven, have-able, knowable.  One “1” is enough – at any time – with “0” magnifying such dynamics in ways we often cannot control.  In addition to this, “0” is the world of energy – invisible stuff stretching perceptions and skills.  Astral beings prefer physicality, proof, assurance and what they’ve already come to.  Pausing to consider what this could point…. what type of “nothing” might present in your reality?  Spirituality, environments, intuition, etc are often under-valued by the more “logically-minded”.  Whatever has been seen as having minimal value could be reappraised during this year.  Traditions, vocations, industries or people could witness amazing shifts.  Anything or one that promotes our (re-)connection to spiritual “I” may take centre stage.  Self will be affirmed – both types – from many angles, in ways that are shaped by us all.

“10/1” speaks of energetic and spiritual phenomena so, if you find this, this year, you’re on track.  “0”s sense of mystery, quietness and space may link with “1”s sense of isolation.  As this occurs, head stuff (“7”) could begin heightening, encouraging people into tension and fear.  This will press both egoic and essential “I” to address underlying issues.  Here, “10/1” could become even louder as that inner voice that we dismiss, heed well or over-subscribe to.  “10/1”, with “2017” and “2107”, could magnify mental energies until some thought balloons pop. 


More about “1”….

There are a few Observations about “1” that are best written here (now that you’ve read the thoughts above).  The first consideration is “1” as the elder and example (at any age).  This year could encourage us to discover and represent what’s right to another degree.  “1” often asks us to clarify boundaries so that what’s right prevails in the end.  Such invitations often come via moments where any “I” can know too much.  This can require self, pairs, nations or groups to push back kindly and fairly.  “1”, therefore, can call upon our leadership skills; assign responsibility; or highlight personal values.  It often asks us to hold to our spiritual code by either “sitting back” or taking over. 

“Lead by example” can be a critical stance whenever “1” surfaces a number of times.  It can urge people to challenge “wrongness” by doing more than they usually might.  Here, also, is how “1” denotes spirituality, daring us into self to another degree.  This can trigger changes in thoughts, actions, outputs, beliefs, perspectives and responses.  Essential “1” doesn’t need to war against lowness; it “simply” invites all self to stand more equitably; clarify who and what we represent; and adopt this as a permanent position.  With this, can come the need to confirm or move loyalties, perhaps leave certain realms for good.  None of this needs to signal unpleasantness; it can denote the discovery of green fields for us to explore.  Here, “1” delivers “more” that we can need to investigate (even if we’d rather stay put).  This can arise out of challenge or peacefulness, and often promotes freedom for everyone to live as s/he can.  “1” can help us breathe fresh(-er) air again so, if “2017” or “2107” help you to “leave home”, you’ll be in rhythm.

“1” can be really affirming, especially when it repeats as a vibe.  “1” is the self and, experientially, can feel as if “I” am (more) included.  Just as “1” can promote inactivity, it can also find us feeling more acknowledged.  Such dynamics emerge in various ways to help self embrace universal “I matter equally” (above).  Here, life tends to include the self more completely (and asks us to do the same).  “1”, after all, affirms essential AND egoic “I” in all of their forms.  All numbers give and take (at the same time) as forces and zones spiritually speaking.  “2017” and “2107” – “10” – “1” could be empowering wherever we acknowledge these sorts of factors.

In one sense, “1” helps us to discover who we really are and what that entails (next).  “1” is rebirth – remember? – and, with that, can come all sorts of shifts.  “1” is “realise ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’ all over again”, not because it wasn’t good at first.  Numerology always indicates the more that life and Source guide us towards.  Life in the two thousands doesn’t involve resting on laurels; it’s about one’s ability to go with the flow; discover anew; and enhance “goodness” in the physical realm.  Inevitably, both worlds – what’s inside and/or around us – will help us to wake up, reflect and respond a little more rightfully. 

“2107” – this year’s spiritual outcome – asks us to relate well and learn via people again (“2”); release egoic vibes, channel more essence and birth into whole new realms (“1”); deal with zero – i.e. our spiritual connection, energies, past lives, thoughts and feelings (“0”); and take the time to relax, release and learn more about “I”, other beings and life overall (“7”).  By doing such things, people will prosper – willingly or via struggle, self will become all that it can.  If you have a stretching, clarifying and strengthening time between now and December 31st, you’ll be in sync!

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“2017/1” overall?
“2017” delivers four “1”s, three “0”s and two “2”s, “7”s and “9”s.  Self features most as an experience, lesson and energetic vibe.  “0” – nothing in or around us – will help us to discover anew.  “2”, “7” and “9” also present (as detailed in the table below).  January, March, April, May, October and November will deliver master numbers and magnify such experiences.  June, July and September will see “7”, “4” “0” and “9” dynamics heightening, too. 

Below is a tally, by month and by number, listing the vibes we’ll witness this year.  Whenever a number presents three or more times, we can expect more energetic and spiritual themes.  Whilst “0”, “1” and “2” are high in number this year, we’ve lived with these patterns since “2010”.  As such, their tallies represent a continuation of themes (not totally new ones).  Each month will bring additional vibes and dynamics which will stretch and soothe us as they unfold.

Mth/No. J F M A M J J A S O N D
0 4 4 5 5 5 6 5 5 6 6 6 4
1 10 8 7 8 8 7 8 7 7 8 9 9
2 8 7 8 8 9 8 7 7 5 7 6 7
3 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 3 2 2
4 0 3 1 2 1 2 4 0 5 1 3 3
5 1 1 3 1 1 2 2 2 3 1 2 2
6 0 2 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 1
7 4 2 4 3 3 4 3 5 3 4 3 4
8 2 1 1 0 1 0 2 4 0 1 2 0
9 4 4 2 4 3 2 2 3 4 2 2 4

Looking above, “2017” should be less-hyped because “5” and “8” are low in frequency.  This year, for the most part, delivers passive numbers which points to less mayhem and busyness.  “5” and “8” can see energies heightening, even winding things (and people!) up.  All other numbers tend to be kinder as vibes (which doesn’t mean no challenge arises).  Considering all that’s occurring globally, we’ll all be dared to innovate and become “more” essential.  Come February this year, we’ll enter the Year of the Rooster (who loves to crow whenever it can).  These things acknowledged – physical or energetic – spiritual awareness (and practice) are likely themes.  If you find yourself stretched, affirmed, upheld or rewarded for “simply” being you, there’ll be no surprise whatsoever!

A footnote…
It’s been interesting drafting these Observations and I thought I’d let you know this given this year’s profile.  “7”, said above, can find us getting caught up in “I think”, structures and models.  This has manifested as a vibe and an outcome in certain sections on this page.  Whilst I’ve précised it repeatedly, I want to apologise for any parts that seem a bit wordy.  I can usually iron this out before I post things but, this time – despite planning well – I’ve run out of time.  Those “7” vibes have already kicked in – doo doo doo doo! 
And you personally?
Although I’ve outlined some of this year’s dynamics, I haven’t looked at your forecast for 2017 specifically.  We each have a profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  This information can provide amazing insights about what’s been happening, recently or since birth.  If life’s been odd, over-the-top or too challenging, get in touch (or click here).  One hour is an age in intuitive downloads!

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