The Monthly Observations

for November 2019


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for this month.  They profile this energetic chapter and connect to this year’s forecast.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are my Observations about this “November” given its main numbers.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2019
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again) 11/2 2030/5
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 40/4 134/8
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 51/6 2164/4


“November 2019”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month offers the following count.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help to explain what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, point to “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring tends to also wake us up.  A count like this can help selves progress and make greater sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase.

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 4 8 5 4 7 2 2 1 1 2

Let’s look at the chart more closely…..


“November”s birth numbers are “11/2” and “2030/5”…

…. both of which are powerful vibes.  “11” and “5” both tend to trigger stretching and insightful times.  The former helps truth to surface without doubt, helping selves release shackles and blinds.  Double “1” can see us over-pushing, often unfolding as a “bad hair day”.  Here, it guides selves back to centre, promoting more soul stuff (objectivity).  “5” also stretches minds into more of all we’re here to do and be.  Often via what seems a stoppage or limit, it shows us what we are capable of.  Both of these vibes can feel isolating when they first manifest. 

So, “5” and “11” nudge egoic beings more towards adult and authentic self.  This “November” could seem like boot camp – “11/2” seeks fit by testing first.  “1” can also bring space and silence and, remember, Mercury is retrograde.  Chapters like this can boost the sense of “nothing” in ways that sees people fret.  Even the best achievers and minglers can wonder what’s going on.  High “1” moments often use seeming (in-)difference to foster growth. 

“1”, after all, is “me” discovering more about what life can be.  Through double “1”, Source helps selves embrace what suits them personally.  “11” can see things going awry just when we need certain flow.  Via such events, the universe helps us live (and launch) in the present.  It helps selves sense where they or others are limiting, projecting or controlling too much.  In doing this, it helps us get real and offer that more consistently outwards.  It tends to target mindsets and self-talk in a bid to help things become “real world”.  As it passes, one often senses the blessings involved in such growth.

“11” reduces to “2” so, via wavelengths like these, we learn to interface better.  Through double-“1”, life encourages people to offer more of what’s genuine.  This helps truths to surface as isms, gestures, feelings, habits, zones.  Relationships and one’s sense of fit tend to prosper in such moments.  Now, wavelengths like this can be repellant if personal truths aren’t desired.  Here, we can see break-ups as people elect to tread different ways.  Every second and number brings choice: which type of self do you want prevailing?  “11” can boost egoic or soul-level vibes so don’t be surprised if this “November” restates such things.

“11” can also bring lessons in patience; “5” is prone to do that, too.  Master number “1” can seek more adult: independent, respectful being.  Any stance of wanting or needing can foster myopia.  “11” chapters can show us where self-ness is over- or under-extending.  They pull people back to the crux of a matter; a greater sense of needs vs wants.  All of this can happen to a person directly or around him/her.  There are two forms of self – essential and egoic; we channel both all of the time.  Some days, we’re “child” needing instruction; on others, we’re asked to mentor and guide.  

Double “1” chapters can boost awareness about what really, truly matters.  Unfolding like this, they help us engage better with people and events.  Don’t be too shocked if life helps you tighten approaches – your own or others’ – this month.  “5” can also make lives busy (it’s one of the most active wavelengths).  Bend and stretch is a key “5” rhythm, over and above what you had planned.  “5” likes to breed confidence, optimism, often by moments that seem sure to fail.  It helps people learn to work with life smoothly, sometimes requiring forgiveness or patience.  Presenting like this, it helps to flag where we’re over-catering to egoic needs. 

In line with the above, “5” can foster the sense that it’s time to “sink or swim”.  Through this, it helps individuals expand their list (and sense!) of “I can”.  Here, we begin to appreciate (better) how resilient and amazing we (all!) are – that and how life is always supporting and guiding us.  “5” can boost one’s sense of liberation; perhaps, more room to embrace what’s new.  An active vibe, it seeks healthy outcomes – “fresh air” is one analogy.  Offering newness as event or demand, “5” introduces doors to new spheres.  In this sense, it can be a chapter for making amazing discoveries.

Now, “2030” is a master number because of the two “0”s within it.  “Nought” can boost life’s call to re-connect spiritually and intuitively.  To do that well, it pays to release everything we’ve linked into first.  Egoic self grips and collects stuff to keep itself in life’s frame.  “5” comes along, this month, via zeros, to help us essentially reconnect.  Through louder states of insufficiency, “0” tests faith only to strengthen it.  “Trust” needn’t be a blind dynamic; it’s really the fact that life supports self well; that Source never ever lets us down.  It’s often only via a shake-up that we come to know that in our bones. 

In this sense, “5” helps whole new vistas become more known and achievable.  “2030” also  flags placement; a time when the world of others features (“2”).  “3” vibes appear, flow and co-creation – through stances and expression, we will foster what’s right (life as it should be).  By not relating well; being false or flippant, we might see lives getting complicated.  Such dynamics can bloom in any moment – they’re not unique to this month at all but they may present more loudly this month.  “3” also flags intuitive vistas so you might be asked to listen more to your inner voice.  Gut feel matters with every number seeking the truth and more of what’s “right”.


The M.O.s, this month, are “40/4” and “134/8”…

…  which could add to the spin at times.  “3” and “8” are active numbers; “0”, “1” and “4”, passive vibes.  “40” is another master number (a “0” on the end of any digit leads to this).  “4” is also “8”s younger sibling: through what we sense, we manifest.  “4” is the planner, examining options in ways that serve the future well.  “8” is the vision; the overall image of where self could end up.  “4” and “8”, this phase, might help us tighten perspectives, ambitions, plans.  With two powerful birth numbers, too, such dynamics seem likely.

“4” tests foundations – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.  It is, in this sense, the base from which everything flows.  What we think and feel can affect what happens over the short- and long-term.  “8” seeks success – are you really happy with all of life?  Nothing is fixed; choice is a constant even when we feel locked in.  Here is where stress can be healthy, restating choice represents each second.  Every moment is a portal into more-ness in either sense of that word.  That needn’t mean “change” in anything other than how we’re viewing things.  Every “November” offers such wavelengths; this one might see more than usual.  Fixed states stem out of limited vistas – where might life restate this for you?   

You know, “0” is space as a healthy dynamic; a constructive zone; one of more receiving.  Moments loaded with zero can heighten the need to take more balanced time out.  “5”s and “8”s do this as well – too much “busy” can force rest.  Through such moments, the universe leads us back to healing, harmony, peace.  Here, again, Source might corral us back to our centre as it is now.  “0” and “4” can also help us connect more securely into soul.  “4” is new wisdom; “8” is attainment; “I have arrived!” (states like that).  This month’s “0”s, “3”s, “4”s and “8”s could bring precision on these aspects.  

Thoughts, feelings, assumptions and game plans could be upgraded in these next weeks.  Through this, you might end up perceiving (and co-creating) “real-er” things.  “4” can flag where we’ve yet to get perfection; where something isn’t “quite right”.  “8” can highlight where “success” is missing; how to breed gut-feel happiness.  Both of these rhythms can prompt corrections; a sense of the need for adjustments somewhere.  Every number guides us to sense, learn then co-create afresh.  “Where do gaps hover in your world?” – another key “0” question.  You might sense how this “November” could be really insightful.


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This month’s reality numbers are “51/6” and “2164/4”….

… so balance and solid foundations will count.  “6” promotes the world of feelings and self’s tendency to over- or under-allow them.  It signals “health” on every level and can promote introspection.  This month’s “3”s and “4”s could boost this, together with this year’s “7” reality number.  As the second-to-last month for “2019”, we might feel more pressed to close things off.  This could target minds, perceptions or more tangible states.  “6” and “4” are passive vibrations which like to slow the pace of life down.  A sense of push-and-pull could develop, together with less interpersonal tension. 

The focus, this phase, swings back to self due to those “1”s, “11” and “0”s.  “51/6” could push for change, positioning you as an influencer.  “5” seeks growth directly and/or in others nearby.  It denotes newness; “4” is the launch pad; “6”, life’s need for harmony.  “6” can also symbolise health, inner or outer, balanced or not.  Love is another face of this number: what is it really; is yours kosher?  Give and take; accept and offer all intertwine with themes like these.  “6” can highlight inputs and outputs: to create well, self must receive.  Here, it guides people to nurture life’s whole chain – is there enough of that in your world?  If not, where, how and why not, and how might you effect change?  What can you do to foster fullness via any sense of non-/false-love that presents?  All of these rhythms help us get wiser and truer again. 

This month’s master numbers seem determined to promote more spiritual growth.  Karmic vibrations help us remember the part(s) we play in a far bigger picture.  The end states we’re due to foster, this month, revolve around caring and feeling for real.  We may also seek more of added value in a decent and equitable sense.  Sydney, this year, has seen challenge around frameworks, cladding, construction codes.  Underneath this, lie the values of fairness and how money ain’t everything.  These are “4” vibes which can heighten the lessons of “1”, “0”, “8” and “6”, too.  You might witness more dynamics like this.

Lastly?  Build and invest are also “4” outcomes; listen to your heart (gut!) as well your head (“6”); allow yourself to be soundly guided (“0”) to manifest what feels perfect (“8”).  Balance out often to offer the real stuff and help others do same (“6”).  Use time and space to achieve these end points in solid and well-rounded ways (“0”, “3”, “6”).  Let “success” come as well as striving (“3”, “4”, “8”) – to truly receive, it pays to witness well (“0”, “3”, “6”).  Through such wavelengths, people are likely to deepen their sense of and connection to soul (“0”, “1”).  By working with change – the need for it and the lessons – we’ll manifest more of what’s truly great (“1”, “3”, “5”).  All in all, this month’s on target to truly fathoming isms like these.


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this.

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