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Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Monthly Observations for “December 2017”.  The dialogue below profiles some of this month’s energetic and spiritual themes.  It also connects into this year’s forecast which you’ll find in the Page menu (or two lines down).

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with those of the year.  Outlined below are the Observations about “December” given its numerology.
This December’s Profile


each year

in 2017

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)



M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point




Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things



“December 2017”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month delivers the following tally.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help us understand what’s happening.  This, in itself, doesn’t signal “good” or “bad” (life often delivers a mix).  What we can find uncomfortable at first often evolves into blessings.  This said, a tally like this can help us make sense of life when it’s odd.  Wherever a number manifests three times or more, we can need to work through more of its rhythms.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


4 9 7 2 3 2 1 4


“1”s are high this month again – we saw nine of them in “November”, too.  Self development and/or awareness will, therefore, continue to feature.  They’re constants as rhythms but nine “1”s could pressure the self to grow in ways that seem more personal. 

Seven “2”s have featured throughout this year – we’ve one more than “November” but not as much as in earlier months.  Relating, purpose, fit, relativities could amplify as themes therefore.  Our ability and willingness to get along; include one another; and step side-by-side are themes that heightened “2” can magnify. 

Also presenting are four “0”s, four “7”s and four “9”s.  These frequencies appear in this year’s chart, too, so their lessons could become louder or more continual.  “0” – nothing, insufficiency, lack of clarity, the need to rebalance; “7” – learning in ways that we’ve “got it” fully; “9” – compassion, closure, finishing things off so as to never replay them.  There are fewer “0”s – after three months with six of them – so internal and psychic worlds should mellow out.  When “0” appears, invisible realities tend to feature more than they were.  “December” brings four zeroes – so they’re still prevalent but not as high as before.

Three “4”s also manifest this month with “4” being “7”s twin in one sense.  Both can trigger light-bulb moments (dawnings that make a genuine difference).  All of these numbers point to “December 2017” being a good time to solidify what’s “good” and divest of anything that’s too old.  As we do this, a sense of lightness and preparing for what’s next should manifest.

Having observed the above, let’s discuss this month’s numerology……

“December” delivers “12/3” and “2029/4” as birth numbers
“3” and “4” together promote space for realising and fathoming things.  As birth numbers, “12/3” and “2029/4” represent the stances we’ll embrace (more).  “3” is expression, waking up, distilling things; it likes to trigger intuitive states.  “4” can be read as a time for building upon what we glean as “3”s unfolds.  These things suggest that “December 2017” is going to be a positive time; a month that helps us understand and act upon things (spiritually) well.  “4” is the builder, investor and auditor; it can ask us to review what we’re playing with.  All numbers do this, “4” especially, not always concerning current affairs.  Any vibration can heal what has happened this life or earlier (sometimes, both).  “3”, from this angle, could find you realising things that affect your core.  Such vibes have featured for a few months (i.e. more than usual), helping us all.  An example of this – not reducing it all to numbers – are the revelations about sexual abuse.  Narcissistic rhythms of all varieties have been surfacing for healing and redress.  If you’ve found this, too (i.e. not just in the media), there’s no surprise.

“12/3” is powerful because the sequence “1”, “2”, “3” appears.  This, in one way, reflects the birth of the self and its first moments of learning.  Development is always most graphic and intense when we begin any path.  The birth number “12/3” heightens such rhythms and can suggest that we’ll learn more.  It reinforces self as it is presently – i.e. more than usual – our own and other people’s/beings’ (“1”) as well as providing space for people to trade, relate and support one another (“2”).  Relationship dynamics, fair trade, fair play, exchanges and our place in amongst all that…..  (all via “2) can mentor people to share well (i.e. become more inclusive).  “3” is a phase that asks for expression – speaking, gesturing, emitting anything.  It calls for more depth in what we put out as a thought, feeling or overt response.  “3” can be the music that’s played too loudly until one is “forced” to turn it down.  It can signify rowdiness or rudeness – psychic, audio, behavioural, sensory.  “3”, in this sense, is the mark of creating – what are we producing and is it “the best”?  The above could play out as something you realise; it might be something you mentor others in.  “12/3” is the fact that we have to share well in order to receive, achieve and exist.  It, like “1”, can signal empowerment and a time for making good progress.

“12/3” is always “December”s birth number; “2029/4” features this month specifically, too.  Both frequencies have the potential to teach, shape and challenge people.  They point to the collective rhythms – not to one’s own personal chart (i.e. they’ll play into the profile that features for each of us).  “2029/4” delivers more “2”s; a “0”; a “9” and a “4”.  “0” can bring less of what’s needed – e.g. info, money, security, progress.  “9” likes to close things; outdated patterns – our own or other beings’.  “4” likes to plan and organise; it’s all about foundations and getting ready.  “4” can also see a person reviewing things – here, it’s like Mercury retrograde.  It also tends to raise our awareness about what really matters and how to integrate that.  “3” and “4”, therefore, as birth numbers could find us realising potently this month.  As the final chapter of “2017”, this augers well for the start of the new year.  Things tend to wind down in “December” – businesses, people, studies, etc.  With this, comes the chance to pause, reflect and determine what to do with what we’ve gleaned.  Here, you may sense how “December 2017” should be productive. 

This month’s M.O.s are “37/1” and “127/1”
Numbers can point to very loud and obvious events; they also represent subtle realities.  Formally or not, you may find “December 2017” helps you on both points.  This month, we see two “1”s as M.O.s (with “1” enhancing either level of self).  Within a person or around him/her, “1” presents chances to become more adult in things.  It often manifests in ways that promote internal and external growth.  “1” likes to boost maturity levels; it calls for leadership (and, sometimes, rewards it).  All of these rhythms play out irrespective – on private levels and more obviously.  “1”, ultimately, strengthens the “soul” – often, to the point of liberating it.  It’s the learning curve of self-discovery that helps us to become all that we allow ourselves to be. 

“1”, therefore, can feel empowering and it’s featured as a rhythm for all of this year.   It often delivers a zone that enhances the spiritual self and self-knowledge.  This can find people stubborn, entrenched in ego, or responding more essentially.  “1” can boost self-ish-ness, greed, etc (any dynamic that cannot share).  Even here, it invites all parties to let go of what they’re gripping and realign.  “1” is the self – that’s important to restate – and all the rhythms that emerge from that.  Yet, even as a “downer”, “1” invites people to breathe and become truer again.  It’s the dance in which all selves matter (creatures, the universe, plant life as well).  It can, therefore, guide self to fulfil goals and states wholistically.  “1” is “I matter” and “you” matter, too, with “12/3” and “127/1” bolstering this.  If you find yourself releasing from bondage somehow, this month, you’re doing well. 

It’s worth observing that “37” and “127” pass through “10” on their way down to “1”.   “10” doesn’t surface ultimately; it presents twice on subtle levels.  “10” reinforces “1” dynamics – lessons, states, challenges and dares.  “1” can be a time that feels isolating, disconnected or slightly removed.  This helps us link into bigger pictures and divine guidance again.  By creating more space and/or silence, the universe encourages self to turn in.  This can find people criticising, angsting, for the time that it takes to understand this.  Both “1” and “0” help us connect with self, Source and other more spiritually.  “0” can present as “not enough” of anything that matters now.  Food, cash flow, feedback, responses….. on any level, life can go quiet.  Yet, “0” is the swing between “positive” and “negative” nothing; the stress of “not enough” and the dare to look beyond that.  Whilst easily written in a wealthy country, “0” reveals how everything connects.  In times of loss or lack, we’re often helped to examine our faith – i.e. knowledge that everything will unfold well.  In this life or the next, everything balances as soon as we release all obstacles.  Life isn’t always easy to navigate but that needn’t mean it is unkind.  “0” and “10/1” frequently ask us to use our intuition and define life as kind.

“0” is the call to realign spiritually in spite of the fact that lack or loss features in one’s world.  It asks the self to remember what is “good” as a vibe and state.  It dares us to release egoic dialogues; our projections of life (often limited).  The human-level “I” – especially one that’s used to receiving – can start to panic when things stall.  Part of this dance is “just” the result of becoming accustomed to “things”.  All of a sudden, “0” presents and life stops flowing as it had been.  Via lack or loss, imbalanced self can start to angst as it holds too firmly to its expectations.  “0” and “10/1” can trigger such states, reminding self of Who/What is really in charge.  The illusion of “nothing” – whilst real and disturbing – can shift amazingly when we process well.  “10/1”, like all numbers, invites people to breathe, connect upwards, receive and stop pushing.  This can be a challenge because many, nowadays, are used to more immediate “hits”.  Yet, “0” and “1” like to remind self that it’s not as in charge as it can believe.  “10/1” shows humans (from practical angles) what can occur when they live more spiritually – i.e. stop playing G-d; being self-centred and/or inconsiderate in some way.  “0” is the fact that “Nothing is Everything” and the chance to help that grow.  Everything starts on the energetic level and, when egoic “I” tests that, “negative nothing” starts to morph.

“37/1” signals expression and creativity (“3”), and the need to teach and/or learn anew (“7”).  Intuitive downloads, listening to self (i.e. our hunches) and sensing “things” (“3”) are likely to feature.  You’ll probably find this month shows you things because both “3” and “7” educate Creation.  As “7”s also feature in this year’s chart, meaningful learning is likely.  “7” often helps us to become more expert; share our knowledge; or “merely” smarten up in what we do.  “7” often hones a person’s awareness to razor-sharp levels; it’s “get it” – the lesson, the skillset or the mystery.  It represents the time one practically comes to “just know” and features in both of this month’s M.O.s.  We can, therefore, expect shifts along these lines and release out of “prisons” “just” because someone has realised stuff.

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“December”s reality numbers are “49/4” and “2156/5”
“4”s appear also in this month’s reality numbers so awareness and certainty are sure to arise.  All numbers can initially stretch us – some more than others (e.g. “5”s and “8”s).  Every “December”, “49/4” visits as the ultimate state that’s achieved.  “4” and “9” have been outlined so I won’t examine them too much here.  Suffice to say that our models, theories, frameworks and habits (“4”) could be reviewed.  Privately or not, we may witness big shifts or be encouraged to act differently.  This seems guaranteed given “9”s visit (because of its nature to conclude things).  Endings, conclusions, cleaning things up – e.g. thoughts, systems, codes and assumptions.  “4”, again, is plan – build the model – so as to make good progress next.  “9” will only add to these dynamics in ways that seem highly decisive.  This is worth noting because “December” marks the final phase of “2017”.  What better time for planning, distilling AND deciding what to do (or be!) next?  Such dynamics surface each “December” because of the emergence of “49/4”.  That doesn’t make them any less potent so don’t be surprised if you witness things like this.

“2156/5” speaks of action – the physical type and energetically.  “5” can see selves getting busier (which is common in any “December”).  It can be a zone that demands spiritual growth, sometimes in ways that seem harsh.  “5” can present change without warning, like a command in a boot camp.  “GROW!” can be the cry; “STRETCH!” can be the task – NOW because you can (even if you’re not ready).  “5”, you see, denotes flexibility, forgiveness, patience, adaptability.  It can ask us to breathe, choose to de-stress and examine some of our methods.  “5” also states that “You can do it!” (often presenting as, “I don’t think I can!”).  With two “5”s appearing this “December”, life could get extreme from time to time.  This needn’t play out in the physical; pressure could mount because of what we perceive.  Given this month’s M.O.s (which both carry “10/1”), this could be the case.  The M.O., you see, denotes how we’ll shift and develop whilst “5” denotes the end result.  Stretching will occur on some level (I’m tempted to write “for everyone”).  As part of “December”s collective profile, “a few” selves are likely to deal with such things.  Yet, “yoga” always helps self especially when we hold to our faith and gut feel.

For all of the stretch, challenge, etc, “5”s real mission is to bring in the new.  What better time for this than “December” (so don’t be surprised if such rhythms increase).  Appearing this month, this augers well for the start of “2018”.  “5” denotes change; innovation; rebirth – the need for it; the call for it; and any solutions.  Again, we’ve the hint that this “December” will help people clarify things.  If life gets too skatty, take time out, centre, ground THEN (re-)act.  This can be key when “5” features because it can stir everything up.  It can be read as the need to respond well by connecting to bigger pictures first.  “5”s momentum can find self forgetting to pause and reflect when it really should.  This can find people reactive (“December”s numerology often promotes this).  The first half of the month can see people rushing then, around Christmas time, everything morphs into peace again.  If you find yourself feeling overloaded, stop and breathe first (above all else).  “5” can invite self to slow things down to help the “right” energies prevail.  Reactivity has featured this year – not for the first time but it’s been loud.  “5” is the fact that choice is eternal, as is the dare to exercise it well.  It inevitably states that we can and will float as soon as we remember to focus via breath.  “December”s M.O.s might help us all learn this – to the next level – so that we can share them next. 

Coming in the final month of the year, all of the above dynamics should be empowering.  No number guarantees what’s going to happen on any level (other than spiritual).  Often-a-time, they can be interpreted as physical definites (which can mislead).  They all indicate the junctions we’ll come to as a result of a number appearing.  Each intersection will offer up a range of choices for self to select from (however consciously).  We’re often not forced one way or another yet our first responses can be egoic.  This isn’t “bad”; it’s simply part of being human with numerology signalling how we’ll realise and grow through that.  We all have a choice and a frame of reference that influences what we do next.  This is also “5” – forgiving all self for any sense of “wrong” in what they choose.  “5” is “flow”, “releasing fully” – i.e. surrender all connections to lower-level vibes.  It asks us to do this first energetically and, perhaps, in “real life”.  “5” is “flow” – the space to live as we choose to – and the fact that we needn’t sit too close.  “2018” will also offer powerful rhythms so these dynamics could continue.  “5”, as the outcome this “December”, could prepare all selves for the new year.  Newness, change, growth and refreshment – mentally, emotionally, physically AND energetically – via sudden shifts.  If such things emerge in your world this “December”, just do, be and breathe the best you can. 

And you personally?
We each have a specific numerological profile that derives from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.   Although I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month, I’ve not analysed your personal chart.  Readings that merge numerology with intuition can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do that.

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