The Monthly Observations

    for April 2021



Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “April 2021”.  They profile this month’s energetic rhythms and link to this year’s forecast.  They aim to help you learn and process spiritual and energetic life.  Implicit in this are intuitive and invisible dimensions.  Insights about collective rhythms can be useful when life’s challenging.  They help us link back into the big picture – what’s truly real (and really true!) universally.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are the main numbers followed by my Observations.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2021
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 4 2025/9
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 29/2 124/7
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 33/6 2149/7


“April 2021”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month produces the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help us understand what’s going on.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life often delivers a mix).  What we can find initially jarring often promotes better existence.  A count like this can help us process and make sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase. 

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 2 6 9 2 3 4 2 2 4

Let’s look more closely at this…..



“April”s birth numbers are “4” and “2025/9”

   awareness will blossom; closure, too

Both of this month’s birth numbers are passive; reflection’s a rhythm you might see more of.  “4” can be read as the first reflective phase of the cycle, “0” to “9”.  “1”, “2” and “3” bring heaps of learning that finds self well-occupied.  “4” is the first moment, having acted, selves get to pause and digest.  “9”s a passive vibe as well and they help us notice things and reflect.  “4”, in this light, is a time for sensing more of what the future wants to offer.  Here, it seeks awareness, eyes open, often playing through as a wake-up call.  It can also flag a time for finetuning in ways that feel important.  “Quality” is a “4” end result; life can use what’s not so good to guide people to that target.

We’re constantly learning how to enhance things.  This could be a noticeable “April” theme.  “4” also denotes the dive board, launchpad, base for what is coming next.  Like “3”, it wants selves verifying if they’re engaging with what’s best.  These statements flag how “4” zeros in on chances to improve, upgrade.  Just before “5”, it guides self to better engage with things.  “Getting things right” starts on the inside – in beliefs, thoughts, patterns, mantras.  The law of attraction gears towards this; “4” likes affirmations honed.  Everything starts on the energetic level; physical reality births in feelings and thoughts.  So?  “4” zones – like “9” (!) – can want things like self-talk, projections and habits enhanced.  How we build, gather, store and run with whatever we do matters in life.  “April ‘21” could help you notice where you could tweak your platforms.  Interestingly, “4” is understanding and, therefore, the chance to vet plans. 

“4” likes reviews; they always help us firm up and manifest “best”.  “4” toughens up whilst also caring; helping us know what our path’s all about – that and what it needs moving forward (more of this; less of that).  This “April”s “9” birth number supports this, being about concluding well.  We’re being told this month could see certain dynamics/patterns closing off.  “9” is a sorter – I write this often; “4”, open eyes all over again.  In making room for new (“9”), we often make space for more of what we know is divine.  “9” promotes reflection, too.  It’s a phase when mere action is not enough.  Such periods help us to notice what’s worthwhile in ways we often like/want to embrace. 

“4” is the chapter we prepare for action, launch, emergence…. those sorts of things.  “9”, as the last phase in the cycle, also boosts rhythms like these.  Don’t be surprised if closure comes calling; perhaps, even, compassion.  This month could find you noticing, feeling, processing, accepting divine help more.  Last month was full – mentioned on the Home Page – this one could help people digest what came.  “2025” suggests this will unfold as themes around relationship and placement.  “2” can denote the world around us – engaging with it better; learning how it moves.  Others in the form of people, nature, planet and Source could play out loudly for you.  That’s no surprise – the “2020”s is a chapter that’s focused upon this.  “2” also flags self’s role in creation – i.e. genuinely sharing states and things.  This has been happening around the globe – tyrrany, positioning, vaccine shipments, Me Too themes.  Equal is the only place life thrives in but egoic “I” constantly baulks at this.  What is inclusion?  Where does it birth from?  This month could reveal more.  Embrace what life offers as insight; allow Source to help integration truly.  “2” also flags life’s dance class in action; stepping lightly first tends to help good bloom.  We’re all here to lead by channelling best practice.  Use this month’s passive vibes to heal and inform you.



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This month’s M.O.s are “29/2” and “124/7”

   through placement and relating, self is constantly learning more

This goes in hand with what’s typed above.  Can you sense how this month could bring learning curves?  “29/2”, as a subtle master number, wants more engagement with truth, integrity.  Backing one’s horse is a “1” outcome; helping mind-full self relax, let go and breathe.  “2” can flag indoctrination; the force of the group; how it limits and/or nurtures.  “2” denotes self’s stances and dares it to be its uniqueness, ready to share.  Sometimes, we can focus too much on what’s out there; not enough on inner realms.  Thoughts, feelings, needing, wanting easily give rise to egoic constructs.  All numbers want selves better grounded; true to self whilst enabling life.  Are you sharing space along these wavelengths?  This month might help you stretch into/accept new perspectives.

“7” phases can feel like detention; they can find self wanting time out.  “7” denotes mind and all it offers – every so often, a bit too much.  It flags what self thinks and, with that, its mantras; silent self-talk; narratives.  Two “7”s feature in this month’s chart so don’t be too shocked if life becomes a little heady!  Through such states, we’re helped back to centre, into connection with real Source.  “7” chapters can bring restless nights; too much self-talk; skewed focus.  They teach us more about letting go – how important that is.  It’s worth noting, here, how “7” is wisdom which also ties into “4”s themes. 

Consciousness stems out of all of these rhythms.  “April ‘21” could trigger a boost in yours.  Through our positioning – relating optimally or not – we are all due to learn a bit more.  “29” adds through “11” through to “2”, making self-knowledge and -growth likely.  These themes are always running in the background.  This month could find you sensing more things.  Subtle master number zones often find people more aware of guidance, etc.  Double “1” denotes “truth”; big pictures plonking right in front of self.  As moments that affirm or throw a curve ball, this month might birth more wholistic views.  This is due to happen throughout the year although could feel louder given this month’s extra “5”.  “11” wants self knowing self, really, so as to be, lead, get on.  By example or tasked as job title, leadership’s sought from every soul.  Discovery is a key rhythm this year; “April” might nudge you along these lines.  Bend and stretch; be your uniqueness to healthily, wholesomely value add more of the time.  This month could help people wise up; starting reeling in futures that fulfil.  It feels sure to be an eye-opener that triggers, shapes and makes room for the birth of a great year.



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The reality numbers are “33/6” and “2149/7”

  potent healing and rebalancing are likely end states

“33/6” is about expression – offering, allowing, supporting it.  It can manifest as excess – being “out there” egoically.  “6” is balance; “3”, realisation; all of these currents help good go ‘round.  “33” is also a potent healer, seeking balance on any scale.  Here, too, “33” can trigger more awareness.  It’s can force expression, cornering self to hear what it feels, fears, thinks, says.  Through this, we process issues and hurdles; come back to balance; ground well.  “April ‘21” seems sure to cut to the chase; help people be and build in the know now. 

“6” also flags love, care, kindness, equity, empathy as soothing or stressful states.  As a dynamic, it loves to highlight how giving and receiving matter.  Balance doesn’t manifest until self’s respecting flow in and out.  Intuitively, our actions are as sound as our ability to take in good guidance.  Learning to do this can be life-long; layers of onion so to speak.  The law of reflection plays its part: what we emit, we tend to receive/witness.  That’s not always an obvious current.  “33/6” flags undercurrents playing through life.  A master number phase, this “April” is likely to help grow awareness and balance where it can.

Do you notice how a few of the digits in “2149” have been discussed above?  That points to reinforcement of themes and suggests more depth emerging somehow.  This month seems sure to help people get things; break through obstruction; re-link to track.  Clarifying vibes are likely as are some clean-ups of mysteries, staleness, dodgy habits.  “7”, as a time for practical wisdom, wants us to use what we learn well.  You could become sharper about your path and how to step firmer into it.  Many of this month’s dynamics will show people how life wants to be moving forward.  After twelve months of lock-downs and restrictions, this “April” could feel like home-coming.  As brakes release, there are plenty of reasons to look to the future as a positive time.  Many have discovered new ways to do things which are now ready to integrate with past life.  These are some reasons why this month could prove worth living, learning and sharing in.  Do what you can to stay in balance; take time out to chill and process things.  By giving to self in the form of down time, we prepare to nurture well.  Fruit doesn’t grow in a bed that’s not fed well.  So is the case with you and your path/future. 

In order to help others or self, focus on good vibes; help them flow first.  Like attracts like; success is best long-term.  Is that emanating out of you as an invisible state?  What you resonate in and with matters.  Bees come to flowers embedded in health as an aura.  First, work out the energy you do want to grow, breathe, live amongst.  Connect up to the highest level, then let It in to heal and help.  Source is a constant stream of goodness, strength, integrity.  Just using breath can help you to access this as a continual flow.  Bad days still come but that needn’t stop you surfing through life brilliantly.  Master number zones want people learning how to nurture and breed such vibes.  I hope this “April” helps you integrate with past, present and future in amazing ways.



What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this. 

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