The Monthly Observations

    for July 2020


Welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “July”.  They profile this month’s energetic rhythms and connect to the forecast for this year.  They seek to help you process and learn about energetic life.  Implicit in this is your spiritual journey and intuitive practices.  Insights about collective rhythms can be useful at any time!  They help us reconnect to vibes that feed life in ways that enhance “real world” outcomes.

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with the year’s chart.  Outlined below are the main numbers, followed by my Observations about this “July”.


This Month’s Profile

  each year in 2020
Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become & exemplify again 7 2027/2
M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point 14/5 93/3
Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things 21/3 2120/5



“July 2020”s numerological tally….

Combined with the year’s profile, this month offers the following count.  Examining a chart from this angle can help explain things.  It doesn’t, in itself, signal “good” or “bad” (life usually delivers a mix).  Yet what we can find initially jarring often leads to better states.  A count like this can help people make sense of things.  When a number presents three or more times, its energetic and spiritual themes (and lessons!) increase. 

The tally for this month is:

Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Frequency 5 3 10 3 2 2 4 4

Let’s look at this…..


“July”s birth numbers are “7” and “2027/2”

   it’s time to learn some things, perhaps face truths

“7” denotes the classroom; a space for receiving and sharing wisdom.  Every number hints at what’s “more” – new downloads; what to do with them.  Irrespective of current awareness, “7” helps us see clearer again.  It denotes self’s receipt of spiritual insights which help self create life even better.  In this sense, it tends to offer highly practical intuitive information.

This month, notice, is a pure “7” (i.e. the birth number which presents every year).  A single digit can boost one’s sense of really, truly experiencing things.  “7” is “just learn” – no other trimmings – as well as a phase for guiding others.  A mental vibe, it can find opinions blowing out of control.  It flags “I think” – it’s all about head stuff – and what humans can do with that.  Seven phases often help people sense where they’re over- or under-fixating.  Getting stuck in mind can leave us staring too much (or not enough!) at certain things.  Out of this, come all our projections.  “7” phases help self to notice and adjust on this.

In line with the above, “7” can promote chances to connect spiritually.  Seven denotes meditation and all the plusses that can bring.  It can, as a phase, push to the point of forcing selves to take time out.  This vibe can pull us into strong mindsets in ways that, then, prompt realignment.  Via heady-ness, life steers selves to remember the value of spiritual vibes.  Implicit in this is anchoring well before we head out and get active.  Reuniting with Source helps us let go of the extras which pull us off-centre.  As we do this, universal guidance and healing vibes start flowing even better.  Mind in imbalance, from this perspective, is at one end of the energetic spectrum.  It’s a potent tool – without a doubt – which gains when we first choose to link further into universal vibes.

So?  “7” denotes a time for choosing to release mind (not because it is devalued).  It flags the stance of valuing knowledge as a dynamic which needs to be refreshed.  Egoic rhythms can pull us into thinking that we have, know or are “it” all.  “7” periods remind egoic beings that they are receivers in creation.  Through this, we’re led to spiritual being; stances where knowledge value-adds.  The best leaders, sponsors, etc let themselves learn, observe, again.  “Know what you know” is “7”s mantra but only once you have checked it’s sound.  The more we remember to nurture mind – inputs and outputs – the more we tend to manifest well.

“2027” carries “7”, too, and reduces to “2” via “11”.  Eleven is a time when truth hits in earnest – good or bad.  Double-one amplifies self’s chances to represent (honour) all it senses.  You might get the feeling, here, of both this month’s birth numbers tightening things up.  By relating well and responding in balance (“2”); dealing with vagueness or lack somehow (“0”); and becoming wiser about life as it is now really is (“7”), we’ll learn things about relating, difference, positioning.  Such things can point to selves’ conduct let alone how we stand and mingle.  Responses, reactions and whether we are present are themes which could heighten this “July”.  E.g.?  How to relate given what’s presenting – irrespective of what we know now.  A “2” chapter often helps us dance truer, lighter and tighter again. 

This month’s birth numbers seem to suggest a time that enhances how we give and receive.  Exchange is a place which requires good banter and balanced gesturing.  “2” helps people prepare to transact; co-ordinate with life, others, creatures, planet, realms.  Like all numbers, it can teach self directly or via what we observe.  Witnessing is a key “2” dynamic – observing what’s occurring; gathering facts.  Direct or via download (e.g. social media), these rhythms dance well with “7”.  Information of any nature – visual, heard, written – educates and stirs.  Don’t be surprised if this month helps you stand or act better as a soul-full conduit. 

What we know, think and feel matters – also, how we process such things.  This “July”s birth numbers could help us all see more of what we really need to.  “7” promotes crystal clear thinking; “11” also expands world views.  Both of these vibes are spiritual wavelengths that help souls behave more consciously.  By themselves, they could end up guiding you to truer or stronger outcomes.  This month could help us all become clearer about things.


This month’s M.O.s are “14/5” and “93/3”

  the same as “June”s so more bending, stretching and potential emerging

The M.O. denotes how we are likely to channel more of the birth number states.  How we do things tends to make a difference and often influences what we do next.  “14/5” suggests stretching and shifting – this number popped up in “June”s chart, too.  That occurs every year and can foster a continuation of themes.  It also suggests a level of comfort (familiarity) in what selves encounter now.  “5” marks newness; sudden shifts which help gears change.  “1” is self-development, -discovery; a firming of self in noticeable ways.  “4” represents models, frameworks, assumptions, new platforms (finetuning them). 

Evolving as adult (“1”) and enhancing whatever we run with (“4”) are two other likely wavelengths.  As we do stuff like this, in private or public, we will somehow foster change.  “5” flags newness as the agent, trigger or outcome, and we are all change agents all of the time.  As a standard bearer, then, what calibre do you promote?  “5” can signal a time for more yoga, adjusting, in physical, mental, process ways.  It often nudges individuals into more wholistic openness.  “5” is change, practical movement that’s spiritual at the same time.  Don’t be surprised if “July” helps you to shed and innovate in meaningful ways.

The above thoughts become more potent in light of this month’s specific M.O.  “3” is “realise”; “9” can bring the closure of constructs, habits, methods, etc.  “5” and “93/3” could add to the birth numbers’ aspects, too.  All in all, this could be a zone for wiser, tighter, sharper manifesting.  That sounds good!  By stretching our perspectives (“5”) and going with the flow a bit more (“3”), we are due to promote more “7” and “2027/2” as internal and external forces.  Learning promotes newness and vice-versa; expression helps people expand their ways.  These numbers suggest a month that is full of practically useful and constructive innovation. 


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The reality numbers are “21/3” and “2120/5”

  bringing new ideas, chances to talk and more potent change

You may notice how this month’s reality numbers contain vibes already outlined.  This suggests a heightening in some of the themes I’ve just outlined.  “21/3” is another potent number; it can feel very affirming.  Containing “you”,“me”, “expressing” and “doing”, it often plays out quite tangibly.  The sense of engaging well could grow louder (and/or the need to do that).  Through interpersonal dynamics and mingling (“2”) and learning some more about self (“me” and “you”), we’re due to sense more about what we can now do.  It could be this month spurs people to talk more – to themselves, each other, the universe.  “3” is a zone which often likes us to “confess” in ways that help air what’s old and stuck.  In this sense, it’s a healing vibration – expression is good for the soul.  We often have to acknowledge what we’re thinking before we can move, act, get ahead.  Through this dance, we co-create as we do. 

“21/3” is a powerful number.  It really denotes the aspect of creation.  That can involve artistic endeavours but, really, it includes any type of flow or trade.  “3” represents “flow” on one angle – are you authentically allowing that?  “21/3” can throw the spotlight onto any gaps in our chains of events.   How to create; what to end up with; what inputs help life flow well?  Questions like these can start flying in charts like this “July”s.  “2120” will reinforce this because it also carries “1” and “2”.  Don’t be surprised if these next few weeks really help you rediscover you.

“2120/5” adds in a zero and warns of even more growth and stretching.  That needn’t mean hardship or challenge – “5” can play out as a wonderful surprise!  “3” and “5” are active dynamics so this month could spur all things.  “5”, said above, also highlights self’s awareness of all possibilities.  It is, in this sense, “I can do it!” – a time for discovering what more there is.  Similarly, “5” can flag adventures which plays into “3”s creativity.  “2120” could help us all discover what more is out there that’s good and worthwhile, not to mention, how to tap into (and nurture) that.  All in all, then, this “July” seems to speak of forward movement on a few levels.  Maybe in mind; maybe in progress – we’re due to benefit either way.

So?  Through people stuff (“2”) – watching and partaking – we’re due to realise some potent things.  We’re always doing that if eyes are open (which seems unavoidable this century!).  It could be that we receive downloads – verbal or intuitive – which help bolster paths.  You may also sense less talking for talk’s sake – either as a need or an outcome.  “3” is “gesture” so that part of being – behaviour, pleasing, offending, too – could play out a little more loudly in ways which help you clarify things.  It seems that more clarity is coming, over and above all we’ve attained.  That shouldn’t seem too out of place in a year that’s so laden energetically.   Hence, this month could help you jump start certain projects; perhaps reignite on new levels.  “July 2020”s profile seems sure to add some value in meaningfully, practical and spiritual ways.


What about your chart?

We each have a specific numerological profile that stems from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.  I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month but have not talked about your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when we do this. 

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