Monthly Observations

The Monthly Observations

for February 2018

Hello and welcome to Psychic & Energy Work’s Observations for “February 2018”.  This dialogue profiles this month’s energetic and spiritual themes, and connects to this year’s forecast. 

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Every month brings its own dynamics which interact with those of the year. Outlined below are the Observations about “February” in light of its numerology.
This February’s Profile


each year

in 2018

Birth Number – what we’re here to be/become and exemplify (again)



M.O. – how we’re likely to arrive at that point



Reality Number – the spiritual result(s) of doing such things



“February 2018”s numerological tally….
Combined with the year’s numerological profile, this month delivers the following tally.  Looking at a chart from this angle can help us understand what’s happening.  This, in itself, doesn’t signal “good” or “bad” (life often delivers a mix).  What we can find uncomfortable at first often ends up delivering blessings.  This said, a tally like this can help us make sense of life when it’s odd.  Wherever a number manifests three or more times, we can sense its rhythms heightening.


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



3 8 9 5 3 1 2


So “1”s and “2”s remain the highest of all the vibrations “0” through to “9”.   Self development and/or awareness will continue to feature as themes.  As will relating and lessons around fit, purpose, place and stance(s).  “1” prompts further discoveries of “me”; “2” helps us go live with that.  “2” can also seem like a dance class, mentoring us in co-existing well.  Allowing space; being respectful and mutually supportive WHILST doing what one must are “2” learning curves.  Such dynamics have presented previously but don’t be surprised if they help you once more. 

This year’s two “11/2”s could add some spice because “11” helps us to doubly evolve.   One “1” is enough to create change; two in a row often add to that big time.  Being double-“1”, “11” boosts self-ness – lower-level and divine.  This can unfold in a pleasant manner although numbers often heighten what’s astral first.  “11/2” clarifies this sort of wavelength, bursting our thought and perceptual bubbles.  It helps us to vet our forecasts and self-talk, often revealing wider views. “11/2” often unfolds like a boot camp that really helps us get “it” right.

No matter how wide or purely we cast, “11/2” denotes truth and how we connect to and channel that more constantly.  This is discussed in my Observations about “2018”.  It can pack a punch (at least in the form of distraction).  Master numbers challenge any stance that’s too “me” or “mine”, revealing where we’re fearing or controlling life.  The Divine uses them to introduce big shifts; keep us on track; and teach us more about gut feel.  In doing such things, “11/2” and similar vibes foster maturity and essential self.  Manifesting as subtle or invisible dynamics, they help us learn and grow in ways we don’t expect.  Any self that’s listening to itself too much can initially struggle with this.  Yet, as soon as we get the hang of what’s occurring, obstacles and extras morph into breakthroughs.  Master numbers seek to optimise life physically, mentally and energetically.

Having observed the above, let’s discuss this month’s profile……

“February” delivers five “4”s all up
“4” is a phase that stretches our awareness, helping us to merge with the whole of life (more).  It also tests perceptions – our own or those of others – by presenting a pause after previous bursts of action.  “4” can be the first time (in the current cycle) when we’re given time/space to reflect.  Such things can happen earlier on yet “4” often helps us connect to the info we’re missing.  It helps us review thought waves, tactics, models, beliefs and strategies.  In this sense, “4” can play out like Mercury retrograde (only blocking progress to enhance it). 

“4”, you see, is all about building, gathering, investing and the like.  It helps us to become smarter about things, a bit like an audit on the whole-of-life.  It can distract us from acting and doing but does so only to refresh our screens.  This is a role of any passive number (although knowing this doesn’t always make them easy).  “4” and its cousins can present like cod liver oil – good for us, yes, but nothing we had banked upon.  In hindsight, however, it helps us ensure that our models and forecasts are optimal.  It guides us to detect chances to adjust things, reinforce them or begin again.  One of “4”s aims (especially when magnified) is to help us stand in (and deliver) what’s best. 

“4” targets quality in life – physical, mental, emotional and energetic.  With “11/2”s presenting this year, too, what we entertain could become a loud theme this month.  You may find new ways to present or create things – is everything as good as it can be?  Such questions can emerge in a “3” phase but “4” helps us get sharp about things. Five “4”s, this month – three via master numbers – could highlight what’s out of date.  “4”, you see, represents the launch pad and the critical role it tends to play.  It prompts us to examine the grade of “concrete” we’re using to build with, helping us realise that quality’s important and how our choices impact things. 

As a spiritual zone, “4” notes what is out of kilter (i.e. where egoic vibes are featuring a bit too much).  The nice thing about “4” is its position in the sequence, “0” to “9”.  It comes before “5” – a phase when life really gets moving.  Between the active vibes “3” and “5”, “4” can feel like a letdown.  We’re oh-so-used and -keen to get going, then “4” comes to confirm whether we’re launch-ready.  Limited self can view this as a problem; a negative block to what “I” want.  In hindsight, however, “4” helps people hit their targets better again.  Limited “I” easily forgets this and starts to feel down about things.  Yet it quickly forgets as it starts to fathom the gains ensuing from “4”s deliveries.  As we choose to work with life (not against it), “4” helps us prosper anew.  This needn’t point to physical world extras (life sometimes wants us attaining more spiritually).  With “5” manifesting this “February”, too, we may – at times – get a bit angsty. 

Via the above, “4” enhances self’s awareness (it’s often via pessimism that we come to be optimistic).  “4” promotes the longer term, helping us live more robustly.  These qualities often arise out of waiting, struggling a bit, having to be patient, yet life never seeks to only frustrate.  “4” asks people to surrender all notions, just for a moment, to see if they’re good.  It highlights life’s tendency to peak and trough, which egoic self can struggle with.  Some days, we can ride such waves well – “4”s that extra effort that wakes us up all over again.  

This month delivers three “6”s and three “9”s
… which, as partnerships go, can be reinforcing.  Both of these vibes can boost our sense of being protected and guided in life.  They’re feeling numbers – “6” denotes love and kindness; “9”, compassion for self and others.  “6” also flags the call to be genuine (i.e. more than one has been).  “9” corners self to clear things up, preparing it for what’s coming next.  Both of these numbers promote healing and help us achieve in meaningful ways.  “11/2” (above) reinforces this given its role in promoting truth.  Genuineness is key to any outcome (which connects to what’s been said about “4” above).

“6” represents giving and healing – physically, emotionally, spiritually.  It enhances our ability to care, feel and intuitively sense.  This month, “6” appears in both M.O.s (which is also worth noting).  The M.O. reveals how we’ll manifest (and it’s often via the “how” that we really learn).  By channelling and allowing more “42/6” and “141/6”, “February”s other vibes will balance out.  Notice how “4” also features here – i.e. these two numbers intertwine this month.  Appreciating more about how life works in “my” world is likely to be one of this month’s spiritual outcomes. 

“6” and “9” are also passive numbers – a few appear in this month’s chart.   This, together with master numbers, could find selves feeling that life’s “wrong”.  This could be enhanced by “February”s three “0”s (which also slow us down) yet, life only pauses to, then, speed up.  This reinforces what’s been said already – passive and master numbers highlight gaps to enhance things.  They’re quality checks; flavour enhancers; rhythms that boost life spiritually.  They can also emerge as absolute wonders; reasons to really celebrate life.  If you experience this, this month, “4”, “6” and “9” will be behind it.

“9” seeks completion, the end of certain chapters in ways that always liberate selves.   Three “9”s can force us to review details we’re accustomed to glazing over.  “9” wants us sorting things for reasons we have yet to fathom.  This is why it can feel like a penalty (it zones in on what is now out of date).  When “9” appears, Source guides our steering, improving our ability to allow and receive.  We can be aware of this yet resentful of the slowdowns and wishing for action that meets our brief.  Questions like “Why ‘me’?” and “What am ‘I’ doing wrong?” can become loud when “9”s magnified.  Egoic self’s often quick to draw conclusions (before it really gets what’s going on).  This is also how pessimism takes root; it’s limited “I” declaring, “I know!”  The universe likes a game of poker and, in such moments, asks us to play our hand first.  “4”, “6” and “9” could push selves to the limit for their highest and long-term good.  In embracing their call, we’ll start seeing hurdles morph and the value in what’s happening.  This often results as “9” clears out the landscape; it stirs things up to help us heal.  The long-term seems a theme this month as do lessons around “greater gain”.

A nice thing about “6” is that it often delivers more palpable support.  When life’s tough, “6” tends to steer us more obviously.  In spite of hardship, “6” lets us know that life’s okay and we’ll be alright.  Such cues can present as unexpected slipstreams that validate a self (no matter how they present).  This helps us release doubt and war wounds, and realise that life really cares.  Compared to “5” (which often strips life’s padding away), “6” tends to be more supportive.  Presenting like this, it also helps us become more aware of our intuition.  Such learning curves regularly highlight how life’s about choice and the dare to do things.  “6” helps us learn that hunches are a skill set – where “5” “removes” guidance, “6” brings it back.  This is noteworthy given “February”s profile and how it’s due to challenge things.  In spite of any hardship, “6” guides people in ways that foster spiritual paths.  In doing this, it helps us to better centre in and channel what matters. 

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Three “0”s (or four!) also present
Officially, we’ve three “0”s this “February” although the specific reality number (“2161”) reduces to “10” on its way through to “1”.   This makes “2161” a quasi-master number, with “10/1” promoting space and aloneness.  “10” can act to isolate mental beings to help them unfold another degree.  We can baulk at its silence and feel disconnected yet, via such vibes, Source connects us higher again.  This is how “1” triggers self-discovery; the emergence of a “me” we’d never known.  Focus matters here – the need to stand as individual who merges and mingles but doesn’t get lost.  “0” can enhance these dynamics because of its role in promoting space.  This subtle “10/1”s master number qualities could promote spiritual eldership as well.

“0” is “nothing” from any perspective, often promoting pessimism first.  Another passive vibe – also potent – it slows things down to really help us.  “0” can present as an insufficiency of anything self believes it needs – e.g. company, certainty, cash flow, physical things (how it presents depends upon the individual).  It can also usher in more “doo doo doo doo” (the need to process invisible stuff more).  This year’s chart, together with this month’s “0”s, will ask selves to process their thoughts, beliefs and emissions.  “0” restates that “Nothing is Everything” – out of the void, physicality emerges.  It represents the world of energy – its functions, roles and lessons.  Only three “0”s present in “February” but, with everything else, they’ll mentor us powerfully.

“0” delivers proof that Source is real and that life’s so much more than a physical realm.  With six master numbers, this month’s “0”s are worth noting.  Life could help to focus us big time (it’s often via insufficiency that we come to know what is true).  Here, too, lies the chance for grace and integrity to further emerge and address things.  If your focus or beliefs deepen this month, you’re right on track with this spiritual year.  “2018” wants us embracing what is universal – more than we were.  “February 2018” could clear up mysteries, blockages, any need to hoard or withhold.  We’re all born with a sense of Who or What protects us so use your own words to acknowledge It; let the Divine in to guide and protect you.  Allow the CEO (and nothing less) to be your intuitive partner in things.  Define Source as being eternally ready to guide you (not miles away or waiting to condemn).  What we believe is how life tends to manifest; you were born with a gut feel for good reasons.  Exercise, time out and honouring your beliefs are potent keys in anyone’s development.  Course can help, too!  Feel free to read about the ones I offer (here).

We’ve six master numbers!
…. three of which present out of this year’s chart.  The numbers “44/8” and “2020/4” present overtly; subtly, we’ve “10/1” (discussed above).  With this year offering “2018/11/2”, “99/9” and “2117/11/2”, that’s quite a bunch.

“44/8” speaks of gains in awareness that powerfully shape what we know about “success”.  We’re due to realise what works for “me” and what “I” can now do with that.  “8” can see life getting busy, pulling self off-centre from time to time.  Here, “44” teaches us that placement matters (as does what we entertain). 

“2020/4” will enhance our experience through the aspects of other then quiet.  “2020” can feel like a dosey-do between people, then space, then people, then space again.  The need for time out, rest, stillness – having mixed and mingled – could become loud(-er).  So will the need to focus as we interact with human (“2”) and divine realms (“0”).  The shifts these states offer could see us becoming more proactive about good health.  This will involve spiritual and physical dimensions, and the need to resolve any blockage.  In spite of any blockages, “February”s “2020” will mentor us all divinely this month.  If you find “February” spiritually reinforcing, you’ll be on track and in sync.

“2161/10/1” will call for good fit and placement, integrity, maturity, more self-knowledge.  Child-ish-ness could heighten at times – emerging out of self or nearby.  “6” will guide us home by promoting more balance, care, nurturing.  The need to heal; process issues well; and create calm could increase.  In embracing such rhythms and doing what we must, we’ll come together more spiritually.  “10/1” will boost higher self-ness in physical, mental and invisible realms.   When love flows well, everything else gets fed in all the ways life requires.

The other three master numbers, mentioned above, emerge out of this year’s chart.  Feel free to visit my Observations about 2018 to read about them.  Six master numbers, direct or subtle, should make life interesting.  If you find this month invisibly pressured, remember to use your breath.  Whenever tension surfaces, it’s there for good reason (which you will discover using your gut feel).  Focus upon the highest level of goodness and allow it, via white light, to rebalance everything. 

The Year of the Earth Dog
Eastern astrology is not my strong point but it’s worth providing an overview.  Theodora Lau is an expert – feel free to consult her at  “2017” brought the Year of the Fire Rooster, bringing lots of ups and downs to contend with.  Fire can inflame minds and (re-)actions (which occurred often last year).  Earth tones that down; it helps us to ground, centre and become more objective.  It can do this to the extreme (to the point of squeezing nurturing out).  Balance matters throughout Creation, in any system one thinks about.  Rooster is a wonderful business manager; Dog is more concerned with social justice.  With Libra as its cousin, Dog seeks what is good for the whole.  Imbalanced puppies can act like mongrels, scavenging and hoarding in the name of others.  This could emerge as loudly as the Rooster’s crow – so much derives from what we choose.  Yet, overriding such things, the Divine steers every part of reality onwards and upwards again and again.  You may sense how “February” and “2018” could partner up with this new Asian year.  They’re likely to aim for more integrity – on a practical level, lived and breathed.  We don’t always listen – egoic self can get distracted – yet Source always features (and wins!) somehow.  If life dares you to really step out there, more than you were, you’re doing well.
Reading “February”s chart….
“February”s two birth numbers are “2” and “2020/4”.   By relating well – i.e. inclusively and honestly – we’ll optimise what emerges.  Space and time will play their part in helping us understand (and make sense of) things.  Via such stances, we’ll appreciate, invest and build more spiritually.

This month also delivers two M.O.s – “42/6” and “141/6”.  Balance, caring and receiving will count; so, too, will peace and kindness.  “6” doesn’t put one before another; it’s forever seeking win-win outcomes.  By ensuring our frameworks are of good calibre, we’ll exchange and co-create better than we were.  The need to be genuine – as a constant – to whomever, also features.  Via these rhythms and “February”s “1”s and “2”s, we’ll channel the birth numbers (above).  That makes sense, yes?  Being real enables us to become and do all we can.

By channelling the above more divinely, we’ll actualise more divine “44/8” and “2161/1”.  Awareness, quality, success and higher self could heighten as puzzles or themes.  The discovery of self and its place in reality could feature in these next weeks.  “What is success?” and “How can ‘I’ (and ‘we’) promote that?” are questions we may need to address.


This month offers more powerful rhythms, the sort that shake us up to create what’s good(-er!).  “February” might stretch selves occasionally in a bid to optimise what they attain.  The stretch from “Jan” through to “April”/”June”, this year, is likely to be most intense of all.  If you find this, do what you can to learn from, balance out in and channel your best.  When a person decides to focus upon growing goodness, all sorts of things start moving.

And you personally?
We each have a specific numerological profile deriving from our date of birth, full birth name and last birthday.   Although I’ve outlined the collective rhythms for this month, I’ve not analysed your personal chart.  Readings that merge numbers with intuitive downloads can help you to transition through all sorts of things.  They’re all about soul – linking to and channelling it more – and what can occur when that happens.

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