Meditation Files & Sessions

Psychic & Energy Work offers two types of personalised meditation to help you rebalance, heal and strengthen your spiritual connection:

  • personalised meditation sessions & files; and
  • pre-recorded meditation files

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Personalised Meditations

Some days, we require something tailored to our personal circumstances, so Psychic & Energy Work provides personalised meditations for anybody, anywhere.   Whilst the pre-recorded meditations can help big time, a customised recording can offer even more.

Customised meditations are developed for you alone, not for anyone else (unless you request it).  You simply send your date of birth and full birth name to, together with the issues/areas you want to focus upon.  Fran will confirm whether she can help you and organise a suitable payment method.  Customised meditation files run for as long as they need to, are channelled specifically and cost A$120 an hour. 

You can organise to do the meditation with Fran (as it’s recorded), face-to-face or over the phone, WhatsApp or Skype at no extra fee.

To organise your own piece of Psychic & Energy Work, click here.




Pre-Recorded Meditation Files

Psychic & Energy Work’s pre-recorded meditations also help to develop people’s intuitive and processing skills.  They’re often used repeatedly, with clients reporting that they receive different benefits each time they play them. 

The meditation files run for varying lengths – usually between 30 to 60 minutes.  They are voice-only, .mp3 files audio files which are emailed to you once you’ve paid for them.  They’re home-based recordings with no background music and, at times, some background noise.  They’re powerful and effective ways of relaxing, rebalancing and boosting your spiritual development. 

All of Psychic & Energy Work’s pre-recorded Meditation Files cost A$25.  You can order them below using PayPal, a secure payment system without transaction fees.  To learn how PayPal works, visit




The Benefits of Meditation Files….

∞   they’re as mobile as you are;

∞   you can listen to them whilst you’re doing other things;

∞   you can replay them whenever you want to (which often results in additional messages).




To Order a Pre-Recorded Meditation File using PayPal

Having decided which file you want to purchase:

1 Select it out of the drop-down list below;
2 Make your payment via the PayPal screen that appears;
3 Check the transaction details.  Complete your payment.  PayPal will confirm & advise us of your order;
4 Having received your payment, we’ll send a link to the email address you use in PayPal.

This involves manual work and a third-party provider, so there can be a delay of up to 24 hours before you receive it, excluding weekends Sydney time [see note 4 below].  If you don’t receive your file(s) in this time frame, email

5 You will receive an email containing a link to your file.  Click on this to download the file.

This can take a few minutes so we recommend that you save the file(s) on to your hardware.

***See also the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.***



Ready to Buy?

Purchase a Meditation File by selecting it from the drop-down list:

Meditation Files available    


To organise a gift

You can send someone else one of Psychic & Energy Work’s pre-recorded Meditation Files or organise a customised session for them.  Send your recipient’s email address to, listing the file(s) you want to purchase.  Fran will confirm this and ask you to make your payment.  Once this is received, Fran will forward the link as directed (and confirm that with you).




Things you need to be aware of…. (t’s & c’s)

1 Psychic & Energy Work’s audio files are only available in English and in .mp3 format.
2 Full payment must be received by Psychic & Energy Work before an audio file is issued.
3 Audio files become available on the first or second day of the month (assuming no technical hiccups!)
4 Files will be issued within 24 hours of receiving a payment (excluding technical mishaps and weekends Sydney time).  A file purchased on a Friday afternoon will not be issued until Monday (Sydney time).
5 The date that files are issued depends on the date they’re ordered.  If you want to receive an audio file as soon as it becomes available each month (e.g. on the 2nd), you must order it close to that time.
6 The audio Observations are available only for the month they refer to.  On the first day of each month, the last month’s files are replaced with the new month’s recordings.  Each month’s file is only available until the last day of that month (unless you save it onto your hardware).
7 No refunds are made once payment is received and the file(s) have been issued.
8 Psychic & Energy Work’s inbox is checked once a day in the morning, Sydney time (excluding weekends).  If you need to make contact outside of these times, please Get in Contact.
9 You can cancel an ongoing subscription, without cost, at any time by clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button above or by logging into your PayPal account.  Please also see note (7) above.
10 All customer details are kept confidential and not used for other purposes.
11 Other payment methods are available in addition to PayPal – e.g. cash, direct deposit, cheque, money order.  If you’d prefer this, please email





   Other terms and conditions apply.  Visit the bottom of this page to read through these.




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