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On the 1st Thursday of every month between 9-10pm Adelaide (South Australia) time, Fran gives free readings, streamed live-to-air on The Metaphysical Show with Michael Hunter on 3D Radio (

If you'd like a reading for yourself, a friend or a relationship, send your first name(s), date(s) of birth and your question/issue to Michael at 

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Yes, we've decided to test Skype again to see if we can get live, audio calls without drop out.

Find us on Skype via our sign-on PsychicandEnergyWorkFranDavidson.

Sessions are by appointment and pre-paid.  We're not always on-line so feel free to leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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About Psychic & Energy Work




The Aims of Psychic & Energy

Launched in 2010, this website is designed for people who want to learn more about psychic, intuitive or spiritual development, energetic sensitivity and invisible phenomena. 

Psychic & Energy Work aims to support people by providing:

·   readings, healings and clearings for people who need assistance;

·   guidance and mentoring for those who are energetically sensitive (who see, hear or feel "things");

·   classes and consultancy for people who want to develop their intuitive skills;

·   monthly numerological overviews that help explain what’s going on “out there” (on the collective level);

·   articles on psychic, intuitive or spiritual phenomena; and

·   definitions for terms commonly used to describe psychic and energetic phenomena.

As a service, Psychic & Energy Work seeks to empower individuals as they make their way through the maze of energetic phenomena and intuitive development.  It’s a help desk for invisible stuff, aiming to add value every time you visit it.  Given that roadmaps are rarely provided before the intuitive and/or spiritual journey begins, Fran aims to clarify what’s occurring in a person’s reality; confirm or reposition whatever’s being experienced; and provide practical guidance about how to live/work with it.  Psychic & Energy Work doesn’t encourage dependence or ego - clients come as they need to (rather than booking repeat sessions).

This website is regularly updated in the following places:

·   the Home Page (below), which reviews some of last month’s spiritual, energetic and numerological rhythms;

·   the Monthly Observations, which discuss numerological, spiritual and energetic patterns for this month;

·   the Audio Files, audio alternatives to the written HP and TMOs;

·   the Meditation Files, which help develop your psychic, intuitive and self-healing abilities; and

·   the Archives, which list all HPs and TMOs since January 2012.

There are other pages too!  Click on the buttons to the left of this screen to discover how Psychic & Energy Work can help you, and don’t hesitate to get in contact to ask questions or organise a session.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your stay and don’t forget to click on those Like buttons!

Fran Davidson


Background and Experience

Fran Davidson has been working as a psychic and energy worker since 1992.  Always highly sensitive to her surroundings, in the early 90’s she decided to develop this as a skill.  Fran studies mentoring, metaphysics and energy work to develop over time.

Fran uses her abilities to tune into the invisible world and help people make sense what’s happening.  As a psychic and energy worker, Fran is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient - ie, she hears, sees and feels things.  There is no limit to the world of energy, nor are things ever unable to be resolved. It’s what we know and believe that shapes our ability to process life, and whether we’re open to receiving help or guidance.  Fran’s approach is one of openness and problem-solving; sessions are two-way and questions are encouraged.  

Fran’s experience includes:

  face-to-face and distance consultations (via telephone, mail or internet);

  mentoring and teaching (spiritual & intuitive development, meditation, healing techniques);

  public speaking;

  working on radio & internet; and

  writing articles that have been published in Australia and overseas.


List of Services

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience



people, houses, places, things


Healings, Bodywork & Balancing

chakras, aura, physical body, skeletal system, meridians, ancestral, kundalini, rebirthing


Readings, Psychometry, Numerology


Pets & Animals


Spiritual Development, Guidance, Counselling


Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching

one on one, groups, face to face or distance


Presentations, Demonstrations

Public Speaking


Earth Work, Indigenous Elders, Divining

clearing earth energies, healing, meridians


Distance Healings and Readings


Getting Clear / Connecting to Source

astral clearing, psychic self-defence, body shifting, choosing your level of energy


Spirit Work

deceased loved ones, ancestry, ghosts, entrapments, moving spirit on




Past Life Work

readings, healings, regression, release


Connecting to Self / Distilling Your Vision

preparing to manifest, grow and receive


Kabbalah & You as an Energy Grid


How it Works

Once you’ve determined what service you’re interested in, contact Fran by clicking here or on the Inquiries & Feedback button to the left of this screen.  If you provide an outline of the issue(s)/question(s) you want help with, Fran will quickly confirm whether she can help you and how (or refer you to another practitioner).

Readings can be done face-to-face (in Sydney, Australia) or via post, email, Skype or telephone (all are equally effective).  Fran works with clients in a number of countries; and the fact that you’re not physically present makes no difference. Having the client at a distance can be a benefit, especially if s/he’s very tense or anxious. 

Payment is required before distance sessions are conducted and can be made via PayPal, cheque or money order.  PayPal payments incur an additional A$5 fee to cover transaction costs.  Having received your payment, Fran aims to send your audio file to you within 5 working days.

The fee for face-to-face sessions is payable once the work is done. 

Gift vouchers are also available.

Commonly Used Services


Fran can read on all sorts of subjects – physical world issues or not; past, present or future; general readings or specific problem-solving.  There’s no set format or list of questions to ask, and clients are encouraged to be as open as they can.  A reading can also include intuitive development, spiritual healing or meditations.

When she works, Fran just tunes in vertically and receives a download.  Psychometry (using photographs, jewellery, etc) and dates of birth can be useful, but it’s up to the client as to whether such things are used. 

Numerological readings are also available – for yourself, other people, relationships or groups.  These require the relevant party’s birth date, full birth name and specific questions/issues.

Readings are recorded as .mp3 files so that clients can revisit them as they wish to. 


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the use of universal/life energies to help a person heal, release and come back to balance.  It’s not about religion or indoctrination.  The term ‘spiritual healing’ denotes the level of guidance/energy used to help people and can be compared with reiki and other modalities (all being slightly different).  Clients generally feel lighter, more balanced and clearer having had a session.

Spiritual healing can be ‘hands-on’ (putting one’s hands onto the client’s body), hands-off or auric-level.  It can also be conducted as a meditation, where the client receives the healing directly from Source.  Fran usually starts healings at the meditative or auric level because a lot can be cleared there without further penetrating the client’s field. 

Clients remain fully clothed in healing sessions and usually sit upright so as to move beyond the astral layers more effectively.  Healings can involve the aura, chakras, meridians, other parts of one’s energetic body, telepathic/psychic connections, self-attack, relationship issues, spirit work, past life issues and/or entrapments.  All sorts of things can be addressed in a healing - past life issues, future or current; relationships, stuckness, confusion, negativity.  What occurs in a session depends on the client and how s/he presents on the day.


Past Life Work

Past life readings can be conducted for interest’s sake but they’re far more beneficial when done to address specific issues (one or more).  They occur similarly to the ways described above, with the specific process used depending on the client and the issue at hand.

Past life work can also be energetic in form, where the client makes the journey under meditative guidance.  These sessions are akin to creative visualisation, usually link to current life issues and can be recorded. 


Other Spirit / Energy Work

Put simply, we live in a world of energy and all of us, in our own way, experience ‘things’ – ie, ghosts; deceased loved ones; seeing, hearing or sensing things; picking up the thoughts or feelings of people, animals or earth; or something else....  The list is endless.

Whilst there’s little likelihood of knowing everything, there is a chance that - for whatever you are experiencing - Fran can help you understand what’s going on, why and how to live/work with it so as to lead a balanced life.


Teaching, Mentoring, Demonstrations & Public Speaking

Fran has been demonstrating and speaking on psychic, energetic and spiritual subjects since 1999 and is well-practised in this area.  Her experience includes radio work, training and mentoring, intuitive development groups, speaking to community groups and psychic parties. 

Fran holds a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment and is a Tutor with the South Australian Spiritual Healing Association (SASHA).  She’s qualified to audit, train, assess and mentor people about intuitive skills and energetic phenomena, and always customises all classes for the people involved. 

The format of teaching/mentoring programs can vary significantly depending on the client’s needs and objectives.  Clickhere to contact Fran to discuss your requirements.

Please note that the consumption of alcohol and other recreational substances at public gatherings can make it very difficult to safely perform energy work.  If your event is likely to involve such things, it’s best that you approach a different practitioner.


Some Parameters

Regarding religion...

Psychic & Energy Work is non-religious, meaning that people’s perspectives on spirituality and religion are respected at all times.  Sessions don’t involve discussions about religion or the stance that Psychic & Energy Work occupies in such contexts.  People seeking such a dialogue are asked not to make contact.


Regarding mental health...

This site does not compete with the mental health profession or the role it plays in society.  If everyone (no matter how 'sane') received regular counselling, we’d probably have a far more balanced world....  That said, energetic sensitivity and experiencing invisible phenomena don’t necessarily equate to ‘illness' or ‘problem’.  They’re different stances which sometimes come together, yet it‘s important that energetically sensitive people receive the right support.  Fran believes that energy workers and mental health modalities should work together to support energetically sensitive clients in an optimal fashion. 

If you’re looking for a good mental health practitioner, visit our Recommended Practitioners page or click here.


Regarding minors...

Given the nature of the work involved, Psychic & Energy Work caters to adults as a rule.  Whilst people under 16 are always welcome, formal consent from a parent/legal guardian is required before a booking is taken. 


If you have any questions regarding the above, click here or contact Fran via

the Inquiries & Feedback button to the left of this screen.



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